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Comment Re:Why this again? (Score 1) 247 247

If you want to cook for the public for free or for a massively reduced, (But still reasonable) rate, you are more then welcome to, just don't poison or harm them. Taxi drivers are mad that for once they might actually have to drive like people who aren't high on meth and charge reasonable rates.

Comment Re:Why this again? (Score 1) 247 247

Because they don't! If my friend offers me a ride and only wants gas money, then so be it, which is all Uber is. If Uber can't operate then it starts to open up regulations where friends can't drive friends or where public transits needs addition fees and etc.....

The real solution is for Taxi's to charge reasonable rates and to stop trying to nickle and dime each customer to the point that it makes no sense.

Comment Why this again? (Score 2) 247 247

Taxi drivers are upset that they finally have competition and for once they have to compete in a fair market place. If I need to get from point A to point B and my choices are a Taxi, or Uber, I'll always pick Uber because it's a better car, a better car ride, driven by someone who is actually qualified to drive me and someone who cares about more then earning a dollar. Taxi drivers are unsafe, unstable, wreckless, road navigators that ignore safety and rules all to make a dollar, It's time they learn that the public shouldn't have to put up with it.

Comment Re:Stop (Score 2) 212 212

Exactly, so because very few women ever take a degree in Computer Science or Engineering that mean's the total number of women to possibly pick from is very low, hence even fewer of them will be picked from the talent pool. This all goes back the argument that just because you have a post secondary qualification, doesn't mean you should get a job. If 2% of an Engineering / Computer Science program is comprised of females then that means the total talent pool to pick from for an employer will be 2% female and 98% male. Now assuming that 60% of that talent pool is actually talented, and deserve a job, that means only 1.2% of females are actually worth hiring, just like 58.8% of males. This is often regarded that most companies have sexist hiring policy's, when in fact they hire the same amount of men and women when you consider the available options in the given talent pool.

In my Engineering programs, I took two of them, the total number females compared to males who graduated was 2 females ( across both programs ) and 60 males, so assuming the 60% talent margin, that means only 1 of those females was worth anyone's time. That doesn't make the companies who didn't the hire the other girl sexist it just makes them honest. Just because you took a post secondary degree, does not mean you deserve a job, you need to also boaster the talent to back yourself and that is what a lot of people are missing.

Comment Stop (Score 3, Insightful) 212 212

So the argument is that because more women don't take Computer Science degrees that results in less women being hired, so don't take Computer Science away from them?

Very few women actually enroll in Computer Science / Engineering Programs, as a result this means that the talent pool from which to hire from contains less females vs males. This doesn't mean that big commons don't want to hire women, it just means that there aren't a lot of qualified women pick from.

Comment Re:Hilarious! (Score 1) 220 220

Type it in Google, define: correlate

verb: correlate; 3rd person present: correlates; past tense: correlated; past participle: correlated; gerund or present participle: correlating

have a mutual relationship or connection, in which one thing affects or depends on another. "the study found that success in the educational system correlates highly with class" synonyms: correspond to/with, match, parallel, agree with, tally with, tie in with, be consistent with, be compatible with, be consonant with, coordinate with, dovetail (with), relate to, conform to; More informalsquare with, jibe with "postal codes correlate with geographic location" antonyms: contrast establish a mutual relationship or connection between. "we should correlate general trends in public opinion with trends in the content of television news" synonyms: connect, analogize, associate, relate, compare, set side by side "we can correlate good health and physical fitness"

noun: correlate; plural noun: correlates

each of two or more related or complementary things. "strategies to promote health should pay greater attention to financial hardship and other correlates of poverty"

mid 17th century (as a noun): back-formation from correlation and correlative.

So I'm still not wrong.

Comment Re:Creationism (Score 1) 445 445

Okay, you want to me to say your entire argument is invalid, fine, it is, you've put in place a designer, so who designed it? You want to claim a designer created life, well then that designer had to be designed. You've caused an infinite regression paradox, so try again. This time put some effort into it.

Comment Re:Hilarious! (Score 1) 220 220

I live in Ontario and I can tell you that our tests are a joke, they really only test if you can work your head around the broken logic presented in badly worded questions in an attempt to see if you can provide an unrealistic answer. I was allowed to redo the grade 6 provincial standard test because I failed it, on the redo I was allowed a specialized test which was given orally and using hands on work. I aced it, top 1% of all marks, so don't tell me the tests work, they don't, they never have. I know I'm only one person but it happened to me, I wonder how many other people fall victim.

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