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Comment Why the delay? (Score 1) 32

I love when the technology goes does, you see how little people actually know or care about there job. I'd be very surprised if any of the airport employees were working at even 20% of an acceptable speed. The technology is only an aid, not a replacement, you have to be ready to jump when it fails and kick into full blown action.

Comment Re:They all suck (Score 1) 316

In one company we had Preforce storing about 20 TB's of information. In a course of three months we had about 100 MB of that data get corrupted to the point the entire repo locked up. We then tried to delete the data but thanks to the corruption, which was caused by Preforce, we couldn't. We ended up on a call with Preforce and it took them weeks to figure out how to solve this problem.

About a year later I started at Blackberry, who were using Preforce. I updated development code into the main repo and BANG! Preforce corrupted the data, except that it didn't know it did, then Maven took the code and moved it out to development test beds which all crashed, costing Blackberry a couple MILLION DOLLARS!!!!

Unrelated to that, I then took another job at an engineering company. They didn't use any SCM or Version Control System, so I grabbed Preforce to see if they fixed the massive issues. I uploaded a copy of the code to the repo and guess what! BANG corrupted.

Preforce is NOT a safe environment, I've seen it corrupt data, cause damage, cause a loss of money, corrupt repo's, crash and just screw up servers. If it were a one off issue, that would be fine, but I've had many, many big issues with it.

Comment Of course (Score 2) 478

Don't blame the managers, directors, marketers, or anyone else. Blame the people who have the least control over what they do, software development has become an industry of everyone else telling us how and what to do and we just get stuck with the work.

Which is why I tell all my bosses that I control the code and that's all there is to it.

Comment Simple, Ignore them (Score 1) 152

I can't count the number of times I've been handed deadlines or requirements by managers / directors who have absolutely no clue about software development. The first thing you always do is to read the requirements, this in 99.999% of all cases cause them to be thrown back across the table because they're lacking anything actual requirements, the second thing you do is to throw out the deadline and set your own.

My rule is that the software will take how ever long it will take and that's it. It's the same way in the IT world, when I do IT consulting, I don't set deadlines and I don't set budgets, the project will take however long it takes at how much I charge, which I factor in at the end.

Non technical managers have to understand that it's the developers and administrators who set the deadline and not the other way around, I'm not going to work in a compressed time frame with bad requirements because some guy in a suit decided to sell my project one month early.

Comment Require? (Score 0) 591

What other realistic options are there?

Climate Change you have two:
1) The Republican Alternative - I'm ignorant and slightly inbred / retarded so I just say no.
2) There is no other answer.

1) The Religious Argument ( Christian Version ) - God invented humanity to punish, murder, kill, rape and enslave it and when it came time to forgive humanity, he sent himself as his son to earth, to be abused, tortured and killed, to forgive himself, from himself, because of himself in the greatest act of sadomasochistic grandstanding ever.
2) The ID Argument - The Designer NOT God designed everything and left no proof ( except that it's rebadged creationism!)
3) There is no other argument!

So I'm glad schools are teaching fact, I guess it's about time :S

The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent. -- Sagan