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What mistake did I make? I would be really interested to know, I've read the bible more then once, in the capacity of being an Atheist and moderate catholic.

Everything I stated, at least from the literal word of the bible is accurate, but as I've stated before, there are 30,000+ ways to read the bible and understand it, as there are more then 30,000 different forms of Catholicism. I'm taking my literal interruption as direct, nothing modified and nothing changed, as if God told the writer directly, which is exactly how it had to be done, other wise the bible is no more a valid book then harry potter, at least as a holy book.

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So basically, no offense, we're comparing apples to oranges? Of course you'll have a different interpretation of the bible, however that in itself is a huge issue, how can a perfect God convey his story in any less then a perfect fashion? If God's word is perfect then it would have 1 and only 1 written form, it would be unchanging, unalterable and uncontradicting. You're right in fact that the apple itself is the sin, but the fact is that apple grew on an apple tree which was put in the garden by God, no apple tree, no apple. Point 5 I made is a prefect example of the religious BS, how can one faith teach the trinity different from the others, it only happened once, how can the story be different. If there really was a single story and a single loving God then don't you think he would of corrected the books to make sure only the single perfect example of the book went forth?

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I'm an Atheist now, but I did listen, I've read the bible in both states, being a catholic and being an atheist, again I don't know what version of the bible you've read, there are thousands. The standard roman catholic bible has the garden on earth, if you go more bat shit crazy and look at Mormonism, the garden was in the US.

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This is going to link back to my last post where I answered this already. You might have a different version of the bible ( which in itself is a nail in the coffin, a God with a message needs only one and not 30,000+ versions of it ).

3) The garden was on earth, God created the heavens and the earth and then made Adam in his image. Where else could this garden ( which we know didn't exist, it's never once had any creditable evidence for it found ) exist. You can call fresh earth paradise but it's still earth. Hence earth held the apple tree and hence God created sin, it's a done deal.

I answered #4, I'll just take a walk on it, maybe you are right I don't know. I've just never been told that from doctors.

6) The trinity, The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a ball of fire which landed upon the heads of the followers, at least in the roman catholic account. The Father ( God ), made himself man ( The Son ), to come to earth, that again is the roman catholic, Vatican upheld account.

Trust me, I grew up in a very religion town and went to a very religion school. I went to church on Sunday's and had religion parents. The one thing religion helped me see is how bat shit crazy it is, you have to put all your faith in a father who never shows himself, never proves himself, asks human to rape, kill and commit mass suffering all in his name. Heaven is literally ( as the Hitch puts it ) North Korea.

Now I can accept the good done in the name of religion and there is beauty in the bible but it gets blown out of the water by the horrible acts. Before you can accept the good done in the name of religion you must be able to explain and justify the bad.

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3) No it's not, I'm perfectly right. The snake told Eve to eat the apple, once she did sin entered the world. You might have a different version of the bible but that is the account I've read and gone by. I'm right, hands down on this, God put the apple tree there, God knew what would happen if it got eaten from and he let it happen, done.

4) Well according to all doctors I know it's not but lets just pass on that one, it's hardly the nail in the coffin.

6) No it's not, again you might have a different version but in the roman catholic church that is the story. He made himself man to have himself tortured, killed and buried so he could rise again. When he became man he called himself his son.

I'm speaking literally right from the same bible I've grown up with, tell me how I'm wrong on 3 and 6?

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1) I like the universe, about what do you complain?

I should of explained that better, when he created the universe he also created the earth and the animals and man. The problem is our human bodies are wired very poorly if done by design. You would think an all knowing and all powerful mega being could get that right, he also had several attempts and didn't change the design.

3) is wrong, and even a non believer should know better

No it's not, God put a tree in the Garden that grew apples, the apples if eaten could cause sin. Logic would follow that if God didn't want sin we would of simply removed the tree in the first place. An all powerful and all knowing superman would of surely known that if he left it, it would be eaten from. God intentionally created sin so he could punish humanity.

I would really like to hear how I'm wrong about that, I have yet to hear a single person actually prove me wrong. My teachers never could, my parents never could, my priest never could, the sister ( nun ) never could so I highly doubt you can either but i welcome the attempt.

4) no, sciense is not telling us that. If that DNA set is healthy it can have endless children, untill an unhealthy mutation shows up. That is a no brainer.

If you have one set of 23 chromosomes and you continuously breed it together with itself ( incest ) the chance there is an increased chance of birth defects, like deformities and mental retardation. That is fact, if Adam and Eve populated the earth through procreation then you would have to figure they had children or there children had children who were malformed. Generally you can breed out one level using the same chromosomes, as in a brother and sister can sleep together and produce one child. However if they have two children and those children sleep together the chance of introducing genetic problem jumps massively. It's high unlikely that Adam and Eve could of fathered even three generations out, to do otherwise you'd have to assume the invisible man in the sky helped, but given his mean strike in the old testament, I high doubt it.

6) I always thought it was his son, not himself at that crucifix ...

The official story is that God became man, had himself sent to earth to be tortured, crucified and buried so he could rise again and forgive us our sins. The reason they refer to Jesus as the son of God is rather unknown, by all theological accounts Jesus is just the human form of God. to call Jesus the son of God introduces another layer of incest, or I guess deitcest, Jesus would be both his father and son, which is just wrong any way you look at it.

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