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Comment Re:Good thinking! (Score 1) 176

If the Venezuelan government says a Llama is equal to one Bolivar than a Llama is equal to one Bolivar.

Sure it does. And if that means the one Bolivar Llama is entirely theoretical because all the real Llamas are elsewhere being traded at market prices, then that's just greedy speculators undermining the revolution.

Comment Good thinking! (Score 4, Informative) 176

That's a great idea. Not surprisingly your plan is shared by other brilliant folks, such as Venezuela's new economy czar Luis Salas. He has pointed out that "inflation does not exist." Specifically, the traditional Western economic model that claims printing money devalues currency is bogus and all price increases are merely the result of the parasitic businesses seeking excessive profits. Therefore government should do as you say and print whatever funds they require while diligently preventing greedy speculators from raising prices.

And it's a good thing, too. Prior do Luis Salas's incredible insights Venezuela's fortunes were looking pretty bleak. Doubtless his printing presses will be able to turn all of that around and the rest of the world will be thrilled to restock PDVAL's shelves in exchange for beautiful new bolivars. Why, only yesterday we learned that Luis is importing newly printed cash by the planeload to implement this strategy.

So thankfully your thinking has been adopted in the nick of time and saved Venezuela from collapse. Good work.

Comment Do not want (Score 2) 311

The history of "Quality Journalism" is filled with well compensated hucksters like Walter Duranty, polluting the world with fictions and lies. When you pay journalists celebrity wages you get celebrity journalists promulgating the views of their powerful allies.

Do not want. We're no worse off with our contemporary "journalism" and we may indeed be better.

Comment And nothing of value was lost (Score 1) 276

I watched AJ America a few times. I found it indistinguishable from the other cable news stuff except the advertisers were more obscure. It was available free for years on all the streaming platforms; if it mattered it would have had an audience.

I think it comes down to demographics. Old people watch cable news and they've picked their poison from among CNNMSNBCFOXNEWSBBCMURICAETAL. AJ America offered nothing compelling to them. The young have almost lost the ability to find a cable news network on a traditional teevee. So no one cared and no one will notice.

Comment Re:$30B a year for war ("defense") is cool (Score 0) 230

half of our military spending ... would pay for universal healthcare total US healthcare spending for 2014: $3 trillion.

DOD budget for 2014: $520 billion.

Our half of our military spending would pay for less than 9% of universal healthcare. And no, you don't get to assert that your "universal healthcare" would be cheaper and make up the difference; you're no more willing to tell all the healthcare providers, researchers and educational institutions that they're in for a huge pay cut than are the libtard politicians you vote for.

Comment More laws (Score 1) 257

That "hour" will get abused to be anything, anytime, plus confiscate and search.

No thanks. Life sucks. Cops can't fix that. Stop adding cops to every "problem." It doesn't help.

The people I live among have the good taste not to do this to others. Foster decency and honor and leave the cops out of it. For that you'll need discipline, respect and a degree of prosperity. The exact opposite of what our leaders give us with their welfare state, grievance mongering and controlled decline.

Comment Re:good job (Score 1) 129

You don't have that kind of longevity by being completely incompetent.

Indeed. But that doesn't mean you must be competent in your market. GM has merely been very competent at marshaling the political power necessary to protect itself from the market.

It's a government operation now, regardless of whether or not the Treasury actually holds shares or loans any longer, because all pretense that GM is subject to the consequences of its failures is gone; the government will be there to keep it all propped up whatever happens. Another GSE just like fannie and freddy.

So effectively you now have government undermining the government; an quasi-government GSE investing in an un-taxi outfit, displacing government granted monopoly taxi systems.

And, naturally, when the gears finally strip and this half-billion vanishes into money heaven by whatever inevitable disaster is bound to befall it, you can come back here and watch one anti-business malcontent after another attribute all of this incestuous bullshit to "capitalism".

Comment kthxbye (Score 1) 496

Years of listening to europhiles prattle on and on about the wonders of diesel cars, and stoopid 'muricans with their cowboy gasoline hotrods.

So much for that noise. Let us know when you get your fleet fixed and burning gas.

Comment Re:Right. More than right. (Score 0) 172

These are very thoughtful observations

Except the first I knew about Derakhshan or his love of the now lost hyperlink was on Hacker News; a concise list of hyperlinks and descriptions.

I read blog posts every day so I know for a fact there are still blog readers. He didn't lose his audience to Facebook. His audience wandered off because posts were not forthcoming after his attavist theocracy locked him up.

You would think after surviving Iranian prison one would have more significant matters on the mind than petty navel gazing about "shamelessly luxurious condos" and "invasive SUVs". Maybe he had to throw that in to make it Guardianista-worthy.

Comment Re:If you want to slow them down (Score 1) 115

Agreed. Amateur radio requires graduated license tests. The result is a sharp bend in the histogram from technician to extra class licensees; most of the flotsam are kept off frequencies that resonate planet-wide because most use of powerful HF bands is limited to licensees above 'technician.'

One can imagine a similar tiered system for UAVs. Start with telecommand PEP (transmitter power) of maybe 25mw at 5GHz and no return video or telemetry for unlicensed pilots. That keeps it line-of-sight by nature. Escalate from there.

There should be an exemption for traditional RC activity over recognized fields. Pilots operating over self-governing club facilities aren't a part of the recent `drone' drama and don't deserve this regulatory friction. That sort of reasonableness is probably beyond contemporary federal government mentality however; if you're not a giant corporation or powerful pressure group then you simply don't exist, as the long established AMA (Academe of Model Aeronautics) has discovered.

Submission + - Boron nitride nanotubes even stronger than carbon ones (

hypnosec writes: According to a recently published study in Applied Physics Letters, boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs) are much stronger than their carbon counterparts with the former offering more strength per unit of weight. Researchers have already been attracted to boron nitride for the fact that just like carbon it can form single-atom-thick sheets and can be rolled into cylinders to create nanotubes. The nanotubes by themselves offer the same level of strength as the legendary carbon nanotubes, but the real deal is when composite materials are created using these nanotubes that offer higher levels of strength.

Comment Re:Look, Tim, I get you do not like the law (Score 4, Informative) 456

But you cannot pick

Well they have been.

They take their profits in Ireland to avoid taxes. They build their products in Asia to avoid the EPA, OSHA, NLRP, EEOC, et al. They get to pick their preferred rules on both ends. Yay "free" trade.

Tim is ordinarily so smooth it's creepy; words like "crap" are outliers in his vocabularly. He messed up a little here. But no worries. They'll have him say we need to "do something" about LGBT rights or "do something" about the climate and all will be well again.

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