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Comment Re:Greed rules in Corporate America (Score -1, Troll) 118

we have no proof that thin thread would of actually worked

Actually, we do. Preparation for the attack didn't start weeks before 9/11. The plan originated in 1996 and the first hijacker/pilots arrived in the US in late 2000. If you stipulate that the timeline given in the summary is correct then "ThinThread" was in place and operating during the longest part of the preparations and it didn't impede anything. Again, assuming the timeline is correct then this is inarguable; we have our proof.

This documentary and it premise are bullshit. It's a particularly ugly species of bullshit as well; political narrative making. This "ThinThread" nonsense has been rattling around the left-wing echo chamber for many years now after getting started in the Baltimore Sun in 2006. It persists because it fits the world view that seeks evidence that 9/11 is "Bush's fault;" Bush killed the Clinton program that might have saved us.

So now they've made a "documentary film" out of this bullshit so all the libtards can cream over it. What a great contribution. No surprise this crap gets featured here either.

Comment Re:Follow the money (Score 1) 211

the people who paid money likely feel differently

The people that put enough money into a Kickstarter campaign to actually hurt them or even upset them when it vanished are fools. I discount their feelings as such.

This planet is filled with legitimate manufacturers making multiple versions of everything physics, our knowledge and our laws will permit. If the toy you want is that important to you then go buy it from one of them.


Naturally. Bellow for cops. Cops will make everything better.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 519

Aside from most of your comment being incoherent I'd like to hear your remedy. Is some authority supposed to force the Minnesota Democratic party to support this candidate? Should his oppressors be punished in some way for criminally criticizing him?

I'd really like to know what you think should happen to correct this injustice.

Comment Re:NOT whoever gets there first (Score 1) 239

No, I mean each individual needs to be all of those things

Well that's your strawman then. I can't imagine why you think some sort of physicist+engineer+pilot+botanist+doctor superhuman is required, and I don't know why you think people involved in these hypothetical efforts can't have support from the ground or anywhere else, or that they would operate alone. The whole "rugged individualist libertarians" thing came from some AC hater that chimed in. Not me.

My sole and only point is that at some point this process will cease to be subject to the control of whomever started it. Whatever collective effort is required to start it will lose control. And the many and ever increasing mass of people that invariably demand that everything must always be safely contained by a "global consortium" will lose the argument here.

Comment Re:NOT whoever gets there first (Score 1) 239

are simultaneously physicists, engineers, pilots, botanists and doctors

In your world, educated people are adverse to exploration for some reason? History shows the exact opposite. The first to go are invariably those with great minds and great means, and they do it despite the risk and doubt. The fact that this isn't apparent to you speaks volumes about your world view; you've been trained to ignore or despise the merits of unconventional behavior.

There are millions that would trade years of their lives and risk death for even brief exposure to space travel. Among those are exactly the talent you list, in abundance. Don't be surprised if you don't know any; that's merely a consequence of self selection: they're not interested in you.

Comment Re:NOT whoever gets there first (Score 1) 239

That's not how it works. Yes, establishing a toehold will involve a focused collective effort. It has always been thus. Magellan, Columbus and so-forth were all state sponsored.

Once the new frontier is open, however, everything changes. Those rugged individualist libertarians you've been trained to hate so much take over and go as far as they can, leaving people like you far behind to pound sand. There will be all sorts of evolution then, and almost none of it will align with your wishes.

You've pitted yourself against the nature of the universe. I pity you.

We will not get off this planet if we do not evolve our whole way of thinking.

Nonsense. Simple profit motive could easily provide sufficient incentive. If Armstrong had found chunks of gold laying around on our moon we would have cities there by now.

Sooner or later the incentive will appear. Shortly after that only the tiny fraction of the species still living here will still be subject to people like you.

Comment Re:SDR Hardware (Score 4, Informative) 42

If you can add $10 to that sell R820T/RTL2832U dongles (on Amazon) with temperature compensated oscillators, SMA connectors and other nice features for SDR experimentation. Start with that if you imagine using upconverters, front-end filters, etc.

You'll want a short USB pigtail for these devices, though; they are fairly large.

Comment Re:NOT whoever gets there first (Score 3, Insightful) 239

I say NOT whoever simply gets there first.

Should our species ever manage to escape this gravity well it will enjoy a long, long period of time where your mentality will hold no sway at all. That is the greatest promise of space.

Think of it. The end game for our species is to either perish completely, or rage outward into the stars without the least concern for your sensibilities about what is fair or just or what sort of "global consortium" you would prefer control it.

Either way, you lose.

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