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Farscape (Kinda) Returns 140

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the what-the-frell dept.
westlake writes "In a weekend press tour, Sci Fi announced that Farscape would be resurrected on-line in ten short webisodes to be produced by the Jim Henson Company. There are hints that Ben Browder and Claudia Black will both be both "available." Browder has another project to keep him occupied, at least part of the time: Sci Fi also announced that it had picked up Going Homer, a miniseries he developed with "Farscape" director Andrew Prowse. Greek and Roman deities walk among us, but only 12 year old Homer Ulysses Jones can see them for what they truly are. When Homer and his father are forced to flee a custody battle that would likely separate them, they journey from Los Angeles to the home of their ancestors — in Ithaca, N.Y."
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Farscape (Kinda) Returns

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  • by haplo21112 (184264) <.haplo. .at.> on Wednesday July 18, 2007 @10:52AM (#19901059) Homepage
    The original Farscape was a Henson company production.
  • please no! (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday July 18, 2007 @11:03AM (#19901219)

    They are not going to do 10 full, 44-minute episodes for the Web. Each episode will be a few minutes long.

    Ugh... I hate webisodes. Please don't ruin Farscape. Anything less than 30 minutes is simply not enough to develop even the most trivial story, not to talk about the time our brain requires to adapt itself when one starts watching a show.

    Make it as a 3 part 45 minutes regular TV episodes and it won't suck like a webisode miniseries certainly will.
  • Re:Good (Score:4, Informative)

    by Arcane_Rhino (769339) on Wednesday July 18, 2007 @12:04PM (#19902309)
    Go rent "The Peacekeeper Wars". All will be well.
  • Re:the LEXX! (Score:4, Informative)

    by nine-times (778537) <> on Wednesday July 18, 2007 @01:04PM (#19903303) Homepage
    LEXX was pretty bullshit and juvenile. It's like it was made for retarded 13 year-olds. Constant adolescent sex jokes, space ships shaped like genitalia, etc. It shouldn't be considered to be part of the same genre at Farscape, Dr. Who, or BSG.
  • by fm6 (162816) on Wednesday July 18, 2007 @02:33PM (#19904669) Homepage Journal
    Sci Fi's programming choices make no sense from the viewer's POV. But when you run a cable channel, you don't worry that much about keeping your programming non-ripoffy and consistent with your theme. You mainly worry about keeping your costs down without losing too much audience. It's not like cable companies can say, "Our viewers are sick of the Sci-Fi channel, we're going to drop it in favor of ..." For one thing, there isn't anything else that appeals to the same audience. For another, Sci-Fi belongs to NBC-Universal and is sold as part of a bundle — which cable companies have to order, because it includes must have stuff. In particular, it includes the programming from the local NBC affiliate, which they are required to show.

    If you're really pissed off by Sci Fi's programming decisions, write your congressperson and the FCC and tell them you think that bundling should be outlawed. Me, I don't care that much, because I've opted out of the whole cable TV ripoff. Which means waiting for shows to come out on DVD, but hey, I already have a 3-year backlog in my Netflix queue.
  • Re:Forget it (Score:2, Informative)

    by Keeper (56691) on Wednesday July 18, 2007 @05:21PM (#19906969)
    Not only that, but the SciFi channel killed the series and told everyone to go home AFTER the season finale was in the can. In other words, it was just supposed to be a typical season finale cliffhanger...

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