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Comment: Re:We don't need density! We need longer life! (Score 1) 42

by goarilla (#49361217) Attached to: Toshiba Announces 3D Flash With 48 Layers
Then what do you recommend the OP to which I was replying ?

I'm tired of throwing away several Intel or Samsung SSDs every week. My last set of nine Samsung 840s that I installed in development desktops lasted less than 90 days before they wore-out. Yes, we're hard on drives, but it's ridiculous how much time our IT department is throwing away due to the fact SSD drives are considered disposable and die so quickly. They're crap. There's a reason you still see 15k spinning rust in data centers. MLC SSDs are garbage that should not be legal to be sold.

Comment: Re:noatime,nodiratime (Score 1) 204

by goarilla (#49329985) Attached to: Apple Doubles MacBook Pro R/W Performance

Well, I'm a linux guy too, but to be fair to the windows folk HFS+ only achieves that performance by using a 16kb block size, not by having a performance filesystem and thus was very wasteful with disk space - especially when you consider how many small files exist on an fs.

What benchmark made you conclude that HFS+ is faster than NTFS when using big block sizes ?

No the disk performance crown still resides with Linux users that have access to enterprise grade filesystems like murderFS, ahem I mean reiserfs, xfs and other performance kings of that ilk.

Does anybody still use reiserfs and what makes it "enterprise grade" ?

I'm sure that there are macOS users out there who know how to retrofit such a filesystem into their BSD kernels, but that is hardly a stock MAC, it's BSD functionality. Even then I'm not sure if BSD supports configurable IO and CPU schedulers or a pre-emptable kernel - not that 99% of mac users would even understand why that is important.

Mac OS X still depends on old mac system 6/7 filesystem functionality like resource forks, these are not that easy to "retrofit" in ufs/zfs.
A lot of the IO schedulers are implemented mainly to have some IO fairness because mechanical hard drives are very easy to saturate.
These aren't that useful anymore when you can push 500.000 IOPS to a set of SSD's. And don't diss the FreeBSD storage subsystem: ufs allows for consistent backups without having to use volume management and creating a snapshot beforehand (LVM2+ext4).

Comment: Re:Your justice system is flawed, too. (Score 1) 1081

by goarilla (#49262089) Attached to: How To Execute People In the 21st Century

look at you: concerned because i dehumanize a mass murderer?

Yes because he is still a human.

you do not possess coherent morality

I never claimed I did. And I very much doubt you possess it as well.

you respect and tolerate all. until someone disrespects and lacks tolerance. then you give back exactly the same

O tell me oh wise one, where did I stop tolerating you ?

to tolerate intolerance is only to invite the destruction of your belief system

Cute very cute. Now give me one in Latin.

Comment: Re:Your justice system is flawed, too. (Score 1) 1081

by goarilla (#49261509) Attached to: How To Execute People In the 21st Century

why is this creature still alive, it is not a human being. it has lost the ability to call itself that by defiling basic morality to such a repugnant extreme. why is this thing still alive? so it can whine about video game privileges? this thing must die

In war we all defile morality to repugnant extremes.
Stop dehumanizing this man by calling him *it*. It's practices like that that help enable enormous atrocities (see Hutu - Tutsi genocides).

again, please note: we are here on the very edge of atrocity. the crimes that shock the conscience at the furthest extreme. the worst of the worst of the worst. they alone deserve death from the state

The atrocity scale edges' move according to the 'zeitgeist'. There is no real hard end.

so india has the closest approach to perfect on capital punishment in this world.

Yeah India. With their multilayered racist caste system. They know all about justice.

Comment: Re:Your justice system is flawed, too. (Score 1) 1081

by goarilla (#49260663) Attached to: How To Execute People In the 21st Century

I agree that (B) is becoming a lot more difficult, as available space fills up, and as nation-states impose moral strictures on other nation states; in that case, there is the suboptimal option (C) hide your differences from the larger society until such time as you can exercise one of the other two options, or until you die, or are caught.

Nobody wants to be a foreigner.

Comment: Re:Your justice system is flawed, too. (Score 1) 1081

by goarilla (#49260649) Attached to: How To Execute People In the 21st Century
No confidence in the rehabilitative powers of the prison system :D ?
To be fair these people would never get out, even in Europe.
There are clauses that keep people a ward of the state after their prison time.
These are designed for these sort of people, although they sometimes get used for political prisoners.

In the sciences, we are now uniquely priviledged to sit side by side with the giants on whose shoulders we stand. -- Gerald Holton