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Comment Re:In other news... (Score 1) 484

Personally, as cold as this sounds, I'd rather they have been able to carry out their attacks then suffer the real attacks on my liberties. Yes, I'm aware that good people might die as a result. I accept that it may be myself or someone I care about. Yes, I'd rather keep my rights than live in fear. I know, I'm a cold bastard. *sighs* Yes, I'm selfish for wanting to keep my rights. I accept that.

I totally agree, I'm from Belgium and I hate this round of emotional policy pushing.
The Humanists fought to get religion out of state, the revolutionaries fought to remove the absolute monarchs.
Our nations had to ward of expansive aggressors with radical forms of governance.
The pot of blood for our free society is huge, it surely can take a couple more.

Comment Re:Um... (Score 1) 274

- buying nuts from that odd lady on the farmer's market with the exotic nut tree She might be in need of a card reader.

And a "business bank account" and a computer and ...

Putting cash in their cup is not necessarily the best way to help them, but a Square account would change their lives. Or donating to an organized charity. Or giving them a gift card for food. You know, being intentional.

I'm not sure if dictating what they should do is more helpful.
And as someone who has experienced first hand what banks do when a family defaults on their debts, I can't ever trust them.
So I do want cash available, always !

Comment Re:Um... (Score 2) 274

Don't we need a (small) black/grey economy ? Think about all the corner cases for which you might not want to leave a trail behind:
- buying nuts from that odd lady on the farmer's market with the exotic nut tree
- giving money as a present to your daughter, son
- kid's paperoutes.
- buying sextoys to spice up the relationship.
- buying generic medicines accross borders because prices are actually affordable there.
- donating to the homeless and less privileged.

Not all things that are illegal should be.

Comment Re:Photos (Score 1) 330

I agree in general (everything fades) but not on these specifics. On the mainland of Europe Caesar will be remembered for a long time since the Roman influence was ubiquitous and its stories seems to be written in the golden age of our (shared) history writing. We didn't learn Caesar from Shakespeare, we learned Caesar because he kicked our asses in his expansion efforts (Gaul).

Comment Re:Babylon 5 (Score 1) 363

I've always found it funny Lorien gave him 20 years until He was 60. At that point in the show I was so sick of him that even that felt too generous.
Without G'kar and Londo I wouldn't have finished that show.

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