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Comment Re:Isn't this what --preserve-root is for? (Score 2) 698

To safeguard myself from accidentally, executing possible dangerous command lines.
I've trained myself into using the following precautionary routine (sh shell):
- Start the line with a comment (#)
- Create the command line
- Inspect
- Remove the shebang
- Run

While this doesn't safe me much from bad commands if I fail or neglect inspection it does
safe me from pressing the enter key erroneously. Which happens a lot more since the key varies in size and placement and important shell letters surround it.

Comment Re:Take back Slashdot (Score 1) 1305

You mean, you troll? Because there's nothing stopping you from leaving a comment saying "hey, could someone explain so and so?" so the only reason not to attach your name would be if you were going to leave some inflammatory bullshit and you didn't want to harm your karma score.

Yes and No, I don't want to be attacked personally for being ignorant. But yes occasionally I do vent provocative vitriol (not always as AC though). And for that I would like to apologize.

Comment Re:Take back Slashdot (Score 3, Insightful) 1305

I agree, we need the liberty to post AC so "con-conformist"/contraversial ideas or uncomfortable issues can get attention.
I sometimes post AC myself on a topic I want to know more about to incite knowledgeable people to inform me for example.
Maybe we should only allow anonymous posts from real accounts, so the drive-by AC's and lazy trolls can't abuse it.
Like an anonymous "idea box" in an office. It's sort of anonymous but only from the people who are employees.

Comment Re:Clearing off administrator-barnicles? (Score 1) 307

I'm not talking about bureaucracy. I hate the ever increasing rubber stamping and form filling too.
But do you really want to drill holes, change lightbulbs, buy equipment, configure computers and network and clean your offices yourselfs ?
We free you up from that so you can try those new things !

Comment Re:Clearing off administrator-barnicles? (Score 1) 307

As someone working as support staff in a European university I have the exact opposite experience.
It's the professors that cut up their portion of the budget and they have been starving anything they could before even thinking of touching their own, their research or their assistants.
As a result we have more tenured professors now than we had 7 years ago but a lot less support personnel.
At the same time government (who provides the majority of our funds) is pushing us to provide more "flexible education" and do more international collaboration with less resources overall.

Comment Re:Who are they cutting? (Score 1) 307

So a few are teachers and researchers, but MOST are useless administration and "overhead". Could be a lot worse. Could be a little better, but it's almost the opposite of your claim that most of those being cut are the people actually serving the direct function of the university.

As a member of a different university's "other staff" let me tell you what these jobs usually are:
Secretaries, Logistics, IT, Equipment operators, Cleaning, Security. You know the jobs with the lower wages.
They are cutting where there isn't much to cut nowadays (post 2008/2011), but where it's still easy to cut (tenure is a bitch).

Comment Re: You can't build new ones because the old ones (Score 1) 319

The alternative would be to (a) increase the capacity of the link between the Belgium grid and the grids of their neighbors, and (b) plan fully invest in windpower and storage solutions.

I'm not sure our shore line is big enough for the amount of wind turbines we might need.
(a) might happen since it's been championned by a broadly respected economist, even though his socialist party (SPA) is part of the opposition now.

Comment Re: Lots of unwarranted concerns (Score 1) 319

And if your claims were correct, then nuke uptimes don't seem to reflect this "reality".

Most of those incidents don't really impact availability much and the "uptime" of a nuclear plant isn't nearly as high as people think (it's about ~80%).
They are super careful now with the unexpected extra ruptures in the containment vessels of Doel 3 and Tihange 2 and every incident related or not gets hyped up.
For those interested here is a list of the real (according to FANC - the control agency) nuclear incidents in Belgium of 2015: http://fanc.fgov.be/nl/page/in....
Personally I would like to see Doel 3 and Tihange 2 closed but that's not gonna happen this legislature.

Comment Re: Ah Belgium Politcs (Score 1) 319

This is also true for the different provinces. As a consequence the borders get ignored because nobody wants the extra work and the exact jurisdiction is unclear.
Police and justice have been fucked up in Belgium for a long time. Most lawyers decline government work because they "forget" to pay their bills repeatedly.
Having said all that, I don't think splitting up the country is easy. We've gotten more autonomy in the recent "sixth state reform" and the increase in bureaucracy and confusion this has lead to is staggering.
Divorcing is expensive !

Comment Re: Lots of unwarranted concerns (Score 2) 319

Take those "accidents" with a grain of salt. Most of those malfunctions (transformers ?) happen all the time, even 30 years ago.
They just weren't reported back then like they are now. The one thing I do fear though is that they could've cycled through experts to find one
who was willing to say it was safe to put the one with ruptures in the vessel back online.
Because yes, we haven't build any new plants in a long time because the politicians can't make up their mind.

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