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by goarilla (#48018859) Attached to: Bash To Require Further Patching, As More Shellshock Holes Found

Not to mention RedHat is not any kind of savings vs. Microsoft..

Have you included hardware costs in your equation ?
Windows Server does need beefier hardware more than not to provide the same level of service
maybe that has changed with Windows Core. But I haven't used it yet, and using
it instead of the GUI costs in ease of administration that Windows seem to offer in favor of linux.

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In the case of France, I would tend to disagree with you. They kidnap company executives, and generally make the place appear toxic for business. The French rail workers' unions have a simple rule when to strike: Whenever I am in France. Normal Slashdot Dogma states that correlation does not equal causation, but in the case of French rail workers . . . I just need to get near the French border, and a strike will break out.

Hehehe, true. Same here in Belgium. There needs to be a balance on both sides.
And these national rail unions as it is have too much leverage. Being able to
disrupt public transport is immense power and they do abuse it.

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by goarilla (#47926167) Attached to: Micron Releases 16nm-Process SSDs With Dynamic Flash Programming
You mean ~1000 full rewrites. once tested this and got ~707 TiB until the first error (SMART: 5) out of a Samsung TLC 840 250 GB
Anecdotal yes, but nice to know it was 3 x bigger than the manufacturers specs.

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Let us get to a point where most of our people have jobs, and then we can discuss more unions, until then unions are just yet another problem keeping us back in the dark ages.

And you believe that disbanding the unions will make everyone happily employed
In the midst of the Industrial Revolution we were in exactly the same position you are now
And it took unions and other righteous men to break the situation.
There has actually been a movie about this situation See it and learn from it before you call me ignorant and pompuos.

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I'm a European, we've had fairly decent unions over here.
That your unions were run by maffia front-man for decades reflects on them personally
not on unions as a concept. I accept that you're skeptic.
But somebody (unions, governement) does need to reach for and uphold a decent quality of living and good working conditions are crucial to that.

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Nothing wrong with that. But if I'm going to spend my precious time playing a game, I want to enjoy it. Getting fragged in seconds may be fun the first 10 times or so, then it just becomes a drag and rapidly degrades into pointlessness and in the end, just means wasted time. I could've played Angry Birds in that same time and at least felt entertained rather than bored and annoyed (you can only sit at respawn screens and loading screens for so long).

You can try to find servers targeted to "newcomers" and/or practice more with bots beforehand.
But arena shooters are fast paced twitch shooters, so think carefully before you buy them.

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