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by goarilla (#48181703) Attached to: Apple Doesn't Design For Yesterday

SMB support is there it is fully integrated as a filesystem. smb://ServerName/ShareName in finder and you connect. ipfw to PF was an upgrade stateless to stateful.

That's not what I said or meant to say. They removed support for windows 95/98 style servers (samba 2.x)
In Lion you could still use it by toggling a sysctl setting
That was removed completely in Mountain Lion.

Ipfw is a stateful packet filter ( But yes I should just get acquainted with pf.

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by goarilla (#48181027) Attached to: Apple Doesn't Design For Yesterday

ipfw's been gone for a while ... but they've made a lot of other stupid choices that might be good for general users, but make things a pain when you're administering lots of machines.

Ipfw was deprecated but not removed. I found it much easier to setup for fail2ban than
pf. Pf is more complex than just simple rule based filtering firewalls (iptables,ipfw, ...).

The only good news is that they *finally* updated the mini ... which means we'll finally be getting new hardware to replace our xserves. (the cancelation of which should've been the clue that they didn't care about 'enterprise' type stuff anymore). I'm thinking of putting FreeBSD or similar on 'em though, rather than MacOSX.

If you're gonna switch to FreeBSD anyway why not just a generic 19" x86 server ?

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by goarilla (#48180453) Attached to: Apple Doesn't Design For Yesterday
What really bothers me though is the removal of old SMB support (I don't know if it was Mavericks or ML) and now
the removal of the ipfw firewall. I had just gotten around to learning that and setting up a Launchctl plist.
The fact that the green button now fullscreens an application is another change I don't like.

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by goarilla (#48081153) Attached to: Lennart Poettering: Open Source Community "Quite a Sick Place To Be In"

What am I kidding? The "open source" community stopped caring about the effects of their actions years ago. Much easier to just insult Microsoft (with added dollar signs) than worry about your own problems.

I don't think this is particular to the open source movement.
It's rampant all over the Internet.
it's the result of the fact that actions on the Internet rarely have real-world consequences so people feel invincible.
Couple that with this new generation of egotists. Who have grown up around the internet fulfilling their every want.

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A tall person is over 6 foot. that has a nice ring to it. 1.8 metres is not human friendly. A foot is about the size of an adult foot, it makes sense.

1.8 Metres is just as user friendly as foot when you're brought up in it.

Also, our language, literature and petry is full of imperial words. We would lose a vital link with the past if we abandoned their use.

And when was the last time you read ancient English scrolls ?
By that logic we would still be writing glyphs and doing arithmetic without the 0.

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