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by goarilla (#47925429) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Have You Experienced Fear Driven Development?
I'm a European, we've had fairly decent unions over here.
That your unions were run by maffia front-man for decades reflects on them personally
not on unions as a concept. I accept that you're skeptic.
But somebody (unions, governement) does need to reach for and uphold a decent quality of living and good working conditions are crucial to that.

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by goarilla (#47917781) Attached to: The Growing Illusion of Single Player Gaming

Nothing wrong with that. But if I'm going to spend my precious time playing a game, I want to enjoy it. Getting fragged in seconds may be fun the first 10 times or so, then it just becomes a drag and rapidly degrades into pointlessness and in the end, just means wasted time. I could've played Angry Birds in that same time and at least felt entertained rather than bored and annoyed (you can only sit at respawn screens and loading screens for so long).

You can try to find servers targeted to "newcomers" and/or practice more with bots beforehand.
But arena shooters are fast paced twitch shooters, so think carefully before you buy them.

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Multiplayer, on the other hand, is a spastic experience which seems to be dominated by obsessive players with endless time to practice. The reward for the average player is not mastery, but rather learning to die a little less often.

So you're tired of being fragmeat in arena shooters and diss the entire multiplayer gameplay because of it
That's awfully shortsighted. For me this spastic experience is the most exhilerating gameplay
I can sign up for and I have played these games online since quakeworld. Nothing beats a quick quake3 or ut99 game
Try Left 4 Dead 2 or the man vs machine mode in Team Fortress 2 if you want coop.

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Just as you don't understand fork and spawn, you clearly don't understand how privilege segmenting works in Linux. Much of the kernel runs in Ring 0 for example. It can disable interrupts and do all kinds of things that systemd cannot because ... wait for it ... it runs in user space.

Since we're talking about LInux don't you mean clone ?

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Every distro has it's package manager and with it different syntax. Imaging if you had a tool like "install-it mysql" which on Ubuntu goes to apt-get install, or pacman's syntax, or yum or whatever.

Has been tried before by many systems.
The problem as I see it is that Linux software ecosystem is chaos. There's a lot of movement which breaks stuff regularly

The thing I mostly worry about is packages. Say what you will about Windows and Mac, but developing an app for them generally has a limited set of ways. There is only one way to do services in Windows, etc.

That's not really true. You can start services/daemons as a service* (under svchost or on its own), as a logon batch job, via a user's startup folder, on demand, ...
Windows has had its fair set of installers as well: Installshield, nullsoft, Macrovision, ...

It is hard to get say Webcam apps to get ported to Linux because the poor devs have to figure out webcams in 10 different distros. Everyone in the boards say "ubuntu 14 +1", .... no no Arch first!!! and so on. Should it matter as much app to app? Shouldn't distros at least have some level of uniformity...a layer of it.

Just use the proper kernel subsystems and sysfs.

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