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Comment: Re:I guess that means ... (Score 0) 340 340

So, lets boil it down, in essense for the game of holdem, a game of incomplete information, they have shown than holdem fits in the space of P = NP ? Yea if that was the case then *that* would have been the headline. I did a little poker robotting with a coworker some years back and instead of monte-carly'ing the probability matrices we right out permutated them all so it would be a simple table lookup instead of a costly approximation each time. Data was big, many many gigs. In any event there is so much else going on, besides the numbers, at a pokertable, that unless you pair it with playerhistory, datamining and some AI your "robot" will only ever be successfull on lowstake tables.

Comment: Re:Can Rosetta power Philae? (Score 1) 69 69

I think that planning a mission like this is about backup, redundancy, contingency upon contingency eliminating single points of failures as much as possible, and I am sure the scenario where harpoons AND the cold gas thruster both failed were not worth a tertiary backup plan. Thats what I think. But hey I bet they didnt think of "better harpoons" .. you should write them with your thoughts on the subject.

Comment: Re:Can Rosetta power Philae? (Score 1) 69 69

So a geostationary orbit over philae is out of the question? It wouldnt take an enourmous amount of material and a little optics to focus some photonics down on our little lander. I wouldnt be surprised if such mechanics was proposed back in the planning stages.

Comment: Re:Not a good week... (Score 1) 445 445

one plot is a dot, two plots is a statistic, so scrambling to the top of my mind is 'sabotage'. Who would stand to gain, on a larger scale, from these 'anomolies'. When is spacex'es next launch? Sure hope it is not tomorrow and sure hope they'll be checking everything an extra time or five.

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