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Comment: Re:From the pdf... (Score 1) 201

by (#47612431) Attached to: NASA Tests Microwave Space Drive
this +1. Accidental scient for the win! However improbable(duh), I really hope there is something to this. Awsome-factor will be through the roof. Kind of like Hawking on the Higgs when he said something along the lines of; But the universe would be so much more interresting if you hadnt found it. Common, give us an interresting universe, please :).

Comment: Re:Well at least they saved the children! (Score 1) 790

But this is an automated tool right? Scanning and enterpreting images (AI, neural nets, classification etc) for better advertising options.. It just so happens that ONE bucket is childporn. You could guesstimate that any result that lands in childporn-bucket with 95%+ is automaticlly getting reported to the police for manual inspection. IMO the real problem is the AI, how good is it and how many false positives occur? - and thus someone will be snooping about your private stuff unwarranted.

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by (#46736783) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?
Meh, a coder since age 10 - and currently involved with the national guard. I believe I would be plentiful-useful .. Not so much cause I know basic medical skills and can fire a rifle, more so due to the analytical skills i've been honing for the last thirty years in front of a computer.. I'd macgyver the shit out of that zombiecalypse in notime.

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How would you measure 50%? When does the game end? If my opponent strictly goes by 50 25 25 then Yes, I'd be happy yo play for an infinite amount of money, however given the play I am going to be playing, my opponent may opt/adapt for 50 0 50 instead and we are stalemate again .. So the game is rigged, conditions flawed, how would you measure those 50%?

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I keep up with current stuff, latest and greatest for my job area, Spring, Hibernate, different web stacks, .net4/.5 etc (consultant, cant sell myself if i dont).. But it is not like I see the all good and true in these techniques .. What I see is the industry "trying" to convert programmers into frameworkers, and i suppose thats in the interrest of some big corps, but I dont see them improve on productivity at all. It is just shifting the complexity to another area. Most often an area of more "locked in". In regards to webapps, in context of java, what has truely been a game changer since servlets and stored procs? A lot of buzz and hype and no real benefit to the contractor. (yea, I know, I am old like that).

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+1, candidates are graduating and have ever only touched a highlelvel language like Java. Code? Data? Whats the difference, right? If you dont know how these constructs are being handled at the machine level you're bound to put out ignorant stuff .. But who can blaim them, they're thinking in classes, interfaces and best-practice paradigms like visitor patterns, delegates or other high level abstraction techniques.. But who cares, moores law is here to save us all right? Just buy more iron.

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