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Meh, a coder since age 10 - and currently involved with the national guard. I believe I would be plentiful-useful .. Not so much cause I know basic medical skills and can fire a rifle, more so due to the analytical skills i've been honing for the last thirty years in front of a computer.. I'd macgyver the shit out of that zombiecalypse in notime.

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How would you measure 50%? When does the game end? If my opponent strictly goes by 50 25 25 then Yes, I'd be happy yo play for an infinite amount of money, however given the play I am going to be playing, my opponent may opt/adapt for 50 0 50 instead and we are stalemate again .. So the game is rigged, conditions flawed, how would you measure those 50%?

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I keep up with current stuff, latest and greatest for my job area, Spring, Hibernate, different web stacks, .net4/.5 etc (consultant, cant sell myself if i dont).. But it is not like I see the all good and true in these techniques .. What I see is the industry "trying" to convert programmers into frameworkers, and i suppose thats in the interrest of some big corps, but I dont see them improve on productivity at all. It is just shifting the complexity to another area. Most often an area of more "locked in". In regards to webapps, in context of java, what has truely been a game changer since servlets and stored procs? A lot of buzz and hype and no real benefit to the contractor. (yea, I know, I am old like that).

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+1, candidates are graduating and have ever only touched a highlelvel language like Java. Code? Data? Whats the difference, right? If you dont know how these constructs are being handled at the machine level you're bound to put out ignorant stuff .. But who can blaim them, they're thinking in classes, interfaces and best-practice paradigms like visitor patterns, delegates or other high level abstraction techniques.. But who cares, moores law is here to save us all right? Just buy more iron.

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What precisely are those long-standing problems?

I ask because I actually know people who are starting to demonstrate the rudiments of intelligence using simulations of ~100,000 neurons.

Per upthread, that's a long way from a brain, and in fact we don't even know how all of the brain is wired, let alone how it works. But you might want to consider this and this and this.

If they're attempting the impossible, you should let them know not to waste their money.

autistic intelligence have been done for years with neural nets, the limitation is abstracting this basic equation estimation technique (which is all the neural construct really do.) and I guess the article describes a need way to overcome some obstacles.

IMHO the biggest challenge is really training data, you dont have enough of it, take a project like OpenCog, they've done simulations in secondlife, and this is problary the best route available for the moment. The best route would be to stuff the AI in an actual body, cause there is more training data in the real world than anywhere else.

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I had a conversation with a high ranking officer a few years back who boldy calimed that their systems was 100% secure, nothing i could do.. When i explained my attack vector would be to phone in and pretend to be from support and ask him to stick in the usb-dongle (wich he had in his mail) and plug it into the secure line .. well he (or she) pretty much had a revelation ... omg is it that simple. no it is not. and yes it is. It is that simple to someone as hardcore to the art of data theft as you are to the art of war.

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I've been on that quest for years, ever since vmware introduced experimental d3d support even though only windows->windows. But surely this is the holy grail of virtualization, effectively making windows an game-wrapper and nothing else. It will add some load time and eat up some megs but surely that HAS to be worth it!

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I really like virtualbox, been using it since version 1.5.something. But with version 2.1 they've introduced a USB bug that bluescreens my vista64 host. And that just sucks. I have a dongle(!) wich some vpn software uses through a virtual XP(only way i can connect to work), and while its somewhat working for about 3 minutes, everything will begin grinding to a halt and then closely followed by a vista bsod .. and thats just a sad sad sight.
Operating Systems

Japanese Auto Makers Teaming Up To Create Standard OS 266

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
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CNet is reporting that Japanese car manufacturers are teaming up to develop a standard automotive operating system. "Just as computer operating systems [...] allow multiple applications to communicate with one another, an automotive operating system enables different driving systems to work together. The standard automotive operating system from Japan will include everything from fuel injection, brakes and power steering to power windows. Currently, certain mechanical car parts are interchangeable from model to model. Smart car parts that operate off a common software standard would enable that kind of convenience to continue, while allowing them to communicate more easily with other smart components in a car."

Run Mac OS X Apps On Linux? 497

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I have the urge to commit my 24" Core 2 Duo iMac to a single Linux operating system, thus giving up the goodness of my beloved Mac OS X. I am not a stranger to Linux, but I am a stranger to running Mac apps on Linux. On my PowerPC I can use SheepShaver to run Classic apps. The Mac-on-Linux project can run OS X apps, but it requires a PowerPC, not an x86. Virtualizing and emulating are inefficient, especially given the wonderful results the WINE project has had in getting Windows apps to run on Linux. What I would like is an equivalent: a software compatibility layer that will allow Linux to run Mac OS X apps at native performance. I believe there is some additional complexity in accomplishing this. Mac OS X apps aren't just Mac OS X apps. They are Carbon. They are Cocoa. They are universal binaries. They are PPC code with Altivec. Does such a project exist yet? If not, why not?

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