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Comment studies says school shooters played lots of games (Score 1) 223

A shooter investigation called the Spiral Notebook said James Holmes and Eric Harris played lots of violent video games.

But this doesnt imply the reverse. Say half the 20 million males between age are frequent gamers. That would mean only 1 in 100,000 become shooters. In fact gamers could be blamed for every ill in society because it is such a common hobby.

Comment the speed of a Craiglist/Hacker Nees forum (Score 1) 1829

Craiglist forums are fast enough to be real time discussions, like the dialup bulletin boards of old. Slashdot is a place where you type something and come back hours later to see if there are any responses. Or wait for an automated email message. Craigslist probably does this by being primitive 1990s html with almost no formatting and zero re-edit ability. Slashdot is unnecessarily ornate with filtering, accordion displays and so on.

Comment new physics? (Score 5, Interesting) 187

Clock speeds are sensitive to the structure of the gravitational field. Maybe other aspects of the Universe.

GPS times have all sort of noise. Some geophysicists use this "noise" to figure things like the atmospheric temperature and density. The GPS signal wavefront bend slightly then. You can tomographically invert for spatial location of the travel time anomalies to locate temperature and density changes. There are papers on this every year at the American Geophysical Union meeting.

Microsecond size anonalies are huge and may have more mudane causes like software.

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