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Comment: severe plutonium shortage (Score 2) 419 419

by peter303 (#49915713) Attached to: Philae's Lost Seven Months Were Completely Unnecessary
NASA has only enough for about 3-4 more missions before it runs out.
The US doesnt manufacture the kind they need. They got some from dismantling Russian warheads, but no longer. The upcompiong Juno-Jupiter mission was converted to solar power, about the distance limit they can do with solar cells.

Comment: remember Udacity "rescuing" San Jose State? (Score 1) 179 179

Tech MOOCs was supposed to be a cost-efficient way of remedial education for the half of freshmen who needed it. But it not work. MOOCs are generally for self-disciplined and motivated students, the opposite ot those who never reached 8th grade proficiency levels and need remedial work. Sometimes more tech is not the answer.

Comment: article skipped the elepahnat: C# (Score 1) 260 260

by peter303 (#49866985) Attached to: Why Apple and Google Made Their Own Programming Languages
MicroSoft liked a Java-like languge, but found it too slow or rebuffed in suggesting changes to Sun. So htye basically made a hJava-like language themselves. For most of its history its only run in the MicroSoft ecosystem, although there are feeble attempts to make it multiplatform.

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