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Comment: ironical: old caliphate had decent science (Score 1) 949

by peter303 (#47929399) Attached to: ISIS Bans Math and Social Studies For Children
They invented modern place-numerals, developed (and named) a lot of algebra, supplied names for many of the visible stars. They copied the old Greek philosophers writings and argued how their ideas fit in with The Revelation. I dont recall big conflicts between science and religion then.

Comment: A liberal education includes computing (Score 2) 140

by peter303 (#47893227) Attached to: Harvard's CompSci Intro Course Boasts Record-Breaking Enrollment
I dont think it the reason is purely vocational (jobs). Young people know computers run the world and contribute to the human intellectual enterprise. Larry Summers tried to strengthen the S&E requirement for a Harvard degree (he was in my MIT class) and the faculty rebuffed him. MITs required six S&E courses for a degree makes them more liberal (broadly educated) in my opinion than Harvard.

P.S. Computing is NOT one of the six MIT S&E requirements yet. But it comes up everytime the requirments are reviewed.

Comment: runaway globale warming? (Score 1) 273

by peter303 (#47756673) Attached to: Numerous Methane Leaks Found On Atlantic Sea Floor
Methane is the thrid most important greenhouse gas after water and carbon dioxide, currently contributing about 10% of the effect. There are tremendous amounts of methane frozen in permafrost and continental shelf hydrates. The fear is ocean warming cold melt more hyrdrates, release more methane and make it still warmer.

Comment: old software is a millstone around your neck (Score 1) 548

As long as your company sells it, it will come back to haunt you 10, 20 years later. When you are bored as hell with it. Or forgotten everything about it. Hardware changes, OS'es change, and old shit breaks sometimes.

Perhaps the main remedy is to change compnaies somtimes. Then somoen else fixes your old stuff. Or you fix someone elses old stuff.

Comment: coding is only a fraction of business (Score 1) 548

Its not like kollege where yu write a program, make it work, and then are finished.
In a business a lot of other thing go on:
check into codebase
fixing bugs
tracking bugs in a databse
selling the idea
selling the software
supporting the customer
managing all the people that do this
learning new technology
teaching the new people
maintaining the computers to some degree

All this stuff occurs whether you are a single consultant, part of a small startup company, or part of a mega-software company.
In a small software company you probably have the mode overall hours devoted to coding.
A single-consultant is probably spending lots of time on non-coding aspects above.
A large company has specialists handling things like selling and testing. The fraction of everybodies hours devoted to coding may be rather small, less than 20%.

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