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Comment Re:Expensive? NOT (Score 1) 181 181

I think the GP was proposing doing some freelancing during that time, or that the video games might be more valuable to you (but more difficult to quantify the value of, so just extrapolate your regular hourly rate as a proxy).

It seems counterproductive to argue about whether or how much getter each of the myriad of things you could be doing instead of wearing yourself out trying to maintain full alertness for every second you're on the road is. Any of those things would be better than having to be in control for commute driving.

Comment Re:questions answered below (Score 2) 277 277

What's the deal with that? How can they justify converting a paid app into an ad-supported one?

Surely there will have been some legal cases by now for the times that has happened. I mean, I personally just delete the app and never* buy from that publisher again, but surely some class action lawyers have been able to get a lot of money for themselves and a small coupon for the many many victims of this practice over the years.

Comment Re:The states... (Score 1) 421 421

Little tiny one ounce packets would be ridiculously easy to smuggle in.

And would contain about .6 oz of alcohol. It's not magic pixie dust that converts water into alcohol. Stop imagining kool-aid and thinking tiny amount of this stuff is going to turn a liter of water into a liter of booze.

Comment Re: What Would be a Trivial Amount? (Score 1) 198 198

I'm not sure who you're buying from if you're burning out a refrigerator in less than 5 years, but if you're buying any of the major brands, you shouldn't really be seeing functional issues five years. Are you running it off of an inverter?

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