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Comment Re:Apple (Score 1) 251

And this won't just affect New York and California. Smartphone manufacturers won't produce separate systems for states that require encryption backdoors and those that don't.

I agree that they probably won't produce separate hardware, or even separate operating systems, but I'd say the jury is still out on whether they'd produce parameterized software with a "pretend encryption" / "real encryption" flag set depending on what state the device is intended to be sold in.

Comment Re:Public Cam Footage? (Score 1) 186

...but they're limited to 1-for-1 time reviewing video...

Why should this be the case? youtube lets you view most videos at pitch-corrected stepped-up speed, with the right hardware you wouldn't even need to drop any frames, and the vast majority of the video will be boring stuff that shouldn't require a ton of attention. If face- and speech- detection get good enough perhaps many of the boring bits could be skipped over automatically.

Comment Re:From the wisdom of Sherlock Holmes... (Score 1) 412

You and Doyle make the same mistake. Assuming that one can enumerate a list of all explanations and then go about crossing off the wrong ones one by one, and further, that even assuming we can enumerate all of the explanations, possible and impossible, the subset of possible explanations numbers exactly one.

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