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Comment: Re:Uber-silly (Score 1) 218

by ichigo 2.0 (#33627920) Attached to: Helicopter Crashes While Filming Autonomous Audi
1 is solved by these autonomous cars (the old lady would not be allowed to drive), 2 sounds like a failure at parking by the minivan driver which would also be solved by an automated car parking in a better spot, 3&4 are perfect examples of why humans should not be driving as their poor eyesight and tendency toward paranoia creates imaginary problems.

Comment: Re:The GPU will go the way of the coprocessor (Score 1) 213

by ichigo 2.0 (#31334130) Attached to: AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA Over the Next 10 Years

2. Consoles use GPUs and CPUs the same as PCs do. There is a longer update cycle in place, but whenever each cycle ticks they adopt all the new technology that has been developed during the lifetime of a console. As such, it makes sense for the console makers to encourage such development.

They even adopt new technology inside a cycle, though it's often used to improve power efficiency and lower cost.

Comment: Re:Before that, forward facing camera (Score 1) 146

Hmm, I have a cheap Nokia 3120 classic and it has a forward facing VGA camera for video conversations (in addition to the higher resolution camera on the back). I thought such features were standard nowadays as this phone belongs in the cheapo category.

Comment: Re:and why not ? (Score 1) 477

by ichigo 2.0 (#30635142) Attached to: China Moving To Restrict Neodymium Supply

And we (Canada) are wasting our economy with such a high proportion of our exports being raw materials (I think it's something like 90%), instead of refining/processing them within our borders before export,

If doing so was competitive, then people would be doing it. One would assume it isn't competitive due to regulation/high costs. Therefore the most profitable (optimal) solution actually is to sell things as raw materials as the refined product could not be sold at a competitive (the correct) price.

thus creating jobs (and higher-level ones to boot).

Jobs either exist or don't, they cannot be "created". In the current regulatory (Canadian regulation, undervalued Chinese currency) and price (demand for refined product, cost of labor) environment the jobs don't exist.

Comment: do you figure? (Score 1) 278

by ichigo 2.0 (#30491458) Attached to: Firefox Mobile Threatens Mobile App Stores, Says Mozilla

And even if so, it doesn't account for the phones that don't have one or more of them.

This problem has always existed and isn't relevant. Either a software requires a piece of hardware or it doesn't, usually a user wouldn't even need a software that requires a certain kind of hardware unless they have the hardware in question.

Comment: Re:Not a new idea (Score 1) 315

by ichigo 2.0 (#30491166) Attached to: $300 Sci-Fi YouTube Video Lands $30m Movie Deal
Well the post that started this thread was pointing out that this is proof of Hollywood running out of ideas, which certainly isn't helped by the fact that this $300 movie is standard Hollywood fare. Who knows, maybe the dude will make an awesome movie with a great plot, but that is not what he got hired for (if this short movie really was the reason he got the deal).

Comment: Re:They're making the game far too easy (Score 1) 342

by ichigo 2.0 (#30399350) Attached to: New <em>WoW</em> Patch Brings Cross-Server Instances
Some of them are far too large (e.g. WC, Maraudon) and take a long time even with a max level character due to the distances involved (not to mention getting lost!). Better design of their layout would help. On the other hand SFK is very nice and I look forward to its HC version.

Comment: Re:They're making the game far too easy (Score 1) 342

by ichigo 2.0 (#30379036) Attached to: New <em>WoW</em> Patch Brings Cross-Server Instances
Like the other poster mentioned the badge system has been expanded upon since 3.2, you now get emblems in 5mans that can be used to buy items of the previous tier which means that you can pretty much start raiding the newest raid after gearing up in 5mans. Also, you don't need BIS to be able to raid, a player who knows his rotations and doesn't stand in fires will easily outdps someone who just runs around in epics with no knowledge of their class.

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