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Comment: I Suspect (Score 1) 574

by AgentSmith (#48311845) Attached to: The Great IT Hiring He-Said / She-Said

Companies pay what the market will bear. Unfortunately, it's been a race to the bottom when you add in the H1-Bs. If everyone in IT walked off the job there would be some serious salary and wage adjustments. And that's the other problem. Good IT people are individuals, and don't really play well to a group idea unless that's the nature of the job.

Comment: Re:So then no public funded internet? (Score 2) 148

by AgentSmith (#47468965) Attached to: US House Passes Permanent Ban On Internet Access Taxes

Then universities will have to find a way to communicate information between them. They will allow students to communicate along this network and setup locations to have conversations. Soon the public in the surrounding areas will have access to this inter and intra connection. Languages will be formed to allow simpler communication and distribution. Soon it will be used by businesses and completes monetized. Then universities will have to find a way to . . .

Comment: Look to Otakon (Score 1) 35

Anime conventions have been doing gatherings for a while successfully.

  I only point to Otakon, since it's the anime con whose practices I'm most familiar . This con started with a few guys putting some seed money together and frankly losing money, because of insurance and liability costs that sometimes need to be acquired for larger venues. Then they went non-profit and things were greatly improved. Also the philosophy was very similar to most other conventions as how to run it.

- Elect your corporate officers and convention president every year. It keeps things from going too stale and political

- Have a group goal and keep to it. Otakon's at least was and should still be a 'By fans for fans' convention while showcasing East Asian culture to the public.

- Improve every year. Regardless of how good or bad you did the mantra should be 'We can do better.'

Those are just the highlights, but years when I thought Otakon would go down it has kept going and growing.

Comment: Re:Like War (Score 1) 483

by AgentSmith (#39428013) Attached to: All Video Games Cause Aggressive Behavior, Say Two US Congressmen

This is exactly the case. This is something Congress can do that might possibly redeem their abysmal approval rating in the public. For the vast majority out there which no nothing about video games, this is a win.

  We know it's a loss and a colossal one. How do we convince people about it? This is no more than the rating system with movies. Back in the day when a movie was rated R kids didn't see it for many reasons:

1) Movies theaters and movie ushers didn't sell tickets to underage kids
2) There was a stigma to even going IN to see an R rated film
3) Parents could make the individual decision when it came out on cable, TV, VHS, Beta, RCA Video Disc etc.

This is the same thing. Parents, if you see a game rating above your child's age - don't buy it! or if you really feel that little Johnny can handle Nun Slashers Effect 3 for the Sony EyeStation then go ahead, but don't blame the video game industry when your son gets busted for assault and ends up living with you until he's 45!

Personally, I'm going to contact my representatives and also call and warn my Congressmen that this bill is a bad idea for these specific reasons. It only takes usually 25 calls per office to make a particular view on an issue stand out. If even part of Slashdot's collective might calls or writes in then this bill can be removed and we can move on with more important issues. Remember to also calmly include that you are a voting constituent and if you are of their party then mention that too.


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