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Comment Re:Encouraging quality (Score 1) 250 250

I got hooked on a fantasy series by somebody I'd never heard of because they made the first book available for $0. "Meh, for free, I'll give it a whirl!" After that I paid full price for the other 5 books.

Just like the street corner drug dealer... Not Even Once!

Comment Re:Higher capacity for smaller roofs (Score 1) 262 262

You have indeed discovered the unvarnished truth, solar is not viable in terms of cost and this is unlikely to change anytime soon.

Not true at all. The subsidies and tax write-offs and other benefits continue to pile up. Someone who is paying full retail for his panels is just someone who is too lazy to file the appropriate paperwork.

Yes... because /no one/ pays for subsidies and tax write-offs. They're totally, magically, free!

Comment Re:Where's the led notification? (Score 4, Interesting) 773 773

It's horribly problematic to alarm every minute when I want the alarm sound off! Meetings, presentations, movie theaters. I even silence it even at work in my cube. I love my droid multi-color and flash rate notification LED. Different colors for different types of notifications and a different flash rate for "important" people's SMS.

Like punning, programming is a play on words.