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Comment Re:10mm (Score 1) 32

So, you seem to be saying "millennial", except with a lot less words. Are you a 49ers fan? Colin Kaepernick might want to use your argument, he's a jackass too. Not as bad as Carlos Danger or Hillary Clinton , but worse than Chris Brown. yeah Colin should fuck off and so should you.
Colin McColonmouth

When did Skip Bayless get on Slashdot?

Comment Re:Stop with the hysteria (Score 1) 186

would you propose the same solutions to preventing suicides as homicides/violent crimes?

Yes. Better mental health care and sensible restrictions on guns.

Not having ready access to a gun might have given some of those suicides a chance to reconsider. A Harvard study says 9 out 10 people who survive a suicide attempt do not go on to die by suicide. But it's pretty hard to survive a pistol shot through the roof of the mouth, you know?. The vast majority of people who attempt suicide by means other than handgun are not successful. The success rate for the gun users is well over 90%.

Regarding homicides and violent crime, you are much more likely to be shot to death in a violent crime than beaten, stabbed, strangled, impaled, poisoned, hatcheted, smothered or thrown out of a window combined. The National Institute of Justice says that nearly 70% of homicides are committed with firearms.

Comment The hits keep a coming (Score 1) 32

Fail blood tests, or rather, no verified blood tests using the new, totally fantastic, awesomely amazing process, labs which don't meet standards, labs which don't even use the new, totally fantastic, awesomely amazing process, and now, in a blatant attempt to shift attention from all their other failures, Theranos and their fraud owner fail the Zika test.

I'd say put a fork in it because it's done, but I'm sure this train wreck of a company and financial disaster will valiantly cling to every scrap of life it can before the prosecutions begin.

Comment Re:Still higher than a Soyuz launch (Score 1) 110

You know, you really need new propaganda. You've been using that "pencil whip" phrase for a year, and it's just as stupidly irrelevant now as when you first started. There was no "space rating" and we know it. He got approved because he launched a fucking rocket from Kwajalein Atoll that put a dummy payload in orbit. (After blowing up the first two attempts.) That's a helluva lot less "pencil whipping" than SLS is enjoying, which has nothing that flies, yet is still absorbing billions in funding.

Comment Re:Lol (Score 1) 181

I'm there more often than I'd like. There are NO LOW INCOME SF residents. There are those who could afford it when apartments where only $2k/month but now can't at $3k. They are not low income and never were. Like I say trust fund assholes who's trust is no longer big enough.

The only low income people in SF are street people and people that ride BART in.

Comment Re:Perpetual motion machine of the first type (Score 1) 380

A working EM drive has a massive power draw. It's only a source of energy while you feed power into it. In order to make a perpetual motion machine, you'd have to arrange it so that you were generating more power than you're putting in. Given the efficiency of this drive, that seems quite the far-fetched assumption.

Comment Re:Drones might have weapons. (Score 1) 635

Fair enough.

My car is modified to breath better, louder is just a side effect. ;-)

I run mufflers on my glow engine planes and fly at a designated field.

We're not going to speak of the pulse jet though. Even I will acknowledge that's as inappropriate as a GWAR concert at Liberty university. If you lived close, I'd arrange a 5AM low pass for you...kidding.

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