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Comment Statute of limitations expired. (Score 1) 28

I've personally made a few bucks scraping the entire use database of a bar, online golf game that ran tournies. For their competitors.

Just don't advertise what your doing and nobody cares.

I never had an account, never agreed to TOS. Zero security, enter acct name, data came up. Just hammered the site, brute force.

Comment Re:Well it's easy to show superhuman AI is a myth. (Score 1) 248

If my neighbor asked to borrow my car, I'd take it as a sign he was crazy. I've seen how he drives ('like old people fuck, slow and sloppy' Carlin). I know he knows I've got enough ponies bolted to my car to make it bite. I don't think he even drives stick.

If he asked to borrow me and my truck, I'd likely help, but he isn't driving anything.

The only thing about the neighbor that would be weird is the lie. I'd expect him to tell me 'no' or 'hell no'. Unless his car was a complete POS, then, maybe. Could be limping, until he could afford to fix it. Then 'broken' would be technically true.

Nobody likes being lied to. Lie to a German, about something you both know, watch what happens.

Comment Re:The problem (Score 1) 137

Quads can't, no variable pitch blades.

And you don't see the solution to that?

It's really simple. Regulators mandate safety standards so that - in real world conditions - you don't have cars constantly falling out of the sky due to failures or running into buildings. Engineers determine the designs to meet those standards. If they can't, they don't get to sell it.

Comment Re:The problem (Score 1) 137

OP didn't quite phrase it right. Broken cars slow down to a stop. Broken aircraft speed up until they hit the ground.

Falls start to become fatal from about 50 feet, and are nearly always fatal from above 100 feet. So for flying cars to be reasonably safe, you'd have to limit them to about 50 ft altitude. Factor in uneven terrain, and that altitude ceiling means there's very little advantage to flying cars vs ground-based cars.

It's also worth pointing out that Musk's Boring idea is the same thing as flying cars, except the cars are below the ground instead of above the ground. Both increase the number of cars which can pass any 2-dimensional point by changing the altitude - up for flying cars, down for Boring. With Boring having the notable advantage of car occupants not dropping to their deaths if their engine conks out.

Comment Re:Double Ha (Score 1) 43

What do you want them to do?

Even paving it over isn't guaranteed to work, shit infects your bios and comes back. Free tech support with a consumer ISP contract?

This is exactly what an ISP should do. They can't protect you from yourself, but they can protect the larger net from zombies. Of course the bot herders will just adapt, might stop some kiddies.

Comment Re: Children and bathwaters (Score 2) 120

IQ tests are problematic, and are at best general indicators. And seeing as socio-economic conditions can and do influence IQ scores (see the Flynn Effect), trying to use IQ averages in populations to justify claims "whites are smarter thank blacks" makes IQ tests even more problematic.

Probably the best way to up general IQ scores in a population is to assure children get proper nutrition in infancy and childhood. So the real observation here is that IQ scores are probably measuring other phenomenon other than intelligence, making claims that some ethnic or racial groups are smarter than others pretty iffy at best.

Whatever the factuality of the Bell Curve, the Flynn Effect seems to counter it. Intelligence certainly has a genetic component, but it's probable that you won't really determine just how genetics influences intelligence so long as you have large segments of any given population who lack both academic avenues and basic requirements for academic and cognitive performance like decent food.

But hey, I get it, it's the age of the alt-right, where saying "Blacks are dumber than whites" is now apparently some sort of unassailable dogma, and where a previous generation's debunked or at least heavily questioned claims are brought back and again asserted to be absolute truth.

Comment Re:I agree, but not for the same reasons as Musk (Score 1) 137

how do you rescue passengers from a stranded pod in an evacuated underground tube?

TBC is not dependent on hyperloop. You can fill the tunnel however you want. You could just put normal roads in there, or normal rail, or light rail, or a PRT monorail (monorail? monorail!) or a moving walkway or a canal or... use your imagination. (Personally, I'd imagine away the wheels, and use rail of some sort, whether single or dual. But I imagine the idea is to have dual-mode vehicles that can actually use the network without the sled.)

Comment Re:The problem (Score 1) 137

I'd much rather be in a helicopter that's lost its engine than an airplane.

Sadly, multicopters (where multi > bi) don't autorotate, and the "flying cars" which are about to hit the market are all multicopters.

I'd rather just be on the ground, so I don't have to worry about whether I will fall out of the sky, unless I'm going someplace across an ocean. Moving quickly on the water is quite inefficient, so far.

Comment Re:The problem (Score 1) 137

happened to me in my first car that was 17 years old, I used the parking brake to stop, some of that redundant system magic.

According to slashdot logic, that's unpossible as it would definitely have caused your car to spin out or some other such BS, because "the parking brake is not an emergency brake"

Which is a load of hot cockery, but what can you do? Congrats on not dying.

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