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Comment 13 times less? (Score 1) 128

What are we supposed to infer from this?

engineers in India's tech hub cost 13 times less than their Silicon Valley counterparts

So, the engineers in Silicon Valley cost less than somewhere else, but the ones in India are thirteen times MORE less expensive than the ones in SV? Or are we supposed to gather that the SV engineers cost something that we should all consider a good baseline, but that the Indian engineers cost roughly 8% of that amount?

Lazy writers, being lazy.

Comment Re:Just needs a little nudge. (Score 1) 117

It's an interesting idea, but it would be costly. I suspect at the end of the day it would probably be cheaper to build a Lunar satellite that retrofit ISS. Basically you would need to add a lot more shielding, and I have my suspicions that would be difficult to accomplish.

Honestly, while it doubtless costs and will continue to cost a lot to maintain, maintaining it is still cheaper than (eventually) building a new orbiter. Obviously there are finite limits to how long anything habitable can remain in space without significant overhaul, but as the article says, 2024 is a policy limit, not an engineering one.

As to a lunar orbiter, I think it's a damned fine idea. Figure out how to build it in modules, and have robots or remote control piece it together. If you could get that kind of technology down pat, you could basically build orbiters for Mars or beyond, send them ahead of any manned mission, and thus you could significantly decrease the amount of supplies needed for the actual manned mission itself.

Comment Re: APFS is modern? (Score 1) 85

Oh, zfs! I remember it corrupting all my file systems while I was a university student. Maybe it was the Linux implementation, I don't know, but I'm never touching that fs again. Also my NAS corrupted its file system more recently and guess which fs it was?

I have been running ZFS for ~5 years now across ~40 servers. Never failed once.

I even had one particular server with 8 drives in a RAIDZ2 lose a drive while two others started failing. I replaced them all successfully. Less than 12 hours later two additional drives failed and a third started acting flakey. I replaced them all successfully. No data loss. I'll trust AUFS when I see it handle weird hardware BS like that.

Comment Re:This is actually dangerous (Score 1) 221

At the present rate, we will all be paying $50/month for all these streaming services just to get the content we need.

Which is still 4 times less than what the cable companies want, while providing more than the cable companies.

We can't have the entire enchilada all at once, but Netflix and Amazon prime are a HUGE step in the right direction (with Netflix being superior, as it doesn't offer just a few episodes of a show before hitting you up to buy subsequent one). Not to mention, I signed up for Amazon Prime to save on shipping. Finding out I could stream shows was an unexpected bonus.

I find myself unable to identify with much of anything you said in your posting (except for ala carte choices). My main objections to cable TV were the HUGE cost and massive commercial intrusions. Netflix solves both of those problems, while also providing commercial-free ala carte viewing that Hollywood refuses to provide.

To put it bluntly, fuck Hollywood. That troll needed to die years ago, and I hope Netflix is the one to push it into the sunlight.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 221

I actually favor the British model of very short "series", rather than 22-24 episodes per season. Let's be honest, when you have to write that many 48 minute episodes you're going to run dry in the idea department very quickly. The genius of something like Fawlty Towers is that you only have to write six scripts for a series, meaning you're not stretching for ideas. Imagine having to write 20-odd Fawlty Towers scripts, and assuming it's a hit and is renewed, that you have to do that for possibly five or six or more seasons.

Even the best shows will tend to run out of steam before they reach 100 hundred episodes. There's just no real way to keep any story going that long. You'll lose writers, even show-runners, and even where you can keep stable production and writing teams, and assuming you don't lose actors (or, as with The Walking Dead, you just wantonly kill them off in place of actually having to write anything good, preferring shock to substance), it gets damned hard.

I think Breaking Bad had it just about right, with an average of 13 episodes per season (though the last one had sixteen as I recall), and still managed to keep quality pretty high. If they had had to push that up over 20, they would have written budget and writing limits, much as happened with The Walking Dead. I see no reason however why you can't tell a story in a more British-style short series. Broadchurch did it in 8 episodes per series. You get to have a story arc without the filler episodes, which I felt often detracted from series like the X Files and Deep Space Nine.

Comment Re:So, the gist of it is... (Score 1) 233

If it's 'a job' and they cross the line to riot, than their employer has potential liability. They had better have watched their words _very_ carefully.

Conspiracy laws are a bitch. Soros could have been careful, or he could have been overconfident that his side would continue to own the justice department.

Comment Re:So, the gist of it is... (Score 1) 233

We shall see. The rioters phones are now being examined.

Who can afford to travel the nation just to 'protest'? If they were being supported, and they rioted someone not used to jail is in line for big trouble.

People on political payrolls (Hillary's) have already been filmed at multiple 'protests' in multiple cities, appearing to coordinate the violent ones.

Comment Re: no thanks (Score 1) 339

Citation provided.

Sorry the bias is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you think, because,contrary to what every rightwinger believe -corporate media is biased towards the corporate friendly party. The mainstream media is all rightwing biased. Fox's difference is that they are pro-CRAZY biased the others are not, they are just conservative biased. Old style conservative, like Reagan/Eisenhower conservative... whose policies of course would be labelled "extreme leftwing socialism" by the likes of you today.

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