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Comment Re:In other words (Score 1) 109

My worst pain ever was [very badly] dislocated shoulder joint....after 3 hours when it was finally put back and I could think straight again I asked the doctor what was that magical substance they put in my blood prior to adjusting the joint which removed all the pain within seconds after the administration, he said it was morphine. Surprised I asked "Isn't morphine reserved for really terrible pain?" - I was thinking Hollywood movies where people getting shot at get a shot of morphine:) and also cancer patients.

He said "You have just experienced for 3 hours one of the top 3 most painful conditions in "every day" medicine [thus excluding accidents/wars etc. where bits and pieces of you are being shot at/cut off/smashed/ruptured/squashed] "..."What are the other two?".. ."Pissing a kidney stone and giving birth".

I hope I'll never have to experience the stones for the purpose of comparison! Giving birth is fortunately excluded due to gender...phew!

Comment Re:Share your most memorable scenes or episodes (Score 1) 204

"Elementary, my dear Data" from TNG branded itself in my memory...at that time I was not very well versed in philosophy and science; somehow it moved me very much. The exchange at the end between Picard and Moriarty was ground shaking. The actor playing Moriarty was superb! I think, therefore I am - the one criterion that really matters....wow!

Comment The gist of it (Score 0) 634

Somehow humanity always gets either the people described in the second paragraph or the third....somehow we always miss the Vetinaris of the world.
The discussion is as old as civilization.

"Technically, the city of Ankh-Morpork is a Tyranny, which is not always the same thing as a monarchy, and in fact even the post of Tyrant has been somewhat redefined by the incumbent, Lord Vetinari, as the only form of democracy that works. Everyone is entitled to vote, unless disqualified by reason of age or not being Lord Vetinari.

And yet it does work. This has annoyed a number of people who feel, somehow, that it should not, and who want a monarch instead, thus replacing a man who has achieved his position by cunning, a deep understanding of the realities of the human psyche, breathtaking diplomacy, a certain prowess with the stiletto dagger, and, all agree, a mind like a perfectly balanced circular saw, with a man who has got there by being born

A third proposition, that the city be governed by a choice of respectable members of the community who would promise not to give themselves airs or betray the public trust at every turn, was instantly the subject of music-hall jokes all over the city."

Sir Terry Pratchett, "Unseen academicals"

Comment My fears (Score 1, Troll) 1592

Scattered [useless?] thoughts but I need to get it out from my chest:

My deepest fear is that this will be used as an excuse for another eternal "economic crisis". Because you make more money when shit happens....

Regarding the brexit - I supported both sides. Honestly! On one hand I am [very] disappointed by the EU, on the other I think it will go worse for all of us now...but will it go worse because of some real issues or because the financial sharks will happily create a crisis?

At the very bottom I see this as vote against the whole socio-economic system; however since people do not realize that the very foundations of the system need re-evaluation they shoot down indiscriminately everything they can every time they are asked (EU constitution, anyone?)

The statements ATM from diplomats and politicians [from EU, not Brits] are INSANE! Many have said [e.g. the French diplomatic mission in my country] that this was all Putin's fault (I am not kidding!!)...I mean there is nothing more idiotic and revealing than to keep excusing your greed and incompetence with the big scary bear. The bear is not that big neither it is very scary and in fact the EU has been playing the role of a buffer in the new war between US and Russia. European leaders claim that Europe is making its own destiny yet the surveillance/police states are in full swing, secret trade negotiations, 25% unemployment among young people [what to do? - bail the banks!!], robots taking our jobs [what to do? - RAISE the pension age, increase taxes!!] and the propaganda in the media is insufferable..

Perhaps by bad luck or bad luck reinforced by wrong decisions I suffered by the system in western Europe and I still suffer [got bankrupted by the medi-care system; family screwed by job market]. So in my eyes I cannot stand the system that spills money left, right and center, going to wars nobody wants [except the money makers and their bitches the politicians], endlessly destabilizing the economy while at the same time the regular honest tax payer and decent member of society gets screwed.....again and again....and even VILIFIED [terrible white slavers sexist racist chauvinist pig]....no help from anywhere because I do not belong to any minority [LGTB or whatever] or majority [religion] group....so disappointing!

Comment Re:Time to switch targets... (Score 1) 331

Easy now....what to do with people that cannot eat grain [like me]. Not talking about allergy - no glutamine bread is also no-no for me. However, without grain the efficiency of absorbing nutrients [at least in my case, but I have heard many similar stories] increases dramatically. My meat consumption is one or two [small, but high quality] dishes per week, two dishes per week fish and the rest is diary products and vegetables. It has become a bit of a party trick to tell people how little I eat while working demanding intellectual work, doing amateur level body building and working cardio every day [walking, cycling, running and dancing]...

Take away the meat and diary and I am dead. While at the same time having smaller footprint than a misguided vegan [I also have no kids and no car]. Veganism is dangerous BTW.

Comment Re:It's a private business. (Score 1) 147

You had me until "it is human nature". No, the human nature is not flawed; the system is. Which system? All of them , because fundamentally all systems are based on the same fundament - ownership of all resources, locking them away and giving them only in exchange of "work" or "services".

Time after time we have seen that human nature is highly adaptable and the collective mind [the zeitgeist] is truly a function of the system. We have created a system which is a race to the bottom and then we are surprised when we find ourselves at the bottom. Strange...

In short, Daniel Quinn said it the best: "Those who refuse to participate in the system do not get fed". The whole civilization model in one sentence, everything else is window dressing. Until we reform the vary bases of the system [again to stress that those fundaments have never been changed, challenged or abandoned even when it is obvious that it will all end in tears] there is no hope.

Leave human nature alone, there is nothing wrong with it!

Comment Re:Genocide (Score 1) 607

Isn't the problem even deeper than that? What I see from History is that fundamentally the wealth distribution remains more or less the same regardless of the socio-economic system. Sure, the absolute value grows but one might say this comes at the expense of the future generations since the idea of "progress" is eating as much as possible from the [one and only available, finite] cake while fighting the other kids. First we had chiefs and witch doctors, then we had slavers, then we had feudal lords, then we had nobility [appointed by God!] and now we have political, business, religious and other criminal classes.

Personally I had no doubts that at a certain moment we will start measuring the effect of the socio-economic system on longevity. Major contributors to increased life span as sanitation have done their job. While this was happening the negative effects were buried beneath the [much larger] positive effects. Now the trend will turn. Stress, poverty, plastic unhealthy food, industrial pollution, lies, damn lies and medical insurance systems, the list is endless....we boiled the frog slowly so now we can only register its death.

All of this instead of freeing ourselves from mundane jobs [robotics], ensuring human needs are satisfied for all [imagine the positive effects on our physical and mental health, social cohesion, higher creativity, lower crime, no wars etc.].

I am officially depressed!

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