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Comment Re:Not exactly direct evidence (Score 1) 156

Wasn't there, rather recently, a claim by some scientists that that the calculations for the movement of galaxies are not correct thus we get results that can be explained only if you introduce the concept of dark matter/energy. I have no idea how serious this is...just some vague memory that it was in the news.

Comment Re:More US warmongering (Score 2, Informative) 755

Since the Cold War, Russia has always tested the will and reactions of he U.S., especially when there's a new sheriff in town

Absolutely! I find it "fascinating" that they do that...but you forgot to mention that this is standard procedure exercised by ALL serious military powers. For instance, air space is regularly and deliberately violated by all sides to test readiness and the capabilities of their respective detection systems.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 1) 231

I opened this tread with enthusiasm and what do I see - it's about clothing and white men. Well, I think this is the least of our problems. How about this - my company might be soon a subject of a hostile take over from US corporation. Now, I would very much like if the employees had any say about THAT, you know.....tens of thousands of jobs are at the stake plus enormous losses to the country and society should my company disappear. Not to mention the hit on the environment - the US corp has a dismal record and gives less than shit about it - that is why they have the money, cause we spend extra cash on sustainability..... But it's private business and we are all hostages to the whims and greed of as handful of individuals. Game over, man!

OK, then listen up - I have a fact to tell you about the white men - hopefully it might provoke a bit of that moron thing that we sometimes do - you know it is called thinking [RIP George]. I am studying advanced Dutch ATM and the text book is very recent and modern - talks about all the social issues of the day. Pity I can't post screenshot from the book - statistics from 2014 - percentage of women in high management positions per country. Guess who are the champions [top ten] - the former Soviet countries with Russia NUMBER ONE in the world. China plus Philippines and Indonesia are also in. At the same time US and UK are at the BOTTOM ten on that account with [attention!] the Netherlands being second to last before only Japan.

Now look again and explain to me how those facts fit the narrative of the big bad eastern bear and other fucking communists [China, China, China, China, China]. But are really the former communist state less sexists? You mean the Russians who on other counts [gays] are adamant enemies to the humanistic values - they are less sexists than us - yhea it is true. Reason - communism. One - no strong religion [it's coming back though], two - equality between people also implies equality between genders. My mom did much better career than dad, brought more money home and noone batted an eyelid.

But think again - is the Netherlands a hell hole of sexism? Or Japan for that matter....no they are not [NL certainly isn't]. So perhaps, just perhaps such statistic does not tell the whole story and maybe we should concentrate on things I described in the first paragraph rather than how many white men are at the top.


Comment Re: Paid once already (Score 1) 153

I do just like the parent, only I commute with public transport so no audio books, just the regular ones. Is that fairer in your [ha-ha] book?

My family has about 1000 volumes. I live in another country now...what am I supposed to do - transport all of it? I'd do it if there was no other alternative...but there is.

My most beloved author is Terry Pratchett. I have bought everything he ever wrote in two languages; I regularly purchased and still do merchandise and not just small trinkets [posters, bags, key holders, jewelry] but clothing too - lots of T-shirts and hoodies. Did I download all his books in both languages after e-books came around - yes. Have I inflicted any financial damage to Terry or Paul Kidby - no.

I did "hurt", however, the greedy assholes who say I do not own anything except the right to enjoy a book or song or a movie for life, yet never provided me [for a price recovering the manufacture and transport costs] with the digital copy of the CD [bought] of the tape [bought] of the vinyl [bought] of say "Made in Japan" by Deep Purple.....no, I purchased the full rights 3 times already and still can't get the file. Well, screw them!

Comment Re:Same reason not to... (Score 1) 113

Let's burn some karma...long ago, when I considered medicine as career someone told the following joke:

Court case - gynecologist sued for homicide. The judge asks the accused to explain himself. " Well, your honor, in my line of work [sorry for the french] I see pussies every day, all day long. I go home and it continues - the wife has some pains, the daughter needs spiral adjustment, it never stops! So that night I was going home after particular heavy day and this woman stops me and says - mister, give me five bucks and I'll show you what a pussy is! - I could not resists myself!"

Comment p.s. food! (Score 1) 301

I think at this point every sensible person agrees that one of the most important tasks for today's parents is to teach good food habits in their kids. It is proven to work. And junk food for kids is significant portion [ha-ha] of advertising. Even if this is the only help to the parents from non-ad childhood it is still worth it, big time!

Comment Re:Good or not? (Score 1) 301

People who grew in the 70's and 80's behind the wall participated in this experiment. No commercialism and then suddenly the wildest and most unregulated [for a time] one. My observation - it was good in the long run. I am rather immune to ads and companies installing desires and insecurities in me and see the same in virtually everyone from my generation. The kids who grew up during the wildest changes however are damaged forever - I was horrified to see it real time. Now they determine the zeitgeist...it is a mess!

Overall I applaud the news!

Comment Re:non-issue then (Score 2) 421

Most ladies do not want to actually kill themselves; it is a cry for help - not because they choose a method that is less reliable. That is not my opinion, although I have seen it first hand (and hope never to see it again) - it is the opinion of all the research I was forced to read and comprehend.

Interestingly enough in the last couple of decades certain societies closed the gap between the male/female " successful" suicides. You know where that is - in Scandinavia, the most emancipated society on Earth. Bottom line - once society starts treating women as men, the women kill themselves. So much for the privileged male...

I strongly recommend the book "Is there anything good about men" - https://gendertruce.files.word...

Comment Re:Sad (Score 2) 142

And let's not forget his apt comment to the most beloved quote form Aliens [I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure]:
- Fucking A!
In my head both quotes are always linked...if I say the Ripley's line I always add Hudson's as well...

Comment Re:My job... (Score 3, Insightful) 364

Oh yhea? Man, I feel so privileged to be in the top 2.5%! BTW, the poor bastard in say, Kazakhstan, does he pay 1000 Euro per month just for a place to live? How expensive is the kindergarten there [here it is 900 euro per month]? What about insurance?

Is the above enough to give you a hint how incredibly wrong you are? Try to continue on your own from here....

Comment Re:Life before int4rw3bz (Score 2) 190

I got that beaten. 7 yrs old when got the key and went to school alone. Dinner at home rule stopped at the age of 13. I would call only if stayed overnight at a party. We [bunch of boys] could go hiking the mountains and our parents would not hear from us for 3 weeks! More astonishing, around age of 15 the girls joined us! Can you imagine a parent of today sending her daughter at age of 15 with a bunch of boys to a remote location that has transport in and out once per 3 days, no communication whatsoever [even post], 50 km from the nearest city that has hospital? And you know what? Nobody got molested in any way, nobody got pregnant. In fact from 36 people class in high school 5 families emerged [still going strong; kids and all]. At the same time if somebody of today could eavesdrop on us we would be labeled the most PC incorrect people. Nobody back then took imaginary offense [or micro, even nano-offense] from people speaking their mind.

Fuck the fucking communists, but they did give us carefree, crime-free [totalitarian societies have very little petty crime, mostly it is big, state crimes that happen] advertisement-free, religion-free, no gadgets, play outside childhood. For that, together with the education [critical thinking was a must, it was actually thought even though at the end it back-fired against the communist party], I am grateful.

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