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Comment Re:Sad (Score 2) 136

And let's not forget his apt comment to the most beloved quote form Aliens [I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure]:
- Fucking A!
In my head both quotes are always linked...if I say the Ripley's line I always add Hudson's as well...

Comment Re:My job... (Score 3, Insightful) 359

Oh yhea? Man, I feel so privileged to be in the top 2.5%! BTW, the poor bastard in say, Kazakhstan, does he pay 1000 Euro per month just for a place to live? How expensive is the kindergarten there [here it is 900 euro per month]? What about insurance?

Is the above enough to give you a hint how incredibly wrong you are? Try to continue on your own from here....

Comment Re:Life before int4rw3bz (Score 2) 189

I got that beaten. 7 yrs old when got the key and went to school alone. Dinner at home rule stopped at the age of 13. I would call only if stayed overnight at a party. We [bunch of boys] could go hiking the mountains and our parents would not hear from us for 3 weeks! More astonishing, around age of 15 the girls joined us! Can you imagine a parent of today sending her daughter at age of 15 with a bunch of boys to a remote location that has transport in and out once per 3 days, no communication whatsoever [even post], 50 km from the nearest city that has hospital? And you know what? Nobody got molested in any way, nobody got pregnant. In fact from 36 people class in high school 5 families emerged [still going strong; kids and all]. At the same time if somebody of today could eavesdrop on us we would be labeled the most PC incorrect people. Nobody back then took imaginary offense [or micro, even nano-offense] from people speaking their mind.

Fuck the fucking communists, but they did give us carefree, crime-free [totalitarian societies have very little petty crime, mostly it is big, state crimes that happen] advertisement-free, religion-free, no gadgets, play outside childhood. For that, together with the education [critical thinking was a must, it was actually thought even though at the end it back-fired against the communist party], I am grateful.

Comment Re:You know.. (Score 1) 115

List of road participants in the Netherlands [in decreasing order of danger]

- small motors [they are allowed to use the bike lanes], the so called "broomers" - especially kids [16-17yrs] hired for delivery jobs [uber, kangoroo, pizza, post] - these youngsters often do [on the bicycle lane] higher speed than it is allowed on the car road next by....crazy!
- old folk in cars [sorry, it is true; they are driving slow, but also have quite a problem with observing the traffic and reaction times]
- bicycles
- pedestrians
- cars in general
- Train, taxi, tram etc. [professionals]

However, all the above is a moot point in every big city. In Amsterdam the rule is only this: EVERYONE has the advantage....somehow this does not result in a bloody carnage, which always surprises visitors of the city....but if it was up to me I would ban the broomers [the noise is horrible as well].

Comment Re:Irreverent vs. Inappropriate (Score 1) 363

If anything is taboo you can never have discussion about it...never learn from the experience and never prevent it from happening again...also who guarantees that the taboo is " right" . Consider for instance the idea that the pope can make no does that sound with all the pedo was a taboo to speak against the clergy, shall we uphold that? What about the proposed new law in Russia to criminalize criticism against the government? Do you like that taboo?
When I can't reach EU legislation web-page dealing with pedo porn because the text contains the words pedo porn [and the ISP filters me out and undoubtedly reports to everyone and their dog what a terrible person I am for trying to read the LAW, then something is REALLY wrong!

Comment Re:having kids is dumb (Score 1) 491

Until you get divorced that me with an income larger than 80% of the population of one of the most prosperous countries in the world I am counting every penny due to my father [drank the family money; left only debts] and my ex-wife. And I'll have to pay to keep my income and the one of my ex equal for the next decade [new law against the dirty men who make more money that the oppressed women]. In fact they have prevented me to ever have a relationship until I am too old to care....Cheers!

Comment Re:having kids is dumb (Score 1) 491

But does it have to be like that? A few years ago I was bitching to my colleagues that the government raised the fees for cigarettes again! I went to a proper site where you can calculate your individual inflation. To my amazement if you have kids the inflation is higher even compared to a heavy smoker living in rented place! The prices of day-care are ridiculous; for someone who grew up in communism where my mom got the 2 yrs full paid maternity leave and then went to continue career and brought more money home than dad all this sounds insane! In a society where everyone has 2 cars and who knows how many laptops, TV's, tablets and phones we cannot spare enough time for for our kids and are struggling to pay the bills! That's like the most massive WTF in the world!

I agree about the overpopulation thing but it seems that even that point is not as clear as I though it was....apparently certain economic prosperity naturally curbs the birth rate....but then the market and government make sure that no matter how many kids you have [including none] you will spend all your money [no use to save them anyway - they made that unprofitable too didn't they?]. The inflation calculator showed clearly that the raise of prices was the highest for things we either cannot go without - housing, energy, fuel, medicare, education or are addictive like smoking and drinking. Whea, what more can I say....that's fucked up!

Comment Re: Well, damn (Score 1) 335

And I don't understand Americans at what? You are mostly white, mostly Christians and mostly descendant from why did I fell like I am on Mars when I visited the US?

Did you see some of the YouTube videos where Americans are reacting go the mock videos from Europe , i.e. "America first, the Netherlands second"? Guys, I have no idea what is wrong with you, but you do not get allegories, sarcasm, metaphor, humor, wit, irony, comic exaggerations or ANY sophisticated tool of speech/writing....well at least the VAST majority does not.

I mean if the reactions to the Dutch video were so much off, how would you react to the German version. Go and see it; really it is hilarious. Even better find the video where the host of the late night show [the same guy that got sued by Erdogan] talks before and after the video....and maybe you will get it.

Last hint for you: The Dutch guy announcing the video, said "President Trump had loud and clear message to the world - I will fuck all your mothers [youtube shyly translates this as I will fuck you all big time]. Of course he used different wording" - then they show the "America first" moment and get on with the video

Think why this joke was made and why the German video features the [Hitler] leader that "made Germany great again" and why they joke "Germany hosted 2 World Wars. They were the biggest WW in the World! And we won both of them! Bigly! Anyone who says otherwise is fake news!"

The bigly irony is that the Trump supporters will be shafted the most; not that people ever learn.....

Comment Re:OK, help me out... (Score 1) 834

Was it real? Are you for real? It was the same scare mongering as we have now against ...well whatever....drugs, terrorists, you name it...

Every serious analysis coming my way has claimed that it is the LEAST likely that either USA or Russia will launch the nukes. The " smaller " nuclear states are way more dangerous. For the longest time I believed that nothing that has occurred in the West during the cold war can be as blatantly fallacious as the Communist propaganda. I was wrong, you just proved actually believed that shite...

Also, Raegan ending communism? That must be one of the biggest lies of the 20th century...but it sounds good, so why should anyone actually READ something serious about it....

Was Steve Jobs GOD? Was he? Cause it was exactly the same cult of personality as some Americans have for Raegan..

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 0) 1560

Now that is unbelievable! Of course Europe can trash Russia in no-nuke war. Are you crazy? Do you know what 3 things you need for war? Money, money and money. Russia has less than Italy. Have you any idea what happened during WWII in Europe? Ever heard of Serbian guerrilla fighters, la resistance, the Finns with their skying sniper shooters...ect. Do you think that the Germans could hold for a long time even if the war did not go south for them? Man, only the former "Soviet block countries" are enough to keep Russia marred in a conventional war. What are they going to do - kill ALL people? Because if they don't we will be on their throats no matter what until last man standing. We have seen that movie, thank you very much!

And guess what - this time ze Germans are on our side. Woops! And the French [the most successful military of all times, actually, not cheese eating surrender monkeys ,that's just a fucking slur that shows ignorance]. And the Scandinavians [see above]. And the Italians who are also bonny fighters [if you care to read what the US military has to say about it]. Have you any idea what he Czech can do [they did already - one country against the whole Soviet block and they WON]. And the Hungarians. Any idea what Polish fighters can do? What about the Spaniards?

My friend, the Russian military was trashed by AFGHANISTAN [so was the British and the American empire]. Hmmmm, maybe you need also something else apart from money. And whatever it is, we Europeans [the most efficient and ruthless killers in modern history] have a lot of it.

Let them come!

Comment Re:No Courage (Score 1) 79

You make it sound like your opinion is somewhat unusual. I got a meager A3 2016 model few months ago after using an HTC for 5 years - naturally the last 2 of those years I used it to call as the enforced SW obsolescence made the phone almost unusable for anything else.

I dropped the phone 4 times int he first week - it was simply too thin and slippery. All my habits that worked for the HTC were not effective anymore [how to handle it; where to put it, ect.] and new ones did not help. So I went back to the shop and got a protector screen and a case. That transformed it into the GSM I always wanted. Reading books, some movie watching and music. Some gaming as well [for the first time on mobile platform for me]. Great!

And then I heard about the jack and was furious. True, most of my music I listen on a dedicated player which together with the ear plugs costs as much as the best telephone out there, so quality is paramount to me. I also have the phone and Koassilator phrase synthesizer - and the ear plugs go into all 3 devices via the jack. A dongle? Never! The plugs have L-shape contact minimizing stress - I don't need anything sticking out from a fragile, thin, slippery phone!

I look now for several weeks during my commute how many people do not have cases and screens on their phones. I found 3 persons out of at least a hundred [almost everyone uses their phone in the train]. Same at work - one guy out of 50-60 people.

So, I think most of us do not buy this whole scam but I am also afraid that sooner or later all companies will switch. For all kinds of reasons [marketing hype, enforced obsolescence, DRM control, vertical integration] but by Bob NEVER do anything that actually benefits your customers. For real!

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