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Comment Re:No Courage (Score 1) 78

You make it sound like your opinion is somewhat unusual. I got a meager A3 2016 model few months ago after using an HTC for 5 years - naturally the last 2 of those years I used it to call as the enforced SW obsolescence made the phone almost unusable for anything else.

I dropped the phone 4 times int he first week - it was simply too thin and slippery. All my habits that worked for the HTC were not effective anymore [how to handle it; where to put it, ect.] and new ones did not help. So I went back to the shop and got a protector screen and a case. That transformed it into the GSM I always wanted. Reading books, some movie watching and music. Some gaming as well [for the first time on mobile platform for me]. Great!

And then I heard about the jack and was furious. True, most of my music I listen on a dedicated player which together with the ear plugs costs as much as the best telephone out there, so quality is paramount to me. I also have the phone and Koassilator phrase synthesizer - and the ear plugs go into all 3 devices via the jack. A dongle? Never! The plugs have L-shape contact minimizing stress - I don't need anything sticking out from a fragile, thin, slippery phone!

I look now for several weeks during my commute how many people do not have cases and screens on their phones. I found 3 persons out of at least a hundred [almost everyone uses their phone in the train]. Same at work - one guy out of 50-60 people.

So, I think most of us do not buy this whole scam but I am also afraid that sooner or later all companies will switch. For all kinds of reasons [marketing hype, enforced obsolescence, DRM control, vertical integration] but by Bob NEVER do anything that actually benefits your customers. For real!

Comment Whaaaaaat?!?!? (Score 1) 280

You extrapolate behavior which men exhibit towards other men to women?!?!? You think that the "initiation rites" that every male group [on the playground, in the office, in the football club, the motor gang, the army ect.] does on new members of said group are also applied to women?

What ARE you smoking? I want some of it.....

43 years I am on this planet and I still wait to see examples of "rampant" men bulling/harassing/rejecting/demeaning/abusing women around me. Never happened - primary school, secondary school, university, companies, army, social life...only very few occasions by drunken men in bars or on the street who were a) no danger at all since they'd even have hard time standing straight, let alone attacking a woman and b)immediately put in check by all other men in the vicinity...

I really have no idea where are all those people that see aggression/violence/abuse all the time by all men live but it isn't the planet I am on, that's for sure...

Comment Re:Good for them! (Score 1) 858

A million times THIS!

I was not aware that such protection exists in the US. Well done! My own state suffers for almost 3 decades now after the fall of the wall because every administration brings its own civil servants who usually spend half the mandate undoing what the previous team did...what a disaster!

Comment Re:Here's an idea (Score 1) 220

Oh, so behind the wall [a long time ago on this earth] we did not listen to any music and did not create any because there was no marketing [and truly there was no marketing for anything]? I think not.

Every time this content copyright stuff comes along I always ask the industry the same thing. OK, so I never own your product, I only bought the right to enjoy it until I live. OK, why then when the tape came along you asked me to purchase IN FULL the Beatles album I bought on vinyl. And then you asked me to pay it again IN FULL to get it on CD. And then you forbade me to make a digital copy so if the CD dies [almost 100% certainty that will happen more than once before I die] guess what. And man, even if you have digital copy they'd change the format in a few years from now and I'd have to convert again [if possible] guessed buy it again IN FULL.

Bottom line: the industry does not honour the contract. Of course I can't sue.

P.S> Did I mention my 600 DVD/Blue ray collection? Those discs die as well - guess how much hassle is to back it all up. No help at all from the people I paid more than 10 000 euro over the years....

Comment Re:eating less (Score 2) 256

OK, you have a point so I will tell the secret....the will power came from a source that is unavailable to most cases. You see one of the side effects of my severely misbalanced gut was that enormous amount of particular type of bug had taken over half of the living space. The buggers then found their way into my bladder and from there you know where it goes. So I was suffering from chronic bladder/urethra infection that was unbeatable by any means until it was realized where the source of the problem is.

So, apart from being fat and underpowered I was also having serious trouble with sex [it would simply hurt rather than being a pleasure]. Now for a guy in his late thirties this is one HELL of a motivation! So when the doctor said 'I will make it so that this chronic infection will go away IF YOU EAT what I tell you and you do it seriously" I was like "I'll do anything to be fully functional male again ,anything!".

On the other hand of the spectrum one of my nieces, age 11 who ran into the obesity issue years ago. Being a child she has less of a discipline, willpower and motivation. On top of that in venerable mind as hers [and that of every girl and also boy of this age] the desire to get slimmer turns counterproductive especially if bullying occurs both at school and outside. The girl tries so hard but struggling with the bugs and struggling with society and your own mind proves extremely difficult.

Thus i do not consider my story a showcase for willpower - maybe I don't give myself enough credit but there it is....

I have written many /. posts over the last few years about this. I am still astounished of how much influence those bugs exert on us [although as someone who has studied biochemistry and microbiology, but never made a career in it, I should have known better].

Comment Re:eating less (Score 4, Interesting) 256

All this has very litle to do with willpower; that is the crux of the matter! I was in that situation with sugar some years ago. I got shakes, weakness and irregular hearth beat if I did not eat [plenty of] sugar. I knew it was bad, I knew I was too heavy, I knew it all - and it did not make any difference.

No one can fight their own biochemistry - you only have to pray it does not turn against you. It took me 2-3 years for the gut bugs to balance [more or less] and to [mostly] stop making me crave the carbs....true it was easier and easier with time but it was absolutely herrendous in the beggining. I repeat again with all sicerity - all this has very little to do with willpower.

Comment Re:Numbers don't lie (Score 1) 230

How was that movie by Woody Allen that got some Oscars?

Q [physiatrist]: How often you make love?
A: [the man]: almost never - 3 times a week!
A:[the woman]: all the time - 3 times a week!

It's not that women have no drive but it is quite a bit weaker than men's. Also, since the women control the sex, every woman gets 100% satisfied sexually [and every male is frustrated] since there is always much more demand than supply. That is if things are one to one [one man with one woman].

The "fact" that women have as strong drive as men is simply political correctness...sadly it has penetrated even biology text books. The refusal to recognize that 9 out of 10 men are sexually frustrated [if monogamy is obeyed] is at the core of enormous amount of social trouble....

Comment Re:Thanks Obama! (Score 1) 143

I like your joke and raise it with this one [from long time ago behind the wall]:

Capitalism is humans exploiting humans. Communism is the other way way around.

Seriously, your joke is the sadder one since the "communist system" is gone; whereas the problems illuminated by you stand and if anything it gets worst. While /. is discussing the future of no jobs and automation in the world, leaders are on the rise that plan to increase the working week [e.g. France], cut jobs, lower taxes and trump [ha-ha] on every civil liberty there is...

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 4, Insightful) 1028

How would you know? Seriously, this is not trolling. How many countries has Russia invaded for profit or global politics and how many did the USA? Who used nuclear bombs on civilians? When has Russia ruled the world so that we cab compare?

It seems to me that the old-fashioned communists in Russia [and their modern day descendants] were much worse towards their population that towards foreigners, whereas USA seems to be the reverse. As I a neither American nor Russian, I prefer the Russian way.

Russia warned many times after the end of the [first?] Cold War that the West is constantly moving goalposts and breaks agreements about military bases, NATO membership and the like.....sorry but the most serious Western analysts agree with this [Google it, it is true, the West admits they did not handle their victory from the Cold War very well].

I am not fond of the Russians at all - at the end they occupied my country for half a century and installed totalitarian regime there but let's be a bit more realistic here...

And finally - I am very sorry if I hurt your feelings, but I really hate the Western leaders hypocrisy and constant masking of blatant power grabs with words as "humanitarian", "democracy" and so contrast Putin [although being also a liar, of course] appears way more honest in his motives and explanations - "you do this, I kick your ass" instead of "if you build that oil-pipe I'll bomb you for democracy". I mean just look at the name of this weapon - no masking, no rosy glasses, no BS. It is Satan, period. A similar weapon in USA will be called "peace maker" or "bringer of democracy"

Comment Re:In other words (Score 1) 126

My worst pain ever was [very badly] dislocated shoulder joint....after 3 hours when it was finally put back and I could think straight again I asked the doctor what was that magical substance they put in my blood prior to adjusting the joint which removed all the pain within seconds after the administration, he said it was morphine. Surprised I asked "Isn't morphine reserved for really terrible pain?" - I was thinking Hollywood movies where people getting shot at get a shot of morphine:) and also cancer patients.

He said "You have just experienced for 3 hours one of the top 3 most painful conditions in "every day" medicine [thus excluding accidents/wars etc. where bits and pieces of you are being shot at/cut off/smashed/ruptured/squashed] "..."What are the other two?".. ."Pissing a kidney stone and giving birth".

I hope I'll never have to experience the stones for the purpose of comparison! Giving birth is fortunately excluded due to gender...phew!

Comment Re:Share your most memorable scenes or episodes (Score 1) 204

"Elementary, my dear Data" from TNG branded itself in my that time I was not very well versed in philosophy and science; somehow it moved me very much. The exchange at the end between Picard and Moriarty was ground shaking. The actor playing Moriarty was superb! I think, therefore I am - the one criterion that really!

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