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Comment Yuge and bigly! (Score 1) 745

Great! I'm looking forward to Nuclear War. It'll help with population control. Just think of all the jobs for Americans if we nuke Mexico for NOT paying for the wall.

And if we nuke the middle east, that'll mean our oil is more valuable.

Now if only we can nuke America's welfare population without affecting the rich, who do all the work in this country.

Comment Oh, he will... (Score 1) 488

He will definitely surprise America and the World.
Just not in the way you think.

My only consolation about this mess is that the people he will hurt most will be the ignorant midwestern poor who voted for him.

I personally am already comfortable enough to not care what he does, short of nuclear war. And even then, I have done some prepping. But the rest of you may be in for a shock.

Comment Re:Welcome to Trump's America Inc. (Score 2) 166

Actually, NO, it is not free to cut the cord. I tried to cancel my service with verizon which I've had for at least 7 years and they want to charge me $70 to cancel, claiming I have a "contract", which they are in violation of for raising my rates from the $99 per month to $146 per month with no service upgrades whatsoever.

Comment Verizon does this too (Score 1) 166

Verizon recently introduced a $2.80 (plus taxes) fee for my FIOS router, which they claim is old -- and to "support it" they need this monthly fee.

Never mind that this is their equipment to start with. Now, my choice is to pay the fee every month or buy a "new" ($70) router, with no guarantee that they won't pull this exact same stunt next year.

Comment Re:Rushing to hire? (Score 2) 184

.... and yet you'd probably be the first to complain if we elected someone who wanted to tax the rich bastards at a 50% tax rate, which would benefit everyone.

That money could be used to feed the hungry, rebuild roads and bridges, pay for basic research that corporations no longer do, and help us pay off the crushing debt we are already under.

Comment This is a scam??? (Score 0) 117

60 million people voted for Donald Trump, and you're complaining about a few dumb folks getting scammed by the Mac OS store?

Dude, the whole freaking country of 320 million people just got scammed by a con man.

Scams are the new normal. Get used to it.

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