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Comment Except the Blu Ray experience is better... (Score 1) 215

I have yet to see a recent release of a film on home video that didn't contain the phrase "Includes scenes not in the theatrical release!"

You know, if they'd release the movie without chopping it to death so they can hold back and then re-sell the movie with added scenes for the home video release, maybe the "theater expereince" would be better.

But I fail to see why I pay $12 per seat, followed by $30 for a water and popcorn, and then have three screaming kids in the dark, and some other jerkwad kicking my seat from behind, when I have a nice high-def TV at home, and can pause it at any time to go to the bathroom.

Comment Does MS have any idea what they are doing? (Score 1) 196

There are a lot of windows partners that sell hardware that BARELY runs Windows 10 as it is. In the race to make cheaper and cheaper hardware, there are products like the HP Stream notebook that comes with only 2GB of RAM and Windows 10 pre-installed. By the time you're done booting up, you have maybe 500mb of RAM available to run *A* application. (do not try and run multiple applications)...

And that's with most of the crap turned off. My guess is that people with minimal hardware who choose to update, won't even get to the desktop before running out of RAM.

Comment One of the oldest sites on the internet (Score 3, Informative) 205

Maybe you young'ns can't remember, but I remember when you had to access Yahoo by an IP address (since DNS wasn't a thing then), and then all it really was, was a directory of links to other sites that existed. No such thing as a search engine back then.

The founders capitalized on that, and at one point, Yahoo was the biggest, best thing on the world wide web. Then they decided that the "portal" thing was the way to go, and after that, it was kinda downhill from there.

And then Google came and ate their lunch, and after that were a series of terrible CEOs that didn't understand the company at all (probably because there was no cohesive strategy to understand -- they grew too rapidly at the start for that).

Bye Bye Yahoo. You were great for a little while in the early days, and I appreciated what you did for the web. But I don't think you were ever meant to be a commercial venture, and essentially that was your downfall.

Comment Jobs... (Score 2) 140

And yet Trump keeps telling his rubes that jobs are coming back. They are not coming back. Workers will be replaced by robots. How he's going to force companies to manufacture in the USA without adding legislation (because he said he would reduce legislation against corporations) is beyond me...

Comment A way out of this for VW... (Score 1) 123

They simply have to do what everyone else does to get around emissions -- classify their vehicles as trucks. *EVERY* pick-up and SUV is a "truck" in the eyes of federal law, and therefore don't need to meet the strict emissions guidelines for passenger automobiles.

Take the Golf, Jetta, Passat and every other Diesel car and have them reclassified as a truck. You'll probably have to make some "campaign donations" to some senators and congressmen, but it's probably far cheaper than this scandal.

And that's it. If the TDI Golf is a truck, then case closed, it can pretty much pollute as much as it wants. This looks like the easiest way out and I believe that VW should spend what they need to, to buy off Congress and get on with their business of being a "job creator" that avoids paying taxes and performs other heinous acts in the name of "good business".

Comment Re:Amazing how people are upset with What Trump sa (Score 1) 360

I'm sure they said that about Hitler... oh wait, did I just Godwin this thread? But voting for someone who swaggers, is obviously racist, will probably declare Marshall Law to keep himself in power, and will nuke anyone who sends him an offensive tweet is *not* a good idea unless you are hoping for a world war and to become the most hated country on Earth.

Comment Seriously, WTF? (Score 4, Interesting) 41

I thought the *entire* point of SNAPCHAT was that nothing was supposed to be saved! That was the entire point of their business model, their venture capital and their IPO (if it exists).

So, after it was revealed that they actually do save shit, now they are going to embrace that, and allow you to revisit your old nude selfies that are already all over the internet.

It's like Facebook suddenly switching gears and announcing that they are going to model themselves after Yahoo, and become a search engine.

Screw it, I'm going to start a business with an impossible plan, then, after I've gotten millions in capital, I'll announce that the company is something else, get my sock puppet and sell dog food over the internet.

Comment Notepad (Score 1) 286

Notepad comes free with every copy of Windows. It even existed in the days on Windows 3.1 and Windows CE.

PICO works great under Linux, I can't remember the name of the App I used in Chrome, Tex-Edit Plus on the Macintosh, and desqview I think had a notepad under DOS. iPhone with bluetooth keyboard and Notes App.

And on the Amiga, I used... oh wait, I guess you don't care about those days. But maybe you want to hear about Quick Brown Box on the Commodore 64?

What were we talking about again? Who cares about Evernote? What's the point of it unless you're someone who thinks they are doing business while they are sitting on a bus or a park bench?

Comment Saturday Night Live VS. the internet (Score 2, Insightful) 565

So, lemme get this straight.... If "Saturday Night Live" created the exact same video and broadcast it, we'd all laugh, and then go back to ignoring it.

But if some clowns post this video to the internet, it's a takedown via the DMCA -- and 38,000 sites also suffer due to someone's fat finger mistake.

So once again, citizens have no rights, but corporations do. Meanwhile, the GUN NUTS are screaming about their second amendment rights, but guess what, that's apparently the ONLY right you have, because that was the only one you cared about.

The politicians and corporations have you so FOCUSED on your gun rights, they have secretly deprived you of all other rights, and guess what? YOU FELL FOR IT.

I hope you've got your gun, because you're going to need it real soon.... This country has been usurped by the wealthy and greedy and your gun, which was supposed to protect you from tyrants, well, that pop gun won't do squat against drones and tanks and RPGs. Good luck with that.

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