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Comment But not Trump's Taxes? (Score 3, Funny) 122

How is it that we can have everything on the Democrats hacked, *everything*, but not one little thing comes out from the RNC? I find that highly suspicious.

Perhaps the RNC is paying someone or is colluding with the Soviets to hack the election.

If only Anonymous could obtain Trump's taxes to even the score a bit...

Comment HOW are they NOT a TAXI service at this point? (Score 3, Interesting) 274

Lyft and Uber can no longer maintain that they are a "ride sharing service" where independent contractors own and operate their own vehicles.

In the autonomous cars case, Lyft and Uber CLEARLY own the vehicles!!!! They are a TAXI service and need to be regulated as such.

How the hell have state and local prosecutors allowed them to get away with this??

Comment Re:Meeting someone doesn't qualify (Score 1) 301

Really? Because I've only recently come up with this theory. Perhaps you can explain the issues before that. Women, FYI, find me perfectly acceptable company, they just aren't interested in becoming romantic. And I don't try to pressure them into doing anything they aren't interested in, so if they don't bring it up, neither do I.

But I'm sure you know so much more than me; "Coward".

Comment Meeting someone doesn't qualify (Score 2) 301

I'm afraid that "meeting someone" doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get laid. And I say that as someone with tons of experience being in dating situations where I was essentially "friend-zoned" -- I'm not a bad person, I'm not a slob, I don't smell bad, nothing is wrong with me physically.

However, that said, I am self-deprecating. And because I'm not a typical alpha male, women are able to smell the desperation apparently.

Let's face it -- woman have sex to "keep their man", so he won't wander off and find someone else. In my situation, the women are well-aware that I won't wander off, so they have no problem dating me, but never actually doing anything beyond having dinner and going to the movies.

So, Russia can go stick it. Men are still going to need porn and prostitutes, because majority of the female population isn't necessarily into them.

Comment Does Paramount use Ubuntu or any other Linux? (Score 1) 241

If Paramount's servers, in any way, use Linux, they just committed a GPL violation and are open to be sued. And I think they should be sued hard.

Furthermore, as part of any settlement Paramount must agree to issue a DMCA takedown notice to Google requesting that the link to Android be removed, since it's related to a Transformers movie.

Comment Colossus (Score 1) 60

Have these idiots never watched the movie "Colossus: The Forbin Project" ? Do they have any idea how dangerous they are going to make things.... The reality is that we are headed towards true AI, but, from the nanosecond that it actually becomes self-aware, we won't understand it, and it will be 10000 times smarter than us.

Comment Even if it were made of gold and oil... (Score 1) 218

We can't get to it anytime soon.
Unless the EM-drive can scale up we have no propulsion system that will get us there within a reasonable timeframe (1 lifetime), we're currently talking about a 1000-year trip, which is impossible, we can't build anything that will last that long.

Unless there's some kind of breakthrough (Warp drive, 4th dimensional slips, tesseract), in our ability to to deal with vast distances, we haven't got a prayer.

Comment Great for RealDoll (Score 1) 201

But seriously, the Japanese are WAAAAAY ahead on all of this. First of all, the Japanese dolls are much better looking, much more realistic-looking. Secondly the Japanese are ahead on Robotics, I assume you've seen their Uncanny Valley creepy talking heads.

Now admittedly, RealDoll's effort may advance the whole industry, but the RealDolls look fairly plastic and aren't all that attractive. Silicone is durable, but it doesn't seem to be the material of choice for true doll afficianados.

Not that I know anything about all this, of course.

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