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Comment Re:Tested? (Score 2) 115

i am a fan of trolling, even extreme trolling a la Weev, but seriously, given Alex Jones' well-known history of starting disagreements and escalating them to physical violence, i would basically classify that incident as harassment verging on assault. it has literally happened before.

Comment Re:Scamming the host (Score 1) 27

No, that's more of a "tragedy of the commons" situation as well as a plain old ToS violation.

The putative scamming comes in the multiple layers of portals and redirects before the user finds the content. There will be several ads which are going to be even less effective than usual ads. These are placed by a robust marketplace of simulating so-called "organic" ad views, and are often used to bulk up claimed impression numbers. You could argue that it's a matter of the advertisers getting what they paid for, but since there is little in the way of self-regulation and the impressions are sold as genuine (rather than spammed through pop-ups and nested redirects), it's arguably fair to call it a scam. Marginally, the profit is pathetic, but it scales well.

Some of the portals will also try to trick users with the usual "install this totally legitimate virus scanner!" crap. Probably no one on slashdot will fall for this, but it's still a scam albeit an obvious one. There might be more devious javascript running also, but i'm not sure about that.

Comment Re:more features for the feature god. (Score 4, Insightful) 134

"OMG these sites i don't pay to use are advertising to me and that's evil!"

okay, use noscript.

"but that's hard and there are other ways i can be tracked."

okay, i'll build and maintain a secure browser for $5 a month.

"i can't afford that."

okay, $5 a year.

"information wants to be FREE, man!"

okay, then i guess i'll go to work for an online advertising company.

Comment Re:Law enforcement, seriously? (Score 1) 175

my guess is that some self-appointed white knight found something disturbing on a porn site he "happened to stumble upon", and then took it upon himself to Sherlock his way, through whois and google maps, into thinking that these girls were being held at the physical location associated with the porn site through multiple cross-referenced databases.

this sounds insane, and it is, but people really are like that and always have been. everyone is looking to right someone else's wrong and be a hero, often because their own lives are cesspits of denial.

even technical people fall for versions of this. there are many forums where technically-savvy but otherwise irrational people wax poetic on why the DoD would be sending packets to their networks, when in fact it's a just tracking pixel/js hosted by ad companies on IPv4 address blocks which were once grossly over-allocated to DoD and then auctioned off. i'm sure they'll update the database eventually; it's not important, right?

Comment Soylent! Because over-priced nutritional (Score 1) 148

Soylent, bringing specious scientific claims to nerds, because over-priced nutritional supplements aren't just for ignorant mouth-breathers anymore!

Buy your own protein powder and caffeine. Add some l-theanine if you want, whatever.

The last group of people who had food powder marketed to them so they could be more efficient for their overlords was housewives in the 1950s, and you don't have to be a feminist to see how fucking terrible their lives were.

Comment Re:Big, fat, NO FREAKIN' DUH! (Score 4, Funny) 228

I'd just like to interject for moment. What you're referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Windows, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Windows. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another possible alternative for a fully functioning system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as (sort of) defined by POSIX. This so-called Linux distribution is really a distribution of GNU/Windows!

Comment Re:Better vs. Perfect (Score 1) 150

Ability? Christ, it's practically a default. I configured my MacBook to handle my SMSes through message.app because it's much more comfortable and ergonomic. A few months later, I get two-factor SMS authentication as part of work. Yeah, not exactly two-factor.

Using SMS for two-factor authentication is an anachronism, and I wouldn't mind the government stopping people from calling SMS "two-factor authentication", anymore than I mind when it stops people from selling industrial effluent as baby formula. It's just plain old fraud.

Comment Re:Smartphone size? (Score 1) 536

That difference only matters to hardware designers and hackers. 99% of buyers (and 99.9% of money spent) could not possibly care less, except maybe that a 2.5mm-3.5mm adapter is going to be cheaper but then again Apple users aren't looking for bargains. To them, it's just a slightly different shaped thingie you have to put in your phone to make it works with the headphones you have. Either that, or you use the change-over as an opportunity to buy those new "Beats-2.5mm Apple-Certified Dr. Bass Cans with NSASync"!, and so on.

So the "world of difference" really just boils down to a fairly simple market analysis problem, and you pick the one that makes you the most money. That's all.

Comment Re:Regardless of CPU clock speed? (Score 5, Informative) 135

PR? The code is on github, and imho a very nice accessible explanation of their algorithm is in the linked article. They developed some neat software to save money by essentially modernizing JPEG to compress beyond the 8x8 blocks it was designed to use and, having done that, are now letting other people use it too. What is with your crabby, paranoid attitude? Instead of being an asshole, you could just, you know, build the code yourself and experiment with it, rather than sneering at a gift horse. This is exactly the use case for open source software.

Although I would prefer if they explained the sampling methodology for their images, they do present a few simple scatterplots of (de-)compression performance as a function of original JPEG file size. It's not as in-depth as xiph.org foundation's stuff, but it's a hell of a lot more than a PR piece.

Comment Re:So will they be passing that savings onto us? (Score 1) 474

people are probably looking at the second derivative of "productivity improvements" with respect to time, not the overall historical gains. they're selfish that way, i guess. at any rate, it doesn't look particularly rosy. i wonder if slashdot's opinion about how the wonders of productivity improvement will change once the programmers are the ones being replaced.

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