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Comment Re:Looking forward to Microsoft's response (Score 4, Insightful) 49

or 3. Ignore him because all Microsoft really wants is to minimize the amount of Win7 support they have to deal with, and only a small percentage of people are going to patch their OS with some random Github code in the first place, and the few who do probably know what they're doing anyway and even if they do still complain to Microsoft, they've modded their OS binaries with a third-party patch and can safely be told to pound sand.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 349

probably because their business model was sold to investors as people subscribing to "X juice bags per month for the price of X^1.5! (two-year minimum contract required)". you need the $400 sunk-cost foot-in-the-door to nudge people to sign up for shit like that.

you are describing a relatively reasonable way to make modest profit. this is completely irrelevant, if not antithetical, to Valley business practice.

Comment Re: DOS isn't done until Lotus won't run... (Score 1) 218

"They're in the business of making OS, it's kind of expected for them to make it work on any hardware."

you say this as though it's a fundamental property of an operating system. really, it's pretty damned unusual for a commercial OS to run on "any hardware" (even when you interpret that in the limited sense you're using it), and it's an expectation that Microsoft mostly established in the first place. this was not altruism, of course; it was a business decision to take over the PC market. since that's now basically impossible, at least for now, they are taking a different strategy. they're in the business of making an OS, so they're going to take the efforts which they think will maximize return. unsurprisingly, this does not include supporting their cost center legacy OS.

Comment Re:BS - This is thoughtcrime (Score 1) 227

not that i necessarily agree with the following reasoning either, but i feel it's important to represent the case accurately.

his offense was not developing a remote admin tool. i'm pretty sure that, were he to have just developed it and put it on github or a personal page or even offered it for sale with neutral language, that he would be fine. i believe this in part because a lot of people have released RATs and not been prosecuted.

his offense, more specifically, was selling and promoting the tool as, basically, "something you can use to haxx0r people", rather than as a security tool per se. it's not thought-crime, so much as enticement-crime. maybe that's bullshit too (though i am personally not completely sure), but the distinction is there and has plenty of precedent backing it up.

Comment Re:what purpose does this app serve? (Score 1) 421

i'm 37 and likewise have no idea. reading this article just makes me punch the proprietor in the face for his condescending attitude, and then smack the purchaser for being a schmuck.

at this point, i think "advanced" western society is just bored and looking for ways to complicate things. maybe i'm just old, but if you want a glimpse of the future, imagine a youtube comments section scrolling forever.

Comment Re:No trackpoint (Score 1) 163

i would have once agreed with you, but have decided that it's largely because trackpads are just usually dodgy pieces of shit. i was a huge fan of thinkpads starting with the 600e/x, and even once dropped $100+ on the IBM external keyboard with a trackpoint, just so i could use the nipple on my desktop.

but, today, i can't think of anything i miss about the old trackpoint compared to an apple trackpad. the apple trackpad is more than precise enough; it is better for tracing curves since it's not a joystick (not that this comes up often, but hey); it doesn't get that really irritating ghosting effect where the trackpoint would register a "lean" to one corner or other until you jiggled the hell out of it and prayed; the surface doesn't gunk up with oil and sweat and get slippery (i guess this is some lipophobic material?).

it's definitely not worth buying an Apple computer just for the trackpad, but all things being equal, it's what i'd pick. at the very least, i stopped pining for a trackpoint a long time ago. it was nice, but meh, it had problems and the trackpad fixed them all for me; ymmv.

Comment Re:As unpopular as it will be to hear... (Score 1) 161

well, it's also true, at least in the fields SAS deals with.

"Despite substantial work, none of their Scala model translations match the results from their Python model development, and nobody in the company knows how to fix this problem."

i can attest to this. i suspect, based on "Scala model translations", that they are using Databricks, which is a broken platform despite being an industry golden boy; everyone uses it, mostly just because everyone else uses it. Databricks is for open source what fucking Oracle is for proprietary BI software: a bloated, over-engineered mess that justifies itself by creating jobs just to cope with it. but, hey, at least everyone else is in the same mess you're in, so i guess there's safety in numbers.

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