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Comment Re: Of course you can (Score 1) 57

with an fft and engine sound database, you could get a not-too-terrible result in an hour or two just using nearest-neighbor methods. it's not totally trivial, but it's something i would expect an undergraduate to be able to do as homework.

try reading the paper about shazam's core method. it's amazingly simple (which isn't to say they haven't done a lot of work tweaking it of course).

Comment Re:"Gay Culture" is blind devotion then? (Score 0) 636

frankly, the activist gays have mostly settled down now; they had their day in the sun and have now won at least 90% of what they wanted, and just want to go to sleep. meanwhile, the Republican party has renewed their banging of pots and pans against them in a battle they lost over 30 years ago and now can only be noisy about. of course this voting generation of gays are going to tend to vote Democrat. going Republican would almost be gratuitous contrarianism, especially when there are third-parties which are much more deserving than either of the major parties.

it's a lost cause, and it makes for cynical-sounding arguments. if it makes you feel any better, the next generation will be different.

hell, it just occurred to me that gays may well be the next generation's bulwark for family values. they've definitely gone down the toilet in heterosexual culture; the gays and lesbians who actually remember not being able to marry, whether you agree with them or not, are going to care a lot more about the subject than the average person.

Comment Re:Have to counterfeit the processor to backdoor (Score 1) 95

even if you subscribe to the China-subverting-consumer-devices conspiracy theory (admittedly not as crazy as most other conspiracy theories), China would be better off taking the Apple money and investing that in other sabotage. counterfeiting iPhone hardware would inevitably be discovered and be catastrophic for China's tech industry.

Comment Re:Is This a Joke? (Score 0) 271

in the end, the solution is euthanasia; let's face facts: some people just aren't that useful. we could shelter heroin addicts and give them subsidized junk until they die; with a competitive market and/or state-run chem lab for synthesis, it wouldn't even cost much, and it's not exactly an unpleasant way to go. even in SF, you could fit enough junkies per square meter to make it a cost-effective solution.

of course not everyone is a heroin addict, but parts of the principle still apply. also there's nothing wrong with a little "nudge" in that direction as long as it's not publicly recognized as coercion.

Comment Re:Fake news to distract from stuff that matters (Score 0) 269

Hillary Clinton took Satan's Cock in order to gain Unholy Powers and Birth the Antichrist!

Hillary Clinton distantly related to Donald Trump, Proof of The Illuminati!

ISIS bought Hillary Clinton a $100K Cardigan for her Birthday!

Hillary Behind UN Plan to Sterilize American Population!

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