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Comment Re:If it was me... (Score 1) 282

Hence the lawsuit that you are FORCED to sell the land to the highest bidder. 1USD is bid. Any other takers? No? Sold.

Oh, you want to be smart and bid 1.000.000 yourself via somebody else? Fine. You have to come up with that money first. Oh, you don't have that money? (Remember that you will not just get that 1.000.000 There will be things added on top of that) Sorry, your offer was not only not valid, but an illegal scheme to inflate the price. So others may now re-enter their bid.

Comment Re:Next up dead (Score 2) 365

I have bought a 55" TV just to watch movies and the like. I however do not have cable. I just use it as a big monitor as they are way cheaper than a monitor of the same size and for the quality I need.
No, I do not use ANY of the features from the TV. Not the channels. Not the Internet. Not the apps.

So I already have a 'modular TV'.

To be more specific. I have 3 monitors. One monitor goes through a splitter and that goes to 3 other screens. One on my desk as monitor 3 (24"). One to the kitchen to a 22" and one to the 55" TV. Those have thus the same image and as I run XFCE with separate screens, I can keep what I watch on those monitors.

Disadvantage of a TV to a monitor is that a monitor will turn itself off completely and the TVs I have need to be turned off and on, so I have to press the button on the remote.

Comment Re:Should I care? (Score 1) 304

Just because YOU do not like to own things does not mean you should not care.
If the only way to get content is to do this via rental, it means it is pretty easy NOT to let you see anything they do not want you to see and increase the prices for things they allow you to see.
And when they have only a few distribution channels, they can easily control everything.

So who is affected? You are.

Comment Re:I just have one simple question. (Score 1) 540

Why is it that, even now, people are still focused on the players and not the crimes?

Because the majority of the people is a social and emotional being and not a rational one. That means they are more interested in people than in anything else.

You see that in how people vote, for one. The fact that people are more interested in celebrities is another. It also explains why on one side we disagree that hitting your SO is a bad thing and you should be put in prison and on the other side find and make up excuses to still buy their records and adore the people who do this.

If this is a good or a bad thing in the long run is another discussion. For now it has served human DNA pretty well.

Comment Re:Verizon is going to get in trouble (Score 1) 139

I am sitting next to him at the bar. His phone explodes, I have burns now. Does he have enough to cover all that? He is aware that now he is liable for everything, right?
He forgot it at a friends house. The house burns down. They find the phone and it looks as if that might have been the cause. Paytime.
He is alone in his car. It burst into flames. He pulls at the steering wheel and drives over a kid. Nice one.

Comment Re:Why not name him? (Score 1) 122

In Belgium the employer can ask if you have a clean slate. What they will get is a yes or no. After a while these will be removed depending the type of crime. You also see the time it happened.
It is only in very specific places where I was responsible for customers money that this was actually asked. If you are a desk jockey, most likely nobody will ask.

Comment Re:Why not name him? (Score 1) 122

Innocent until proven guilty. Also the way Europe thinks about privacy is different from how the US thinks about it.
In Europe everything is private unless it is public.
In the US everything is public unless it is private.

And this is for all people, not just for a selected group. This thus includes people who are in prison. It is not that they suddenly are perceived as sub-human. They are still part of our society.

Comment This amazes me (Score 1) 119

I live in Belgium and everybody (or at least every adult) can join a union if they want to. You have a selection of unions where you can go to, regardless where or if you work. There are some that are more specialized. e.g. for train staff, for white color, for management (yes, they can join a union as well), military and there will be several that will be specialized.

I just am with one that is close to where I live, because that is what was important to me.

So I just join the union and that is about it. None of the companies I worked for cared, except one, because they paid the contribution. When people are hired, nobody will ask if you are union or not, because nobody cares. I can imagine you are not even allowed to ask, but it is not important.

Also if the company has more than 50 employees, you have to have social elections that will vote for union representatives that will have monthly meetings with management.

So we have the choice and in reality every company with more than 50 people is unionized. All of them. By law.

The advantage is that it keeps the companies in check a bit. I get my 35 days vacation. I get several weeks payment minimal when they fire me (unless I did something illegal) and if there are major cuts in staffing, they will negotiate a much better deal than I ever could. e.g. 7 months pay after working somewhere for 2 years for me. Minimum was 3.5 months for somebody who was there for 1 month and others who worked there longer it was a lot more.

So yeah, I think it is strange that anybody could forbid me to join a union or even decide that I MUST join a union, or I can not get the job. (See, works both ways)
From what I see, the US has guilds not unions. A guild is something that protects the profession. A union protects its members. At least that is the difference to me.

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