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Comment More should do this (Score 1) 49

Where I work we have whitelisted sites. That means just access to some sites we need to do our job. And no, you do not need Google to do your job in 99% of the cases.
We also have PCs that have connection to the Internet in case there is that 1% where you need to look something up. These are on a separate network with a separate Internet connection.
We also have PCs for Internet use in the area where we eat that are free to use and on that same separate connection.

White listings are done on a group basis. e.g. the IT department will have different accounts as HR or accounting.
They are pretty easy with giving access. A request is handled with in a few hours and in the mean time there are still other PCs available.
Obviously not everybody can ask a white listing and not all will be accepted.
Yes, even the CEO has 2 PCs in his office. One for Internet and one secure. In General there is an Internet PC for every 10-20 people. Some teams are smaller and have one. Some are bigger and have more than one as needed. As we are in Europe, we have open space and no cubicles.

The ones in between the offices are used for work, the ones where we eat are used during breaks to check personal emails and to post to /.

And here come the reactions why it would not be a good idea for some people to do it, even if it works.

Comment Re:Just no (Score 2) 138

It will not be irrelevant. What marketing companies are doing is to analyze the data to determine who is most likely to be interested in a certain add. They do this by looking at e.g. your location, your gender, things you previously liked and your age. There are hundreds of data points they use to analyze this before they decide to send you the specified ad. This will lead to about 0.73% of the people who actually might be interested in the product.

And then to be sure, they also send it to everybody else, so nobody misses out.

Comment They might know it better than you do (Score 1) 180

In Belgium I once used a site similar to but for Belgium. First I took the test and came to a conclusion that I was not voting for the correct party.So I took it more serious the next time with more finetuning. Took a fair bit of my time. About an hour or so.and again landed with that same party that I thought was the wrong one.Then I looked into the party I thought I should be voting for and I looked at what the computer told me I should be voting for and it seemed that the computer was right.
It was right about me and knew my political preference better than I did.

I know that the majority of people who take the test and land with a different conclusion will come up with why the computer was wrong and why they were right and find or make up excuses. It just prooves that voting is not so mutch a rational process, but more an emotional process.

I changed the party I should vote for instead of changing my point of view. Many people are not willing to do that and will stand with their party till they die, because that it how they think it should be.

This is at least true for everybody who I talked with about this. Remember that Belgium is a multy party system, where you can vote from almost extreme right up to comunism and eerything in between.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 114

The last question is: What do you have to do to the tank to FACILITATE this so that it isn't being done on an ad hoc basis?

That is not the last question. The last question is if it will be cheaper in monies, The development and testing of such things will not be nothing. You also need to look at how much space they need and what the running cost will be. It needs to be filled with oxygen. It will need to be cleaned and filtered and what not. Doing the change from something that hold very toxic stuff to something you cane live in on a spaceship is also what needs to be considered.

I can easily see that, for now, building a separate living environment is cheaper, even if the sending it up will be more expensive. It will be different if you are stating to build a colony, but for a lab it will be different.
It is not like a container that you ship somewhere with food and then let people keep it to live in.

Comment Re:Why do people still go there? (Score 1) 340

I went there because a friend lived there and she already came to Europe several times, so it was my time. Really liked how outdated almost everything is.

And I don't think many really care about tourists from outside the USofA. I can imagine that many would be happy if they stopped coming. Tourists are great if you make a living of them, otherwise they are a nuisance at best.

What would happen if they stopped coming is that they would say that people where afraid of terrorism so they did not come and that terrorism is the cause and what they need is stricter rules to fight it.

Comment Re:does not replace mount (Score 2) 531

.... so far. The next stap will be "Hey, we wrap it already, why not put it in there as well.

The system is started with a bootloader that treis to do everything to run an init that tries to do everything that has a GUI that tries to do everything to run a desktop that tries to do everything with in it a brower that tries to do everything to look at a website that tries to do everything.

Where is the tme that each piece of software did their seperate part and did that well. And if I wanted to change that piece, I did and it STILL worked.

Comment Re:Sounds quite boring tbh (Score 1) 282

I never thought driving in traffic was a shitty experience. I just listened to audio books, so no stress. That is a personal choice.

I have already replaced my commute, because of great public transport. So I am already being driven. I am able to post things on Slashdot. If I desire I already can do anything exiting. Many people are doing the same and this since already a long time.

So why did I change? Money. Now I do not pay anything. Company pays it. So I sold my car and use public transport and car sharing ( for other things. And even if I could use a self driven car, why would I, because it will take more time for me to commute from and to work, regardless if I drive or sit in the car.

Moneywise, I save about 200EUR per month and that is estimated on the low side.

So I personally am not waiting for self driving cars. OTOH on a technical level, yes please. I am interested in how it will work out. It is new, so I am curious, even though I know how devastating it will be for all those who are now drivers. From pizza delivery to teamsters, they can also start doing more exciting stuff, like post on Slashdot as they have nothing else to do.

Comment Re:WTF?!?!?!? (Score 1) 75

Because now you can take sacreenshots of information on the screen that you otherwise would not be able to see because it is over a secure connection.
e.g. You want to know what a terrorist or child molester has on his screen, but they use a secure connection. Now you just connect to the browser via an ad that runs on a separate tab and take a screenshot that you send to you.

This will only be used for these reasons and only after a court has given the order. It will not be possible to abuse this in any way.

Comment Re:Fix: Counter Suit (Score 1) 99

The fact that somebody cheats is one thing and yes, you should be responsible for your actions.

The fact that you spy on somebody is something separately and should not be influenced by the cheating. Because, what if the one person found out and NO cheating was going on. Then suddenly it becomes stalking.

Comment Re:Many on Slashdot can say, "I told you so" (Score 1) 100

And you think they now go "Darn, you are right. It was a silly idea."? No, they will just be louder. Why? because they are interested in backdoors, not in security. If that breaks security is not relevant to them. It would even make it easier for them.

If you say 1:0 as a score, they should be playing the same game and they don't. Just like people calling their game Football, it is two different games.

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