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Comment Re:That's a funny new definition of "entitlement" (Score 1) 415

distribution was physical so it made sense to restrict availability based on geographical location.

Why? I see no reason why this is a good reason.
It might have had an influence on availablity and perhaps even price. But otherwise, not really.

Just because you at "Internet" or "digital" to something does not change it.

Comment Re:That's a funny new definition of "entitlement" (Score 1) 415

The market has not rejected them. The market is still there. The (current) suppliers have rejected them. So the market looks for other suppliers.
The market is demand. The demand is still there. And it WILL be fed. If not legally, then illegally.

Just like during th prohibition, the war on drugs; prostituation or making love to a person of the same gender.

Standard 101 supply and demand economics.

Comment Re:It's bad enough they don't tip (Score 1) 167

I would go for that in every situation. Why does tipping still exist? Because the employer gains by it. As a customer I understand the situation, but I rather have the amount on the bill, I pay that and that's it. And yes, that includes taxes as well.
And your bank is also providing material support. Every business that has employees provides material support for their employees.

I do not see why it is ok for one job, but not ok for another.

It works in Europe, so it can not be that hard to implement it. Ands it works from the smallest of smallest to the biggest of biggest companies.

When I go to a restaurant or bar in Europe, I know the person gets a wage. I know that the price in the menu is what I will pay. The same at the bakery, buying shoes or ordering a spliff in Amsterdam. McD can do it. The newsstand can do it. Taxis can do it.

The only advantage of not showing the real price is being allowed to lie to your customers and make it look like it is less expensive than it really is. So this is not good for me, as a customer.
I understand why business wants it. Does not mean that as a customer I agree with it. I do not need to defend the point of view of the store or company.

Comment Re: Subversion of the West (Score 1) 1041

I live and work in Belgium since many, many years.
Yes, you need to be creative to live of the cheese, but it is possible. It is to make you survive, not to make you live well.
If your SO has a high paying job, then you indeed do not need the extra income.
If it MADE you look for and get a job, good. You now have a job instead of living of people.
I have been through the mill in Belgium and I see some things.

If you have worked, you get unemployment benefits. Those get less after a while. And finaly you get a minimal living income wage. As you were able to get a job (because it was easier than to not get one) you do not actually need that free income. So it worked out for society.
To be discarded by the social system means that you are not doing some things they ask you to do, like looking for a job or following some course or be available when they ask you.

Again: I live in Belgium. I know the social situation and when people get thrown out of the system. I have seen the reasons with my own eyes. One example:
A peson who is a carpenter tells he can't get a job. That is a job that NEEDS people. He was proposed a job to work in a factory, but he did not feel like doing windows all day. So they trew him out.
People unable to work, but doing some job on the side. When cought, they get trown out.
What I see in my job on a daily basis is people who are unable to pay food, but still walk around with an iPhone or Samsung Galixy S. (All phones are unlocked by law in Belgium)
Yes, there are some sad cases. Shit happens everywhere. Yes you have to be creative, but do not forget:
It is supposed to be a safety net, so you can get back on your feet. If your SO has a high income, you do not need that net. She is that net.

And there are plenty of places where people can go to for advice. The only confusing part is to select WHERE to get your information. OCMW is one. VDAB is another, Your Union a third (if you are unemployed). And they will at least point you in the right direction.

And although Belgium is much netter than average, it is far from a socialist paradise.

Comment Re:Why does it need to be political at all? (Score 2) 670

Idealized feudal past and its Divine Right of Kings vs. vilified Industrial Revolution and its robber barons. Or, if you prefer, how right wing wants to see themselves vs. how they actually are.

As the winner writes the history books, that is hard to tell. I see it as a group that wants to keep the races separate. Pure appartheit with the results that in the end only men are left.
The ones that lost where the ones that wanted to let all live next to each other and among each other.

It is fun to read the books with that in ,ind as well as the fact that the winner wrote history, so heroes might not be heroes.

Comment Re:The problem is not copyrights (Score 1) 45

Several years ago I saw a letter from the countries (Belgium) legal system to the countries MPAA that said basically: If you have somebody that is making money from copies, we will help you. If you go after people who share, we will not be happy you are wasting our time.

The providers did not cooperate as they said to the MAFIAA: we will NOT give you the data from user X, because that is agains the law to share without a court order.

So what happens now is not much. The pirates that get caught are those that are selling. The ones that share a LOT might get a letter from their provider to stop if what they are doing is against the AUP. So you either continue or change provider.

If the MAFIAA would go after you and you did not make any money from it and the judge accepts the case, it would be a "don' do that, you naughty boy" punishment, not a Brazillian EURO deal.


Comment Re:I commit ageism (Score 1) 554

I HATE it when people overdress for an interview. Dress clean. Suit and tie is not needed. But then this is Belgium and not the USofA, so dresscode is differently.

I am not taling about people who will wear a suit and tie in their private life. Please go ahead. But most of the time you see people enter who have no idea how to tie a tie, what collor works for them and the worst part, a suit that is too large or too small.

To me that comes across has hiding who you are and to me that means I will not know who I am going to hire. And that means I will not select you.

I myself have dressed down for a job as it would not require suits. When I go to an interview, I will dress for that job. I will see that my clothes are clean and have the right color. I will dress for the job and I will look if I am dressed as the people who interview me are and the people I see walking around.

I will even ask questions about it if I have any doubt. (When I start here, is this what I wear apropriate, or would you prefer that I wear a tie when I accept the position?)

I also know that it is only part of the whole process and you might not get the job, regardless of what you wear.

Comment Re:No, that means your pay is about to go down (Score 1) 271

When ypu are salaried, they will give you that much tasks that you can only do it in 80 hours. So no, a combination of salaried and hours is what is needed for the people working.

As a European, this is how it works. Having gliding hours to work is possible within that. I know people who work 4 days instead of 5 days and still do the needed hours. I know people who have very lenient working hours and can start anywhere between 7 and 8. Also working longer and shorter weeks.

Much depends on company to company. Where I work and the fuction I have, there is no way I could do that, It depends on the job, the company, the manager AND the employee. If I have a hard working staff member, I am more lenient than with a slacker.

I have send people home earlier because there was nothing to do, but believe you me, that was due to external issues (No network due to reasons). It was never because there was no work. If that happens once, people can go home. If it happens many times, you either have to many people working for you and you need to fire some, or you have other issues, that can be solved in different matters that you are insured for as a company.

In Belgium we used to have a difference between blue and white collar workers and that has been solved. Peole are now workers with the same rights.

You are paid for X hours per month, so you do what they tell you to do for that amount of time. Note that this is per month, not per week. And it depends on the situation.

Comment What is the relevance of the gov adresses? (Score 2) 50

On 1MM addresses, I am amazed that ONLY 170 are gov addresses, but that is not it was worded. Some people just smart enough to not enter their own email address for reason (perhaps they do not have a PC or no Internet at home), but are not smart enough or do not make their Gmail or Hotmail address.

So unless it is some seriously high member of Gov, this is absolute irrelevant information and to me that means that the rest is likely also irrelevant information.

Comment Re:"Clean diesel" is an oxymoron (Score 4, Informative) 215

In Europe (at least in Belgium) these cars would not be allowed on the road anymore. Does not matter if you are owner 1 or 10. Every two years the car needs to be tested and if it fails, you are not allowed to drive the car anymore. You will not get insurance and if you drive and get caught with a car that is not allowed on the road and no insurance, things go bad pretty fast.

So the maximum amount you could drive it till it falls apart is 2 years, with an average of 1.

What most people do at that point is sell them to somebody who will not bring it on the road in Europe (otherwise, another test) and export it to Africa.

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