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Comment Re:Monopolistic abuse (Score 1) 396

The scarifice people have to make is not buying Linux. People buy things all the time. The thing is being able to buy it and people will. They buy Android phones just as they buy Apple or any other type of phone. Why? Because itis pre-installed.

The majrity of people still does not buy or install an OS and they never will. They buy a PC with whatever is on it. They might not even know what an OS is.

Just like people buy a car with the radio it comes in. It is not that hard to replace it. The replacement will be better in almost any way. People still can't be bothered.

So why are there no Linux machines for sales and why does it work with Android devices? Money.

On Windows they pre-install several programs. e.g. an anti-virus program. They in turn pay for the price the factory pays for Windows, so no price fifference anymore and perhaps even a loss.

If anything is going to throw Windows from their throne, it will be Android. Not sure if that is for the better to just replace one Monopoly on the OS on another with absolute power ofer all the data.

Comment Re:Netflix v. Cable? How about Netflix v. HBO (Score 2) 172

The fact that it lacks news or sports is not something I would mind. I do not have cable anymore, so I won't pay for any of it. I live in Europe and what I would get would basically be:
Programs in 7 or more languages. Sounds nice, but is basically all the same in different languages.

What I see when I turn on a tv at my parents in Spain, my sister in Germany or with friends anywhere else is:
NCIS in some form. No idea if they are re-runs or just another spin-off. Some people singing and other judging them. No idea if these are reruns or just another spin-of.
The news. No idea if these are ... OK with that I know they are re-runs.

Once at night on German TV they had news from 30 years ago. Amazing how nothing has really changed. The names have, but it was basically identical to what is going on now.

From that moment on, I decided not to watch news anymore. Just not worth my time.

And no, no Netflix. Now KickAssTorrent is gone, I might not even follow most shows anymore. I have not even looked for a replacement. I might even be tempted to get out of my moms cellar.

Comment Re:One unsaid goal is to ease confiscation (Score 1) 128

It is higly regulated, because they can. Transfering money takes 2 working days when you transfer from or to a business account, because 9/11. Just before that date, they already had the direct payment between people in place. The US cried wolf and obviously the banks are not complaining.

Getting a credit gets harder. Not because people earl less, but because there are more rules. And why? Because it is possible. No other reason. Well, the reason is mostly money laundering and yes there will obviously be more money maundering, because they catch more people, because they get better at it.

More drugs? Not in Europe.

That said, it is extremely easy to move money from one account to another. I do it all the time. Just when it is more than 10.000EUR you will have to do it twice or take some extra time, because that is the tresh hold for the bank to start a separate investigation. They do not like to do that, so they just do not allow it by standard, but will when you ask them.

The restrictiveness in the banking workd I seer (in Belgium) is mostly to protect the individual from taking so much credit he can't pay anymore, so to protect them from themselves or an extention from what already existed. e.g. the definition of what is illegal. e.g. legal money for illegal activities is now illegal. That did not used to be the case.

Comment Re:You can't blame them. (Score 0) 343

I am sure that the majority of people who yells 'fuck you to all scumbag companies' are just as willing to participate in the rac to the bottom by buying things directly from China, because it is 20 cents cheaper.

It is their way to say "fuck you to all the scumbag companies" I guess. And with that, they told others that moving overseas is actualy a good idea.

Comment Re:It's also instability (Score 1) 343

That must be communist Washington, because I live in socialist Belgium and the process to fire somebody who does not show up goes as follows:
First time, oral warning
Second time, written warning
Thrid time,second final warning
Fourth time, your are fired.

And they do not even need to do step two and three.
It also means you are fired for ugent reasons, so no farewell check and no unemployment benefits. So you get away with nothing.

The same will happen if you are late for work, although they might add a step or 2 where they talk with the person and see why it happens.

Now if they want to fire you because you do not do your job, they will add extra steps again to see what the reason is. They can then still fire you, but they will have to pay a severance pay. I have seen companies not fire people because they were unwilling to pay the severance pay.

In once case the person was unhappy, told this to anybody and they said 'so leav' and he did not want to do that. He wanted to get fired, wo he would get a severnce pay and unemployment benefits. He made a stupid mistace that would have cost him 5EUR or less, but I saw it happen. It was seen as fraude and he could leave right away.

I have been on both sides of the table. If they want to fire somebody, they will. Oh and it does not matter if they are in a Union (unless they are a voted for Union rep, then the rules are a bit different), The same rules will apply and if you are stupid, the Union will not protect you.

Comment Re:Free time (Score 1) 343

Where people in the past had some reasonable security when they had a job, that is now gone. And starting for yourself has never been so cheap. A website and you are in business. And most likely the website is cheaper than business cards.

And if it fails, you also have not lost that much and you can start the next website with whatever you intend to sell or nmake. If they are lucky, they are the next Uber or Facebook or whatever. If not, all they did was vote against solcial values in case they become the 1% that lives the American dream. And all that they lost is some sleep and time with friends and family.

Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 317

Back room? Where I went, they just take a swipe of your hand when you stand at the scanner. They do the same with lugage if they so desire. No need to separate me from my phone or from my wallet or whatever they want to swipe.

Because that could lead to the fact that I would say they planted it. A lot easier to use proof if that is off the table.

And as far as I can tell in Brussels they do it pretty random. I have been swiped and not been swiped. Similar clothing and also I have see old people seen swiped as well as not seen swiped. Same for people of other ethnicities. I have not seen any trigger or light or counter, so perhaps they just check every Xth person.

Comment Re:Encryption (Score 1) 317

I do the opposite. I leave it unencrypted and I have no passwrords enabled when I cross the border. All data is removed from any device.

That way when they want to take a look, they see a blank system. Then when I am in country, I will restore my system over network and add the passwords again.
They can seize my phone, but there is no data to decrypt, so no resaon to try to preasure it out of me.

I do this both with my phone and my PC. First try this at home to see how this works. See that the restore is done over a secure connection. I use my own server at home, not anything in the cloud.

Comment Re:Globalization is GREAT! (Score 1) 611

You mean the state government or the country should handle it? And I asume you will not buy anything from outside your own state/country because that is how those people are being brought out of extreme poverty.

So if you don't like it. Do not shop at Wallmart and Amazon, do not buy electronics made in Asia and only buy local grown food.

Comment Re:John Deere is evil. (Score 1) 639

There are several ways of "owning".
The ones we use most are rent, lease and own. There are some lesser know ones and they basically mean owning till a certain time or situation arrises.

e.g. you can own a piece of land for 99 years or till e;g; in the case of HongKong till 1999.
You can also "own" property till you die. Or more specific becoe the owner when sombody dies. That means I am the owner, but I can not move in till the other person dies. The other person can live there till they die, but are not the owners. Payment then can be done up front or for each year you live, you get money.

And if your lawyer does not find these things in a contract of $800K, it means the law is not clear enough or your lawyer was a shitty one. Because you bet I will go over each and every letter in such a contract and if it is not clear I ask "what does this mean". Sure it will take all day. I will make time for that.
If the people who deal with contracts day in and day out think that takes too long, simplify them.

And yes, I have read legaleese and know why it has to be written like that in some cases. Because the law requires that exact wording.

That does not mean they are not abusing the DMCA. I think the DMCA is not being abused. It is used as it was intended. It was sold to the people that it was something else, but it is used as intended.

Well, that is what you get when you vote for companies. Next you have the choice to vote what companies make more money from the government. Will it be the more liberal companies or the more conservative companies and then you realiwe they are the same companies. Happy voting.

Comment Re:My PCP has a "scribe!" (Score 1) 326

My doctor types in what I am there fore, print outs the prescriptions (so they are readable) and papers for the insurance. If he would have a scribe, I would ask that scribe to leave.

Once every 2 years I need to sign a paper that the other doctors in the office are allowed to access my data. If not, they will not see it.

I do not need to wait that long as I make an appointment online. I calculate an hour when I go to the doctor. It is a doctors group that has 6 or 7 doctors. I choose that, so when the doctor is on a holiday or sick, I can go to another one. Happened already.

One time I had somebody else in the room. They were students and he asked first if it was ok, they did a diagnose and then were asked to leave again by him.

But a scribe? I would throw that person out as fast as my sick body can manage.

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