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Comment Re:as far as I am concerned (Score 1) 83

Years ago I was watching a lot of TV at night. Asa there was only drivel, out of sheer boredom I watched TV news from Germany from 30 years ago. I speak German and live in Europe.
What I was amazed about was that it was almost identical as the current news. Not so much the presentation, but the stories.
The only thing that had changed where the names and locations. Since then I have not followed any news channel. And I must say that I am less stressed.

Comment Re:Cognitive Load (Score 1) 164

Most people are unable or unwilling to attempt to remember the umpteen dozen unique passwords they would need on a daily basis

This makes me mad when IT people are blame shifting as this is like "you are holding your phone wrong" sort of excuse. Security must look at the weakest link and see how they can handle it, not blame the weakest link.

I am not unwilling, but simply unable to remember all my passwords. I have around 50 sites that I use on a regular places and that includes banks, stores, home, email, fun sites and what not.

I can not install a password tool. Tried it once, had a HW crash and then I was fucked. Luck would have it that I wanted to use it because of ease and I had not yet transferred all my passwords to it. I will not be using an online system, because I do not trust them. Not that they are not trustworthy, but because they will be broken into at one point or another. Just a matter of time.
I also do not have the (legal) ability to install them on machines that do not belong to me.

So what I now have is basically layers of 6 passwords.
1) Home access. Highest level as this will have access to everything
2) Email services. These will be used for verification of other things, except what I do at home. I use only 2.
3) Banks. Separate from Email. Confirmation goes to email.
4) Stores. Places I buy things from on a regular basis. I have a list of these
5) All the rest.
6) Work. These must be changed each month and because of that they are the weakest. Also some systems accept only 8 characters, so I use that for everything.

I also use separate emails for every store in 2-4. e.g. for this site and for my bank. Easy to not only filter out to the correct folder and easy to detect fraude, but also nice to see who is selling your email address and stop doing business with them.

5 secure passwords and a weak one I can remember. More will not be reasonable. If one of the 1-4 is compromised, it is pretty easy to replace. If it is in 5, I might loose the ability to post cat pictures to Imgur and the like. If 6 is compromised, it is not my problem.

And passwords are not the only thing anymore. Pin codes are much more important now. They are shorter and they will be linked to my bank and are on my phone. So having something there is much bigger issue. Just watch in the queue at Starbucks and you see people typing their password and you can easily see what it is most of the time.

Comment Re:Long overdue (say what?) (Score 1) 260

Do understand that not lying is not the same as telling the truth. I can not give you essential information and that would lead you to buy a product that does not do what you expect it to do.

I could sell you software on a CD, but not tell you you need to buy a separate key to unlock it for 500 more. I did not lie.

Comment People with power are like children (Score 4, Insightful) 184

People with power and everybody else are like children.
If your kid steals a cookie and you don't do anything, he will keep stealing cookies. He then will not steal them, but just take them. First you ask, then you beg and then you yell. He will still take the cookies.
Put that kid on a timeout once and 99% of the kids will stop stealing cookies. The other 1% needs to be learned in other ways. But what will happen is if you put these together, the 99% will be an influence of the 1% and prevent the 1% of stealing the cookie.

What have these kids learned? They have learned that there will be consequences. To be fair, sometimes the consequences are worth it. I would gladly stand in timeout for a GREAT cookie.

However never getting a reprimand is the cause of the problem of escalated cookie stealing.

Comment off YouTube...? (Score 1) 308

You are the proof that age is in the eye of the beholder. My experience stats well before the 90-ies. There was shitty popular music before that as well. And I mean A LOT.

I remember that Abba was called shitty music and if you liked Abba, you were a shitty person. That said, even before Abba, I was only into music because of the memories it created with friends. My parents have the same attitude towards music and the records they have where Nat King Cole and Carlos Cardel and the like. And even at that time there was a LOT of shitty popular music.

So it is not the popular music that died. It is that you do not like popular music and that is ok. I never realy like ANY music ever. I just liked the situation it created.

Comment Re:Consumers (Score 2) 308

0.5$ to 1$ is a decent price if you buy a CD at the store. You then need to pay for the whole distribution part, the physical CD and the profit of each person involved in the whole chain.

Please do not set your buying prices at what you are willing to pay. Set them at what they are willing to ask (and still make a profit).

The reason the labels are not giving what consumers want is because consumers tell them they are willing to pay 1USD. Now obviously there are solutions. is one of them. 80-90% goes to the copyright holder and there that is most of the time the people who make the music. No DRM and flac if you want it.

Comment off YouTube...? (Score 4, Insightful) 308

My headset costs 15EUR. The music boxes I have at home are around the same price range. I listen to music to have background noise. Do you seriously think I need to have the perfect quality of music?

When I go to a live performance, I am more interested in the "sharing an experience with friends" part then I am listening to the music. In fact, some of the best evenings where when the music was absolutely horrible. (Lousy music AND lousy PA)

So no, I do not put value into decent sounding music. To me music is like a hammer, a tool to either share time with friends or family (that is what I value); a way to have memories about these events by listening to the music and have my memory triggered or just as background.

It could very well be that I value things you deem worthless and I will not judge you for that, so please do not look down on others who do not have the identical values as you have.

Comment Re:Nice Try NSA (Score 1) 375

I wonder what it would take to NOT be followed by them.Watch Zero Days where they admit to at least monitor the whole of Iraq, regardless if they were suspects or not.

I mean; if they have the ability why would they NOT monitor everybody. It is clear that the public has no influence if they are allowed to do it or not. They and other agencies have confessed that they did and they got away by saying "Yes, we did spy on everybody. So fucking what?" and nobody does anything.

It is an alternative ending to "You can't handle the truth" where it does not ends with "Take him away" but with the more realistic "Sorry for bothering you.".

Comment Re:Nice Try NSA (Score 1) 375

It is only paranoid if you THINK you are being followed, not if you ARE actually being followed.

Fun fact: I was (at least one day) followed during my visit in Sweden. Either they really wanted me to know or they thought I was so worthless that they send the stupidest person after me.

And yes, I was actually being followed. I am not a paranoid person, so it took some efford on their part for me to notice. Shame they never send me the pictures they made, because mine where shit.

Comment Re:Four reasons (Score 1) 375

2) He had previously attempted to go through channels and this failed to do anything. But once it went public, real changes were made as a direct result of his actions.

You make it sound like a good thing. The people who decide if he gets a pardon or not will have a different idea if that was a good thing or not and they have.

They will also have the idea that this will encourqge LESS people to bring things TO THE PUBLIC. They will be less interested if things are sold to long as they can have it.
If they have access to your PC all is good. If others have access as well, thing are not good, but still ok. If they don't have access anymore, things are BAD! At least for them.

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