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Comment Re:resistance is futile (Score 1) 195

Are you trying to start a war? ...Wallonia, the French speaking region of Flanders...and Brussels
Should have been: ...Wallonia, the French speaking region AND Flanders...
or ...Wallonia, the Dutch speaking region of Flanders...

So in fact it is all of Belgium that is against it. as there are only these three entities on that political level. Yes, I live in Flanders and work in Brussels.

Comment Re:Makes some sense (Score 1) 175

If you call your mom or grandmom or great aunt or somebody else who has no idea how a computer works, never ask "Do you see button XXX" because the anser will be yes, regardless if the system is on or even in the room. The reason for this, I believe, is that we are taught that it is very wrong to give either the wrong answer and say that you do not know anything.

Comment Re:But what is a lie? (Score 1) 175

Lying goes further than what people are looking for. It is more about the intend to mislead the person. Even when not telling the truth does not mean you are lying.

e.g. I take the train to work each day and the train takes (if there are no delays) 22 minutes. If somebody asks me how long it takes I say "half an hour" most of the times. Even if I know that the time is not correct and I assume the person know that it won't be 30 minutes exactly, I would not see this as a lie.
Now if I know that the person needs to have a connection so he can take his flight and I say 22 minutes, I would consider that as a lie. Why would that be a lie as the correction is correct? Because I can assume that the question was not really about the duration of the train trip, but about catching their plane.
The correct info would be that even if the trip is 22 minutes, to calculate an hour, because the train can leave up to 5 minutes later and not be seen as delay and even if the train leaves on time, delays might happen in that short trip. Also if the train does not go at all, he still can get the next one and be on time.

Now if that first person where I told how long the trip was is asked, somebody else might ask it and he will say 30 minutes. He would also no be lying, because he does not have the correct information and he does not know that he does not.

Lying is more about the willingness to mislead people than it is about telling the truth.
Car example:
Naming your system auto-pilot is lying, even if you know that an auto-pilot need human interaction and an alert driver/pilot. You know what people will understand it means and if you still use it that way just to say late "but we did not mean that" is lying.

Comment Re:And what about Wi-Fi (Score 1) 233

If the IT is part of your gameplay, it becomes part of the game. Just like the headphones and the marketing.

Or would you say that a bank does not need to do IT well, because they are a bank and not an IT company? Or a provider does not have to do accounting well, because they are not an accounting company?

So if you get non-working hardware then you have not tested it enough. Probably because a lot of money has been paid to do it that way, instead of looking what was really needed.

What they should have said is "We do not have the knowledge, so we do not want these devices until we have the knowledge." Instead they said "Give us a few million and we use an Etch-A-Scetch" or a wet newspaper for all we care. (Insert joke how that would have been better)

Comment Re:Set up correct secondary DNS servers (Score 1) 340

So my IoT thing sends out a http request on port 80 of your web server, is that a DDOS attack or is that a valid request?
There used to be a website where so many people went to a posted URL that the server could not follow the requests. This was called slashdotting.
These were all legitimate requests. With a DDOS the requests are not legimate in a sense that the owner of the device did not want to do the request. So I have some questions:
How do you know the difference between a legimate and non-legimate HTTP request?
How will DNS solve in any way?

Comment Re:Something you have, something you know (Score 1) 427

Hello, please give us you passcode AND your thumb, or you will be detained for a period of time during working hours. That means you will not be able to get to work and you will likely be without a job very soon.
To help that along, we will call your employer to say that you have been detained concerning a childporn investigation. Do not say anything to anybody, because then we will be angry and I or anybody in the department if I get thrown in jail, will go after you and destroy your life.
You have 5 seconds to comply.

Comment Re:Seems like violating the 4th amendment, not the (Score 1) 427

I keep hearing about these amendements. Can anybody explain what they are? Are they some part of Klingon culture, because it sure isn' something that is valid in the real world.

At this moment I see them as nice discussion points, but nothing more. As long as you can not uphold a law, it isn't worth the paper it was written on.

The situation now is that if people with enough power are cought, they say "So what?" as nothing will be done.

Comment Has nothing to do with opinion (Score 1) 635

There you go, this is proof that you can't even have an alternative opinion.

You are right, you can NOT have an alternative opinion, because this is not about an opinion. If I put a knife in your kids head and you say that that killed your kid, I am not aloud to say "But that is, like, just your opinion." So if you do the same with my kid, I will not allow you that excuse either.

Comment Re:Capitalism of exploration (Score 1) 403

I live in Belgium and Belgians (Flemish) are not the same as Belgians (Walloons). And the difference in working laws and mentality between Flanders and The Netherlands is so great that many companies have a hard time operating in both.
The way you adress people (be it customers or workers) is so different that where it is polite in one place, it will be felt as an insult in the other.

And also: it is al about being efficient. This might be great for managers and companies. Most people I know in Europe are not interested in efficiency. They are interesten in their free time.

Comment Re:Obvious takeaway here? (Score 1) 41

What is the CIAs goal? I am going to take that as "Why would the CIA do it, if it doen't even work in a school."
The reason is "We weren't really seeing a lot there."
The 'not a lot' means that something was seen. For the CIA that something might be an attack that will be prevented or identificaation of a network they were not aware about or even info on a person who now can be seen as dangerous and needs closer observation.

1 in a million is worth it for the CIA. 1 in a million is not worth it for a school.

If you agree that they do it or not and/or if it is legal is a whole different question, but that is why they want to mo,itor everybody and everything. Because it makes their job easier.

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