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Comment Re:From what I can tell (Score 1) 525

EU is a bunch of national politicians patronizing their voters first, by introducing unpopular laws and measures they couldn't possibly introduce directly.

This is also the reason why people hate the EU and Brussels. Because their local politicians keep using it as an excuse that "well, we tried, but, you know, Brussels said so." That is obviously easier tan to say that you are actualy in favour of a decision that you know will be not well received withing your voting system.

It is as if they aresaying that we should stop hitting ourselves while they hold our arm and blame Brussels when they ae caught.

So no The EU is not the only option, but as of now it is a whole lot better than without it. Competing as separate enteties, none of them means anything.

Football analogy. You can have 11 outstanding players, but they are nothing if they are all individuals and you can play them one by one. Even an average team will win. And that would mean we hand ourselves over to either the US or the Russians and I am not sure wich is worse in the long term.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 2) 626

I remember when we went to the Euro. People all said it would be worse and we would loose money and what not. The Euroa was apparently a very bad idea.

Not sure in other countries, but in Belgium prices did not jump besides the standard increases. And what is more important, the money they used WAS already a Euro. It was just named differently in each and every country.

A bit like the Imperial system that uses the Inch, but is actually SI where it is fixed how long an inch is comaperd to cm. So if the cm changes, the inch changes.

Same with the euro, before it was real monies. You Franc, Guilder or Mark where fixed to the EUR.

And then that first trip from living in Belgium, visiting friends in The Netherlands, to my sister in Germany and then a trip to my parents in Spain, all within a week and no need to change money. Delightfull.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 2) 626

Living in Belgium, working in Brussels.Many I know are also not mourning at all, but for different reasons.
The UK was never a full member of the EU as we see it. Not signing Schengen, not joining the EURO. Those are the major ones.
So we say: good riddance and we will welcome Scotland and Northern-Ireland. The last as an independent country or as a part of the Republic of Ireland. We have expereience with these situations.

You know why people blame the EU for all these new laws and burocracy? Bceuase it is easier for your local politician to say "I tried, but, you know, Brussels ..." than it is to say that it might be something unfavourable, but better in the end.

Is it 100% perfect? Obviously not, but it is better than having all these countries compete with each other. I live in Belgium. My sister lives in Germany, my parents in Spain and this since before the EURO, so I know what it is without all these advantages.

Roaming cost will be something of the past very soon. I can go to any country and buy something wiithout paying extra taxes or import things (some exceptions apply) and I can work anywhere I like.

So yes, for me the EU has more advantages than it has disadvantages and loosing a nagging UK will only benefit that. Will it hurt? A little bit perhaps as the markets panick. For the EU this will even out. For the UK? Probably not. They will be worse off, but who cares?

Comment Re:Easy solution PIV (Score 1) 104

In Belgium it is handled with the combination of you (obligatory) ID card that has a chip, a reader and a PIN you select yourself.

So all people need to do is get a card reader and install the software. It runs under Windos, Mac and Linux.
If you are paranoid, you could even compile it yourself as it is open source. http://eid.belgium.be/en

Comment So what is the solution? (Score 3, Insightful) 188

This is a social problem and IT tries to solve it with a technical solution. Enforcing this technical solution will not solve anything. At least not in the long run.

The issue is that everybody looks at the problem as a problem with THEIR system and forget that security is not a technical issue. It is a social issue. It is a process and humans are the most important part of that process as well the reason it exists.

I have some hundred websites with passwords. At mu job I can not even select my login, so that is an added bonus. Not all are maintained systems by our IT department. I am not an IT person, so I have no way of installing some password reminder program on my work PC (OK, I could and get fired for installing software on the system)

I have one system the rquires me to change the password EVERY FUCKING WEEK!
So yes, I make use of simpeler passwords. I write down the one that I need to change each week.

I have asked and not often gotten an answer why I must change my password every 30 days. If I need to change it every 30 days, why not 29, or 7 or every day? If I would need to replace my lock at home every month, I would doubt the security standard of said lock.

Unfortunately I do not have a solution. I just know what we have now is not workable anymore.

Perhaps a method where you use an RFID in combination with a PIN or even Bluetooth in combination with a PIN might work. Forgot your RFID? The procedure to get a backup should be pretty easy to implement.
There should also perhaps be a need for an 'override' procedure.

Whatever the solution is, you need to work with the people you want it to use.

Comment Re:Fourth Amendment (Score 1) 307

1) They had a warrant, but they did not need one.
2. There is no number 2

The fact that he downloaded kiddyporn is not relevant. Seriosuly, it isn't.

This is NOT about this one case. It is about the NEXT case where they do NOT need a warrant. That means they are able to get into YOUR computer now if they so like to (and they like to)

Comment Re:We need a penalty for retarded judges (Score 1) 307

Do they not understand it, or do they not care? I assume that these people are not idiots. I assume they will have no detailed knoweldge about a lot of things that are handled in their courts.

I would not expect them to have that information. It should not even matter that it IS a computer. To me it is clear:

You have something in your house. That means you need a warrant to see it. It does not matter if you enter the house through the door, through the window, through the chimney during X-mas or through some Inter-Tubes.

It does not matter if that box is a safe, akitchen with a meth lab or a computer.

Simple: Inside the house? Warant. There are no exceptions, like a phone that you take outside, like the data you send outside, like a car you drive onto the road.

But what you can do is vot next November and all will be well. At least they won't take your guns. Because why would they if they have all your data already.

Comment Re:Don't do it (Score 2) 176

As somebody who works for a company that could be called "asshole", we do not really care HOW you pay, as long as you pay.
But please do not come crying that you get late fees because your dog ate your bill or you were on a holiday or whatever. It was your choice to handle the payments yourself.

OTOH, we are no where near as much of an asshole as Comcast is. If we were, we would have been closed a LONG time ago. EU regulations and such.

Compalint procedure is as follows:
1) Try to find a solution with the customer
2) Written complaint by the customer, otherwise it is not a complaint
3) Still no solution? Official complaint where we have to pay 750EUR (I think) regardless if we were right or wrong
4) Legal steps

This means that sometimes we let it slide even though we are in our right as a company, so we do not need to pay the 750EUR. However: when you are a speical type of cunt of a customer, we WILL go all the way.

I personaly have forgiven 200-300EUR for a customer where we were in our right to do what we were doing; yet went after an asshole for 50.

What I often think is if you do not trust us, why do business with us in the first place? We don't do business with customers we do not trust (and there are a few of them).

And it works similar in thefew comapnies in different industries I have worked for in the last several years.

Comment Re:And nothing for rest of America. (Score 2) 59

So get me up to speed here (see what I did there?) You decide to live in a place where you know that essentials (need) are not available? Perhaps the choice of where you live was not that well made.

"But I was born here and things changed and when I bought it, I did not have that need". Well, either you do not actually need it as you are able to exist without it, or you DO need it and then you NEED to move to a place where what is essential for you is available.

This goes not only for fast Internet, this also goes for things like water, electricity or roads or the lack of them or whatever your needs are.

Comment Re:Obviously.. (Score 5, Insightful) 317

I am not even sure what the American Dream is. I see one person making a calculation on a 60 hour week and another a working year of 52 weeks.

As a European that sounds more like a nightmare. I rather have my 38 hours per week and 45 weeks per year. That way I can actually live my life and not just dream about it.

But then if the American Dream is to work as much as possible, more power to you. Just do not be surprised if people are less jealous of your dream.

Comment Re:Burying sites (Score 1) 245

They DO filter. Try looking for the name of a known porn actress on images. You will get a filtered result. Now try to turn that filter off. You can't.

Sure, there are some other companies who do search, but in reality, they are the only one. Next to that they are slowly buying all of the rest as well.

What I think that should be done is what is done before when a cartel was formed in the oil industry.

I truly believe that they are getting too big and this not only on a national, but on a global scale.
Remember when banks where too big to fail? That went well.

I think Orwell was an optimist.

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