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Comment Re:FB is a panopticon (Score 1) 209

I am glad that 15 years ago I decided to seperate my real and my internet identity. The short time I was on FB I did not even use my real name in the profile.

That does not mean people (or computers) won't be able to figure out my real identity. It is not even that hard. It just needs 2 extra steps to get to the conclusion and till now that is enough.

Anybody remember how Big Brother got his power? It was given to him. He never took it.

Comment Re:EU should act over forced upgrades via deceptio (Score 1) 472

Unwanted update asside, what would have happend if the HD would have gone out without the upgrade? Hardware breaks. Shit happens.
The real issue here is that they did not have a backup in place. Even worse, they had a single point of failure and that broke.

Here is what should have happened:
1) Do the (or any) upgrade and it breaks
2) Restore the situation as to when it was not broken with backups.
3) Start looking at a solution for the failed upgrade.
This could be Windows, Linux kernel or Notepad upgrades for all I care. There should have been no reason for non working software (points 2-5) after a restore.

The real issue is that the company was not ready and it was just a disaster waiting to happen where the WIndows update was merely the last drip in the bucket.

To me an OS version update is nice when it works, but I NEVER expect it to do. And that is while running Linux and having done many upgrades without any issue. I will never expect it to work. I can hope, but never expect as people will never know what I have done to my machine after I first booted it.

Comment Re:Pure Insanity (Score 1) 794

I doubt that. Then they would not do that.

I log in remotely via ssh and use e.g. 'screen'. The reason I use screen is that if I log out (e.g. if connections are lost when I am on the train), it still runs. So here a real life situation:
I log in over ssh and start to do whatever I do from the train. There is one tunnel where I lose connection. I reconnect. I get home and log in and take over the screen session. I close the terminal and I expect the screen session still to be running. Now I log out and the screen session closes, while I expected it to keep running whatever I had running in the screen session.
Fuck you very much.

It is a bootloader. Keep the fuck away of anything else. Cunts!

Comment Gotta love computers these days (Score 2) 794

I left Windows (when it was 95) for Linux, because all I could do more was copy/paste some things into the regedit that I had no real idea what they were doing.

With Linux I had a system that I could do things myself (and screw it up myself).

Now we have a BIOS that wants to do everything, running a boot loader that wants to do everything staring a GUI that wants to do everything with a Desktop that wants to do everything that runs a browser that wants to do everything to visit a site that wants to do everything.

And if you have an issue, they all yell "It wasn't me." and point their fingers to others as if they are toddlers who stole candy.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 121

Their business is build around THEM reading and then have people look for it so they can sell advertising. Please understand that you are the product.

What they do not want is OTHERS searching their data with a computer and selling it. All that the captcha is, is a robot.txt and they have it turned on and can be turned of for a (big) price)

Comment Re:Reasonable expectations. (Score 2) 133

As a business owner, I expect my employees to by reasonably available, even after hours.

This seems nice, but it isn't. You can ask people to come in when there is an emergency, but you can not expect them to do so.

The only way to expect it is to put it in writing and compensate people extra for it when it happens.

I personally tell my staff I expect them to NOT read any emails from home. I have even mocked some for doing so. (Did you think you make a promotion faster by reading emails at home, or are you unable to do your job in the time I assigned to you at the office?) One said the latter and then we looked into how he could do it. Turned out somebody tried to let him do their work. (think White Castle)

Comment ... on the Internet (Score 1) 241

Just because something is on the tubes does not mean you need to handle it differently. A software update is nothing else but what a recall in the car (or any other) industry is.

If my car has a malfunction, I get a recall, go to the garage and have it fixed. I do not need to pay for it (except in the time I spend going there).
If my canned food MIGHT have pieces of glass in it, I can replace it for free.
There are plenty of examples, so why would it be different just because it is a program or an app or whatever.

I would go the other way: If there is an app that gets an update and I decide that I do not want to use it anymore, as the software does not function as expected, do I get my money back in full?

e.g. a game has no need for access to my phone numbers and suddenly it needs that access for some reason (or network access or whatever) that means to me that the software was not functioning correctly and was broken (or they would have no need to add it later) so they sold me an apparently broken game and I should get my money back, right?

Comment Re:Trust (Score 1) 85

There are standards that mean that most of the legalese is in the law. If I sell a product and you buy my product in my store, there does not need to be legese, because the law tells you who has what rights.
This is warranty, how transactions are dealt with and all other things. If you want to take away some rights (e.g. 2 hours instead of 2 years warranty) that is not possible. It is possible to extend them to e.g. 20 years or whatever. At that moment you have a change of the standard and you might need some sort of new contract,

So these things are just a way to determine what is NOT in the law, but the exceptions.

That said, each country also has laws about what a contract is and what is not. e.g. many have it that clicking OK is not really a contract.

And no, I do not think legalese has peaked. Not by a long shot. First we had no contracts, then we had contracts and now we are at a state that we blindly click on accept and handed over all our rights to companies.

So not full circle, but rather wandered from the beach over the dunes into the dessert.

Comment This is about privacy NOT about abortion (Score 2) 253

The abortion part is clickbait. What this is about is if privacy laws should be stricter in the US. The information of people was sold and is used. In Europe this is not allowed. From somebody who lives in Europe, this could be a bit stricter. So how does it work in Europe?

So I worked for CompanyA who had clients (companies) that had customers (people). They decided to close and sell the product portofolio to CompanyB. The customers would still be able to keep the identical product with the same name and what not.
As we sold the product and not the customer, we were not allwed to just send a file with everything to CompanyB and have it automated. What we did was
1) Send a letter that we were going to stop
2) Inform them that if they want, they can cancel
3) If they did not cancel, they would be contacted by CompanyB
4) CompanyB (where I work now) send a letter to the customer saying they would now be dealing with the product
5) The customer needed to sign a new contract
6) All contracts needed to be verified and treated as if they were a new customer (because in reality they were)

The period of transfer CompanyA asked sometimes info about customers that, even while available, we were not allowed to give.

For me personaly this was nice, as I was working for CompanyA while being paid by CompanyB.

Other things mean that if your spouse calls for info, we are not allowed to give it, unless it is explicitely allowed. Mind you, most companies do not honor that last one.

Direct marketing to people is very restricted. It is allowed to customers you have a business relation with (e.g. people who bought something from you) but not to others. So no buying of data and sending then mail or what not.

If people ask to stop sending stuff, you better agree with that.

To me the privacy laws are not going far enough, but that is just a personal opinion.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 2) 110

Or when the auditers are there, so is the cash. 3 hour short term loan. That way the auditer sees the money and is happy. When they come van come from higher up.

I used to work in a hotel many years ago where we knew a day before that an unannounced inspection would take place. The one time they rally came unannounced, they asked me to bring coffee (I was a waiter) and he told me who they were.

That gave us enough time to send home the illegals who were working in the kitchen and in the house. If we could do it with people in 5 minutes, I am sure they can do it with money as well.

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