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Comment Re:It's better than TV (Score 1) 57

Same here. I follow about 200 channels. That said, many of them will have had no content or might be dead. I might also not watch each and every video on each channel I follow.

I do follow via RSS feed, because it is way easier to follow what is new and what not.

The hard thing is to find new channels that are of interest as I will get the same ones offered time and time again and I am either already subscribed to it, or I have already decided I do not want to subscribe to it.

Same for other random content. Finetuning the search is not helping much.

Comment Re: Bloggers (Score 1) 320

If you have a corporate account, they'll happily just bill the company rather than the rider.

It is my experience that they rather bill the company and not do it via the driver. The reason is that they only need to do it once per month. That makes things easier and that cheaper (or more profit). It also means they know they get the money and not have a driver pocket it.
There are drivers who will drive with the meter off and you will pay less. They will pocket the money and the company is left with the costs. Sure, these drivers will be fired, but they still have the loss.

Comment Re:Maybe, but maybe not (Score 1) 320

Uber and AirBnB are succesfull because they are cheaper. All the rest is nice. The reason they are cheaper is because they undercut prices. Take AirBNB. It is not much harder to use than e.g.
That fact that you would not mind paying 5% more makes you the exception, not the rule.
And if you frequent 3 countries, you will need those 3 currencies as well for other things.
Sure it is nicer to have all in one app, but I would rather pay 5% less and have 5 apps.
So what do I do? I take public transport as much as possible. No app needed. I use my Debit card to take out a small amount at the airport to cover transport to the hotel and some small expenses. Not only taxi or bus, but also some coffee and/or food as not all places will accept a credit card.

Booking a hotel I do via or via the hotel directly. Most of the time it is the same price. If I take a taxi, I show them the address if they don't understand the way I talk.

Comment Re:Uber may be in trouble but no self driving cars (Score 1) 320

It depends on your milage. I already do not awn a car and use car sharing They say that if you drive less than 15.000KM (+-10.000 miles) it would become financially interesting. Obviously the more people, the cheaper it will get.
I do not need a car, because I use public transport to and from work paid for by my employer.
1) It is not 'your car', so no bragging about your car
2) You need to plan ahead and pick up your car.
3) You need to be close to a pick up point.

1) Cheaper (if you run less than 15.000KM)
2) No worry about maintenance
3) Take the car you need. Small to large is available.

With self driving cars, the disadvantage 3 will become much less closer. That means more people will be able to use it and that will bring down everything. It this moment I would say you need to drive less than 10.000, because above that, even if cheaper, the advantage of having your car in front of your house or apartment is greater than the money you make. (Obviously YMMV)

That said, it will reduce the amount of parked cars, not the amount of driving cars on the road, because people will still move around the same amount, but added to that you need to add the empty trips to pick up somebody.
Once all cars are automated, it will become more efficient.

Cars will also do more miles per year, but with lesser amount of cars. So in the beginning thgis means fewer cars, but they need to be replaces earlier due to more usage. This would mean that higher quality cars need to be made, because replace cheap cars every year will become very expensive.
I think it will be about 5-10 years to see this happen as many people still want to own a car and like to drive.

Comment Re:Uber is pursuing the wrong thing (Score 1) 320

What they want to do is transport (people) and make money by undercutting the taxi companies.
They do this by cutting out as much of the costs as possible. This can be by not needing to pay coin fees, employee fees or whatever costs they can cut. (If this is either legal or moral is another discussion)
So if they find a way to cut out even more, they will do it. In this case the human cost. Next step will be to cut out the car dealers and the car companies.

So no, the self-driving car focus is not that weird if only for just their own fleet.

I would love if the companies get an app. Even one per company would be great. But many taxi companies are small companies and then there are also many independent taxi drivers that are not linked to a company.

A company like Uber could do this. Even taking into account the different prices per meter per city and time of day and what not. But then you need to do two things:
1) See that you have enough customers that use it to make it interesting for the companies
2) See that you have enough companies that use it to make it interesting for the customers

Next you need to decide who will pay the fee. The companies? But that would mean that independent drivers might be reluctant to join as you cut into their profit.
The customers? That might open a new issue.

So the best you could do is develop software, sell it to the individual companies. Due to scale this can become expensive.

Comment Re:Sounds good to me (Score 1) 320

Here are my solutions:
If I need, I ask before what the price will be . I know this is not exact, but will indicate it. If you do a search before, you will know what to expect.
This means asking others what the expected price will be. Internet has this info available for most places.
The tipping part is valid for everything. This has nothing to do with taxis by itself. You will more likely be in more places where you might need to tip besides taxis.
So till now the trick is to be informed about the country you travel to. Wiki Travel is very helpful for this.

Yes, a decent app would be great, just like getting a pony. As not even public transport is one, it is very unlikely this will ever happen in the near future. I also do not see it as a huge issue. It is a 'nice to have' thing, not a 'must have'. And reading up on a place you visit, even if only for a business meeting, is a good thing to do.

The taxis I take in Europe are from/to the airport, if I have more than carry on. Otherwise I will take public transport as it is way cheaper and in busy cities not much slower and sometimes even faster. Again will be very helpful for almost all major cities. It will take away a lot of the uncertainty of how much you need to pay.

Comment Re:And I'll never read TFS (Score 1) 232

Well, that is what they want. If you are unwilling to look at the ads, they are unwilling to give you the content. Seems like a win-win.

Or do you think you are somehow entitled to see their content?

If not showing the content is a good idea or not is besides the point. They think it is and it is their content.

Comment Re:Rubber Stamp (Score 1) 94

It is nice to know who took the cookies from the cookie jar as long as there are consequences. If there are not, it means nothing.
In fact it means more than nothing, because is uses resources that are not needed.
It is as if the NSAA or CIA are asked "Do you do illegal things" and they go "Yeah, we do. LOL" and then nothing happens.

It is nice for administration and stats, just like the numbering of Jews during WWII (Yep, going full Godwin here). It is absolutely meaningless and even will give people some idea that what they do is morally correct and justified. (Not using the word legal here.)

Comment Re:Second that (Score 2) 477

People who do not ask correctly can be pointed to here
Often it is that they have no idea WHAT to ask. That can be solved by the above. It will show people who are willing to answer that the person asking has put some time and effort into it. Even saying "I looked for 'ABC + DEF' and found nothing" will show that it is not just somebody that is just somebody who wants the easy way out.

On part of the people who reply, I believe it is due to a lack of people who are active on forums. It is the same small group who replies and they will have seen all the standard questions 50 times at least and are tired of it.
Also what happens with me is that if I get an answer, I have no incentive to return to the forum, so I don't. That means that I won't give any answers, even if I would have them.

With Usenet I would have subscribed to the Newsgroup and I would have to unsubscribe from the group. Most likely I will stay subscribed for at least a day and read a bit. I might also read other things that come in. And perhaps I will then contribute to the general knowledge.
Not so with forums that I need to open and then try to follow what went on. I have tried, but it is just too messy to try to follow websites when comparing to Usenet.

And concerning the 'works for me' crowd. It becomes even harder when you have three parties involved. I had an issue with displaying Windowmaker correctly with the NVidea drover and running X. Each of them said it was not them and to ask the next guy.

Similar frustrations happened when I did bug reporting. Either no follow up or "It works here, please give more details." When you gave details, the answer was "It works here, try the latest version" Next a silence and "Please try the newest version, but install 25GB of extra software that will break your machine. And if you don't want to, there clearly is unwillingness on your side." So, yeah, I am not doing that anymore.

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