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Comment Re:Misused access rights (Score 1) 48

All the apps require all the rights. If I do not give them the permissions they won't run. So I have no choice, I have no security then and I cannot store any valuable data on the phone.

Why the apps are lying they need global files access to only store their own data? I have found in some Android SDK doc they can store their own data even without global files access.

Other apps could provide functionality without that specific feature but they refuse to run at all unless they get all the permissions they ask for.

Even opening local files could be done safely by an Android-provided dialog box, without giving uncontrolled permissions to the whole disk.

Apps used to need full access to the sd card to write any files there, and it's relatively recent that they don't have to. Mostly it is lazy /ignorant developers. You should probably not use apps that require this.

And you really shouldn't use the accusation "lying" unless you're pretty sure it's deliberate and malicious.

Comment Re:All about the fight (Score 1) 320

Trump's speeches were warm and inclusive, saying essentially "we're in this together, we can win, we can do better".

LOLWHUT?? Only if you're a WASP who wants to ignore/shut out anyone who isn't.

(Disclaimer: I certainly qualify as a WASP. But I'm not so blind as to fail to recognise that a very large proportion of the rest of the world isn't.)

I don't think anyone on the left has a clue how ineffective their campaign of crying, whining, and insulting is.

I think a very large proportion of Americans have been conditioned to regard any facts that they don't care for as "lies" and/or "insults".

Submission + - Scientists archiving government data to protect it from Trump (

Cludge writes: And they better hurry: links to climate change began disappearing from gov websites even before Trump's inauguration was over. The activist group "has about 50 members, and it is rapidly working to download and store the government's scientific data. The members are interviewing scientists, policymakers, and current and former agency employees to prioritize which websites and data to protect for the scientific community."

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