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Comment Re: Cultural ethics won't allow work-free life (Score 1) 226

As I pointed out, we're not starting from scratch so you could easily say: I favor Sweden's, or France's or Germany's mixed with England's whatever. It should be easy for you to look at what's out there and have some ideas. The utter lack of commitment indicates a lack of desire to move the ball forward. Not that we're going to solve big problems on /. but surely we can do better that bitch about nothing being good and sticking to that position obstinately.

Submission + - NASA Launching Super Pressure Balloon - Wanaka, New Zealand (

rupert.applin writes: The NZ Herald is reporting the launch of another super pressure balloon from Wanaka Airport in New Zealand.

"A stadium-sized balloon launch conducted by Nasa is going ahead in Wanaka after seven failed attempts.

Nasa will be conducting a super-pressure balloon test flight from Wanaka on a planned 100-day journey.

After launch the balloon will ascend to an altitude of 33.5 kilometres where the stratospheric winds will propel it at speeds of at least 100 knots through the heating and cooling of the day-night cycle on a weeks-long journey around the Southern Hemisphere, said Debbie Fairbrother, Nasa's Balloon Programme Office chief."

Submission + - Leaked NSA hacking tools will be weaponized for years to come (

Patrick O'Neill writes: Over 200,000 machines have been infected with NSA tools leaked by the ShadowBrokers. Security researchers, seeing as many as 25,000 new infections per day, say the “reliable and easy to use” tools will be workable in the wild for the next decade. There's precedent to back this up: The most exploited vulnerability in both 2015 and 2016 was the software flaw, first discovered in 2010, that allowed the famous Stuxnet virus to spread.

Comment Re: Cultural ethics won't allow work-free life (Score 1) 226

Fair enough, even tRumpf agrees "Nobody knew health care could be so complicated." Some deep thought and analysis will have to be invested but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be done. Going to the moon was difficult, so was/is developing computers and other technology that is so advanced as to seem like nothing short of magic. If not that, what would you propose? I'm all for UBI and single-payer health care, there are plenty of examples of successful single-payer health care (like every single advanced country on earth and even some less-advanced ones), UBI is still in early development even as a theory.

Comment Re:start caping OT / get rid of the salary pay exe (Score 1) 226

Yes! I'd vote for this. And more job-sharing. Like CEO jobs should be shared by about 100 people. Each one works half-a-week per year. This effectively spreads the obscenely high salary and we get less rapacious behavior mostly because psychopaths are so hard to find that probably at least a good 90 of them wouldn't be.

Comment It is a dream!!! (Score 1) 138

It is the dream of every ambulance chasing personal injury lawyers.

They completely killed the personal aviation industry with liability lawsuits. The precedents set are like, "the manufacturer is liable even if there was no way they could have known such an issue could exist when the flying machine was manufactured."

So the relatives first guy to die in this will become millionaires. The sugar daddy vulture capitalists will flee.

Comment Re:Robots are good (Score 1) 226

I'm mostly ok with your proposal but minimum wage is insufficient to live on so that part is still a stick which is not what UBI should be. Universal social security should be at a minimum, a livable wage. You have to understand that most (then quickly virtually all) menial jobs will be automated away, so proposing such a low wage as an incentive to work makes no sense in the face of a non-existent labor market. A more generous wage allows more spending on stuff (like food) so that will keep the economy moving. If people are mostly content with their jobless state due to their basic needs being met, rather than feeling they're being unfairly castigated, a more peaceful society will result. Otherwise, unrest and guillotines for the necks of the upper-classes. So, I think you need to adjust your thesis a bit.

Comment Re: Cultural ethics won't allow work-free life (Score 1) 226

You have forgotten the automation problem/solution. All of those jobs will be automated away, literally, all of them. The only job that might still be done better by humans is probably sex toy, maybe. Bed-making, drink-making and delivery, baking, cooking, cleaning, greeting at desk, etc. All done better by robots than meat-bags. Humans might be given "jobs" but they'll primarily be window dressing, just there to give a local ambience. What do we do with all the humans in a world where even serfs aren't needed?

Comment Re: Cultural ethics won't allow work-free life (Score 1) 226

He just suggested "simple Medicare for all". This was the second sentence in his response paragraph. How did you manage to miss it? Is it because you simply wanted to avoid a substantive discussion with an ac? Because you have no response? What are your thoughts on "simple Medicare for all"?

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