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Comment Re:How were crimes solved before cell phones? (Score 1) 250

Paper bags decompose, plastic never does.
If you can't be assed to care about the environment and the future of the planet, then we clearly can't engage in civilized conversation.

Not sure how men with guns got involved but if that is what your favorite fantasy is, have at it, enjoy your fear.

Comment Re: Mall shooting in Germany (Score 1) 190

Also realize the rate of gun deaths typically includes people shot in self defense protecting their life or a family member. This happens a LOT. That should not be included in the homicide rate. That's one of the reasons we have guns. When seconds count, cops are 45 minutes away.

I am not clear on why you believe that people shot in self defense while protecting their own should be excluded from the numbers, they're still dead, by guns. Yes, we'll never be protected by cops, their main job is to triage the scene of the crime and take down a report if they feel like it and can't talk the victim out of it because "oh the horror! So much paperwork!".

And if you think the US govt is screwed up now? Wait until they think we're all unarmed and totally powerless. They may have tanks and drones but the thought of people getting shot still gives them pause.

How much more screwed up do we need to get before gun owners rise up? I asked a colleague about this and his answer made me sad, they'll only get mad enough to fight back when the government literally attempts to physically wrest their guns from the general populace. Other than that, warrantless searches, curtailment of free speech, poisoning of the people, insane wealth concentration, increasing restrictions on gun ownership and ammo all good, just don't make a physical grab at the guns. So the guns that are supposed to protect our rights are only going to be used to protect the 2nd. Seems like the govt has found a pretty nifty way to keep the gun owners passive and out of the fray. So my answer is, as screwed up as they want to we are already unarmed and totally powerless due to our mindset, oh and "American Idol".

Comment Re:read the polls (Score 1) 644

Trump? I didn't know you were on /.
There is no such evidence, though neocons like you will no doubt pay think tanks to fabricate it for them. So, you don't like free roads, free primary public education, free research money for large pharmaceutical companies, free money for huge agrochemical companies? Heartless entitled SOBs who think that having been born privileged makes them a better person than someone born into misery have an extremely skewed view of reality (yeah I'm talking to you tRump).
OTOH, What's wrong with a little or even a lot of sloth? What do you think is supposed to happen when efficiency increases by 300% and that efficiency is not shared with workers? Yeah, extreme wealth accumulation at the top and nothing at the bottom. Chavez was great for his people and much loved, so much so that a US sponsored coup with astroturfers leading the way had to be reversed due to popular outcry. So, yeah.

Comment Re: Lets trump TRUMP! (Score 2) 644

In our version of Fascism, the labor movement has been declawed and decimated.
Corporations have taken control of government through the economic strong-arm method of campaign donations and lobbying.
Would you argue that we don't have a rabid nationalist bend? How about all of the military service hero worship? The you're either with us or against us mentality? The Patriot Act?...
There are many ways to arrive at Fascism.

Comment Re:read the polls (Score 1) 644

Except that it isn't free sht is it? It is called an investment in society and your own country's economy. Meanwhile I am sure you are all for tax rebates and giveaways to the same corporations that are shipping out our jobs and bringing in HB-1 workers. *Newflash*, consumers are the job creators, not rich corporatists. Ask any business owner what is required for a successful business, the number 1 thing is customers. If your policies are aimed at destroying the livelihoods of your consumer groups guess where your economy is going to end up?

Comment Re:Easily destroyed or disabled (Score 1) 263

I would call that a hardware failure. Not sure what point you believe you're making here.
A hard drive does not suffer, a circuit board is not self-aware. They have no fear of death, no comprehension of existence. No one mourns them. Nerd-rage at a hard-drive crashing is not the same as mourning.

Comment Re:Yes, need! (Score 2) 298

Mysticgoat, while I am fully in favor of a universal income, it is clear the the cold greedy upper classes and their mindless supporters lack the capacity to think about the possibilities of such an economic paradigm.

When you say "people who really, truly, want to work and have the capacity to do so have always been able to find jobs", are you suggesting that if you really, truly want to work you'd be willing to compete at Chinese, Indian, or Indonesian labor rates? Because if that is where you are going, then I suppose there will be no end in the race to the bottom for worker wages. I am much more in favor of an industrial policy that favors preferred industries and thereby protects American workers. Of course the Chinese already have such a policy and thus they are moving up the chain and literally eating our lunch.

We were talking about airplanes but you opened up the discussion by stating "everyone comes out ahead", I am pointing out that not everyone comes out ahead.

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