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Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 310

Yes, we definitely need to build water reservoirs. What we'll need to do is cut off the aid to poor states and use that money to build them. Alernatively, we could raise our taxes to build the reservoirs so the destitute states don't end up rioting from lack of food. I do like the way you think though, it is important to fund government appropriately to fund projects that benefit our people and those businesses that choose to do business here.

We are not raising cattle in a dessert, we have actual soil and the cattle are raised on hilly terrain which grows their food naturally. I do take issue with the CAFOs which destroy our environment and produce very low-value and low-quality meat. I buy grass-fed and organic only to support the businesses whose ideals align with mine.

I think the land sank due to the 8-20 years of drought we've been caught up in. It may not recover or it may again raise up as water drains into the underground reservoirs. I do hope we find a way to use our water better, I agree it's a shame we don't do a better job of managing our rainfall.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 310

I'll say "Howdy!" from you next time I'm over having lunch with him. That abundance of state taxes (is STATE an acronym for you? What does it mean?) is what pays for the services our society benefits from. California's messed up priorities like protecting our water? Protecting the ocean? Protecting our air? Is it really that messed up to do things that benefit real flesh and blood human beings rather than the corporate entities that benefit in a state like TX? TX is a "right to abuse workers" state, you can have that, I'm not interested in winning a race to the bottom. That is definitely one where I prefer we come in dead last.

CA is still the land of milk and honey and you all raising cattle in a desert are going against nature. You're also draining an aquifer that feeds at least 8 states, that one refills much much much slower than y'all are draining it. The petroleum isn't going to last forever either and y'all will end up abandoning the land you destroyed and run to the land of milk and honey like your northern neighbors the Okie's did when they destroyed their land.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 310

They didn't need to make a black orphaned Annie. The classics were just fine as they were.

Funny how people's experiences shape their reality. My daughter, who is not black, first saw "Little Orphan Annie" with the black Annie, so to her that is the "Little Orphan Annie" and the other one is "The White Little Orphan Annie". I like how my kids are growing up to be very very near to race blind, I think it bodes well for the future. Then again I live in a suburb of the Greater Los Angeles Area in the People's Republic of California, which keeps a lot of the deadbeat states afloat through our large and for-now voluntary donations to the federal guv'mit.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 310

I've watched a couple of episodes of this, it is not a reality show. It is an obstacle course, there is very little if any of the drama bullshit that I think defines the "reality show" genre.
They also are showing "Lucha Underground" which is godawful, cheesy, lame, and features the worst acting I've seen this side of WWE. It's like they're trying to parody something that was already a parody of something else.

Comment Re:Thanks, but no thanks. (Score 3) 119

You wouldn't get your brain hacked, that's silly. ...

Well with this brain interface if your computer gets hacked, the worst thing would happen is that the hacker would beam annoying images directly to your brain (instead of displaying it on your VGA monitor) and maybe fuck around with your keyboard mappings so your brainwave commands to the computer don't work properly....

Hopefully the connection from PC to your brain would be wireless, so a hacker can't actually zap your brain with electrical voltage. But even if it's wired, you could put a good mechanical fuse or circuit breaker in between the PC and your brain so only tolerable voltages are ever transmitted.

So, someone could put images directly into my brain? You do realize that most of our thoughts are images? If someone can control the images in your mind, you are effectively under their control. Schizophrenics complain about the images, also the voices, they do dangerous violent things because of these influences. Not as benign and lulzy as you make it out to be.

A brain zap could be used as reinforcement when planting commands and reinforcing ideas, it would not have to go beyond the tolerable level to have a reinforcing effect. Something like in "A Clockwork Orange", only all remote with electric zaps and pushed in images. Bad shit, definitely.

Comment Re:18 to 24 year-olds are broke (Score 1) 224

Yeah, same effect. Kids jobs are now becoming adult jobs, that's because there are less real jobs to go around and the bottom of the job chain now looks attractive or at least is better than starving along with one's kids. It can all be laid at the feet of the retard actor ronald reagan, and every president since who didn't have the balls and sense to realize that trickle-down economics was an economist's fantasy with no bearing in reality. Then the free-trade bullshit economist pipe dream is what put our economy into a terminal descent.
Germany didn't buy into that shit and kept its manufacturing and high quality jobs at home, along with protecting their environment.

Comment Re:The industry is stupid (Score 1) 224

good points. If they keep that up, ticket prices will go to $5 million dollars each and then they only need to sell 200 tickets to keep their steady cash flow scam going. That will be great for the very rich, they'll have a dedicated sales agent to sell them their ticket, limo pick-up to the movie theater, and of course a great meal catered in-theater by the chef from the nearest 4-Star restaurant.

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