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Comment Re: Umm (Score 1) 330

He might have said a lot of things but he didn't follow through. Did not follow through with his weak-ass threats. From the beginning his stupid offerings were already watered down "so they could pass" and get some repugnicant approval. As if that mattered. He was weak from the start due to his desire to "bring the country together". That's not what we voted for, we voted for a guy that claimed to be skinny but scrappy. He proved to be not at all scrappy, and disappointed a great many people.

Obamacare became a giveaway to the repugnant Health Insurance, Corporate Medical, and Big Pharma industries. He should have kicked the shit out of the repugnicants and pushed through single-payer healthcare. Instead he compromised and as usual, the industrial complex got what it wanted and the american citizen got the shaft. I used lc for american citizen because clearly us plebes aren't worth shit to either of the parties. The parties both are beholden to large corporate interests, no tangible differences between them. This is is why Bernie would have been such an interesting Prez. tRumpf is the evil (stupid, misogynistic, racist, insensitive, thoughtless) version of Bernie.

Comment Re: Just hang on till EU self-exterminates (Score 1) 160

Then maybe blame the company for moving their taxable profit to a tax-haven EU Country? Apple made a dick move and got caught, we need to modify our laws so that dick moves like those are completely unrewarding. The border tax or some equivalent VAT would work.

Comment Re:Umm (Score 1) 330

Reagan had Alzheimer's so he's kind of excused due to medical incompetence. tRumpf might be able to blame the cocaine or the hair spray. I was suddenly reminded of Kinko the Clown from Metalocalypse! Is Kinko a good tRumpf imitation? Kinko was a lot more fit, as I recall and not impotent like tRumpf probably is.

Comment Re: Umm (Score 4, Insightful) 330

Obama threw away his chance to railroad the Repug's when he had the super-majority in both houses of Congress during the first half of his first term in office. If he had executed the mandate he was elected under, he might have held on to this super-majority for the entirety of both of his terms. He was elected "Like a Boss" but behaved like a mouse. tRumpf OTOH was barely elected and is behaving like he owned the damned country. I strongly wish Obama had a much stronger asshole streak that both dubya and the orange troll did.

Comment Re:Sounds Like He Doesn't Like His Job (Score 1) 594

The problem isn't the worker quality, are you really so racist as to suggest that white (most of the US is white) males are lower in quality that the males from Japan? The problem is that the corporations in the USA did not institute modern quality control methods which were invented in the USA. Workers do as they are told, they follow the rules as they are implemented. Japanese corporations kicked ass at quality control not due to some higher morality in Japan, it was due to the controls and feedback they implemented which perforce drove their products to higher quality. Stop blaming the workers, you sound very ignorant when you do.

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