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Comment Re: "H1-B skilled worker visas" (Score 2) 184

I don't mind, I guess having three of their campuses in the top 50 in the world makes them "middle of the pack" (#36 and #42). I know this, they are top tier in India, and presumably their top students made it to UCLA, thus they were more than competitive. Interestingly UCLA placed #16, which is nice considering we suck so bad at the football. This data was 2008 which is ok since I graduated almost two decades ago and so am talking about students in the past though not this exact year, obviously.

They appear to have slid significantly since then, now coming in at 103rd. And according to this article
they suffer from factors not having to do with the quality of their graduates or education offered.

When I was at community college otoh, they weren't quite so ranking as a whole.

Comment Re:I don't have such a jaded view of the visa prog (Score 2) 184

So, you are saying that these big banks were unwilling to maintain adequate staff and due to decisions made at the beancounter level, you were left having to staff and destaff continuously. You talk as if these decisions were forces of nature but are in fact perfect examples of why US corporations are fundamentally evil. What they needed to do was staff up adequately and then phase the work in so the necessary crew got to the work when they scheduled it.

Your now small team is made up of work visa holders because (it sounds like) you are choosing to staff through these same kind of H1B types of staffing companies. Hire in a more "standard" manner and you will start to get normal hires.

Comment Re: "H1-B skilled worker visas" (Score 1) 184

Maybe in general that is true, but when I was at UCLA, the Indians were the most badass as far as grades and ability to learn. It probably helped them that they came largely (exclusively?) from their top universities like IIT. US born Indian guys were more-or-less like everyone else, largely slackers :-). Yeah, I said guys, I can't recall any Indian females either native or Indian born in any of my classes.

Comment Re:Karma (Score 1) 393

There are actually more jobs than qualified employees there, at least in OKC. There are at least three aerospace companies having a difficult time with staffing up because, well, because a lot of people aren't willing to uproot their family and move to OKC from the popular/populous coastal areas. No doubt you are right about the lack of jobs in the rural areas, maybe those are nice to move to when you have a nice stash of cash and can float yourself till you can live off the fat of the land.

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