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Comment Re:That's absurd. All Macs & iPhones have blue (Score -1, Troll) 161

iphones do NOT have bluetooth anymore!

note, BLE (low energy) is NOT AT ALL even CLOSE to what BT was. its a totally new thing, not interoperable and sharing only the stupid name for marketing reasons.

apple is STOOPID for abandoning bt classic. yet another reason I have no desire to own any apple product. time after time, their control-freak nature rubs me the wrong way.

Comment Re:It'll only get worse (Score 1) 158

as a business gets larger, the goverment wants to force their way on them, to get some kind of 'goody' that they can use for some kind of evil purpose.

I'm 100% convinced, corps in the US are practially universally evil; and as they get larger, they get more evil.

in their defense, they probably have no choice. 'an offer you cant refuse' is likely made to them and they concede.

but still, I distrust corps as much as I distrust our own government.

in my ideal dream country, no company would ever be allowed to grow beyond a certain amount of power, size, influence. with power comes inevitable corruption. PERIOD. full stop.

the US loves to let corps grow to mammoth sizes. the US does not care how good our society works and how much wellbeing the citizens enjoy. they only care about serving themselves. the ruling elites do what they want and GET AWAY WITH IT, most of the time.

I'd fed up with this crap.

Comment Re:I'm glad somebody is on the case (Score 1) 192

amazon does not care; each thing that gets sold, they collect a fee.

just like ebay. there is no caring there.

I do like amazon, but I'm aware that they are a whore.

when a company like amazon allows sellers to sell 'wireless anti-static wrist straps' - and after being informed (by me and many others who know this area) that this is IMPOSSIBLE and a hoax-item, they still allow sellers from china to sell this bullshit.

there is a good amazon and a bad amazon and they are both under the site. it really makes buying there, harder than it has to be.

amazon cares about its rep and goes 110% for its customers when you call in, but the fact that they let any 'yahoo' (lol) sell shit - that's really such a bad move on their part, it erodes their rep and for some reason, they don't seem to care about that aspect.

Comment Re:But . . . (Score 2) 441

you can't fault him/them??


public facing email servers that run OLD MS software and its 'not a big deal'?

what planet do you live on? because here on earth, it IS a big deal.

it shows he does not care (his people, that is) or they are short-changed funding (that's worth noting) and attention to detail is not something his org values (also worth noting).

all this matters. its a statement about his management and what his people (that he hires) care about; or even worse, are ABLE to understand enough to care about.

the guy has more money than anyone would ever need, and yet he cheaps out on software updates on PUBLIC FACING SERVERS.

stupid. beyond stupid. its actually reckless.


yes, this detail does matter. especially when he's so fond of throwing dirt on other peoples' mistakes.

Comment Re:Never coming back (Score 1) 46

Let it go. User replaceable batteries aren't coming back any time soon for most smartphones. That battle is lost.

I don't believe it for a second. fads come and go. when people hunger for more talk-time and less 'omg, gotta go charge my phone!' they will be voting with their dollars and any vendor making swappable battery phones will get their business.

phone fashions are like fads and they come and go. we are TOLD that we demand waterproofness and thin phones but I'm not sure I ever met anyone who DEMANDED such things. we all want long battery life and we also are pretty tired of high repair bills when we need a battery changed. I can solder and do my own work but most people can't or can't be bothered.

rich guys could care less; they'll buy new toys every year, but many of us need to get long life from tronics.

the swappable battery will be back. the every more powerful cpus will mandate that and we can be sure cpus will keep getting faster, adding more ram and gpu power and that will require either thicker batteries or swappable ones.

give it time. the fad cycle changes.

Comment Re:an unexpected benefit (Score 3, Insightful) 636

holy shit - ALL women in her staff?

yeah, that's real 'diversity' right there.

as long as there are no white men, its ok. amiright?

damn, not even a token penis in the whole crowd.

I didn't think much of that pao woman before, but I think much less of her now. didn't even think it was possible.

Comment Re:Well, there goes the 4th Amendment again... (Score 5, Interesting) 204

why do you guys keep raising the issue of the AMOUNT of cards?

did the judge declare that the 4th ammendment is null and void if you have 'too many' of something?

now, go ahead: define EXACTLY what 'too many' is.

THAT is my point.

this is bullshit. the law was not followed and a new crap law was essentially created to help cops fuck people over at-will.

carrying 'too many cards' is not a crime. it does not matter what the cards are or any other details.

soon, carrying 'too much money' will be a crime. oops, forgot, they ALREADY declared that a crime ;(

I weep for us all. we don't respect laws anymore; we seem to do anything to make authoritarians happier. citizens - they don't really matter anymore, do they?

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