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Comment Re:Shocking!!!! (Score 4, Insightful) 169

tech is a small world; make waves and you may not be working in your field again.

we have mostly killed unions and workers refuse to band together because... reasons. (shrug).

and so, there is no one to speak for the regular worker. not really, not anymore.

we need jobs to pay the bills. its pretty powerful to hold that over someone's head.

this is the unwritten rule. complain and you find yourself out of work and unable to GET work (in some extremes). now, if you are a white male and older than that magic number, you will try even HARDER to avoid being fired or making 'trouble' for managers at work.

until we get a proper balance of power, the worker will continue to be abused and have no real recourse. not in the US and CERTAINLY not in trump's US ;(

Comment Re:the real reason theyre arguing it. (Score 5, Insightful) 309

its a lie.

it has nothing to do with hazzards, other than the 'hazzard' of the company losing BIG PROFITS from captive repair bills.

apple is really looking bad, here. there is nothing credible they could state to defend this 'you shall not be allowed to repair things you actually own' bullshit.

Comment Re:Intel dropping the ball (Score 3, Interesting) 59

check out intel's curie module (their really BAD arduino chip found in the arudino101 board). its a horrible chip and intel actually made that chip the center of their reality tv show 'americas greatest makers'. little known fact: the contestants on that show tried using the chip and all its features and almost everyone failed, even with intel's help. I can't tell you how I know, but I know this for a fact.

a prime time tv event and intel farked it up.

only intel could make such a mess and squander such a good chance to get a message out and create some buzz and goodwill. 'makers' still refuse to use intel for many reasons and the biggest: intel still has NO CLUE what the maker market is really about. curie is not a maker chip and so far, no one really is taking that chip seriously.

that's one example. but it seems typical of intel these days.

Comment Re:how about this (Score 0) 626

its like what george carlin said about the republicans. they seem to 'care a huge amount' about the unborn babies, but once you are born - until you reach military age - you are not important to them.

they 'care' only as far as their holy book is interpreted as saying. once born, they could not care less about you or your kids.

same here; the companies really don't care about workers or people. its ONLY about the bottom line. they are completely untrustable in anything they say. capitalism has gone off the rails and it really is headed for a trainwreck. it simply is not sustainable in its current form. but don't look now; just keep going. that's their view. don't think - just keep lining our wallets!


I'm part of silicon valley, but part of me hopes it all melts down. we need a reboot. a serious one, at that.

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