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Comment Re:Huh? I use these all the time. (Score 1) 266

This IS needed. It is a form of user protection. There's no other option to clear cookies other than this.

Not true. You can still navigate to the cookie store on disk and delete the cookies there. So by your logic, having it in a menu is just a convenience feature, something WANTED but "NOT NEEDED". Even browsing the Internet in a graphical browser can be extrapolated to a mere convenience. If I'm not mistaken, convenience is part of the whole reason we use computers.

Comment As a Montanan and long-time Slashdotter... (Score 1) 228

All I can say is the future looks bright no matter what my clock says. It's 6:30pm and nearly dark outside, there is snow on the ground, and later tonight it's time to set the clocks forward. Is it Spring already? Just another reminder of the years going by! I'm still working on my Web Shell Java/XML Framework; any help on IOVAR is appreciated.

As to the local time: my first instinct is to say I hope we don't change the law at this point. Best to continue to practice Daylight Savings Time like our neighboring states in order to ease confusion, although I am in favor of abolishment on a larger scale.

Comment Metered Users Also Suffer (Score 1) 325

Users like myself who are on a metered connection also suffer, but in a slightly different way. All those pesky videos that (partially) download on page load when you're just trying to read a news article. The bandwidth is plenty fast, which actually exacerbates the problem. How is it that Chrome provides a switch to turn off images, but not videos?

Another commenter here talked about pipelining. Again, this comes back to a lack of proper browsing features in our de-facto web browser, Chrome. We want power options, Google!

Comment Re:Where can I find a UNIX-like Linux distro?! (Score 1) 274

I have to recommend Gentoo for you. Gentoo is really a meta-distribution... and super flexible. You can use OpenRC if you like SysV style init, or you can use systemd if you like the new way. You can use it with Linux kernel or you can use it with BSD kernel. Gentoo is a great system to really discover and learn about what brings a working distribution together and do things the UNIX way.

Submission + - Snapchat (and driver) Face Lawsuits for 107 MPH Crash (

moeinvt writes: A Gerogia man is suing Snaphat for injuries he suffered when his vehicle was struck by another vehicle traveling at 107 MPH. The driver of that vehicle, 18 year-old Cristal McGeee, also named in the lawsuit, was using Snapchat and taking selfies at the time of the collision. Snapchat awards digital "trophies" to users who post pictures showing their speeds. Lawyers for the plaintiff argue that Snapchat encouraged the reckless behavior and distracted the driver in the moments before the crash. McGee continued to snap and post selfies after the accident, including a picture of herself on a gurney with the caption "Lucky to be alive".

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