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Comment Re: Brazilian judges are egocentric ignorants (Score 1) 109

For those who think that what I said is flamebait: I am Brazilian, and you have not seen nothing yet. Judges here think they are God and that must be obeyed as such. And my country is medieval, do not be fooled by appearances. Many here still behave as if they were 19th century slaveholders.

Comment Brazilian judges are egocentric ignorants (Score 2, Insightful) 109

A judge in Brazil usually are an ignorant and (very) egocentric monkey, unable to understand the logic and reason do not bend to the whims of it. They are the picture of a country still in the Middle Ages where authority think his word is divine law and can never be questioned.

Comment Re: The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 1) 1140

"Going from lower class to middle or even billionaire (nobility) is very common in Capitalist societies, more than any other sort of society."

Try this in my country (Brazil is officially a capitalist country). You will quickly find that if you are not the son of a wealthy family, you're very screwed.

Comment Re:I'm curious... (Score 1) 155

It is because the official client (happens with Windows Live Messenger and Skype too) is usually a bunch of crap, full of propaganda and botched functions that do not matter to people who just want to send text messages to your friends. That's why these people are using third-party clients to access servers of official applications and their respective accounts, they are simply much better.

Comment Re:It Must Be Interesting (Score 1) 133

It must be interesting for the actual bitcoin creator to watch all of the drama around it unfold and wonder if you should say something or just continue to stay in the darkness. Do you laugh? Shake your head? Do you even care? Fun times.

Well ... I devised the bitcoin actually as a weapon to bring chaos and destruction to you mortals and it's true I expected to see some good laughs seeing wall street go into a tailspin, but things got a bit out of control.

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