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Comment Re:Non-removable battery = bad business risk (Score 1) 202

I failed to understand your ignorance (or arrogance) ... Try putting a battery that can not be replaced in a flashlight, in a notebook or on any device whose lifespan is far greater than any current battery. Go back to your basement, you are not able to understand the real world.

Comment Re:How easy it would be to... (Score 1) 299

Implications, implications... In this case the dog would be just another way to accuse you of having a "suspicious pendrive", as another Slashdotter noted the dog's reaction needs to be interpreted by the police and this can interpret what he wants when his goal is to plant a false proof. And for reasons? Well, a fascist not need a lot of reasons. You do not having the correct skin color and the right clothes can be reason enough for him.

Comment Re:How easy it would be to... (Score 1) 299

let's be more specific. The problem I'm seeing on the issue is that it leaves open the possibility that the mere possession of an USB stick would be reason to suspicion, and if the police wants you to be "suspect" would be simple to him put some crime evidence inside your pendrive or exchange it for another. In fact it does not have virtually nothing to do with the subject of the topic (flash drive sniffing dogs), which have to do is what the police will do with them.

Comment Re:How easy it would be to... (Score 1) 299

I see what they say here on Slashdot about you being a rude jerk is very well deserved. No my dear moron, I'm not narcissistic. I'm just another person worried about being accused of crimes for not obeying like a puppy the commands of a person who usually is in a powertrip or who simply did not like my face. Now go back to your basement okay? Since your rude behavior shows that it is you who can not live out of a basement.

Comment How easy it would be to... (Score 4, Interesting) 299

... a police officer decides that he does not like your face and "magically" find a hidden USB drive in your luggage in places where you would never think of putting one? Where I live no one trusts the police (for good reason), and if the possession of something small and easy to plant as a USB stick becomes a crime so will be even more reason for me to avoid the US as one avoids a city infested by ebola.

P.S: No, I not a international terrorist or something like that (only the Dark Lord of Hell, but this is not a crime right?). But I'm not willing to test my chances facing a TSA gorilla and ruin my vacation because he had not liked my face.

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