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Comment Re:I don't see where the "threat" is... (Score 1) 376

It can become one when a hacker walks through the neighborhood, discovers the wi-fi of your refrigerator open , and the next morning you find out that the firmware has changed and now your refrigerator shoots olives and eggs at relativistic speeds against any moving object in the kitchen.

Comment Re:No way to cut the problem at the root? (Score 1) 74

He is an asshole because instead of simply saying that the problem is difficult (which I already know) or suggesting a possible solution, he preferred to say that it is impossible and to offend me for having the audacity to want to find a solution where he failed.

As for your answer, I will introduce what I am thinking using your own example: I want to prevent the elephant from being devoured by the ants, what can I do? The most obvious is to take the elephant off the place, works 100%. But I need the elephant in the place so I can not get him out of the place, but I still can not let the ants eat him. I can then eliminate the ants by using a flamethrower, which also works but I have no way of knowing how many ants I'm dealing with. I can then prevent the ants from reaching the elephant by placing the elephant inside a crated box, but I need termites (valid traffic) to reach the elephant, so I have to differentiate the termites from the ants. Do you see where this is going? Options to try to solve the problem exist, the problem is to find which option works in a situation where it will not have obvious solutions.

Comment Re:No way to cut the problem at the root? (Score 0) 74

Oh boy... Yet another random asshole who thinks he's the greatest expert in the universe. Go talk to my hand, okay? I'm looking for alternatives to dealing with a problem that is known to be difficult and at the moment with no solution, I do not have time to deal with brats who do not understand this.

Comment Re:No way to cut the problem at the root? (Score 2, Insightful) 74

I know very well, thank you. Enough to know that try to filter at the target of attacks is practically useless and is why I am asking if there is any way that I do not know yet to solve the problem at the other end of the connection. And to avoid another dumb response from you I already know that filtering in the source of the attacks is difficult, If it were easy I would not be asking for alternatives.

Comment Honest question: (Score 1) 75

Would there be any way to make Google itself update the Android installed on a smartphone without the need of support from the smartphone manufacturer? Maybe put an intermediate layer between the hardware and the operating system to deal with the drivers specific to each model? Or change the Android kernel so that it somehow identifies the available hardware and then downloads or compiles the necessary drivers? Because depending on the manufacturer of the equipment has became clearly wrong since the manufacturer no longer have the slightest interest in updating the installed software after the device leaves the store.

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