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Comment Ties to Government? (Score 4, Interesting) 107

Nothing but PR=B$, news at eleven all citizens of a country have ties to their government. They have ties to the government at Federal level, ties to the government at state level and ties to their government at municipal level. Look a whole article about immunity So US spies have immunity when they break other countries laws and are safe from extradition, not just computer crimes but even rape and mass murder and no matter how public those crimes have been those American criminals are still be protected. Even an entire war based on lies, the criminals behind that, are still being protected, hence the desperate bid to corruptly elect another guaranteed not to prosecute high crimes, criminal is being elected. Remember those hacking stories about hacking of state electoral roles and patches to security, now were those patches to fix or to break security and is the electronic fix in. I'd bet a substantial amount of the Russian hacking is actually the CIA and it's private for profit contractors pretending to be Russian, keeps the NSA and FBI off the backs and drives more CIA contractor revenue (NATO command is screwing about in there as well, separate from the US government, collusion between US/UK/German/French corrupt players).

Comment Re:News Flash! (Score 1) 448

What sacrifice. An astronaut going to Mars in his twenties is very likely to survive quite some time. All high risk efforts will be done by robots, break one, use a spare and another is sent from earth. Sure most travel will be one way but new specialists could be sent as necessary ie damage the spine a volunteer neurologists gets some extra space training and off they go.

So the logistics chain needs to be established. From the Earth to the moon base and from that base to Mars (additional manufacture and resourcing being carried out on the moon).

To be safe is not about being able to come back, it is about how quickly resources and required staffing can be dispatched and arrive. The drive is not to get to Mars but to build a full fledged moon base housing thousands, to enable the rest of the system to be reached from an atmosphere free, low gravity environment, the moon is key for access to the rest of the solar system and the ability to make monthly launches from the moon to Mars. Not rockets but fired at Mars by a large steam cannon, still need engines to slow down, dependant upon time to Mars, quicker trip, much larger engines to slow down (those engines could make a slow trip back though).

So the problem is all about how to shift tons and tons of stuff around the solar system as fast and safely as possible. From there the rest of the galaxy. There is no way faster than gravity tests can be conducted on the earth's surface or even near it (think return trip, aim at the moon, whoops, large crater, better that crater on the moon than on the earth). You need to conquer the system to reach out to the rest of the galaxy. Major Moon base is key.

Comment Re:Refused to hand over "evidence" (Score 1) 82

So would a competing manufacturers pay some one to do this, yes. Would corrupt elements in the supply and in this case return chain, take bad units worth very little and put them back through as brand new units at full price, yes. Will Samsung try to sneak back rebuilt units as new to recover some of the losses, yes.

Reality is, safe bet is, wait for the next note with a user removable battery, the note 7 is a dead loss and to be avoided, you just don't know whether or not you will get stuck with a dud, well, 'er' not a dud, I suppose you want the dud, not the non-dud, the exploding one. The easiest way for Samsung to rebuild the reputation of the Note as a premium machine is to go back to a user removable battery.

Comment Re:don't get your hope up (Score 1) 250

That 100 hour thing, is utterly arbitrary, it really depends on what was being sold. So if the advertising is, buy No Mans Sky and play for 100 hours before getting utterly bored and stop playing the game but if they are marketing infinite interesting game play and do not provide it, than 100 or 200 hours, yep, money back. People playing the game bored shitless for hour on hour hoping to eventually find the interesting part, only to get really pissed off with nothing but empty repetition have good reason to be pissed off and not only should they get a refund, they should be paid for their valuable time lost investing effort in a game that did not reward it, as they claimed it would. So not only the money back, but paid for the time to buy and spend and install the game, as well as the labour they invested in the game ;D.

Comment Re:Clearly Samsung's QA department..... (Score 1) 159

This is exactly why the Samsung failure. Engineers to finite design to achieve warranty life. I year warranty they are designing the machine to last one year (they had to design to max load for that year otherwise too many warranty claims). That finite design for warranty period only, means pushing the envelope of system failure and hence, major screw up every now and again. From our perspective, the stuff we buy, basically breaks down at the end of warranty plus the safety period for harder use.

Want change in this bullshit, than you are going to have to force politicians to legislate specific extended mandatory warranty periods, to save on resource waste and unnecessary pollution generation as well as wasted voter product investment. No warranty should be less than say three years and ten years would be preferable). This would save consumers a huge amount of money, reduce planetary resource consumption and hugely reduce pollution outputs. Want to preserve our human survivable environment than we have to cut the bullshit and start taking serious steps to preserve it in a human survivable condition.

Comment Re:Passing the buck? (Score 2) 125

Of course according to your bullshit logic cloudflare is a fluffy bunny charity and provides it services at a loss. No, they charge for it and they charge more for the service they provide than what it costs them. People use cloud flare to avoid setting up their own 'secure' services, the ability to distribute without disruption, due to local conditions and very local conditions (inside the building). All they do is relocate bandwidth problems away from local services and distribute those loads securely across a broader network and they do it at a profit. The original distributor can do it all themselves and at about the same price, because discount achieved for backbone bandwidth are gobbled up in their profit margins.

For cloudflare to function at the best possible performance level it can not have choke points and the information must simply flow straight through and any attempt to monitor, record, filter, censor, will cripple their function and all their customers will go elsewhere or go back to doing it direct. As always pigopolists lie like there is no tomorrow and pay lobbyists to pay off politicians so those politicians will parrot the lies.

Comment Re:Cost of Infrastructure? (Score 1) 226

Amazon is not an online seller of products, Amazon is a logistics company, those online sales drive their logistics revenue, it is normal for a logistics company to seek to ship products directly. UPS and FedEx are the slow companies as they should have established online sales of products to drive work to the logistics and dispatch branches. Likely that is what is floating around in the background and the reason for Amazons push into the dispatch arena.

The whole idea is manufacturers abandon warehouses and send their products in bulk to logistics companies who store, then sell, then pick and then dispatch direct to the consumer or click and mortar stores (stores than sell online for near immediate pickup, so order from work and pick up on the way home).

Comment Re:Pretty shocking (Score 1) 111

The map is for particulate matter of a certain size and hence the pollution in Australia where there is pretty much nothing, all down to normal dust storms. So pollution data not so much, as it is not a map of different types of more toxic pollution, just particulate matter of what ever type. So you a feeling good about not much at all and really for a proper pollution map, you should add in drinking water as well as contaminants in food. For an accurate annual total toxic load and you will not end up feeling good about that map, I can assure you.

Comment Re:Comment (Score 1) 314

IMDB is crap, full of PR=B$ 10 out of 10 reviews by one off reviewers, honestly who gives a crap what they do or do not do, by far the most useless movie and TV review site on the internet, a complete waste of time. The only thing IMDB is good for is reading the same marketing press release worded in a few hundred different ways by the same people, why any one would want to bother with that, I do not know.

Comment Re:How many of those... (Score 1) 153

M$ also as per their licensing agreement count multiple cores as multiple computers. So still meaningless numbers, especially as they have a history of lying, any press release with regard to sales I would only partially accept, if they were released to the SEC as made part of financial reports, in that case there is at least a legal requirement they be accurate. Other than that typical PR=B$ marketing.

Comment Re:Valuable skills (Score 2) 154

Technically speaking modding a game is not programming. It is just changing a script file, that the original producers of the game, provide with the game to promote and allow modding as well as adding new art, 3d models, music, pictures et al. Obviously this press release was put out by some anal up tight non-gamer who has no idea what so ever about what game modding is and in a confused bumbling Inspector Clouseau state confabulated modding games with hacking games. Where game hackers sell cheats to psychopath players who get all frustrated when they lose and think cheating is winning. Sure those game hackers will likely commit other crimes and those people who buy games hacks will also likely commit other crimes. Game modders who mod games and share them for free with other modders (the only reward they usually get is job offers for the creative skills) and use other players mods for free, are extremely unlikely to commit crimes because they already give their work away for free, they are not that motivated by greed, but motivated more creativity and sharing and expanding their gaming fun and sharing their creativity their others (want people you can trust look no further than game modders). Now some one please fire that Inspector Clouseau boob and get someone who knows what they are talking about and is capable of using the right language because that ill informed individual is doing far more harm than good, really serious harm to their own cause.

Comment Re:Nothing wrong with that! (Score 1) 47

No matter how many eyes look they will see nothing if they are not tuned to the right frequencies of light. In this case, the expectation is that in this galaxy, there is another transitional state society (neither primitive or advanced) at the right distance and at the right time (speed of gravity to take into account time of transmission, time to travel, time to receive, a still close enough that the transmissions are not lost) to transmit signals that we would receive. The reality is, the numbers and probability over time would make use the one and only transitional species in the entire galaxy and the only one for something between at the outside 100,000 years and at the upper end say 10 million years. Sure the focal point of interest for the entire advanced galaxy. Who would not want to see the carnage and emotional extremes, the war and conflict, the extremes of behaviour, to pry into every little corner of the mud monkeys lives, so much, more interesting than the boring stable lives of advanced societies. Although very likely many would seek to preserve their original planet in a more primitive social state for as long as possible as a holiday destination.

You could imagine interesting things like a mass alien die after earth gets it's welcome to the galaxy party. They having extended their life beyond comfort to witness that once in a million year party and the luckiest ones get to attend and another one again when the alien embassies open on humanities new capital world some where not to close and no to far, why because, this living generation of aliens get to experience a part of their own history, something that have not done for a very, very long time and something they and our future generations will not get experience for another few hundreds thousand years.

For any sentient species that event, becoming a galactic species, will always be the greatest achievement of any species, which is exactly why that achievement is never stolen. Of the trillions of species on earth over billions of years, we will be the only ones to achieve that.

Comment Re:Finally anonimity! (Score 0) 36

I know how bitcoin works, its a pyramid scheme, first in make the money, last in make the loss. So what is the scam on paying energy bills via bitcoin, a lie straight off the bat, you are not paying energy bills with bitcoin, you are paying someone to pay that bill with real money and you pay them in bitcoin and of course the big scum, screwing you over on the bitcoin exchange rate and guess who will sell you bitcoin at a higher rate than the rate they charge when you want to sell that bitcoin for energy. Now of course the extra sneaky bit, you have to get your bitcoins first and they are the bitcoin exchange, so you are basically giving them interest free real money, so you can sit on imaginary bitcoing earning no interest and one day kaboom, oh boo hoo, all those bitcoins you owned got stolen and the owners of the exchange retire to a extradition free tax haven. Keep in mind you can always empty a bitcoin vault with a usb stick and that pile of stolen bitcoins can not ever be identified as stolen, try doing that with a pile of cash and gold.

Comment Re:More like... (Score 1) 227

The whole idea that the internet is anything what so ever like a consumable is stupid ie, if I consume some of the internet that does not mean some of it is now missing, some one else can come right after me and consume that same internet and I am not shitting out the cookie so that can eat it after I eat it. When it comes to the internet and cookies it is more like the oven that while it is capable of producing a infinite number of cookies it can not produce them all at once. So if rent part of that oven and than that part of the oven is mine and I make as many or as few cookies as I want in the part of the oven I rent. Need to bake more cookies easy get another oven and start renting that oven out for extra cookie bandwidth.

The sole purpose of throttling bandwidth for the idiot cookie comparison is they want to rent out that oven and on top of that say how many cookies you can make and on top of that get a percentage of the revenue from the cookies otherwise they will purposefully screw up your cookie delivery process, so you cookies go stale before you can sell them or they force you to sell one at a time.

So they want to use lobbyists and corrupt politicians to pump up the profits from existing ovens because that corruption is cheaper than buying new ovens and besides fuck you at the bottom of the pile you do not deserve whole cookies just the crumbs uppity anonymous nobodies (especially because the cookies they sell on the side are shite and are made of cow dung and mud and can not compete against your eg ANZAC cookies or what ever is appropriate for your locale).

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