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Comment Re:Bad Headline (Score 2) 540

Tracking religion is not so much evil as stupid, unless they push religion into a compulsory family generational requirement. You can not be any other religion other than the one you were born into by your parents, this as a legal requirement. Without this of course, with freedom of religion, you can change your religion from moment to moment, even quite legally make up a new one for any reason. The whole messy business of once you are tagged with a religion for what ever reason, parents forcing it on you, other individuals claiming you are or random reason what so ever, once tagged you are branded for life.

Sure you can control the literature, if religious works promote criminal activity, they should be banned or at the very least be made illegal to distribute to minors. Tough it causes at least three existing major religious works to be controlled until they are fixed in line with current laws, there is no excuse for their content, they could have been fixed decades even centuries ago but their crazed adherents refuse to adhere to modern laws, preferring barbarous primitivism and the dominate and control of sexuality, forcing themselves on others under the guise of religion. Religious work that promote criminal activity should not be allowed to be distributed to minors nor taught or approved of in any schools for minors.

Comment Re:Why is this an issue? (Score 1) 232

The only thing porn does demonstrate is the rapid and disturbing deterioration of dumb sluts, due to drugs and declining credit worth of fading youth leading to desperation and extremes of behaviour, slut as a term in this sense being used regardless of the sex of the individual, now being one of five possibilities ie born both, one or the other or changing from one to the other.

Comment Re:What's this? (Score 0) 82

It was already illegal. Technically speaking as freedom of speech is a constitutional requirement and no law shall be enacted that infringes it, contract law is then covered. You can not write a contract, that infringes freedom of speech as that would invalidate contract law itself. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof", so technically you can not write contract law, that would enable private individuals via contracts to infringe freedom of speech of others. So the common lie, private industry can censor speech whilst government can not is a lie.

Comment Re:treating the symptoms (Score 2) 336

The US government already had it war on news, Ronny Raygun killed it along with the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/..., bullshit won and it is still winning in the US at least on main stream media. Its like they can not accept that their bullshit always rots away when exposed to the truth, they just keep it going, anyhow with taxpayer dollars, targeting the majority with more propaganda. The workers are shit, the rich are gods, shut up and obey, why don't they just brand that on all poor children's foreheads the first day they enter school. Your funny bit of propaganda, oh yeah, main stream media all owned by right wing corporations is pro left, what a load.

Comment Re:And clued-in users. . . (Score 1) 69

It is the same old crap, in one breath they talk about downloading a file, ohh ahh scary stuff and in the next they actually talk about reality, file sharing, nothing to do with downloading files and everything to do with uploading. I am not responsible for anything any media company does when distributing content, I watch and ad and watch content and thats it, what they do beyond that is their responsibility.

So not 'Downloading' but uploading and the ass hats are just trying to throw in scary language. A billion web sites containing trillions of bit of copyrighted information, every page and every image on that page and every paragraph of text on that page, all of it subject to copyright laws and what, they claim you the down load are meant to what, verify the legality of all of it, what a load. When they talk file sharing, they are talking about uploading but then again a product like this https://www.cnet.com/au/produc... would technically infringe copyright because it broadcast content upon request.

Comment Re:Define "fit for business" (Score 1) 117

There is one huge problem with that, buried way down in the EULA you still agree to it and so it might not come with telemetry and spying and ads but how exactly are you going to keep that shit out, any patch at any time and M$ can stick it right back in there. Hell, the code is right in there from day one and can be activated with any built in buried config change, which can be done with any patch at any time and your security is done. Now consider how many billions can be garnered with insider trading on switching on telemetry and switching it off again to have a quick look at your financials prior to public release.

Sure you can keep them out at time of install but they can break right back in there with any patch or even any access by the operating they own and control to any of their websites. Do M$ provide tailored upgrades to specific users, yes and those upgrades then do very naughty things (including hacking firmware). There is absolutely nothing you can do to keep them out, except to never connect M$ controlled computers to the internet. Windows 10 has factually proven they can never be trusted.

Comment Re:Another step toward tyeanny (Score 5, Insightful) 255

It is not so much about anonymity in purchases, it is all about control. With a card they do most emphatically control you, you no longer buy stuff, you ask permission to have stuff and that can be denied for what ever reason they choose, in a capitalist society via that card, they can turn you into a non-citizen instantly.

Once you card is blocked you are done, no public transport, all services linked to the card shut down ie no phone calls, no taxi, no food, no drink, you can try walking home.

Via that card, they will be able to control you, your politics, your life and via their cards, your family. It is extremely dangerous stuff, cash in a capitalist society is freedom, no cash and you become a slave, always asking permission from your masters.

Comment Sinkholing, WTF? (Score 3, Interesting) 53

"Sinkholing is an action whereby traffic between infected computers and a criminal infrastructure is redirected to servers controlled by law enforcement authorities and/or an IT security company. "https://www.europol.europa.eu/newsroom/news/%E2%80%98avalanche%E2%80%99-network-dismantled-in-international-cyber-operation. Hey, fuckers, you are meant to fix the end users computers not fucking keep a back door for yourselves, seriously, what the fuck?

Comment Re:Windows phone apps (Score 1) 157

Does windows 10 phone home all the time on the phone like the desktop basically sticking the end user with the cost. Does the windows 10 phone actually make more calls than a typical end user reporting on that end user. Does it make two calls at once, one to the person the actually end user wants to talk to and another to send a copy of that call to the phones actual bosses, M$. Does the always on microphone run the battery down or if you have a desktop and the backend server matches the open mike on the phone to the open mike on the desktop and temporarily stop eaves dropping on the phone.

Comment Re:Anyway... (Score 2) 147

Easiest way to tackle 'a' drone in a combat situation is with another semi-automated drone. Rather than carrying weighty explosive, simply a somewhat armoured drone with steel blades, basically a flying lawnmower (said drone could also target people, flying buzz saw, quite nasty). Set if off in the general direction and let it use sonar for the final attack run, some times it will survive and sometimes it will not but the targeted drone will go down (lighter fabrication due to payload and required range). Many boomerang drones at once, far more problematic (boomerang because they come back for reuse if they do not strike a desired target and detonate).

Tackling 'a' boomerang drone in any more modern battle field will be totally unrealistic, as sending out say, 10 times as many as required to complete target destruction, to ensure some get through would be the norm, what the heck, you can bring back say 60% to 80% of them and automatically disarm them and send them out again, once they have been rearmed.

Being a combatant on a drone dominated battlefield means nothing but being a short life target, praying they run out of drones before you do, with the defending side having a great advantage in that regard ie defence structures housing tens of thousands of drones (relatively safe whilst they are locked up inside and indescribably dangerous when released all at once, why not, if you win, you can automatically recover all drones that failed to achieve their targets and were not destroyed).

They whole idea is to stop playing war by ensuring psychopaths no longer gain positions of governance or influence, rather than coming up with more and more stupid ways of killing each other.

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