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Comment Re:Eugenics (Score 1) 93

What right of reproduction is it that you speak. I have never heard of this right, it sounds very suspiciously like some acient greek right of ownership of children, the right to do to them as you wish, to bake them and enjoy them with a dish of fava beans. The new child coming into to the world has rights and you have no rights to bring them into the world or to use them as you wish.

Hey, you want those who are least able to contribute to society to reproduce through intoxication and laziness and in far greater numbers than those who contribute the most to society, go right a fucking head. I, myself have chosen to liberate myself from that pending abuse by not reproducing, by not burdening myself with the guilt of future generations being subject to the abuse of the idiocracy. In fact I find the growth of idiocracy to be quite humorous, what the fuck do I care, I feeding victims to it (I still do my part it trying to stop it happening, it is the fair and reasonable thing to do but I burdened by the suffering the idiocracy will cause). I am sure it will be quite humorous when the idiots hit twenty billion and still counting.

Parenting and breeding licences are the common sense choice and no amount of wishing it away will make it less sensible, the earth is not infinite and as such breeding limitations are an inherent requirement.

Comment Re:Pull the plug on TSA (Score 1) 126

The TSAs function is to establish a precedented and accustomise people to restrictions, all encompassing restrictions. It is a totally class structured organisations in principle. Certain people a minority get to completely avoid it, never ever experience (except to sneer at those who are forced into it, look down upon those who are being taught their place in society). The majority of course are being trained, you go only were you specifically are allowed to go, upon demand you can be stripped searching, molested, your belongings searched and taken at a whim. You are also taught that there are other people who do not go through this, superior people and you are a lessor person a nobody and you should become accustomed to this, it is your place and it you attempt to leave it watch out.

They fully plan to push it to all public transport, even local buses stopped, passengers abused, taught their place, forced to learn to obey or be physically abused as well as their families, full sexual abuse, parents in front of their children, publicly degraded so that their children learn their heroes, their parents, are zeros.

You are all being taught that those that fly in private jets are special and you are shit, they have power and privilege because they are anointed by "In Money we trust" and you are nothing. The longer you put up with this bullshit the more you sell yourself and future generations out, pathetic cowards that you are and that's a fact, if you had any real courage the TSA would have disappeared years ago.

Comment Re:You can load them even faster... (Score 1) 117

Men, get a real job, you snooty DH ;). You know the kind of job you people sneer at and say it's only a training job that deserve less than the already shitty minimum wage. Want to express your creative talents, do it in your own time, out of your own pocket and like any busker, beg for money.

Unsympathetic, yep, because to many rich geek/nerd arseholes do not give one fuck about those doing hard work, real fucking work, on shitty minimum wage, not being able to afford a reasonable place to live or much of anything else. You fuckers still demand access to their wallets. Ain't no limit on how rich anal tech types become and still greedily demand to be able empty the wallets of the poorest.

No fucking protection for advertisements unless they stick to the rules, no fucking screaming, no fucking lies, no false association and no targeting people and absolutely no targeting of minors. PS fucking off with the psuedo celebrity bullshit would also be cool, I would rather pay for some quality in the product being sold than paying the bloated wage of some egoistic dickhead lying to me about how great the product is (which it would be if they had spent the money on the product instead of paying some egoistic dickhead to lie to me about that quality of the product because that quality is missing as they had to pay the dickhead instead).

Comment Re:Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 5, Insightful) 511

So instead you want to break your power charging plug hole, the one you now generally use once per day and that with a fixed battery. So instead a potential proprietary socket, that will wear out, destroying the phone because no it connects to nothing and you can not pull out a flat battery and replace it with a charged battery. Yep, gullibly being sold another B$ marketing line. So with an existing ear socket phone you can listen through the usb socket with the right hardware and software but not fucking while you are charging the phone but that's OK you can swap out the battery and charge it separately, oh wait no you fucking can't.

When I am sitting back at home listening to my phone with a headset, as I am not moving, I charge up the phone at the same time, it's common sense and I have decades old cd/radio players that still plug fine their headsets work fine, so worn socket, likely crappy off spec plugs.

Comment Re:You instinctively turn away from visible lasers (Score 1) 93

The only thing that pops in my mind regarding this story is https://www.youtube.com/watch?... or possibly this https://www.youtube.com/watch?... or even https://www.youtube.com/watch?.... Just a funny thought, all those blockers of continuous narrow beam laser light transmissions ;D.

Comment Re:Test mode all the time? (Score 1) 123

So basically the test mode is exactly what is in my Mitsubishi Outlander when I press the eco-mode button. Which I normally leave it in 99.99% of the time (I have run with it off to test the difference, once, it is quite noticeable). Question is, is the vehicle also more fuel efficient in this mode and thus can it be forced to be active all of the time for the customers who choose that. Likely the engine management system kicks in this mode when the vehicle sustains revs with a specific range of revs for a given length of time, neither accelerating or decelerating, so revving the motor could produce honest outcomes. An honest detailed response on the programming is required from VW to produce an acceptable outcome.

Comment Re:Nope, "operators" usually pick equipment (Score 1) 252

Still a dumb decisions when they could have simply http://www.ubuntu.com/phone. If a phone can run Android it can run Linux, for what should be obvious reasons and hence a custom rolled solution makes more sense (a tweaked protocol offset system, so only apps allowed to run can run or be installed succesfully). Basically when supply numbers are high enough customer demands can be pushed quite economically, to produce a range of products that provide optimum solutions. So physically durable phones running the core Linux operating system (no Android layer on top), only upgradeable and patchable by the DOD, running the selected range of safe apps (need to know) and not capable of running any apps outside of DOD supplied apps for that specific range of users. That is the common sense solution, the solution chosen is just plain stupid (some admin wonk with no depth).

Comment Re:Serious crime (Score 2) 48

News at 11, the big story here, everyone is missing, the UK government just killed the data cloud. How can anyone ever trust a data cloud company any more, that company could be searched and that means all the data that it holds exposed to government perusal. Basically the UK government is claiming that all letters and packages at a post office are examinable should a warrant be issued against, any employee at that post office. The only way to secure your data now is own you own servers in your safe room on your premises.

Comment Re:Old dog, old tricks (Score 1) 374

M$ putting apps anywhere is exactly the problem. So why the fuck does edge use less power than 'ALL' the other browsers, quite simple folks, elements of it all running all of the fucking time, hence when the edge GUI kicks off and well, of course the windows anal probe communications are already running and hence the edge just uses them. All the other browsers of course run of top of edge and hence edge is sucking up power all of the fucking time, use your chosen browser or not, just as the anal probe is running all of the time, user your chosen browser or not.

Want to chose an energy efficient browser for a start do not run Windows anal probe 10, running components of edge in the background, go choose your own browser, any one will do, on your own chosen Linux distribution, any one will ignore and ignore the bullshitting, lying jack arse fuckheads from M$ (this kind of marketing tactic is just so offensive and lives where the crappy cooked program to scam software testing suites belong).

Edge is the power troll, running all of the time, skulking on windows anal probe 10 sucking up your battery life whether you are using it or not. Trollish comment to match trollish marketing ;D.

Comment Re:.torrent!=pirated (Score 1) 62

Cough, cough, the number 1 definition of torrent :a strong and fast-moving stream of water or other liquid. The data transmission protocol (which can be named anything) was named after it for the obvious reason (also used to define heavy rainfall and based upon that, any mass movement of any large number of things). They could have bound the term to bittorrent but that is not the word used generally in listing data availability by that transmission protocol. This is of course exactly why the pigopolists tackled the matter initially in a country where English was not the native language, basically seeking to ban a common use English word and expecting a French court to be that stupid. Why not, the pigopolists routinely steal the English language and trademark words seeking to charge fees for their use (the new rule should be want a trademark make up your own new word do not steal words already in use).

Comment Re:US Patent Office (Score 1) 87

Sky roaches might be the best description of delivery drones. Is anyone what so ever waking up to the idea of the number of drones required to achieve this. We are talking millions of drones, in any city tens of thousands of drones flying at the same time. If you have native birds don't expect them to last. For people who live in any kind of proximity to dispatch locations, well, I hope you enjoy the noise and wearing hardhats and armoured safety googles and possibly a armoured collar (statistics means that's where most will go down and taking into account numbers, quite a few). Nearby by roads, means windscreen replacement companies should have locations near drone dispatch locations. So 1 say in 10,000 chance of failure no problem, that 10,000 will tick off before noon, lunch time and take away deliveries. Yeah, nah, just wont happen because take away deliveries and good luck with that if you are stupid enough to allow it to happen, seriously stupid.

Comment Expected 'Outcome' (Score 2) 325

This is the exact 'outcome' you would expect when corporate lobbyists write government policy. Instead of that policy providing the maximum service at the lowest cost, it provides the least service at the maximum cost. That cost being to the end users and not of course the lobbyists funders, for them it is as cheap as possible and hence maximises profits, 100%, 200%, 1,000% unlimited profits and unlimited power. Pretty 'sick' stuff (snark).

Point of sale tech companies should be writing this, a range of confirmed, emphatically confirmed (use big fonts on confirmation with details to ensure readability, really big fonts, mistakes will kill, so confirmation buttons at the end of each sentence, think plane take off check lists), selection through a menu structure with additional comments and possibly a patient screen so they can see what is going on. You really want the doctor inputs to occur as they treat the patient, medium sized touch screen with a readily and cheaply replaceable cover (swap between patients, doctor touches patients, doctor touches screen) and a camera for close ups and photo record, possibly video elements of doctor patient sessions (all suspended on an adjustable arm from the ceiling) with a smaller smart phone styled extension (corder, doctor patient privacy requires a completely wired system) for greater flexibility. A smarter system would have some idea of what it is 'looking' at and recording ie it can recognise parts of the human anatomy arms, eyes, ears etc (helps guide the menu structure, don't let M$ touch this bit, they always fuck this shit right up, no Mr Paperclip fuckups).

Comment Foolish Investment? (Score 0) 124

Kind of sounds like an unwise investment with the expected sea level rise to be between 1 and 3 metres. I hope that beach is deep because they likely have bought something that will become nothing. Investing in underwater front properties at this time is likely not the wisest decision. In fact much of the underwater front market will likely end up in investment funds and sold onto to pension funds (long leased back to current owners at and then abandoned once flooded and the lease broken, bad luck for the pension funds). I wonder how many other buy back the beach crowd funding scams will kick off. There is billions of dollars of property that needs to be dumped on the public purse and I am sure all sorts of scams will be kicked off to do it, the wildest of which will be in Florida https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... (Florida the ocean wants it swamps back and it will get them).

Comment Re:Let's send out Independent Election Observers. (Score 2) 180

We have already seen the pattern of the fraud to take place. Electronic voting will be cooked, either at the vote or during file transfer or during the count. Reduced number of polling stations, especially in opposition areas with added things like no parking, no shade, not food or drink and no toilets, the longer the waiting line the better. Scrubbing of voter roles, to force uncounted provisional votes (really help to slow up the whole voting process to a crawl, and ensure those in bad lines never get to vote). ID games to stop people voting will be the smallest action taken. Not to forget of course the wild biases of main stream media, huge politically corrupt biases but then so what, the White House is just another media channel, with the decisions really being taken behind doors in corporate boardrooms and then passed onto the White House to disseminate to the public, with the US Congress and the US Senate than aligning with the corporate instructions (the chaos comes from different competing corporations forcing their own biases into the system and those biases destructively competing against each other, creating chaos).

Really what you have to do is empower the FBI to take on the top end of town and prevent the chaotically corrupt decision making (after the Hillary Clinton debacle that seems impossible, laws need not apply for insiders).

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