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Comment Re:Discrimination (Score 1) 314

You want to buy underwater front, well, you just have to expect it to go underwater :/.

It can be turned around, it is just a choice. Forget trillions of dollars in sea walls (the biggest being the one to keep sea levels down in the Mediterranean, serious dollars). Just use nuclear power stations to desalinate sea water and then irrigate the worlds deserts to produce food and this is the important part, turn the worlds current farm lands into dense, rich bio-diverse forest, problem solved and at far less cost that all those sea walls (you get mass water retention in those forests and new farmlands, improved reflectivity and heat absorption, mass carbon sinks and cities would be surrounded by air cleaning forests). Depending upon where the irrigated desert farmlands are, altered precipitation patterns as a result of transpiration should also flood below sea level, especially the newer higher one, current deserts (think places like

So just a choice, now what one do you think they will make, the care and share one, or trillions of dollars in sea wall profits or losses, depending upon who spends the money and who gets the money and losses, which regions get no protection and of course how many die when those walls fail and they will, one after another with tens of thousands drowning.

In the interim, absolutely do not invest in underwater front property, seriously bad choice. Now the worse prediction still does not allow for a mass methane release from once perma frost regions where decades become mere years.

Comment Re:With such good Wi-fi... (Score 1) 65

Want to run cable with minimum disruption to the building than eg . Skirting and architrave ducts. Simply pull off the empty solid ones and replace with hollow ones that can accommodate cables and outlets. Always, always go with wire where you can, everything will run much smoother. So you work in ceiling space, bring cable down at doorways to the floor and around the room you go. To get from floor to floor, drill a hole, use fixed floor to ceiling cupboards, with removable backs and bases, either new or existing ones. Prep in one weekend, cupboards, ducts et al and wire in the next.

Comment Re: The problem isn't that they're old... (Score 1) 145

Nah, executives routinely betray each other, the just conspire together to exploit others but if they can knock the other out of completion, they will, their greed and lust for power is limitless. Don't forget of course the lead issue. Older generations lead in fuel, down a bunch of IQ points, difficult to retrain, don't forget lead water pipes and lead bullets. I mean look at the mess you have allowed your government to become and that is down to lead poisoning, suck it up because the over forties did exactly that and simply do not perform as well on average.

Comment Re:Bountiful Bashing, Batman! (Score 0) 155

The inability of M$ to disable tracking is one great big lie. Their intent by that statement proves the current system is to use and abuse home users as crash test dummies prior to those updates being made available to enterprise and education clients (where the probe is missing but M$ said the probe can not be taken out, well, apparently it can't until it can). Basically the rule with windows anal probe 10 is don't get it, force your supplier to provide you with the enterprise version or the education version, do not take no for an answer, that is your answer, either they supply those versions or tell your supplier to fuck off until they can, don't care how they do it, don't buy until they do, end of story.

Comment Re:modus operandi doesnt seem to make any sense. (Score 2) 61

Would those Russian intelligence services have the interests of the US more or less than the current crop of entirely corrupt US corporations that run the US government. Taking into account recent behaviours of US multi-national corporations and Russian intelligence services, when it comes to the typical Anonymous citizen, yeah Russian intelligence service cares more about you than US corporations and their corrupt US government. A country falling apart due to excessive corruption with a whole bunch of nukes and insanely greedy war industries is a threat to everyone on the planet (they might not love you but they certainly do not hate you, no matter how much they dislike abusively destructive multi-national corporations), in this case, them striving to make themselves safer makes all the rest of us safer and buys us the time to clean up or break up multi-national corporations.

The gist of the article is interesting, as it comes off like the New York Times is now a government agency, I wonder which dog is wagging which tail when or do they just take turns, the white house being nothing more than just another corporate media channel, no decision making, just public announcements of the decisions made by others.

So who wants to steal our democracy more, the writers of the TPP (the toilet paper protocol for what it does to all member countries constitutions) corporate manifesto or the Russian military. So do I trust them, has very little to do with would I use them when we share joint objectives, hell, I would use the NSA if they serve my purpose or the FBI or the SEC, that is what you are meant to do, so the FSB, falls in exactly the same category (would I oppose them, sure, all of them, if they opposed my underlying principles of freedom, democracy and justice, on any particular issue, that I deemed honourably appropriate).

Comment Re:PS3 Remote Play to PC (Score 1) 118

I would rather see them produce a high performance 3D playstation video card (et al), that you could load up on Linux PC. High performance elements only available for licensed games and regular performance for everything else ie FOSS software like Libre Office etc. Windows done and finished at consumer level. So what if is hacked and produces high performance for everything, they'll still sell more games (OS issues after all).

Comment Re:How does that work? (Score 3, Interesting) 101

I would bet, victims of those crimes, who forced a constitutional challenge to those criminals activities could force some really severe penalties on the government. You might say you can, and write crap laws that say you can but legally can you really purposefully create victims of citizens, criminally fuck people over, to what, advance your career. Somehow that doesn't quite ring true as being legal, regardless of the anti-constitutional lies their lawyers and corrupt politicians spread.

Comment Re:Original source: (Score 1) 80

I could believe that, Sony is really wacked when it comes to marketing. Who can forget the whole mysoginst B$ of ghost busters to drive free advertising, that failed and most everyone is pretty hacked off with Sony. I would suggest the switch away from being controversy dicks and develop some reasonable manners. They seem to have switched into panic mode after a series of failures and really stupid blunders.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 2) 320

Spreadsheets are really useful tools but have limitations. One thing I did enjoy was using that spreadsheet layout for coding, it seems much more functional. One sheet with programming cells, another bunch of cells on the same sheet for output, various continuous variable checks, distributed where ever those checkpoints are required, multiple sheets with similar outputs in similar locations and notes all over the place. You could really turn a spreadsheet into a great custom coding interface, than once it works, clear out the spawl from the production version and leave it all in the development versions.

When it comes to errors, gees, load up a custom dictionary and you are done. Switch to Libre Office for the spell check and share your new free open source custom dictionary, done and finished. Whether or not you have M$ Office installed, you should still install Libre Office for flexibility, it's free, does not take up much space and most definitely does not spy on you. Also leaves that easy option for private dual booting, Libre Office on Linux for private work away from the old digital one eye prying up where is most definitely does not belong, M$ backorifice on top of windows probe 10, ugh, the buggers don't even wear protection as their compulsory upgrades screw up people's systems, to load a new bunch of compulsory ads, wow, just wow.

Comment Re:Google's management quality is degrading rapidl (Score 1) 160

Keh? new OS, what new OS. You mean a new java layer on top of an old OS. So yes, if you want, well not even a new java layer so much as new versions of apps on that java layer (the java layer could be really old, as well as the OS underneath it), you know the apps, the actual GUI, those apps that come with the phone and maybe just maybe some new drivers, than buy a new phone. Even though the might not be much improvement in the phone or the software most probably hasn't changed all that much, apart from some cosmetic tweaking but hey to make it feel better, couple of years old and that phone turns to shit because the battery holds bugger all charge and that last upgrade you get often tends to create more problems than it solves but hey, new battery (the main reason for fixed batteries is to kill the phone, as paying to repair the phone ie replace the battery, costs more than the old phone is worth because no one will pay much for an old phone when they can not immediately go out and buy a new battery and fit it, repairing the battery costs as much as that second had phone is worth).

You know what screw you, if we could put any software we like on those phones fine, even buy one to replace the provided one, but hey, ass hat, that choice is not there, we are pretty much stuck with the old OS and can not change it because they fucked up that choice on purpose, so hmm, purposefully fuck up the choice to change OS, the yes, they can pay for upgrades for the life of the phone.

Comment Re:How hard is it to find emails? (Score 1) 517

Meh, so what, the current administration will not prosecute no matter what. They know exactly what she did and they know every single email that was deleted and they know it was all about hiding corruption and a pay to play scheme. They straight up do not give a crap, the fix is in, the corporate whore is their pick, done a finished. The DNC leadership had to quit for corrupting the primaries and no one does nothing about the scum bag who gained the benefit of that corruption and do not quit in shame, nope, it cheered on the cheat because in that corrupt mind, cheating to win is still winning and worth the same. The whole thing is turning this administration and obviously the next one into a corrupt dangerous joke and one definitely not to be trusted in the least. The whole scam is now proving an unmitigated disaster for the establishment and it will only get worse, much, much, worse. Even with main stream media, the war industries and the major financial players all in the bag for the corporate whore, they are still losing the election (they might win but they will be stuck with a shit president who in incapable of selling anything and this will lead to mass protests and endless political turmoil).

Comment Re:WAIT (Score 4, Interesting) 95

The whole idea of the service provider being responsible is bullshit. The provide the service, they do not control what it connects to or what connects to it. Want legal recourse then sue the customer, prove you case and than the service provider can act. No one can make empty claim and demand the service provider than pay the legal case of proving it occurred in order to justify breaking contract. Until it is proven in a court of law there is no action that can be taken with regard to breaking of the contract. That is quite clear cut and just shows the corruption of the court and judge in question, clearly shows signs of a pay to get elected, pay for the results you want, corrupt legal system.

The claim is question is one of, "We don't need to prove shit, we say so and you are guilty and owe us tens of thousands of dollars", this the shifted to the service provider because, yeah, making claims of tens of thousands of dollars with shitty circumstantial evidence, doesn't work. So corrupt courts, allowing really shitty verdicts and forcing appeals, and more court costs.

They are bound to lose because any ISP must consider how this percent for copyright infringement could spread to real criminal cases and they could become liable for them as well, with bad precedent set (think terrorist communications and holding ISPs liable for aiding terrorism, which means staff and management would become criminally liable).

Comment Re:Access to evidence (Score 1) 96

It represents the typical arrogance of corrupt governments. Why leave evidence behind because they mostly do not give a crap, they are corrupt, not skilled, just corrupt and got their positions by being corrupt, not skilled. So good people, do good work and try hard, bad people do not, they lie, cheat and steal and they do that to get their jobs not just once they have their jobs. Basically, yes, corrupt scum bags do shitty jobs because they do not give a crap about the job, just what they can get out of it, how much corrupt money they can make, how often and how much they can abuse people, not just sexually but kill them, they are sick fuckers.

Autocratic empires are not build upon trust but upon corruption. The best do not take the lead positions, corrupt players lie, cheat, steal and kill to get those positions and just do shitty jobs when they get there, blaming and punishing underlings for the failures of a corrupt leadership. They routinely expose themselves and then kill to cover it up again.

The Turkish coup was blatantly false flag, as proven by the reaction. The mass arrest of unaffiliated persons (a dangerous waste of policing resources when a supposed real threat exists), in sufficient numbers and variance to indicate the lists for the arrest existed prior to the false flag coup (no investigation required post coup, to initiate thousands of arrests) and no government under real threat and duress wastes resources on arbitrary targets when real ones exist.

The really whacked thing about it all both the US and Russian government support the false flag coup but for opposite reasons, even after the Turkish government decided to finger the US government for the coup, the US is still pretending it was real and struggling to keep Turkey in NATO where it no longer belongs according to the rules of NATO (even when large portions of Europe not longer want Turkey in NATO and the US forcing the issue might well result in the end of NATO, the result of arrogant incompetence in position of control due to corruption making piss poor decisions).

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 124

Building big stuff in space doesn't make all that much sense yet. Building big on the Moon, makes a lot more sense and a lot of the raw materials are already there. Just need a binder and some earth moving equipment, nuclear powered earth moving equipment, the binder, well those tanks can be reused. The moon has a couple of big advantages, much lower gravity and no atmosphere to deal with, definitely a better place to build the components of a space station. The smart research is in how to use the raw materials available on the moon to best fabricate high mass and large components, to be used elsewhere in space and of course to rapidly expand the size of the moon base to properly develop recycling life support systems for hugely extended even permanent stays. You certainly would not want to return fuel tanks from the moon but you would not use them for habitats either, that has to be engineered from moon dust.

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