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Comment Re:It's the cost of the labor, stupid (Score 1) 137

I had a lawnmower for 25 years, I went to buy another, with a straight face, they said no matter what I bought it would not last that long, lucky to get 5 or 10 years. There is one way to guarantee repairs, force warranties up, way up. Forget the bullshit 30 day warranty lets, start at a decade. It will completely alter design and serviceability for the better.

Comment Re:elites pimping nostalgia (Score 1) 56

George Bush was the only world leader to declare a nuclear first strike policy. The USA has invaded how many countries since the Soviet Union collapsed? How many Russian died fighting over the Crimea when it was part of Russia, how many hundreds of thousand. Seriously in what sane world would any country risk internal revolution trying to stop Don Cossacks from crossing a border to defend their relatives from attacks by Zaphorisian Cossacks (cossacks have the reputation they have because they well and truly earned it). The US government and US corporate controlled main stream media was full of it and the Russians no matter what anyone claims, including the Russian government dumped the Ukraine because it was too corrupt and costing them too much money (there are a whole lot of Ukrainians living in Russia and dumping the Ukraine they way they did, is not really all that politically acceptable, originally, not so much now). Americans just whining because they spent 5 billion dollars to give Russia back the Crimea and ended up stuck with a 30 billion dollar mess, as the EU is not interested in picking up the tab for a corrupt Ukraine).

Speaking of a corrupt Ukraine, both the EU and the US complain about it, quite a lot, yet not one faces prosecution, even when those corrupt individuals travel overseas, so the EU and US complain about the corrupt Ukrainians they are protecting from prosecution for corruption, in order to, I have no idea, just seems totally utterly stupid for governments to complain about corruption and yet do nothing what so ever to prosecute it, if fact they provide safe harbour for the profits of those corrupt individuals.

Comment Re:Old School (Score 1) 105

Dude you can not see what is going on at all, all you see is the mud monkey output and when it comes to shifting those bits and bytes and words (not words words but words), you have not idea at all what is going on, no one does, you just 'assume' it is doing what the screen claims it is doing and the computer is doing way, way more, than just output to a video screen. Once you dabble in computer security, you really start to understand what a mindless head fuck it really is, all your attempts at security are down to the assumption that the output reflects what is actually happening, whilst knowing full well, that it that what is being displayed could not be what is actually happening. Seriously dude why do you think it cost so much to de-hack secure networks, everything has to be checked, any suspicion what so ever about any component and that has to checked, even replaced and even then once finished, all very closely monitored for an extended period, just to make sure. Often easier to replace old box with new box with data restored from backups and than erase old box and sell (boxes are cheap compared to labour, especially extended overtime labour). Old safes should still be cheap on second hand market, the idea is the mass not so much security. Interesting side note, did you know, one of the core design requirements for office floors, way back when, for office floors was to be able to hold a one ton safe, here you go and Amazon will even deliver. Often manual is far easier and more secure than electronic.

Comment Old School (Score 4, Interesting) 105

Keep passwords safe. Buy a typewriter, get a sheet of paper from your networked printer, insert in typewriter, type out passwords, buy a 1 ton safe, stick piece of paper in safe, lock safe. Whilst they and I mean they, plural (a 1 ton safe is a 1 ton safe for a reason), can drive to your offices and steal that safe, it is kind of hard to not notice it missing and to be able to re secure you system again.

The problem with securing computers with computers is you can no longer see them breaking in successfully, sure you can see the lame failures, but not the skilled success until it is way too late., Computers are shit at security because you can not see what is going on and there are just so, so many ways to hack it and all from safe remote locations, hacking a safe, up close and personal and extreme risk, it is just the way it is.

They used to produce computers with hard wired switchs to prevent firmware being overwritten, no direct access phsyically impossible to hack remotely, hard wired switches to shut down wireless network cards, switch off no power to that card what so ever. So your core data server should have a hard wired switch to prevent writing to it, except when authorised and with direct personal access (to hack you have to write to read).

Comment Re:Really? Why? (Score 1) 822

This basis of the claim of (D)Republican vs (R)Republican is nothing to do with claims of policies by the politicians involved, that as everything knows and has know for, well, centuries, mostly just empty promises to get elected for which they are never held accountable but for the political discourse being demonstrated by the caimpagns. The Democrats used to always claim and endeavour to demonstrate a higher quality of political discourse and avoid ugly personal attacks but this time around, no, can't vote for Trump his wife is a gold digger, can't vote for Trump his daughter is a dumb slut, can't vote for Trump his son is racist pig (they were a little more polite than that but not much, real core right wing politics, simply awful stuff and US main stream media has been parroting it all).

Leave you alone? they wont leave you until till after they kill you, you ignore politics and it can kill you, you fail to teach future generations to discuss political policy and it can kill them. The ugliness of this US election, on display to the rest of the world, should be a wake up call for Americans to clean up their political act, that ignoring the problem will not make it go away, it will just allow it to get worse. Yeah, good job America, your democracy is doing really swell, not (with this election cycle being proof positive of how really sick American democracy has become).

Comment Re:x86 is a plus (Score 1) 200

Actually all a lie. The ie "SolidRun x86 Braswell MicroSoM runs Linux and full Windows 10" is a lie, from the article itself "The board itself, which starts at $117, will not operate on its own." so it runs bugger all and "you must add the SolidPC Q4 single-board 'carrier' computer which is $40. In other words, you are looking at a minimum of $157 -- you could buy four Raspberry Pi 3 computers". Does no one read the article any more, not even the writer of the article.

At the base price it comes with 1GB of storage, no if you can install a dual boot of Linux and Windows 10 on that, yeah right, good luck because the article said in can run Linux and Windows, more accurately after adding additional hardware it can run Linux or Windows, you have to be pretty picky with language when it comes to those things because of dual boots and virtual machines, if you are going to claim to be able to run more than one OS than you had better be able to run more than one OS.

Comment Re:Really? Why? (Score 0) 822

What concern, I have never seen a US election where it was more obvious that a Republican was running against a Republican, the electioneering style is nearly identical. Want to see cleaner politics you have to look to the Libertarians and the Greens. The (D)Republicans and the (R)Republicans, are much alike, from the top on down. The only difference you saw was in the primacies and the (D)Republicans stole that and cheered themselves as winning, even after some of them were forced to quit only to end up with jobs with the person they stole the primaries for, who still cheered herself as champion and main stream media largely ignored it all, like it never happened, the (R)Republicans did try to cheat Trump out but he still made it in, so it turns out he was better at electioneering than Bernie Sanders and the (D)Republicans are better at scamming primaries. To be fair I am not American and from a distance it looks all rather amusing especially in light of the PR=B$ about how great US democracy is, what democracy !?!

Comment Re:Don't rush to conclusion (Score 1) 84

I have worked through many government approvals, just get your information right, hold personal discussions, maintain a good rapport, check with them for any difficulties the application is causing, establish and maintain a good social relationship, use like people for the approval process (people like the people you are communicating with), never rush them but do check regularly to see whether they need any additional information. I always found the prep to be pretty easy and pretty smooth once you establish and maintain good, personal communications channels. When you go in with negative ideas, you will produce negative outcomes. Keep in mind they often have to deal with extremely arrogant small and medium business people all of the time and that really does impact them over time, to get a better response from them, you have to work at it and develop those skills. Bottles of good wine are often the best lubricant for a smooth approval process, delivered every time you get a positive response, together with a polite thank you.

Comment Re:Tinfoil hats! (Score 1) 91

Polygraph, just clench your butt checks, this raises your blood pressure and breathing enough to cook results (if you are bored and don't care about the test, do the butt check rumba, switching cheeks, in a musical beat, remember not to over clinch as you will bounce around on the seat, ;D). Of course you could just be born a psychopath and the charade of polygraph (the measure of reactions to questions, based upon the ability of the actor carrying out the test convincing you the test works, regardless of any answers you give, answering those question is just part of the charade).

Comment Re:That's too bad.... (Score 1) 125

Insatiable psychopathic greed means they never have enough and always want more, no matter how much they already have. More profits, more young and desperate people to abuse, more public ego stroking and worship, the ability to consume more and more and more (more bigger mansions, more bigger yachts, more bigger private jets, no limits on the pollution they can generate ever, burn more and more and more).

Comment Re:How will that save bandwidth? (Score 1) 43

Dude, do you not understand corporations one little bit. Why do any investment at all in new infrastructure if you can force the use of the existing infrastructure, by corruptly lobbying and shutting out competitors, controlling backbone choke points and strangling out competitors by blocking people from selling content without using you as the publisher by strangling off their distribution.

Incumbents with streaming services wanting net neutrality banned, I wonder why. Either you pay the to publish or you pay them to allow you to publish at the exact same rate as their publishing percentage 30% or more of revenue. Corporate taxes charged against the end user via collusion with corrupt governments, the only kind of taxes corporations approve of.

Comment Re:Recycling fee (Score 1) 166

You seem to be missing the bit where they are committing fraud and not recycling anything just dumping in overseas in third world countries. Paying them more with tax payer dollars will not change anything except their profit margin. Just typical capitalist corporations, being typical capitalist corporations. Think an honest one will save you, nope, so dishonest psychopaths just pays more that it is worth, fires most employees, ends the recycling and starts dumping the stuff in third world countries. How about tendering it, nope, you can bet the lowest tender will cheat because that is how they become the lowest tender. You want rubbish handled properly, seriously, only the government can do it, corporations will always cheat in the end.

Comment Re:BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! (Score 0) 258

6. Windows will monitor you hard disk drive remporting it's content and changing or deleting files.

7. Windows will monitor all your internet access and report it to other parties.

8. Windows will add new more invasive software against your will and show you mocking messages of your inferiority and the need for you to part with money.

9. Windows will monitor all your communications and report of them as well as informing on all your contacts.

Windows is not a virus or a bug but a trojan and that's without any protection, no protection what so ever. It demands, full bent over bare back access, not even a free meal, in fact they demand that you pay for that privacy pounding, again and again and again. This is what your computer feels like after windows 10 installs

Comment Re:Don't rush to conclusion (Score 1) 84

You do not there is a massive difference between planning and government approval and doing the actual work. Where delays are expected you only do planning and work through the approvals and delays. Once you when you can start, you then start the prep and not before. If the delay is long enough you redo your plans to suit. Even if you end up with too many approvals, you simply extend that approval over time whilst you delay the start for as many years as necessary. It makes no sense to allow delays to control you layout schedule as percentage complete, you manage those delays and adjust your plans to early east approvals, it also promotes rapid approval ie first to approve gets done first, last to approve gets done last.

Comment Re:Last resort (Score 2) 294

You never draw the line alone, you always draw it with others. You talk and seek support, you reach out to activist groups like say 'Anonymous' (in light of gag orders, especially worthwhile as you can reach out to them anonymously ;) ). You try to get as many people as possible to draw that line and together you achieve change. Don't expect any scamming Uncle Tom to provide you with hope and change, it's just a lie, you have to be that hope and change and all the others who join make that hope and change a reality and not some bloody marketing lie.

Patience in this regard is the real virtue, divorce yourself from your own ego in regard to the cause and just keep working it, continuing to seek support from others whilst doing so. You ego is your enemy as it will force you to make mistakes, to focus on your winning now or over inflating the impact of setbacks, simply roll with the punches and keep working the problem but do not do it alone. Only working together can institutionalised corruption be brought down and the more of us who work on those problems the better the solutions.

When tackling government agencies never target the entire agency, just those individuals involved, exposing them personally to the risk of failure (possible civil suit and even criminal prosecution), where changing their mind and backing off is the safer career choice. Don't let those corrupt individuals hide in the background behind their government department, force them out into the open and challenge them directly, expose them to public scrutiny, expose their individual decisions to public review and make them personally liable for their actions.

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