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Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 129

PCs or just windows boxen. Face it the reality about M$ game mode is just PR bullshit to cover over the probe, windows watching you masturbate, so will the vibrate mode and lube finally become available. The only one being gamed here is end users and thats by M$. Windows 10, I'll go latin and X marks that choice a bit fat nope, no way, never. Can't play the games, fine, wont buy them.

Comment Re:It might be something but it isn't anti-trust? (Score 1) 121

Apple should simply pull the exact same scam Google does. Force end users to hack their phones, to install from other locations. Basically provide risky tools, to and voila the majority of end users will never ever do it and only buy from the Google store 'er' Apples store but they can buy from other sources if they want to, done and finished.

Comment Re:Threshold (Score 1) 405

Make huge investments in superior infrastructure, including space infrastructure to gain access to the stars. Why not have the best possible infrastructure, the labour is there use it and pay them fair wages. Where's the problem, I know where the problem is, psychopathic greed demanding only their ego and lusts be served and the majority are just tools to be used and thrown away when broken.

Comment Re: Should have started with old videogames. (Score 1) 64

Well, if you are buying ego and not function, what different does it make if it is fake and long as it convinces the fake people you pose for, that it is real. No matter how much money and resources are wasted on marketing, poseur crap is still poseur crap and fake or real, seriously who gives a fuck. Certainly should not be wasting tax payer dollars on those marketing lies. Add radioactive elements to diamonds and create really long life batteries, great, cut them and wear them and think you shit don't stink any more, utter bullshit. Fake diamonds, far better than real ones and in fact the real ones should be banned for being an insane waste of resources and completely idiotic source of pollution.

Comment Re:Not really a big deal. (Score -1, Flamebait) 278

So Obama, Mr Hope and Change, hired terrorists to rape entire cities, actual rape including minors, not a figure of speech, the whole show, sex slaves and slave markets run by terrorists and all sponsored by the US government. Now that's fucking change but not one iota of hope except that the Uncle Tom is finally gone and was not replaced by an even worse Corporate Whore.

Comment Re:No (Score 0) 52

The reason why no editing is gaming the system. Early on people were writing bait posts, to get people to respond and than alter the post to make the responders look foolish and targeted them with a response. This then creating the ludicrous situation of continuous altering comments. Why do Facebook want it, to force people to monitor comments, keep them checking, hook them in to watch more ads and corporate fake news propaganda. Drop Facebook like all social fads, that network has run it's had it's moment in the sun and the harder they try to squeeze the absent profits from the ludicrous valuation, the more users they will lose. Inevitably another social media platform will dominate and be replaced by another media platform, again and again.

Comment Re:Discrimination (Score 1) 172

Emotional attachment to a droid. For quite a few people that emotional attachment to droids instead of people would be a good thing for all those people who escape that undesired emotional attachment. Let the rich and greedy fondle robots instead of minors, it's better for everyone, especially those minors.

Kill switch also is likely not the best terminology to go with, power cut off switch is better and more accurate. We do not want off switches like the typical PC power button but real specific power cut off switch like a power point.

So where exactly would the power cut off switch be on a robot semi trailer running havoc down a shopping mall and how exactly is it meant to work (mounted to bull bar or near the axels ?). Sounds good but implementing realistically on a droid is a lot harder than it sounds, unless they are talking a remote offswitch in which case that also presents many problems.

Comment Re:It IS hipsterism (if that's a word) (Score 1) 562

The problem is nothing to do with media and everything to do with the marketing collapse of drunken drugged up minstrels. That old bullshit with the minstrels all cool rebel hero who suffers for their music is dying and with it goes the money. So now they are trying another route to hype up music to keep the billions in profits going with all the awful autotune lipsinking scam artists, of course they are nobodies without the publishers and the bjs in limos. So the industry is dying a slow grim death as the marketing dies. So they are simply trying to invent new hype to pump up publishers profits (no wonder US corporations hate RT).

Comment Re:Very Good (Score 2) 205

The most wrong thing to do is accept the loss of human rights to serve the insane psychopathic greed of corporations. Privacy is a right and people should have the expectation that their right to their privacy will be respected by law. It is the duty of citizens to ensure their rights are protected including their right to privacy. There is no doubt that criminal penalties need to be applied to privacy invasive and abuse corporations.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 97

Apple does not exist in a vacuum, it does not have to do everything right as long as it's competitors are screwing up more. So Apple did enough to sell people privacy, rather than selling their privacy versus M$'s attitude to people's privacy, it's up for sale to the highest bidder to be manipulated any way they want to.

M$ being a pack of arrogant perves means as consumer devices they just come off as really undesirable, the only thing keeping MS Orifice and Windows Probe going are existing customer lock in and that is starting to fail. M$ have not been able to successfully launch a product for years because their brands sucks and no matter how much they spend of marketing, most people ignore it.

Apple does not need to do any better, it just needs to avoid the M$ mistake of continually doing things worse to see what it can get away with to screw over customers more. M$ is following the exact same route as the Lotus eaters, simply arrogantly assuming it can continue to get away with it and failing.

I have never ever owned an Apple device but now I am considering an Apple desktop (just for simple gaming sake and I am not going to fight with my OS for control of my computer).

Comment Re:Solution (Score 2) 196

The real problem is the whole current hardware software set, entirely too flexible and can never really be secured.

So to secure internet of devices, requires a new fresh start. An operating system and applications, running on device, that all are only capable of doing what they are designed to do. Every bit of flexibility taken out, if it is not neccesary for functionality it is not in the system, not in the OS, not in the application and not in the hardware.

Want a device to no do a thing, than make that thing impossible to do. So a new custom hugely simplified modular operating system, that can only do what it is designed to do, not one bit more, running on simplified hardware that can only do what it is designed to do. So it is all about not being able to do stuff than attempting to control stuff it is capable of doing but you do not want it to do, which when you think about it, is really dumb.

The whole idea is to get away from blocking bad stuff, too only allowing good stuff and everything else, absolutely everything else is blocked. Early step would be to create a library of allowed traffic data transmissions and then only allow those transmissions through, everything else is ignored, not even processed, just binned.

Comment Re:Now we need "Alexa, ask Google..." (Score 1, Insightful) 63

The problem with digital assistants is they are not assistants by any stretch of the imagination. Far more accurately they are corporate spies and overseers, that monitor you 24/7/365 and report on you to the corporate controller. That corporate controller then tells your supposed digital assistant to tell you what to do, so more like a corporate remotely controlled digital overseer making you the slave who obeys.

I am cutting back on all this crap, until all services are localised, no cloud controlled by others, no listening in and recording from a distance, no controlled responses, no long term records, assessments and manipulations.

Digital assistants as provided are absolutely not digital assistants, they are rank awful invasions of privacy.

Comment Re:TRANSGENDER discrimination? By FSF? (Score 5, Interesting) 397

From this thread,, it seems emotions and personalities were more at play than anything else. Gees, geeks and nerds, can not you keep you gaming to, well, actual computer games and cut back on the social and emotional gaming. Yes, a lot of you carry over emotional and social scars from having to deal with jock strap douche bags and narcissist cheer leaders who were extremely jealous and vindictive against people who can actually think, don't repeat their behaviour against your own, chill the fuck out. You win together not against each other or alone.

When it comes to gender choices or mutual masturbation activities, keep it to yourself, people are getting really, really sick of hearing about it and fuck the US Democrats for pumping up that issue as a political distraction so people will stupidly ignore economic policy. Keep pushing this nonsense and you will get some real angry majority kick back.

Comment Re:Sorry (Score 2) 232

Simply put, the best watch for a computer geek/nerd is a smart phone and it does so much more and has lots of screen real estate (bought a smart phone took off my watch and never put it back on again). The thing a least do with my smart phone though is send or receive phone calls. Have a habit of turning it off when not using it, I control my phone, my phone does not control me.

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