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Comment Re:Gets the history wrong (Score 1) 457

" still in common use today"

I for one have never once seen that connector. And I see ALOT of different connectors.

Looks like coax, but with a large RCA type centre post? looks like RCA but with a weird circle on the (female? trans?) end? On the other hand, you got BNC which provides a lock and already merges RCA and f-type. Why does your connector exist?

Comment Re: Where are big pharma's recreational drugs? (Score 1) 415

Firstly yes, grand parent has never heard of pheonix tears, oil caps, and other eatables. You don't have to smoke at all.

Secondly, saying you cant OD is BS. As a regular user i have OD'ed a few times. Eating too many eatables and not getting the right dose is very easy to do. Basically you "feel" like you cant breathe and "feel" like there is a heavy weight on your chest for 30 minutes or so. All you can do is lie on the floor, try not to completely pass out and watch your breathing. NOt fun.

My tolerance is very high and i can easily OD on eatables. You probably cant OD just smoking it, but times have changed and there are so many more options available now. For instance pheonix tears which i do quite regularly needs to be dosed about the size of a grain of rice. Double that as i have by accident, and its a similar comatose feeling, heart rate slows, etc. Now i'm pretty sure that I have never almost died or anything like that, but i really don't know. There are many new untested products out there these days, and its all "buyer beware" when it comes to dosing. In canada there is no regulation, so you don't even necessarily know the percent of substances in the product. Some of the products, like phoenix tears, is in the 80%-90+% of thc. Incredibly potent!

Comment 1 + 1 = youre fired (Score 1) 224

"Computer-memory specialist Seagate announced that its Q4 revenue would be $2.65 billion, beating expectations of $2.34 billion, and up from the $2.3 billion guidance given previously,"

Firings seem to have little to do with profits in corporate america. Profits up? Youre fired!, Profits down? Gotta downsize! Profits neutral? We need to trim the fat!
I'm sure they have their reasons in the long run, but let it not be said that corporations behave rationally. You can't really, when profits is the goal.

I would boycott them, but segate has such a bad reputation for longevity already, I stopped buying them years ago.

Comment Because america is in the dark ages... (Score 1) 134

I went to america earlier this year and was shocked that there was virtually no implementation of chip and pin. It felt like i went back in time.

I am honestly surprised a day goes by where there is not massive credit card fraud in the US. I swiped my card everywhere and the only check on that was my signature! the merchant is not protected at all!

These kinds of skimming breaches are a direct result of not having chip and pin everywhere. Sure they can install a camera to grab your pin, but that is a bit more involved then simply skimming credit cards. Most POS with chip and pin is end to end encrypted as well and has only the most basic of interaction. The hardware chip in the pinpad does all the encrypt and decrypt stuff. Don't you guys have to do that for PCI compliance anyway?

I'm sure you have chip and pin on debit cards, so why all the fuss about credit card implementation? All the posts thus far are saying things like "thats why i pay with cash" which is completely backwards in mentality. Jesus cash? who carries cash?? next thing you tell me is you walk around with a pocket full of change like its the 1970s!

Unless your buying drugs, or doing craigslist deals, i fail to see the point of cash transactions. Change and cash gets lost or spent way easier than a debit card. Well for me anyway.

Comment Re:Yep - impersonation (Score 1) 565

"The CDC leaders are on the record with quotes like "We're going to systematically build a case that owning firearms causes deaths.". These weren't studies, these were cherry-picked propaganda."

Yes, tools that only exist to injure and kill may cause deaths. How in the world can you object to that statement or think its propaganda? Do you somehow believe that guns don't cause people to die? Thats not what they are for?

Americans are hilarious on this issue! There is so much culture backing your addiction to deadly weapons that you can't even see that what you are arguing for is not rational! Sometimes an outside party has to get involved when people are being irrational.

the same methods would show that hospitals cause death, and therefore it is safer to never go to a hospital

A hospital is for healing the sick. I guess I missed the part where guns do that, like ever, like at all.

"Shouldn't congress make them spend their money on fucking fighting disease, instead of our constitution?"

A brainwashed mind is a kind of a disease. Terrorists get similar kinds of mental diseases and programming that makes them do what they do. Sure when its on a societal level, its harder to fight, but the government should still be fighting to save peoples lives. Compare the US murder rate to any other 1st world country. Then notice *how* most of those people were murdered. You cant say its not a problem that the government shouldn't be trying to address.

Comment why i pirate (Score 3, Informative) 254

Are they doing anything right now to contribute to the franchise. Are they doing anything that is better than the fan made one? The answer is no. Then they should fuck off, move over and let actual interested parties, ACTUALLY DOING THE WORK, get whatever benefits those parties see fit.

You shouldn't be able to copyright a fictional universe. As long as bullshit money rules, copyright has become the spurning of creativity, not supporting it. How many years do they own "star trek" for? beyond the lifetime of most humans?? and even then, its a 60s era remake!! if you cant make enough fucking money off an idea you BOUGHT from a human, in 60 years, whoes problem is that?

A company by its nature can not produce a creative work. Humans do this, and the creative work should then remain the property of humanity, not corporations!

How dare they dictate what people do in their own time, creatively, with their own resources and skills. Fuck CBS. This shit really pisses me off!!

Comment whoa 18 bucks? (Score 1) 208

Adam Martyn, who works at Stanford University, said he treats himself to the Lucky Bueno every two weeks. That's a spicy pie with roasted garlic, Calabrian chili and soppressata for $18.

If you buy in bulk or regularly, dominos can deliver pizza for $10 a pizza. We do it at work all the time.

$18 dollars is pretty pricey for one single pizza. If its made by robots, i want it to be CHEAPER than humans, otherwise whats the point?

I guess you dont have to tip them, so there's that.

Comment Explanation: Protects rental stock (Score 4, Insightful) 211

Vancouver (and the lower mainland in general), has a similar problem that i assume new york does. Air BNB depletes possible rental stock. I am not sure low the new york vacancy rate is, but mostly due to foreign capital in-fluxing into the real estate market here, our vacancy rate is 0.3% (probably less now, things are only getting worse).

That said, I stay in airbnb pretty much every vacation i go on with my family as what you can get for the price blows hotels away (if there even are hotels in a destination). It's either that or camping, is really all one can really afford when you pay more than half of your salary into paying rent.

It seems that people are somewhat confused and think its like a "big hotel lobby" or something driving this ban on aribnb. It very well may be that people are trying to protect their cities from ever higher rents. Especially in popular cities where it is impossible for an average family to own a property. The cities become just a resort in this case, instead of what they should be: A place where people can live within an hour or two commute of their workplace affordably.

Comment Re:Cowards Censor. Cars kill more then guns. (Score 1) 569

If you designed a car to kill people as its first priority, im pretty sure it would be illegal. Sure weapons are used to defend yourself, but if society has less weapons, then you will have less need to defend yourself with weapons.

"inanimate object" simplifies the issue far too much. No one picks up a gun and points it at someone without the threat of imminent death. It's animate in meaning all right.

Im just glad i live in a country where mandatory gun ownership is not necessary.

Comment Ugly. any free lookup tool? (Score 2) 47

I looked up my email address on that and they found 2 hits in one hack and 1 hit in a few other hacks. Of course they only tell you what website got hacked. Any info other than that till you subscribe ($4 a day).

Sucks. i searched for a few strings before i got a hit so I feel that it may be legitimate. I am seriously considering paying the money. utorrent, anandtech, and this verticlescope thing. Some had plain text passwords! and sometimes i have in the past reused passwords... nasty!

looked up some friends emails and work colleagues and found hits for almost all of them.

Looked up my work domain and found hundreds of hits. Going to probably do it just to warn my co workers now.

Comment Re:Control Of DNS (Score 0) 280

Considering you are going to elect donald fucking trump president, I really don't think your claims of continued intellectual superiority hold any merit. The USA started parts of the inter networks in the 60s yes, but has been on the wrong course politically since the 80s.
If the leadership becomes insane fascists, then its right to take control of important systems from them.

Ted cruz is a fucking traitorous canadian anyway, trying to suck american cock with these statements. Foreigners always gotta be the hardest in the crew.

America is like a past their prime actor, trying to keep any semblance of control. America is the movie "the wrestler" mixed with orwell and hitler for good measures. We patented it first!! is pretty much the only thing america produces, so i cant fault you for trying to defend your "property".

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