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Comment Re:yup, sounds fishy to me too (Score 2) 130

"why would the home invader shoot the wife dead but only tie the husband up"

Perhaps the first death was an accident. People don't exactly behave cool headed and rational in these sorts of situations. Anything could have happened. The wife stepped up and got killed, the husband cowered in a corner. The killer realized what he did and didn't want to be in jail for the rest of his life. The killer hated women, or recognized her and knew she could ID him. Who knows.
Thats why we have courts and rule of law. 'It wasn''t me, it was the one armed man' and all that.

Comment Re:Swap?? (Score 3, Insightful) 269

devils advocate: If you live in a paradise and have the option of going to the beach every day, i'm sure that eventually, you will get bored with that beach. If these people are bored, even for a few days a year, doesn't make them ungrateful for what they have.

These gamers could be going to the beach 200 days a year and still have the above problems with latency for the remaining 150. Sure its "paradise problems" for most of us, and easy to ridicule, but i'm sure that wherever you live has activities that you don't do every day (skiing, hiking, going to broadway shows, swimming, etc) that are great for a few days a year, or even a few months, but not all days and all months.

Everyone needs some downtime, even paradise dwellers.

Comment Re:Still uses gas (Score 3, Insightful) 206

" go all nuclear "

Why do people think of nuclear power as "clean" power? The waste lasts for hundreds of thousands of years, far longer than any co2 we produce. Its the same human mentality that got us into this mess, externalities not being considered for an immediate gain in the moment. (in this case possibly dumping waste on hundreds of generations into the future)

Zero waste is solar, tidal, geothermal, wind and water. The only way forward. Nuclear was a horrible mis-step by humanity and the problems will be easily visible to all in one hundred years. Especially if we have zero waste fusion developed in the next century. All your arguments will seem rather quaint, i hope.

Comment Re:/. won't either (Score 2) 448

"Google and the criminal justice system ( a big ole example of how naughty it is to hack computer networks no matter how insecure or how you do it, simply not a opportunity for federal prosecutors to miss, esepcially if they land some of them with short custodial sentences, months not years and a really, really big fine, millions"

You seem to be confusing burger king, the corporation, with you or I or any other "individual 1337 h4xx0r". If "we" did this, we would be in jail for life. Corporations don't get put in jail. Corporations doing invasive marketing don't even generally pay fines. People accept this as another battle in the ad wars, and don't really see two corporations fighting as anything but spectacle of the elites.

One would hope that people take away from this that voice interfaces are terribly insecure to leave running all the time. Or even better, that google has to come up with a better defence mechanism for its hardware.
  If its that easy to hack, its that easy to hack. No government can legislate away security flaws.

Comment Re:Seems wrong to me (Score 1) 227

" Perhaps not even "ford compatible gas tanks" because a patent cover the tank design."

You clearly have never part shopped for car parts.. You cannot prevent aftermarket parts as you state it. There is no law stating that you cant produce ford compatible gas tanks in any country that i am aware of. Thats why you often have multple people who make gas tanks. Don't believe me? look it up.

These companies simply want to bring computer licensing models to things like toner carts and that is BS. The rulings for the courts were probably printed on re-manufactured toner cartridges. Who the hell buys brand name toner? Lexmark should be focusing on making their printers cheaper to run (use less power, use less toner), not creating a monopoly on cartridges. Guess which is easier though.

Comment Re:Dictionary attack? (Score 1) 45

"By all appearances, Apple's assertion that this is a collection of information obtained from other sources, rather than an actual iCloud leak, appears to be true"

"Most of the people admitted to reusing the password on other major sites, though a few claimed they hadn't."

I re use passwords too. There ain't no one who doesn't. That some had unique passwords is significant, yet you gloss over that. You can think that some users are lying, but i'll bet its for real. I re use passwords, but for very important services they are of course unique. Having remote whipe on a phone seems to fall in that category, so I am inclined to believe that some are telling the truth.

If even one is, it means that somewhere got compromised. Maybe they only have a few hundred accounts, but still, they probably do have the ability to do what they say they can do, and most users should change their passwords in any case.

can't be too careful...

Comment Well (Score 3, Interesting) 160

I've used a craigslist plumber, as well as other craigslist services. Did the job, no leaks years later. Paid cash, was happy.

If this has a rating system, it is far better than craigslist.

Bring on more person to person direct services trade facilitated by the internet! Sure you get the odd unqualified lout, but a ratings and reward system would correct some of that. If the company gave refunds, i would start looking at what i can farm out personally on a cold canadian day when i dont want to get under the vehicle.

Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 502

"facebook is public folks. That shits posted straight there and it sure as hell isn't the posters anymore when it hits faceboooks servers."

I don't have a facebook, but i never meet even one single person around me for whom that is true anymore.

If everyone around you livestreams their life, do you get to opt out? seemingly the answer is increasingly no. And people rationalize it as it is a private company, you dont own your info and that they are stupid, as justifications.

Is that a justification for widespread mass surveillance? because the majority of the populace "opted in" and are sheeple? Is my privacy just considered collateral damage these days? Or should all laws consider these kinds of abuses for stupid people on their behalf (and in the end, mine).

Comment Re:Well, yes. As they should. (Score 1) 502

If anyone thinks this is wrong, I'd like some of what you're smoking.

Oh yeah great so you catch that obvious terrorist. What about the other 99.9% false positives that this scheme will generate? You constructed your argument in such a way as to seemingly ignore that. Means that you are so scared of terror you don't care about becoming a police state. They did their job i guess on you.

You clearly never tried to enter the US as a non citizen. They will deny you even from places like canada, for seemingly minor infractions (criminal record, saying you ever did any drug EVER). And this is just some minor checklist stuff, you smoked a joint 20 years ago, but it means you cant travel in the USA, or you lie like most folks. Either way, i would think there is lots of questionable content on most peoples facebooks, that POLITICALLY motivated inquisitors could use against one.

All this does is persecute a bunch of innocents to catch the very occasional superterrorist who, while being a terrorist mastermind, is too stupid to log out of facebook on their phone.

Comment Re:Why don't people understand... (Score 1) 203


The focus of my job, nor my companies is security. However if someone is on the lan with DDC (Digital Data Control) and other systems, access control for instance, they have an even better shot of pulling something like this off. For all you know, they had a default system with default security credentials and no Vlans or any other of even the most basic controls. I get your point, but it could have easily been an inside job, by even say, a guest in the hotel.

Most small businesses i see, have zero vlans and access their cameras, pos, hvac, and access control from the same network that is available in the wall ports. Sure a hotel SHOULD have better security than that, but realistically, do they?

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