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Submission + - How to make use of public review sites (

rtb61 writes: Coming across a particular public review site I noticed that by far the majority of 5 star reviews for well all one shot reviews, where as the majority of negative reviews were by people who had made a multiple of varying reviews across various products.
Another site which comes to mind is which seems to suffer from a veritable plethora of fake one shot 10 out of 10 reviews.
When I commented on the inconsistency, my comment was deleted and marked as "Inappropriate Content" as if I had been abusive.
So which review sites are reasonable, how can you make use of them and what are review sites doing to clean up their act. Are gradated reviews better where, various qualities are separated out and each rated (especially contradictory qualities) so at least to slow down fake reviews

Submission + - Script Kiddies

rtb61 writes: Should adults who supply software for criminal use to minors or lead minors into taking criminal actions on the internet be charged with grooming children and child abuse. As in the case of Hector "Sabu" Monsegur and Lulzsec, where he established contact with some of the accused members Lulzsec when they were minors and led them into committing crimes on his behalf prior to those individuals latter being arrested as adults. Has the FBI in this case failed to follow up upon confessed criminal actions.

Submission + - A differen method of protest (

rtb61 writes: Whilst stumbling about the web I came across the fascinating article,8599,1719872,00.html and to quote "If asked to serve on a jury deliberating a violation of state or federal drug laws, we will vote to acquit, regardless of the evidence presented.", a protest method I would never have though of. A stunning and imaginative way to declare war upon an out of control civil war, the drug war.

Submission + - Australian Labour Party going for a big net impact

rtb61 writes: The Australian Labour Party pushing for net aware youth with a flashy personality orientated web site I got it in my email, I suppose I must have registered at one stage or other in way or other. A site complete with pro-youth links to Youtube, Myspace and Facebook. Personally I have never been into team politics and think it is a stupid way to align yourself politically as an individual, always pursue the policies and leave the rah rah for the jock straps and sport, at least there are some policies on the site. I still wonder whether it is appropriate for parties to indirectly promote commercial web sites by linking to them, as for 'KMail', perhaps a little political correctness with a polite point to the people at KDE. The Facebook link it is likely a very bad idea as they have no control on who or what they are now promoting.

Submission + - Google Searching Slashdot for Patentable Ideas ?

rtb61 writes: "So is Google 'searching' the Slashdot forums for patentable ideas and claiming them as their own? Not that I am particularly proud of coming up with the idea but I certainly don't want Google patenting it, =13929372. Now would that post, as negative as it is about the concept, be sufficient to constitute prior art and is Googles "Do no Evil" starting to wear 'patently' thin."

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