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Comment Re:dust (Score 4, Informative) 155

That likely wasn't soot from exhaust, it was brake dust. Automotive exhaust unless it's diesel has a very low soot footprint, you're talking 20 PPM or less in counts even back in the 90's. I was an apprentice in the 90's when the switch over from non-metallic aka full asbestos to semi-metallic happened. And you'd find that shit everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. The vic20 we used for alignments was full of it, it would get into tool cabinets, into air lines if they'd been hug for a while, it would even clog your compressor air-intake. Exhaust was almost always vented outside(or with the doors opens) since you have a CO hazard in enclosed spaces.

Until the real dangers of asbestos were known, simply knocking the brakes loose was the standard practice even into the late 90's. Meaning when you broke them loose you were kicking asbestos and other particulate into the air, and of course breathing it in. Then we started spraying down the drums and rotors to mitigate the dust problem. I go for chest x-rays every 3-4 years to check for mesothelioma and for good reasons.

Comment Re:don't get your hope up (Score 1) 226

I don't know....maybe wait for the actual reviews? Yeah, that does mean we have to wait a bit more when a new game comes out.

The "traditional professional game website" reviewers were falling all over it and jerking themselves off about how great the title was. Those were also the same sites fawning over pieces of shit like Dragon Age 2, and threw a hissyfit calling consumers "entitled" over the complete shitshow that was the Mass Effect 3 ending.

Comment Re:Too late to modify JUICE or The Europa Clipper? (Score 1) 92

Oh, c'mon!! 'Offtopic' my shiny!

That was *funny*!

In a thread and on a topic that desperately needed it before comas set in!

With no intent to belittle or harm anyone. With all the *other* kind of mean & hurtful jokes out there, I'm sure Snoop would get a chuckle here on jokingly assigning him 'comic-book-superhero powers of partying' status.

People need to chill on the hyper-sensitivity.


Comment Perhaps, but different requirements. Origin for ex (Score 1) 178

You make a good point.

On the other hand, UPS and FedEx are deisgned for any customer to send any type of package from anywhere to anywhere, using any of many services. Amazon's will be designed for only Amazon to send packages from the places they choose, and they need not deliver everywhere - they can have UPS deliver to small towns for them. Amazon doesn't need to ship those cookies grandma made for you and she's shipping from Tiny Town, Colorado, paying by check. Amazon Shipping will have one customer sending packages, and sending only from Amazon's warehouses, using the standardized box sizes that Amazon chooses.

There may be enough differences that although Amazon can't make a better retail shipping company, they can make one that works better FOR AMAZON, for some packages. You may have seen the back of a UPS truck looks a bit chaotic because there are all these different sizes and shapes of boxes. On Amazon trucks, they'll all fit neatly and efficiently on the shelf, with one medium box being exactly same the same size as two small boxes.

Comment Re:Inscrutable behaviour (Score 1) 415

I would also find it creepy if I frequently posted on topics I barely knew anything about, acting like an expert making definitive statements which I know inside are at best guesses.

See, I only post on topics that I know for certain that I am well above average in knowledge of, and I don't make definitive statements that arent true. I carefully avoid making definitive statements when I am guessing, electing instead to with honesty and integrity indicate that I am guessing when I am doing so.

I guess by now you've realized that I have actually looked at some of your past posts. I've identified your pattern: act like an expert even when you know for certain that you aren't one.

Comment Re:ELI5 (Score 2) 89

On the contrary simulated annealing fell out of common usage due to other stochastic search methods being better at solving many problems types.

For instance the Extended Compact Genetic Algorithm converges much faster, and dont let its name fool you its not a genetic algorithm as the name Compact Genetic Algorithm is derived not from the technique, but instead the name is derived from the space it searches which is exactly equivalent to a simple genetic algorithm with a crossover probability of 0.5. The Compact Genetic Algorithms is instead an estimation of distribution algorithm, and the Extended version detects and leverages the dependencies between different elements of the solution vector in a theoretically optimal (information theory) way, which gives it an advantage over algorithms that don't (which includes Simulated Annealing, which is why it fell out of favor.)

Annealing is still used for problem sets where there isnt a lot of dependencies within the solution vector.

Some of the d-wave haters have moved onto the argument that the system isnt faster than a conventional one when the conventional one runs a "better" algorithm .. see the big paragraph above. "Better" means searches a different solution space and therefore cannot solve all the same problems.

Comment Re:ELI5 (Score -1, Flamebait) 89

They downvoted him because his logic is wrong.

Then a bunch of fucks upvoted him because you linked to something and claimed it justified his argument, when it doesn't.

You dont compare benchmarks of different hardware using different algorithms. You compare benchmarks of the same algorithm.

First these fucks said d-wave wasnt doing any quantum stuff.
Then these fucks said it was slower than conventional hardware.
Now these fucks say its still slower than conventional hardware if you use a different algorithms that wont solve the same set of problems...

As someone else noted.. Google, NASA, etc must be complete idiots for not bowing to the clearly rational flying goalpost these fucks swing around.

Comment Re:Inscrutable behaviour (Score 1) 415

I thought we were talking about the guy who said Musk's rocket blew up

So long as someone says at least one true thing, then it doesnt matter if they then say false things immediately following that?

Do you also follow this model? If I look into your past posts here will I see this same pattern? You say one true thing then lie your ass off afterwards? Is that it?

Comment Propaganda through their employees (Score 1) 178

I have a friend who works for Amazon complaining about having to sign for a (very low cost) shipment he got through UPS from Amazon. Then he said he couldn't wait for Amazon to have their own delivery service so he wouldn't have to do such ridiculous things anymore. He clearly did not realize that the reason the UPS driver needed his signature was because AMAZON chose the "signature required" option when they shipped it.

Amazon is going to do the same thing in many ways, request that UPS or Fedex do something which is inconvenient for their customer and then use it to make the customer prefer the Amazon shipping service (similar to the sorts of things they did to make people think Prime was a great deal).

Comment "Warrior" does mean taking sides (Score 1) 375

No doubt some Palestinians got a raw deal in 1967. Now their grandchildren are bombing schoolkids, hospitals, and paramedics. Neither group is the good guy in that conflict, if you look at it with any intellectual honesty.

As far as "most people concerned", voting suggests that most in the US support Israel, though some support the Palestinians (most of *those* do in fact prattle on about the Jews' conspiracies to take over the US), and some see that two groups killing each other is just bad all around.

It seems to be the nature of warriors, Social Justice warriors and most other kinds, to always take sides. In this case, they've picked the Israeli side. I find that neither surprising nor inconsistent with their core world view that the world is full of weak victims who need a SJW to ride in on a white horse and save them.

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