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Comment Re: Underpaid? Vote with your feet (Score 1) 323

If something is being done to undermine your value in a market then you are being underpaid.

One could argue that if something is being done to lessen - or raise - your value in the market, then that's just the market at work.

One could also argue that the "baseline" with regards to immigration would be "free borders" and anything else is an artificial deviation from that "baseline." In other words, if NOT allowing anyone and everyone on the planet to move about freely and compete in your industry in your city causes your wages to be higher than they would be if there were no such limits, then your wages are "artificially high."

Likewise, one could argue a complete protectionist labor force, where any labor from outside the country would be taxed enough so that the company hiring them would automatically be paying more than they would for even the most expensive domestic applicant and the "baseline" would be "set" by supply-and-demand accordingly. If you are being paid less than this amount due to a less-protectionist legal regime, you could argue that your wages are "artificially low."

I'm not going to claim that either argument is more logical than the other.

Comment Underpaid? Vote with your feet (Score 1) 323

Most tech workers in American earn at least the median income for their local region, or at least they could do so easily if they wanted to.

Those workers shouldn't complain about being underpaid - they should either "vote with their feet" or admit that they like their current job even with their current pay and stop complaining.


Yes, I realize there really are some tech workers in American who are underpaid and, for whatever reason, don't have the freedom to look for work elsewhere. I'm talking about 90% who aren't in such situations.

Comment Re: Given that Venezuela's economy is tanking (Score 2, Insightful) 86

Communism does not make the people the owners of the fruits of their labors, it makes the bureaucrats the owners of the fruits of people's labor.

You're thinking of a command economy, not communism.


Communism/socialism demand a "command economy" as a basic tenant of their ideologies. They cannot function even as poorly as they do without control of the economy and the means of production and distribution.

Actually, it is quite the opposite. By laboring, you can produce value, and own it yourself, not have it confiscated by a rent-seeker. There is no need to yell, there is no need to take, you own what you make. And you get what you need, without stealing from others.

This is anathema to communism and socialism. The State determines all that. The State tells you what you will work at, where, how long, etc. It tells you where you'll live. It tells you how much compensation you'll receive and what you're allowed to buy/own.

OP was right. You missed 100+ years of history. If you actually did take a class, either the teacher/professor was incompetent or a good communist/socialist spreading false propaganda.

Or...*you* are the good communist/socialist spreading false propaganda.


Comment This. A judge's job is to read law, not write it (Score 3, Insightful) 206

> It's not the courts that need to side with us, it's the legislators.

Exactly. Writing law is the job of elected legislators. A ln appointed judge's job is to read and understand the law in order to apply it to a particular case.

The current law on patents, written by legislators, is that a patent controls who can "make, sell, or use" the patented invention. The "sell or use" part needs to be fixed. Judges shouldn't just ignore the law as written whenever they unilaterally decide they don't like the law.

Comment Re:If I had my way... (Score 4, Interesting) 206

It's not the courts that need to side with us, it's the legislators.

Bingo. Lot of people seem to forget that this has happened in the past with cars. All the automakers got together and decided that they'd push the 3rd party auto part makers into the dirt and you could only buy your parts directly from them. Laws got made because of that, and now auto companies must allow those manufactures to make parts right away. And by law, those same auto companies must manufacture all components of the vehicle for 10 years.

Comment Let me get this straight. (Score 1) 86

People are using Pepe Cards with Bitcoin. Pepe (The guy the media has tried to tie to Trump and Racism.) To help save the economy of Venezuela. (The country sitting on shitloads of wealth that they can not use cause the went commie and retard at the same time.)

Trump racism saves the lefts favorite government?

Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 76

The real reason not to tax income of anybody for any purpose of-course is the moral one: slavery should not be authorized even for government to engage in.

Economically speaking it is also the worst thing that can be done, you get less of what you tax, so if you tax income you get less income because production is more expensive.

Comment Reminds me of a certain security company (Score 2) 89

> keep on making us take require Flash - such as the one on "information security" ...
> I have to have Flash installed so I can tick off a little checkbox that says I know not to install software like Flash.

That reminds me of a certain network security company. They have all of their employees take annual security training, provided by a third-party. In order to keep track of who has done the training, employees log in to the third-party site using their Active Directory credentials - the same credentials that have access to all of the company resources, and indirectly, customer networks.

Well that's kinda stupid, employees need to be pretty careful that they don't get phished into entering their AD credentials into the wrong third-party site. They better look carefully at the URL in that email from "corporate security", right? No can do, all incoming email has URLs obfuscated by the email "security" system so you can't tell where the URL points to without clicking it.

There's literally no way for employees to know if they are sending their AD credentials to the site they are required to send them to, or sending them to a phisher.

Comment Re:Support the Union (Score 1) 166

no, *I never moved the goal posts*, my position never changed, it is the same for the last 20+ years, the government uses collectivism ideology to oppress the producers, the business owners, the earners to subsidise the lazy, the incompetent, the jealous. AFAIC the *only* oppression that matters and needs to be abolished is the oppression where the oppressor has the so called 'legal authority' to oppress an individual, all these other ideas that the employer has more power than the employee are garbage, always were garbage, always will be garbage, all used to create the system of oppression I am talking about.

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