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Comment Re:Free market (Score 1) 203

Free Market, unless you want to buy medicine, then we don't let you. Funny how, in this, like so many other issues, the "conservatives" are against a free market, and the "liberals" are for the free market.

The liberals want to set drug prices in the US, the whole "allow people to buy drugs from foreign nations" is just the whip they're using to pressure the other lawmakers to allow them to set prices to avoid opening the US pharma market.

There are no "Liberals" in Congress (using the original definition of "Liberal" which derived from "Libertarian"). Those that call themselves "liberals" are actually "Progressives" and they exist in both (D) and (R) camps.

George Bernard Shaw was one of the early proponents of Progressivism (now deliberately mislabeled "liberalism").

I highly recommend that all do their own homework and do some digging into the history of the Progressive movement.


Comment Re:Hello women at these companies, (Score 2) 261

I'd rather work for a place that pays well, I'll work there for a few decades and retire.

Too bad that many employers these days don't keep employees that long. Heck at many companies you'd be lucky to make it to the point of qualifying for the health insurance/benefits package. Employee-churn helps to keep the costs of labor down when costs are driven up by government mandate.

The more that government causes labor costs to rise, the more ruthless employers will be forced to become towards the workforce in order to remain competitive, which will cause workers to grow ever-angrier & resentful towards employers. This is a good thing in the eyes of TPTB when TPTB are trying to incite class-warfare among the population as a reason to increase government power, scope, and control so as to maintain order.


Comment Re:Market Rates (Score 1) 151

The poors can get power from bicycle power or beg for power for services.

Nah, they'll simply commit crimes for money to pay for power, steal power directly with unauthorized line taps, and build generators that burn anything (wood, plastic, diesel, old tires, cooking oil, coal, anything available and burnable, basically) and pump out tons of particulates, GHGs, and other pollutants and toxins and thus make the entire situation worse all around.

People will not go without energy and if you try to stop them they'll simply go around, over, or through you to get/make what they feel they need.

Prohibition never works regardless of whether it's alcohol, drugs, guns, or energy.

Interesting fact: The US Government intentionally poisoned liquor during Prohibition and allowed it to be distributed killing between 10,000 and 50,000 people. Then there was Paraquat used on marijuana that poisoned and sickened unknown numbers of people.

The US government does not have the welfare of its' citizens as a high priority.


Comment Also I bet dolls didn't wake up 4 times per night (Score 1) 299

What you said is certainly true. Also, I would bet the dolls don't wake the girls up every two hours and apply a clamp to the their nipples for 30 minutes. I would bet that while changing the doll, the girls didn't get a squirt of diarrhea to the face.

By misrepresenting the difficulties, you encourage them to have babies rather than discouraging them.

Comment This is not a new issue (Score 2) 361

R/W or even write-once CDs and DVDs have been known to have finite shelf lives for decades now. Yes.

One solution is to rewrite them every few years, but that's time consuming, and unless you have a really compelling reason to do so, the investment needed to make this practical, with autoloaders, labelers, and such is prohibitive. At work, the old mainframe reel tape libraries were converted to robotics 30 years ago, then converted to cartridges, and and finally about 12 years ago to a virtualized tape environment - all the requests still refer to carts and such, as if the arms are still running around grabbing plastic, but it's in a SAN and that's properly backed up and virtualized, at least so far as we can tell. Hopefully it's secured better than the storage on the Z series that went tits up this spring. I only lost around 20 VMs, but one had around 100 million customer reports that were lost, and the application software, and the server OS and all other software. About 7000 or so VMs were lost, some irretrievably since the owners didn't have offline copies. If Infoworld still published on paper, this would have worthy of the back page.

The best practice is probably to replicate that and copy optical media to something more durable, replicate it, and keep the originals if you must in a cooler environment, as heat seems to be a factor. Some brands have had worse longevity than others, but that's a crap shoot.

Now ask me about my cassette tape archives, or the 10" reel tapes I would have to buy a machine to use... Sentimental value now, I'm sure they would need go go back to 3M to be recovered.

Data archiving is a pain. I've given in to archiving everything, rather than wring my hands over what 10% of it I really don't need.

Comment Yard Sales (Score 3, Interesting) 361

I buy a lot of older CDs at yard sales to fill in my collections, though others are figuring this out.


- No DRM, subscriptions, licensing. These are MINE, all MINE! Bahahahahah!

- Rip them to my music services.

- Save them to both my archives.

- Long-term storage of the discs.

- And it's a cheap way to buy old music. Oh, I mentioned that.

Comment Failed, failed, and failed, so more fail? (Score 1) 203

> They should have been far more aggressive in getting their service in as many places as possible.

Maybe. Or maybe if it didn't sell well in Kansas City, and it didn't sell well in Austin, and it didn't sell well in Provo - it doesn't sell well. More cities would have been more fail.

Kind of like politicians in places that have been 100% controlled by one party, representing one viewpoint, for decades and it hasn't worked, places like Detroit, Chicago, etc. While campaiging the same politicians stand up there and point to the same problems, while supporting the same "solutions" that they've been doing for 30 or 40 years. If it's not working, maybe it's not going to work; maybe try something else.

It may be very wise for Google to say "well, that didn't work, we'll try something else" rather than doing more failure faster.

Comment Re:The anti-science sure is odd. (Score 2) 678

Our betters also try to tell me that the northern hemisphere has over twice as much land area as the southern hemisphere, but my gut tells me that's a government conspiracy and that land and weather are equally distributed around the globe. Our betters also try to suggest that they've found evidence for warming in North America and the US during the medieval warm period, but the reason I know they're full of shit is because we didn't have satellites then, and even if we did they would have just fudged the data anyway. I don't trust thermometers anyway, I go outside today and it feels cooler than yesterday, so I know that today is colder than average. That's how facts work.

I also saw this climate map once, they were trying to show how things are warmer on average. But, check this out - one little part of the map was actually colder than average. That's how I know that they make everything up, because I understand that the entire planet always warms and cools at the same rate, and that local variation doesn't exist. That's how they try to convince you to send them all of your oil money, but the guy they hired to photoshop that map fucked up and left part of it cold and completely blew their cover.

And remember a couple decades ago when you couldn't even turn on the TV without seeing Sally Struthers whining about some starving African kid? You want to know why you don't see those any more? Because there aren't any starving people in the world anymore. I know this is a fact because I can drive down the street and there's a grocery store. That's how facts work.

Comment Re:The anti-science sure is odd. (Score 1) 678

According to that article, we are currently in a "very deep solar minimum", the "quietest sun we've seen in almost a century". The last grand maximum ended in 2007. So how come that no one younger than 31 has ever experienced a month which is colder than average? Why are we not currently cooling?

Why do I bother? I already know exactly how you're going to respond. Let's all say it together.

"The data is bad"

The data on solar cycles is apparently good data, but the other data that doesn't suit your ideas is bad. Right?

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