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Comment That's called a mortgage, not a lobbyist (Score 1) 999

Let me preface this by saying I voted against Trump, twice.

Yes, Trump's companies have mortgages on the buildings. Which is why he's not worth $25 billion or whatever, just $4.5 billion (Forbes 2016).

I'd much rather someone own a building that has mortgage payments than be owned by lobbyists. Just sayin.

Comment Re:Perhaps globalism might be in fear for once. (Score -1) 999

I expect to there be less government under Trump, I may be wrong though. I expect reduction in government interference to the individuals (and when I say individuals I do mean people who are mostly abused by the power, those who have something to take away from, thus businesses and yes businesses are people.) That's the only thing that matters, one thing, the only thing, the singularity of things: less government interference.

Comment you think a billionaire is dependent on $500? (Score 1) 999

When Hillary gets a quarter million dollars from one Wall Street bank, another quarter million from another bank, and half a million from Time Warner, she depends on those donations. When Trump (worth $4.5 BILLION) gets $500, that's like you and I finding a nickel. He doesn't give a shit about $500.

Comment Re:How (Score 1) 52

The only part of that that sounds potentially unkosher is the unlimited miles on the leases. Everything else looks like just a matter of people failing to do their own damned due diligence.

Every employer brags about their awesome compensation package; any employee making $20.50/hour (the average for a NYC Uber driver) who thinks they'll make $90k a year damned well better plan on working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. And their leases sucked? Hey, maybe shop the fuck around before you pay someone (especially your employer) for a product or service offered by a million other sources?

Comment He's certainly *different* in many ways (Score 5, Interesting) 999

Trump is certainly *different* from previous Presidents and major candidates in important ways. Some good differences, some bad, and some with both good and bad aspects. We'll see what happens. I've been wrong when I predicted what Obama and Bush Jrs presidencies would be like, so I'm not going to try to predict Trump - we just have to wait and see.

Bad includes his seemingly impulsive Twitter comments to "fight back" against criticism. He probably should have ignored Meryl Streep, for example.

Good includes the fact that he's not dependent on campaign contributors like almost all major politicians are.

We'll just see where the roulette ball lands. I'll oppose any bad policies he proposes and support any good ones.

Comment Depends on before or after electoral college (Score 1) 999

If a president-elect dies AFTER the electoral college, the VP becomes president and picks a new VP who is confirmed by Congress.

On the other hand, if the president-elect were to die between election Tuesday and the electoral college, things get much more interesting. The electoral college would choose (at least initially) but state laws limit their choices. State laws which bind electors but don't account for death make it tricky. Likely, the VP-elect would become president (Pence in this case), and the LOSING VP candidate (Tim Kaine) would become VP.

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