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Comment Well, at least they are being patched (Score 2) 11

Less high-profile companies may have just as many bugs in their "golden master" code but neither they nor "white-hat" outside groups are looking for them as hard as would with a high-profile company.

This means if I use a just-as-buggy product from a not-as-big company the only people who may know about the bugs are the people spear-phishing me and governments (which may be one in the same).

Comment What about text-only browsers? (Score 1) 126

They inherently block ads that contain no text.

Does this mean blind people will be forced to use a regular browser and a screen reader so as not to block the ad from showing up on their computer? That seems inefficient to the point of being stupid.

Comment Not going to be buying any more tickets? (Score 1) 25

"I'm not going to be buying any more tickets"

Good news, thanks to recent court rulings, now you can just pay your super-PAC or other anonymous-donation-fund-pass-through organization to arrange for an off-the-books VIP pass. Sure, it will cost more, but not only will you get privacy but you'll also get the other perks that come with that 6-figure-donation VIP pass.

Comment If you play while driving ... (Score 1) 130

... that should be grounds for your insurance company to jack up your rates when you come up for renewal.

Same goes for doing anything else reckless while driving, like watching a movie (obviously excluding guys who self-nominate for the Darwin Award, like this guy).

Of course, if you play while driving and don't brag about it, your insurance company will never know. But that's the "real" idea here: We don't want to encourage others to drive unsafely, and when you brag about driving unsafely, it tends to encourage others to do the same.

Comment Funny bugs, etc, are nice, but ... (Score 1) 74

... historical code like this also needs to exist in a "curated" version, where the only "changes" are those made by a responsible curator, with the changes consisting only of comments.

I'd fork it myself but the honor of being the "keeper of the curated version" really should be someone with a connection to the project or, better yet, an organization like NASA, a museum, a retired-NASA-employee-association, university, or similar organization that will have the funds, manpower, and interest to keep this going for the long haul.

Also, separately from the above, paper, original-media or modern-copy-on-same-type-of-media (if available and feasible), and modern-electronic-copies of all of the code should be given to the National Archives, NASA archives, or some similar agency.

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