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Comment Re: How much is PUTIN getting? (Score 1) 264

I'm sure your impactful work benefits mankind no end.

His work helps get (and keeps) people employed. Putting food on the table for an unknown number of people and their families.

So, at least in the short term, their work is more important than some jackass screaming "Global Warming! Global Warming!" while jumping up and down with their hair on fire and hoping someone will give them a grant so THEY can put food on the table.

Comment "Mozilla is more than just a browser" (Score 2) 180

Yeah. It's a shitty "brand design" company now with a legacy browser they're hell-bent on turning into Chrome with a slightly different face.

They've become a company almost totally devoid of technical excellence and mutated into some hippie-activist commune that takes almost a year just to come up with an emoticon-ized version of their logo.

A complete waste of a company...

Comment "He can't exactly ignore it." (Score 3, Informative) 273

Sure he can!

It's a busy time right now! Right? RIGHT?

And even so, it's simple enough to say "No.", couched in suitably political terms.

You know what I'm talking about.

At this time *EVIL RUSSIA! EVIL RUSSIA!* we don't have enough information *EVIL RUSSIA! EVIL RUSSIA!* on the situation to make us comfortable pardoning him for stealing secrets and giving them to EVIL RUSSIA!

Basically, what would have happened to him, had he come home is he would have become Bradley/Chelsea Manning Mark 2.

He'd have been dumped in a prison. Rotted for a while. Then announced that he'd decided to cut his dick off and live as a woman. Turning him into a complete laughingstock meme and totally detracting from what actually happened.

I think Snowden likes his cock and balls right where they are...

Comment Greenpeace are fucking morons. (Score 1, Insightful) 84

While Apple, Google and Amazon all have electronic services delivery, Amazon is, by far, the largest in terms of physical plant for their vast goods-shipping network.

While yes, Apple and Google do ship, they simply don't have the sheer scope of what Amazon is dealing in.

So yeah, Amazon's going to come in behind those two.

Comment Typical Google Shotgun Failure (Score 1) 150

Google's real good at churn and burn.

But they absolutely SUCK at refining products unless they're an immediate hit.

Look at GMail and all the work that's been lavished on that.

Now look at something like Hangouts. It never really caught on, mostly because other community options were VASTLY more mature and dependable.
So, did Google work on it, to grow it and make it a better product?
They basically tossed it out like a puppy that'd peed the rug.

Comment Caught a client just in time (Score 4, Interesting) 104

Many of my clients are older people who simply wouldn't know tech savvy if you drowned them in it.

A while back, one of my clients' wives calls us and tells us he's on the phone with this tech support company in India and they're asking for several hundred dollars to remove a virus.

I told her to pull their cablemodem out of the wall and then hang up with the guy. Don't even discuss it with her husband (as it'd give the guy from "wherever" a chance to do something to the machine).

Once he was disconnected I had him hang up and explained the scam to him, while the call center guy tried calling back.

I then pointed out that he already had both Kaspersky Antivirus and Malwarebytes on there.

And on the off chance he was infected, I had him pull down a bootable rescue CD and scan that way.

Saved him several hundred bucks and possibly getting his machine infected.

Comment Razer, Legendary Quality Control. (Score 1) 161

No, seriously. It's a legend.
Because Razer simply has NO such thing as quality control.

This is why Razer products are lucky to last a few months from date of purchase.

If it was almost ANYONE besides Razer releasing this thing, I'd look at it.
But it IS Razer. Not going to waste good money on their crap.

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