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Comment Re:I cut the cable back in 2002. (Score 1) 209

And remember, you have 3 main "natural" or "grabber" price points.

$20, $50 and $100.

Technicaly $19.99, $49.99 and $99.99, but I'm lazy and not going to worry about fudging a penny (which they kinda count on).

Basically things like cell phone service, single lines for service talk about something right around the $50/month price point. And shared plans are all around $100.
Same thing with cable. They, for a long while were $50/month (plus fees, etc). Now they've climbed into the $100 range.

Comment I cut the cable back in 2002. (Score 1, Insightful) 209

Other than a few favorite shows, I haven't missed a damn thing.

I have Netflix and an Amazon account if I want to watch something.

Since I'm the "techie" in the family, if I HAVE to watch something NOW, I can log into my parents' account and stream, as they haven't divorced themselves from TV.

But, for the most part, I simply don't miss it.

And somewhere in the past, my child TV addict self screams in horror.

With the equipment costs, and the push towards a "$100 minimum" bill and all these fucking channels you don't give a shit about...

Seriously, who the fuck needs 8-10 distinct ESPN channels both in SD and HD?
Plus "insert network" Sports Channels, etc?

I'm not a goddamn sports nut. Bundle all that crap into an optional package
I want a package for Scifi/Fantasy, maybe home improvement and science/technology.
And "news" channels can go DIAF.

The thing is, the cable companies want that "$100 minimium" no matter what.

So even if we get "a la carte", they're likely to screw with us no matter what.

Comment Re:Not a nice way to die (Score 3, Interesting) 429

Honestly, dry ice is probably a LOT more humane than rat poison.

The whole reason rat poison functions is because rats don't have a gag reflex. Once they "acquire" something by eating it, the only way to get rid of it is via full digestion and pooping it out.
So they can't puke up rat poison. This gives the toxin plenty of time to kill the rat, especially with their high burning metabolism.

Dry ice evaporates into CO2 and knocks the rats out. Then, as the CO2 levels climb, kills them.

If you've ever seen the "Crazy Russian Hacker" video where he builds a work bucket-based "air conditioner" and uses dry ice instead of regular ice? DUMB.

This explains it in excruciating detail.

Comment Keep dreaming Ed. (Score 2) 387

As much as I think you did this country (well the citizens at least, fuck the government), you have almost no chance of "The Great Unifier Obamachrist" pardoning you.

He's too deeply in bed with intelligence agencies and benefits from keeping the people ignorant and divided.

Anything that shakes that status quo will be conveniently ignored.

Sorry man.

Comment It's a trust issue with my info. (Score 1) 206

I already have WAY more of my personal info on my phone than I'm comfortable with.
I, quite simply, don't trust either the wallet systems or the devices enough yet.
Moreover, I don't trust our government enough yet. Because if my phone is my sole form of payment and it's confiscated or damaged, I'm SOL.

Comment Good for Costa Rica! (Score 1) 226

Unfortunately, in the US, we're past peak Hydro here due to environmental impacts and the corresponding legislation. Additionally, Costa Rica had to stop hydro generation because of water shortages..

Geothermal has some applications, but they've geographically limited. Costa Rica's got it fairly good. But the US doesn't really have the same distribution of available sites that are useful for utility-grade geothermal.

Now, that's not to say other forms of geothermal might not help out on smaller scales. But we're talking about national/regional utilities here.

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