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Comment Giant fucking waste of time is what it is. (Score 0) 67

Sure, maybe for banking sites and anything where money changes hands.

I can understand that.

But why the FUCK do I have to do it on someone's stupid WordPress or Joomla site?

Hell, even company sites. If all they're serving is flat HTML content who gives a shit about HTTPS?

But NO! Their website is now SUSPECT! Are you REALLY sure you want to ENDANGER yourself?

It's the whole fucking popup verification debacle all over again!

"Are you sure?" Yes.
"Are you sure?" Yes.
"Are you sure?" Yes.
"Nuke your hard drive and fuck you in the ass?" Yes...wait WHAT?

Comment Unstoppable? (Score 2) 478

Wind accounted for 5.6% of power generation in 2016.
Solar accounted for 0.9%.

I'm sure, on a more local level (like Texas), Wind accounts for a more significant portion per-capita. As does solar in areas with lots of sunshine (like Nevada and Hawaii).

But considering that Nuclear, which is essentially stagnant or post-peak due to the way the market's been poisoned against it, is producing over three times the power that Wind and Solar do on an AGGREGATE basis.

And that Coal and Hydro (which is post-peak) EACH produce about five times what Wind and Solar (again aggregate) do.

I'd say calling Wind and Solar "unstoppable" at this point is putting the cart WELL before the in "What's that out there on the horizon?"

Comment Glad I didn't go there. (Score 1) 358

Got a job offer out there back in the late 90's for roughly triple what I was earning at the time.

But they I did a cost-of-living analysis.

After taxes and expenses I'd have been making more, but I'd have just about broken dead-even with ZERO savings.

Living paycheck to paycheck in the Bay Area? FUCK THAT!

Not to mention the fact that a million bucks can't even buy you a port-a-potty in the Bay Area today...

Comment Re:Yeah, go ahead, blame TRUMP! (Score 5, Insightful) 730

Uh. What does Trump have to do with this?

This started in 2014 and finished up on 12 January 2017. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but Trump didn't swear in until the 20th.

So the entirety of this sad debacle in the suppression of freedom of speech happened on Obama's watch.

Not that it was necessarily Obama's fault either. But, by your brain-dead "logic" it is...

This is about a collusion between state government agencies to shut someone up who is attempting to alert the public to one or more agencies' shady practices at the expense of said public.

Comment Re:Why do people keep running from Dynamics? (Score 1) 34

*I* don't have an axe to grind.

I merely have a significant portion of my customer base that's tried Dynamics and would rather go back to punch cards than use it.

I've also been tasked with migrating some of these people off Dynamics and trying to actually get the data out has been about as pleasant as taking a belt sander to my dangly bits.
Both for on-premises and Hosted Dynamics.

I've had at least three where Microsoft themselves were completely unable to recover data from a hosted setup and the client finally opted to start their data from scratch. And I'm not talking "free support trying to upsell", I'm talking paid Microsoft technicians whose job it is to know the platform going "This shouldn't be happening" and eventually throwing their hands up.

I got paid for all my time, regardless. And since it wasn't MY data, I didn't have a dog in the fight.

Comment Why do people keep running from Dynamics? (Score 3, Interesting) 34


My company deals with CRM platforms. And just about anybody who's ever had experience with Dynamics has pretty much run away from the platform, screaming.

And I can understand why.

When even MICROSOFT cannot recover a proper SQL backup out of their own data with regards to MULTIPLE versions of Dyanmics and SQL Server. you KNOW something's wrong. Hell, even a simple contact export seems beyond them.

And let's not even get into (lack of) usability or (dearth of) performance...

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