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Comment Re:Gen X was the same (Score 1) 214

people were spending 6 months to a year at a job and then looking for something else

Are you talking a McDonalds job, or an actual job? My personal experience doesn't support that view, if you are talking about actual jobs. I've been within the same group of companies for 10 years, prior to that it was about 4 years. The majority of my colleagues at both places tended to hover at the 5+ year mark. Yes, some people left after short stints, but those were the minority.

Prior to starting my career, I worked a multitude of "McDonalds Jobs", where my longest tenure was probably a year and a half. But that was more of a function of life situations, transitioning from High School to College, College back to the Home Town, then realizing the home town didn't have shit for career work.

I should note, I fall at the end of the Gen-X scale, depending on which scale you use.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 354

people go to Starbucks

Ding ding ding. We have the winning answer. People, in general, are bad with math like this. To a lot of people, spending five bucks isn't a budget impacting decision. But when you add it up over the weeks and months, it's a very substantial amount of money. It's exactly why the app and micro-payment model took off so well. Nobody in their right mind would spend $50 to play Farmville or Pokemon Go, but spending 5$ to buy seeds or a box of poke-balls? People usually don't think twice.

Comment Re:We never learn do we? (Score 1, Troll) 69

tries to accommodate every culture until its own gets lost in the noise

Which culture is it that's getting "lost in the noise"? The one we brought from Europe? The Native one we stepped on in the process? The African one we kidnapped to pick our cotton? The Chinese one that came to build our railroads? Or one of the hundreds of other cultures that have been coming in to our country since its inception?

We are a nation of immigrants. Unless you are full blood Native you don't have to go back more than a handful of generations to find a foreign parent.

The US somehow feels like it must apologize for even the most feeble effort at border patrols

This one I agree with you on. All of the "I'm moving to Canada" people would be in for a hell of a shock when they got the border and were promptly (but probably politely) told to piss off.

Comment Re:Health Care (Score 2) 903

Because the vast majority of people get healthcare through their employer or provided by the government and don't have to explicitly purchase it?

I don't see how that's relevant, unless I'm misunderstanding your point. I'm included in the vast majority and have employer provided health coverage. It cost me $500/month, and my company is chipping in at least that much per month. My employer certainly doesn't require me to participate, but if I don't I pay the "no-insurance-tax". How is that not the same thing as a tax? Just because I'm able to purchase it through my employer instead of an exchange doesn't diminish the requirement of having health insurance.

Even if my employer payed 100% of the cost, that's still money out of my pocket. That is, of course, assuming if my employer didn't have to expend the $1000 (or whatever) a month for health insurance I would see a portion of that money added to my salary/ESOP/bonus.

Comment Re:More US warmongering (Score 1) 755

Was the job in Germany and Japan not finished properly? You have to commit to it over decades, and you can't do it alone, and you'll probably kill 3% of the worlds population.

I went ahead and fixed that for ya....

Is killing another 60 million people worth it? Or is there maybe a better way around it this time? That being said, we just seriously pissed in Russia's Corn Flakes. It'll be interesting to see how they react once the dust settles. Syria doesn't pose a direct significant threat, but Russia on the other hand... I'm going to go play some Fallout tonight, practice for the impending apocalypse.

Comment Re:Can you say "energy density" ? (Score 1) 163

I understand energy density, but that isn't the only variable in the equation. How efficiently you use that energy comes in to play as well. I don't claim to be an expert (very far from it, so I'd love for someone with actual knowledge chime in) but electric motors are significantly more efficient than gas engines. (Couldn't find any good numbers on jet engines, and I only assume the dude in the article knows what he's talking about)

Comment Re: Sometimes (Score 2) 421

The customer is always right.

That depends. The general public are assholes, and are very wrong very regularly. Walmart will regularly escort unruly customers out the door and politely request they never return, or at least recommend that they do "shop at Target from now on" when the customer suggests that's what they will do. Because they can afford to lose a customer or two and negative reviews aren't likely to have a huge impact on the company.

Now a small start up that has one product? You better be down your your knees servicing every customer that comes through the door, no matter what they do or say. Especially when your one product isn't that novel and will be copied by 15 companies within the year. (I mean, I didn't read the article, but what they describe in the summary sounds exactly like what one of the big garage door opener manufacturers built already)

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