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Comment Re: Which is it? (Score 1) 34

Suspect they meant it's not implanted directly into the heart, just into the chest cavity instead.

I suspect you are right, but yeah, bad summary. I'd think it would be significantly less invasive, risky. Assuming they'd have to stop the heart to install a typical pump, but would not have to do so for this system. I was with a company that worked on a similar system a long time ago, and I seem to remember one of the selling points they were after is that it could be installed without stopping the heart.

Comment Re:How about a link that uses the logo (Score 1) 171

Not sure why you were modded Troll, it's an accurate statement. I did the same thing as AC above, clicked the link expecting a big-ass logo front and center. That seems like marketing 101, if announcing a new [thing] you'd think pertinent info about that thing would be displayed above the fold.

Submission + - New York driver groups push for a ban on autonomous cars (

schwit1 writes: It's no secret that ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft dream of a day when they can depend solely on self-driving cars, and that's making driver organizations more than a little nervous. New York's Upstate Transportation Association and Independent Drivers Guild are both pressing for bans on autonomous vehicles in the state out of concern that they'll ultimately cost thousands of transportation jobs. The IDG believes that it only needs to preserve existing laws to guarantee a ban, but the UTA is considerably more aggressive — it wants a 50-year ban on self-driving cars. Yes, there's a real chance you wouldn't even be alive to see the day when driverless rides hit New York roads.

Comment Re:Ben Carson was right (Score 1) 779

From the linked wiki page, first sentence even: "Gender is the range of characteristics pertaining to, and differentiating between, masculinity and femininity. Depending on the context, these characteristics may include biological sex..." emphasis mine. In case reading comprehension is hard: May:used to express possibility.

Gender MAY include the physical sex of an organism, it may not. GP's statement is accurate.

Comment Re:Ben Carson was right (Score 5, Insightful) 779

As long as they go to prison, sure, they can get a gender reassignment.

And I think you're off by a hair on your "millions" estimate. Male to female ranges from $7-$24,000. (source)

For reference, a new knee will cost about $50k. Technically a knee replacement is an elective surgery. How many of those were done to inmates last year? Should they be denied therapy as well? Or does gender reassignment bother you because it doesn't match your world view?

Submission + - Super Bowl LI's live stream to include local advertisements

Pascoea writes: Let's face it, advertising during the Super Bowl is a staple. Millions of dollars are spent for ad slots. And for the first time, local Fox affiliates will have the ability to place ads in the live stream along with their traditional broadcast.

Variety reports:

More than 170 Fox affiliates across the U.S. have committed to teaming with Fox Sports to sell and deliver local digital ads in the Super Bowl LI stream. Participating affiliates will have access to same ad inventory for both the linear TV broadcast and digital stream of the Feb. 5 game. The national ads will be the same on both TV and online

Comment Re:John Carmack (Score 1) 136

actually did steal some shit back in his youth

Carmack is also noted for his generous contributions to charities

I don't follow, are you implying that this guy is Robin Hood? Following the comment of "he did something bad" with "he did something good too" doesn't make sense. I'm not saying that a person can't recognize their wrongdoings and turn their life around but copypasta from Wikipedia isn't a real strong argument to that case.

Comment Re:Kevlar Vest for Suicide bombers (Score 1) 71

Seems to me to be an admission of an ultimate fail.

So we should just remove seat belts and air bags from cars? Get rid of GFCI/AFCI outlets? Remove every other safety measure we've implemented?

The world is full of dangers. You can either choose to mitigate your risk, or not. The potential for a problem is there either way.

Comment Re: Great strides (Score 2) 129

the second landed booster has had at least 10 full duration test firings since landing

Can I add a (somewhat, possibly) intelligent question to the group? What would be the most likely cause of a failure on a "flight proven" (used) booster? Something functional such as a pump, sensor or electronics, something likely to be caught by a test firing. Or would it more likely be something structural, that wouldn't be caught until full-flight stresses are placed on it?

Comment Re:Edge to edge screen hard for me to use (Score 1) 73

Yeah, just giving you some crap. Haha.

And I would agree, Google's keyboard isn't that good. The others still have issues. My biggest frustration is I'll swipe a word in, it'll be WAY wrong, to the point that the other suggestions aren't close either. Delete the word, re-swipe, and it'll put the same damn word on there. You'd think that would make it into the logic somewhere: "If user just delete this word don't put it up as the next word".

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