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Comment Google != Microsoft? (Score 1) 178

Ok, let me get this straight. You have two software companies (Microsoft and Google). Currently, Google is not forcing OEMs to keep their software up-to-date with new features and bug-fixes, and everyone is losing their minds. Currently, Microsoft is forcing everybody to update their software with the latest features and bug-fixes, and everyone is losing their minds. I don't get it. Is it because "mobile" or is it because its MS vs Google?

Comment Re: FB should did it (Score 1) 447

Once weapons are brandished and threats of death are made, deescalation is not an option. If the cops just leave (in order to meet her demands for de-escalation) and the child ends up dead at the hands of the person brandishing the weapon the cops would be crucified for not protecting the child. She took her life into her hands when she pointed a shotgun at the police and threatened to kill him.

I assume, by your comments, that you haven't taken the time to read into the story at all. The police were there to arrest another person on more significant assault charges. here is a link.

Comment Re: comcast wants you to buy HBO with cable tv and (Score 1) 170

I use about a terabyte a month all of it on legal content. I'm either streaming video or downloading something from steam.

How may people do you have in your house? I have 4 that pretty much do nothing but sit on the internet when they aren't at work/school. I use about 350GB consistently month to month

Are you deleting your steam games and re-downloading every time you want to play them? I just can't fathom how a residential customer downloads 1TB/month consistently with just Netflix and Steam.

Comment Re:Don't spoil it [for us] - Devs (Score 4, Insightful) 134

Learning about Twitch (from one of my teenagers) was my first "holy shit, I must be getting old" moment. My comment to her was "you are actually watching someone else playing a video game for hours on end?" to which she replied: "You spend hours watching other people play football, don't you?" Touche teenager, touche.

Comment Rookie mistake (Score 1) 153

when he walked on to the set not believing it to be live

You would think someone that's been around as long as he has would be aware that all systems should be treated as live until verified otherwise. You don't just pick up a wire. You don't just walk into a confined space. You don't just push a button.

I don't imagine a movie set is any different than any other potentially dangerous work space. You have to know your environment, even if it is constantly changing, and your safety is ultimately your responsibility.

Comment Re:they need to work the other end (Score 1) 120

It's not the legitimate or semi-legitimate companies that irritate the shit out of me. It's the scammers that drive me bananas. "We are calling to talk about lowering your credit card rates, please verify your credit card number for us." There is absolutely nothing that traditional enforcement (cease and desist, fines, etc.) can do about those. It seems unfair to completely block legitimate VOIP calls to cell phones, but there has to be some way to block the scammers without putting undue burdens on legitimate companies.

Comment Re:The Timing (Score 1) 180

Not that it matters, no matter who wins, ( Ego A or Ego B ) we all lose anyway.

You realize there are more options than Hillary or Trump, right? I understand that any of those candidates or parties are an absolute long shot for the presidency, but if you think we're fucked if either Hillary or Trump get in, why not "waste" your vote on one of the other candidates, and get a few of your friends and relatives to join you. It may not happen this election, but if the "outsider" parties start gaining traction we may be able to get out of the two-party-system hellhole.

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