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Comment Re:they need to work the other end (Score 1) 120

It's not the legitimate or semi-legitimate companies that irritate the shit out of me. It's the scammers that drive me bananas. "We are calling to talk about lowering your credit card rates, please verify your credit card number for us." There is absolutely nothing that traditional enforcement (cease and desist, fines, etc.) can do about those. It seems unfair to completely block legitimate VOIP calls to cell phones, but there has to be some way to block the scammers without putting undue burdens on legitimate companies.

Comment Re:The Timing (Score 1) 180

Not that it matters, no matter who wins, ( Ego A or Ego B ) we all lose anyway.

You realize there are more options than Hillary or Trump, right? I understand that any of those candidates or parties are an absolute long shot for the presidency, but if you think we're fucked if either Hillary or Trump get in, why not "waste" your vote on one of the other candidates, and get a few of your friends and relatives to join you. It may not happen this election, but if the "outsider" parties start gaining traction we may be able to get out of the two-party-system hellhole.

Comment Re:I disagree, I think building pcs is fun (Score 1) 729

I've built several dozen pcs over the last 16-17 years and I enjoy it

Couldn't agree more. The only part about the ridiculous article I agree with is the hunting and picking components, then price-shopping to get the best deal. It's not hard to blow an entire Saturday researching, hunting, and buying computer components.

The rest of the "Article" reads like a teenager trying to fix his four-wheeler. "Waaaaaaa, this is hard" "I dropped my wrench." "Which way to I turn a bolt to loosen it?" "What color is oil supposed to be?" "My hands got dirty."

"That's why I recommend Apple products..." Fucker probably pays Jiffy Lube to change his oil and windshield wipers too.

Comment Re:How good are the visual sensors on cop killbots (Score 1) 983

How about some numbers:
Number of law enforcement officers in the US: 765,000
Number of LEO related deaths last year: 1,000

Number of blacks in the US: 37,685,840
Number of black gang members in the US: 279,000
Blacks that are gang members: .74%

Number of gang related deaths last year: 2000
Number caused by blacks: 600 (This assumes the same ratio of total gang members vs black gang members, 31%)
Deaths/gang member: .2%

I'm not sure the point I was trying to make, but numbers are interesting, nonetheless. (I was going to just not post this, after forgetting what my point was, but I wasted too much time digging through the internet for numbers) WP has a good article analyzing the all police involved shootings in 2015:

Comment Re:I have a serious problem with this (Score 4, Insightful) 983

Hint: Police keep killing folks. Many of them unarmed, in handcuffs, and mostly black

Emphasis mine, and [Citation Needed]

Now, I can't disagree, police killing people is a problem, but why does race ALWAYS have to play a part? According to this 100 (ish) people were killed by police last month. 35 white, 27 black, 19 latino. Why do we only care about the black ones?

Comment Re:How good are the visual sensors on cop killbots (Score 1) 983

All cops are the problem though, because even if they aren't racist killers themselves they're aiding and abetting the ones who are.

This is going to get me flamed, but I'm past the point of giving a crap. Let's change out a few words here and see how it works

All blacks are the problem though, because even if they aren't gang bangers and killers themselves they're aiding and abetting the ones who are.

Let's try a less inflammatory one

All programmers are the problem though, because even if they aren't bad programmers themselves they're aiding and abetting the ones who are.

There are good people and bad people, good cops and bad cops, good programmers and bad programmers. How about we quit painting with such a broad brush?

What infuriates me is the lack of accountability. I understand that cops have a shitty job, and I understand that the use of force is probably justified the majority of the time. Even if the majority of them are justified, that leaves a percentage that aren't. Where is the accountability for those? On the other hand, where is the accountability for the citizens dancing and taunting police officers after they came to stop a local 7-11 from being looted, while the officer's brothers are laying dead?

Comment Re: I always quit without notice (Score 1) 765

Having never been fired before, I don't have a lot of first hand experience, but I have been associated with a number of people that got fired. I have NEVER seen or heard of anybody that was fired abruptly without cause. (Turning tables over and yelling profanities is definitely cause, I've seen that a few times.) Even in right to work states, an employer will build a case against you, and you will be aware of that case being built. I've worked for a number of companies, every one of them had a similar "three strikes" policy. Verbal warning (that is documented, and signed by you), written warning (also signed by you), and then they show you the door.

Comment Re:Why do you need an ISP at all, then? (Score 1) 184

ISPs traditionally offer "features" such as: free webmail, a DNS service that will helpfully redirect you to their ad-serving page when you type in, tech support (including, and limited to: Did you reboot the modem? Is it plugged in? Did you reboot the computer?), and a billing service that is second-to-satan.

Comment Re:Doesn't Matter (Score 1) 421

Republican primary voters weren't interested in traditional candidates.

The Republican primary was more akin to a Reality TV competition than an actual democratic process. If you could smash together an episode of Jerry Springer, Celebrity Apprentice, and American Idol you'd have a pretty close representation of the Republican primary process. And, like every other reality TV show, American sheep are just lapping it up.

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