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Comment Re:A small consolation (Score 1) 37

So I read a rumor (sorry, no link) that indicated they're not going to kill Hangouts, but they are trying to simplify their offerings. Right now, they have a few different applications that are doing text messages (SMS), IM, voice calling, etc. Supposedly they're going to expand Hangouts and try to turn it into a unified business communications platform similar to Skype for Business. Then they're going to have a few consumer-grade apps, e.g. Google Voice plus a messenger app similar to Facebook's.

I have no idea if that's true, whether the rumor was created by someone with inside knowledge, or whether it's pure speculation. Years of tracking Apple products have lead me to be interested in but doubtful of all rumors.

Comment Re:OpenVPN port tcp/443 (Score 1) 32

My understanding is that some deep packet inspection methods can determine if potentially encrypted data is being passed through a filter. Obviously it's going to be error prone, but what does that matter when the general plan is to sufficiently inconvenience people so they don't even try. I doubt the PRC cares that maybe the odd innocent bystander's data gets hit as a false positive.

As a counter to that, I have read of encryption schemes that will bypass this kind of filtering, but it's going to be a lot slower as a lot more junk data has to be thrown in to fool detection. Good for low-bandwidth needs like passing text-based emails and the like, but not much good for anything high bandwidth like voice communications.

IIRC there is a patch for OpenVPN to make a tcp:443 based VPN appear to be a genuine https connection, even to DPI

Submission + - Avaya Filed for Bankruptcy Thursday January 19.

skidv writes: I was surprised to discover that the US Subsidiary of Avaya, spun off from Lucent in 2000, has filed for Chapter 11 reorganization of their debt.

ZDNet breaks down the deal in part:

Avaya noted that its foreign affiliates aren't included in the filing and will operate as normal. Avaya said the $725 million in debtor-in-possession financing, via Citibank, is enough to minimize disruption and continue business operations.

Not surprising, Avaya has canceled the planned IPO.

Comment Re:AI does what AI is programmed to do (Score 1) 158

The "DANGER of AI" is that the AI will be somebody's bitch. Whose?

AI is "merely" another form of power, and adversaries-who-have-power are always a threat. Don't worry about AI; you should worry about $THEM getting AI, thereby causing $THEM to have an edge over you.

100.0% of techs are just like this. When you're pointing your nuclear missile at someone else, it's good. When someone else is pointing one at you, it's bad.

Comment Not good enough! (Score 3, Funny) 247

I want him to roll in the additions from Cilk++, Aspect-Oriented C++ and FeatureC++, the mobility and personalisation capabilities of Occam Pi, the networking extensions provided by rtnet and GridRPC, full encryption and error correction code facilities, everything in Boost, and a pointless subset of features from PL/1.

If you're going to do it all, might as well do it in style.

Seriously, though, Aspects would be nice.

Comment Re:IMHO (Score 1) 163

Okay ... so help yourself out. Do a cursory study of software written by people with and without a good elitist education in computer science and mathematics and tell me whether their software is *better* than that of those like you who do not have such a background.
Importantly to me, is it less buggy and does it have fewer security problems?
Teaching yourself to do basic coding is great, but learning how to write *good* code is a whole other thing.

Comment Re:Mixing two stories (Score 1) 358

San Francisco could be easily four times denser than it is. SoMa might have all this new shiny startups, but it still feels full of warehouses, and 5 stories is considered tall. The east side of the Mission is also full of warehouses and single family homes, just with tiny yards. And that's without getting into the very low density of the west side of San Francisco, which is about as dense as the old, more cramped midwestern suburbs. San Francisco could, and should, develop in the same way a Madrid and Manhattan. Housing costs are catastrophic precisely because the people living there are refusing to build.

Comment Re:Deliberately missing the forest for the trees (Score 3, Interesting) 358

That's kind of the point of freedom of movement, isn't it? As more people want to move into a place, the place gets more crowded and prices rise. When people want to move out of a place, home prices go down. When San Francisco is incredibly attractive, the prices skyrocket to balance things out.

I don't live in San Francisco, but my employer is based there, so I visit it a few times a year. Having been raised in Europe, if anything, I find it not crowded enough: It'd be a far more enjoyable city if it had less single family homes, and if the concept of an office building without dedicating its first floor to stores was borderline insane.

If it wasn't for the price, I'd move to San Francisco in a nanosecond. But I'd much rather get the same salary in a place where a four bedroom house is $200K instead of 2 Million. But that's the price of living in a cultural center vs the middle of nowhere.

Comment Re: In the interest of infringing further: (Score 1) 143

Really? I've heard the last few Trek outings were absolute shit. I've been too busy to see many movies, but after Paramount's shenanigans began I couldn't see making time to give them any of my money. The fans made Trek - if they want to shit on the fans, then the fans can u make Trek. Except that most of them are p'tak.

Comment Re:Only half true article (Score 1) 278

Because no one wants to read about nuclear power plants being built anymore.

I do. It gives me a good feeling, seeing that there is still a country that hasn't succumbed to the whims of whiny hippies.

So essentially what you are saying is that nuclear power, controlled by totalitarian communist governments who killed hundreds of millions of people, gives you a good feeling because they can force it onto their people.

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