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Comment Re:shouldnt fraud detection catch these? (Score 1) 101

There's a difference between processor and originating bank. There are many processors, but each card has a single originating bank. The processors themselves only know a fraction of the attempts.

Processors with good systems underneath might make this harder to do though: For instance, a processor might decline because the ip making this request is suspicious. Websites that use really big processors underneath might have more information on the card colder than you'd think, and be able to see something close to the originating bank.

There's a constant war between fraudsters of different kind and credit card processors. The attacks what were profitable 3 years ago don't work today at all: This is why a lot of fraud today involves large fraud 'companies', that will use their tools for you in exchange for something: from BTC to merchant accounts to believable credentials.

Comment What would you make? (Score 2) 234

I think the single biggest problem with 3D printing is that most people don't have any idea what they would use it for. It's a neat concept, and it does seem useful that you could create a custom-made little plastic doodad of any specifications you want. The idea of being able to share designs seems to also have potential. Still, if someone gave me a 3D printer for free, I can't think of what I would use it for.

Maybe I just don't have enough imagination, but I think most of the population probably has even less than I do. There are only so many little plastic pieces of junk I need in my life. I think I'd get more use out of an automated loom that could make clothes, or an automated printer/binder that could make books. Or a system that made custom Ikea pieces for assembling custom furniture. I suppose you could make plastic furniture with a big enough 3D printer, but I don't want plastic furniture-- or a big enough 3D printer for that.

I've read through articles online about all the useful things you could make with your 3D printer. It's always stuff like book ends or door stops. Basically stuff that I don't really need, but if I did, the same purpose could be served by a small rock.

Comment Re:Here come the science deniers (Score 1) 559

I took my last dose yesterday and the emotional component kicked in, felt like a break up. I'm starting to feel the gnarling biting from within an the desire to lash out for no apparent reason then break down sobbing. It's pretty fucked, I'm starting to shake as I type this, missing keys.

Last Monday was the worst it's been so far and sunday seems to be the calm before the storm.

Comment Re:Too much to express here, but (Score 2) 447

Humans want to succeed and have a successful lineage, they want to build things, they want to tinker with things, they want to learn things, and they want to do so without oppression. This is an instinctual set of principles which led to Humans becoming the top of the Food chain.

That doesn't mean our social systems make us the 'most fit' to survive ourselves.

This is not limited to today, but a historical normal. No opportunity for self and family advancements leads to unrest and revolt. Just like all other Utopian dreams, the dream of the lazy human doing nothing while robots do all the work will not succeed.

Just because people *can* be lazy doesn't mean they *will* be lazy. Lazy is boring and lazy people don't exactly make it to the top of the food chain. I work 8 hours a day to be able to work on my ambitions which is the other half. If I didn't *have* to work I would spend my time working on my ambitions, but I would have the freedom for a little more time for surfing and exercise.

How will it work if you have 90% unemployment? Simple, it won't be that way for long. You will have massive unrest, and all of the horrors that would entail.

Have you considered what happens if that 90% of people had their basic food shelter and medical needs provided and could choose any education they qualified for? What if we usher in a post-scarcity society with AI and that allows people freedom to start solving the problems humanity faces? What if it is 90% education instead?

How do we know how many Einsteins have died of starvation in Africa or are sleeping under bridges in any of our cities?

I'm not going to rehash the Nobel Prize winning economist I mentioned in my first post. Read them, study them, and learn from them. "Capitalism and Freedom" is a must read for anyone who wishes to discuss economic theory.

Economic "Theory" is based on 19th century understanding of thermodynamics and whilst I will read the book (and thank you for the recommendation) I think it is the fresh paint job on a house of legal structures that are falling apart. All of these systems have delivered failure due to their inherent susception to corruption. The rich and the poor are free to sleep under bridges.

We are at the end of the Industrial Age and Captialism, Communism, Socialism (isms everywhere!), left and right politics are all, therefore, obsolete concepts. Hawking internal prejudices are based on the parameters of a thinker extrapolating the conditional thinking imposed by the Industrial Age. An age that suppresses the ideas that drive human advancement using patents so that market advantages can be maintain. Complete corruption of ideas that challenge capital, THAT is the crowning achievement of capitalism.

The very fact that we are talking about an AIs place in society is the very thing that ushers in this new reality. It's part of the culture shock that people are experiencing fatigue from the empty promises the 20th Century isms. It's the 21st Century and that societal change can either be imposed or controlled but it cannot be stopped.

Comment Re:Not mine. (Score 1) 447

That's why they love politicians who talk endlessly about corporate tax cuts (heck, I've seen some people argue corporations shouldn't pay tax at all, and now you know why), but at some point, automation is going to mean corporate tax bills are going to go up.

It would be interesting to offer corporations zero tax if they are then exposed to the *full* liability of their decisions. Unlimited liability.

The corporation only got limited liability because they served a purpose in the community, for example to build a railway, because it is what the community wanted. Over the years they were afforded other benefits like "personhood" and the ability to expand their charter.

That corporations have a legal obligation to create a profit for their shareholder make it impossible for them to do anything that does not benefit it's profits. Expecting them to behave differently would be asking the board to break the law because even if they want to address community concerns they are obliged to put shareholder profits first. For that reason it is a parasitic legal construct whose structure and purpose in society should be evaluated.

Consider this: A corporation is a legal entity driven by people to make money. Look at how destructive humans have been driving this flawed construct which is destructive because *WE* make it so. Now imagine the same thing being run by a set of co-operating AIs. It is not the AI that is destructive, it is the legal structures *WE* have created that make destructive behavior.

If we are going to have AIs in our society we have to have moment of introspection about what sort of society we want to be, simply because AIs will amplify all human flaws. Technology is a gift that can work for or against us.

Comment Re:Fan Base Development (Score 1) 66

Without the free streaming how would there be any fans?

I have several New Yankee Workshop books but never paid to watch Norm on TV.

Fast-forward 15 years, and my daughter has never directly paid for a Dr. Who download but her room is full of merchandise. Heck, her closet door is a 3/4 size Tardis.

Since they pulled it from Netflix, though, she hasn't bought any more as it wasn't fresh and exciting in her mind. Now she's on to YouTuber merchandise (I'll let you in on a little secret - she doesn't pay for YouTube either).

I don't get why this is hard to understand, but then again the PBS/NPR funding model has always been to DoS themselves and hold their own programming ransom.

Comment Re:Wait a year (Score 3, Insightful) 504

When Bush was president 200,000 new jobs was considered anemic as it didn't cover the rise in working age adults.

Currently we need 215-220K per month growth to remain even with population growth. Everything else is a loss, and the lies are covered up with the "discouraged worker" nonsense.

Don't be played for a fool by official propaganda - the math will set you free. Once you understand that this drain on the economy is the real cost of endless war, it starts to make quite a bit more sense (and it's also much more depressing). But, "hey, the unemployment rate is down*!" so go back to soda pop and television. #include officerbarbrady

Comment Re:If I Was An Insurance Investigator... (Score 1) 135

Any launch failure makes other launches more expensive due to higher launch insurance costs.

Insurance only spreads out the cost. The only increase is the profit made by the insurance company, but that's their fee for providing the cost-smoothing service. If the launch companies wanted to do their own cost smoothing they could (but they know that a watchful third party is also a good idea, to keep everybody honest). OK, that's two services they provide.

Comment Re:Labor Participation Rate, the Unmentionable... (Score 1) 504

"What about all of those people who have been out of work for over a year, and stopped looking?"

A bunch of them are retired, or decided to be homemakers?

Also, there's a limit to how much you can say "the job market is bad" because some people have stopped looking for work. Even just talking about those who stopped looking for work because the economy is bad, the job market could improve, and if they're still not looking for work, they're still not going to find a job.

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