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Comment Re:Next Phase (Score 3, Interesting) 283

...while posing no collateral risk to your own forces...

My money is on the shotgun being far safer in every way, as well as more readily available and inexpensive.
shotgun: about $200 - $300
shotgun shells: 100 for around $20
not only takes down drone, but may make the pieces smaller and less dangerous to those on the ground when it falls from the air
mass produced, tested, standard, safeties in place, well known interface and readily available training for those that don't know it
has other legitimate uses, like defending ones self from the drone owner when he comes to pick up the bits (see the case from TFS)

Silly string: $1.60 - $2.50 per can
Silly string is flammable**:
Compressed air solution:
* compressor: expensive and not portable (luggable maybe)
* co2 cartridges: not enough capacity at normal sizes
* compressed air cylinders: good luck lugging those around for long (or for many shots)
Safety systems on your homemade PoS potato gun: none
If you manage to hit anything with this, and if it works (which is unlikely), the whole thing is going to fall into your people while some rotors are probably still spinning savagely.
If it comes down, it's probably going to be severely damaged by the fall.
Single taskers are bad, just ask Alton Brown.

Hopefully you just have a case of NIH syndrome, and not some silly fear of 165+yr old tech.

** they make non-flammable ones these days too, but someone will put the wrong stuff in your home made gun

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 144

Do you run Windows or know anyone that does? If so, you should consider this news, ESPECIALLY with all (negative) attention Windows 10 has been getting. There's no better time for something like this which *might* be able to, at a minimum, run in a VM on linux to support those handful of Windows programs you can't live without. Long term, this could be a viable option.

Comment Re:Shows you can underdeliver and people still buy (Score 1) 72

How does this story/summary go from, "... but honestly, the players need a game that actually launches and plays at decent FPS first", to the top mod being one that apparently applies a simple "sharpen" filter, and it's the fanciest one listed. The rest listed just replace font and sound assets. None of those listed do jack shit for FPS.

Maybe there are some better examples in the article. Can one of the noobs go look and let us know?

Comment Re:I can see some use cases where it sux (Score 1) 102

Count me in the minority that think this is a significant announcement.

GP mentioned cleanflight (which is a flight controller for multi rotor and other airplanes).
Below, someone mentioned a Logitech chrome app to manage the unifying wireless receiver (the alternative is a Windows app).
I was recently looking into Line, the IM client. It has a bunch of ports, but nothing for Linux - unless you use the Chrome app ( I thought that might just be good enough for me to consider it further.

These "small" 1% markets are made up of a HUGE number of people (1% of all chrome users is a LOT).
Those are often edge case users already, which means a significant portion are probably using alternative OS's like Linux or FreeBSD.
Take away chrome apps, and the services that don't have a native linux port, but did have a chrome app, will then lose my patronage and support - and that includes some google features (ex. hangouts). Alone, I don't really matter, and that 1% may seem like a small number, but not if most of those people were the ones pushing others to these fancy new things.

Comment Re:I hope they put in an external antenna port (Score 1) 124

My first computer for my software development had 2 x 1MB 8 inch diskette drives. I enhanced that by adding another pair of drives. The first hard drive that I owned was 16MB.

I think that's the point. Holy hell, how is someone shipping something with only 16MB of storage in a new product today? Your first hard drive was probably massive for the time, but that was back when memory was measured in bytes or Kb. This thing has FOUR TIMES as much memory as storage!

I do think it probably has some extremely good use cases, and it may eat into the Pi market a little bit, but it's not a significant overlap there.

Comment Re:Desktop? (Score 2) 114

Desktops matter if we believe the summary:
"Google is aiming to solve this dilemma", where dilemma refers to fragmentation such as Facetime being iOS only, and skype being buggy and clunky.

Personally, I think this is more like that xkcd comic about standards:

I was doing video chats in the late 90's, and others were doing it before that. Two decades later and it's still a PITA to get everyone on the same thing and working.

Comment Re:Idiotic Argument (Score 1) 394

..which we can purchase, open, and connect the two wires that run to the speakers to a headphone jack instead.

That's part of the point of this. I don't think anyone said this would make anything impossible. It's about what it turns this very simple task into for the average person.

Then some poor SOB will upload a How-To video and end up a felon serving hard time for it.

Exactly. And anyone selling a device that goes from their interface to audio out would also be doing so illegally (unless they get permission first, etc) as they would be creating an circumvention device. Just giving instructions on how to create one would be illegal. How is that not a horrible thing? Not the end of the world, but it's awful.

Comment Re:How Did We Get Here And Where Are We Going? (Score 1) 177

Linux/BSD/etc.are so far into the single-digits of market share as to be irrelevant outside of a server niche and the remaining hardcore hobbyist market.

In the context of your history lesson, this part doesn't make sense. If you use a count of users or installs, those "single-digits of market share" are WAAAAY more users/installs than total units of Commodore 64 ever managed to ship.

Commodore 64 shipped about 12.5 million units (
Percentage of OS market share for Linux in 2015 is roughly 3% (
Windows shipped 283 million units in 2015 (, and 1.3 billion android, 21 million OSX, 520 million other.
None of these numbers exactly correlate. But, OSX has roughly the same market share as Linux (so 21 million "shipped" in 2015?), and 3% of the windows shipments would be 8.5 million in 2015.
Any way you cut that, there's certainly more active Linux users than C64 units ever shipped... so that's enough of a market to drop the "hobbyist" slant.

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