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Comment Re:Performance bond (Score 1) 44

But do you understand how long it took for that person to go to every residence in NYC to check?

I know you're joking, but of the 8+million residences, I'm really surprised there are only 30-40k properties with service requests that haven't been fullfilled. Per the doc:
* 2014-12-31 : 31,313 addresses with initial non-standard installation requests for service exceeding 12 months
* 2015-10-09 : 38,551 addresses...
* today - they don't have any more up to date info listed. The last count is from nearly a year ago!

That count went up, so I'm guessing that has almost nothing to do with "passing all households throughout the City". That's just, of the boatloads of properties they haven't passed, that's the small amount that managed to request service still.

FWIW, every time I've tried to check for FiOS at my addresses, I get asked to give them an email to let me know when there is service. Somehow, I doubt that counts as a service request, so I'm wondering how one does request it?

Comment Re:File the lawsuit (Score 1) 44

The threat the city has made is to sue Verizon unless Verizon caves into the city's demands voluntarily.

verizon signed a contract, the city wants to hold them to it.

Lemme know when "the city" grows some balls and actually does hold them accountable.

Imagine if a cop pulled aside you as you were doing 90 in a 55 and said, "Hey! We've been watching you speeding for years. We told you about it back then, and again, and again, and you keep doing it! You're doing it right now! We're seeking for you to stop speeding, or give us a response, within 30 days." That's pretty much what the letter asked for. How is the any more newsworthy than the last time they complained?

Comment Re:Because there's no advantage (Score 1) 206

It's not about convenience. It's about security.

And yet, the majority of comments are all about convenience. That's pushed around more than anything else. It's also the reason the Chase CEO-ish guy things it's going to take off someday all of a sudden:

Ultimately, the convenience of paying with phones will bring a surge of use from consumers...

That's baloney! And from his perspective, there will be zero difference in overall credit use because anyone paying by phone is simply not paying by card anymore. It's not like people will start spending loads more money that they don't have just because they perceive it as a little bit more convenient.

More people should be talking about the security aspects. There are many security improvements when using one of the digital wallets. However, they are also apps on phones, and my trust in that security is almost null. Ideally, I'd prefer a dedicated digital wallet - something the size of a credit card, but I suspect the convenience hipsters will balk at that.

Comment Re:Clickbait troll much? (Score 1) 629

Why does Hillary's health matter AT ALL to any one but her? A: because she's running for president. If she wasn't running, we'd all have negative interest in that.
As such, Trump's health and related news stories do indeed matter, because they are directly related to the whole reason any of us are listening to any of this drivel.

Comment Re:What does it cost without Amazon's garbage? (Score 1) 61

Agreed. I'm a bit pissed at everyone that's commented here and there that their Fire tablet is on par with other tablets. Hardware might be decent enough, especially for the price, but not the software.

I picked up a couple during a recent sale. I think it was $40 for an 8gb, and $50 for a 16gb, or around those amounts. Gave one to the mother-in-law as a replacement/upgrade for her ancient Nook tablet. Instant let down though:
* no play store, means
* no google maps app
* no google hangouts app
* no gmail app
* no ability to cast to chromecast
* etc
To make matters worse, there's no easy way to make a simple bookmark on the main screen, so you can't treat the web versions of those as apps. You have to open the browser, go to bookmarks, then go to that page. That's too much for this use case.

I also couldn't find firefox or chrome for it, so couldn't use them instead.

I could get by with this tablet, but there's some ugly hoops to jump through, and I'd put more effort into getting cyanogenmod on it, but this isn't for me. These restrictions are wacky. I understand why, but the justifications are pure political BS that only hurts the consumer.

Comment Re: Old school reflective lcd (Score 1) 294

There's plenty of times where it's difficult to disable or replace status/power LED's, but a case fan is not one of them. Just replace the fan, or snip the leads on the LED's (though that's a small gamble cause that may break it... so buy one replacement, and experiment on one of them). If you're really cheap and a pussy, then just cover them with a piece of aluminum foil and a touch of glue to keep it on, or similar tape.

Comment Re:Clickbait troll much? (Score 1, Interesting) 629

Well that settles it then. Trump's own physician for the past 39 years stated, "Mr. Trump has had a recent complete medical examination that showed only positive results", and that, "If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency". I'm sure this AAPS survey is completely unrelated and has no part in any campaign plans.

That thing reads like something Trump would have written himself. Try reading it while doing an impression of him - it's "astonishingly excellent". "His physical strength and stamina are extraordinary".

I'm no fan of Clinton either, but I don't think she'll have any problem surviving another 4 years. Then again, I was hoping to vote for Bernie, so my bar is a tad low in that regard.

Comment Pot calling Kettle! (Score 1) 27

I'm hoping I simply missed the whoooosh of sarcasm flying over my head, but I suspect you're just one of those people that don't know what the word "subject" means.
It's crazy that you're complaining about editors not doing summaries right when you can't even be bothered to give your message a proper subject line, which is damn near the same skill set.

Comment Re:Next Phase (Score 4, Interesting) 644

...while posing no collateral risk to your own forces...

My money is on the shotgun being far safer in every way, as well as more readily available and inexpensive.
shotgun: about $200 - $300
shotgun shells: 100 for around $20
not only takes down drone, but may make the pieces smaller and less dangerous to those on the ground when it falls from the air
mass produced, tested, standard, safeties in place, well known interface and readily available training for those that don't know it
has other legitimate uses, like defending ones self from the drone owner when he comes to pick up the bits (see the case from TFS)

Silly string: $1.60 - $2.50 per can
Silly string is flammable**:
Compressed air solution:
* compressor: expensive and not portable (luggable maybe)
* co2 cartridges: not enough capacity at normal sizes
* compressed air cylinders: good luck lugging those around for long (or for many shots)
Safety systems on your homemade PoS potato gun: none
If you manage to hit anything with this, and if it works (which is unlikely), the whole thing is going to fall into your people while some rotors are probably still spinning savagely.
If it comes down, it's probably going to be severely damaged by the fall.
Single taskers are bad, just ask Alton Brown.

Hopefully you just have a case of NIH syndrome, and not some silly fear of 165+yr old tech.

** they make non-flammable ones these days too, but someone will put the wrong stuff in your home made gun

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 145

Do you run Windows or know anyone that does? If so, you should consider this news, ESPECIALLY with all (negative) attention Windows 10 has been getting. There's no better time for something like this which *might* be able to, at a minimum, run in a VM on linux to support those handful of Windows programs you can't live without. Long term, this could be a viable option.

Comment Re:Shows you can underdeliver and people still buy (Score 1) 72

How does this story/summary go from, "... but honestly, the players need a game that actually launches and plays at decent FPS first", to the top mod being one that apparently applies a simple "sharpen" filter, and it's the fanciest one listed. The rest listed just replace font and sound assets. None of those listed do jack shit for FPS.

Maybe there are some better examples in the article. Can one of the noobs go look and let us know?

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