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Comment Re:RAID is not backup... (Score 1) 174

I absolutely love iDrive. I have used it for years.

The features look nice, the size just isn't enough...

I have 26TB backed up with BackBlaze, that level of storage would be expensive with most other services...

I also use CrashPlan for critical files, but they throttle after awhile making backing up that much data impossible. They claim they don't, but they are lying about that.

Carbonate also throttles, but at least they are honest about it. BackBlaze doesn't and will run 10 threads to backup faster.

Comment This should read: (Score 1) 154

"News paper industry not failing fast enough, seeks to increase the pace of it's demise by further reducing it's readership."

Pretty soon the mega news media entertainment industry will collapse and we can get on with citizen reporting. Anyone can do better than the lipstick-smothered anchors found on anyways.

Comment Re:Captain Kirk says... (Score 2) 136

"The problem with immortality is that it's boring."

(There's an episode of the original series where a man gives up immortality to be with the woman he loves....)

I've been saying for 25 years now that I may not wanna live forever, but 70 years or so is wayyyyy too short.

I could live a few thousand years eating cheeseburgers and chocolate.

Comment Re:Good on him (Score 1) 227

However, I am disappointed by your cynicism about what is possible.

It isn't cynicism, it is acceptance of reality...

We're all standing on the Titanic, the bow is low in the water, and most people are still talking about how the ship can't sink. I'm standing there looking at the bow thinking, "this ship sunk the minute it hit that iceburg, it is just a matter of time".

This is understandable and, at times, I too get completely discouraged and feel that we are way past the point of no return on runaway CO2. I do not feel that we should just give up and not try.

What happens if we are? What is the point of moving the deck chairs around the ship when the whole thing is going to be at the bottom of the Atlantic in a few hours?

The sooner everyone accepts the future, the sooner we can plan for it. Such as taking fire axes and start ripping up the deck to create make-shift life rafts...

It may be a futile effort but I think we should make the effort.

The efforts to try and stop what is going to happen could be better put to use preparing for what will happen.

When I bought my Tesla and solar PV, I (half in jest) said that I justified it because I was doing if for my granddaughter.

Yes, I understand that, it makes you feel better. But don't kid yourself, it won't change anything. If you think it will, then you have simply not looked at the numbers. When the ship fills with water, it will sink, it is math.

So let me share some math with you...


Page 4...

In order to stabilize CO2 concentrations at about 450 ppm by 2050, global emissions
would have to decline by about 60% by 2050. Industrialized countries greenhouse gas
emissions would have to decline by about 80% by 2050.

Now ask yourself what it would take to cut CO2 output by 80% in the next 35 years across all industrialized nations.

A few EVs on the road isn't going to do it... 100% EVs on the road isn't going to do it (and that has zero chance of happening).

We'd have to all turn off our air conditioners, get rid of half our stuff, change our basic way of life.

This is simply not going to happen.

We must make that effort and it starts with each individual making the effort. It may be futile. It may be too late... but we must make the effort.

No, and that is the point I'm trying to make... we must NOT make that effort... We have limited resources, if we spend them trying to keep the ship from sinking, then we AREN'T preparing for the future without the ship...

We could instead be preparing for a future where the climate changes, where crop lands change and move, and where people need to move inland from the coasts... The efforts trying to stop it are preventing the efforts to prepare for it...

Comment Re:Google's reply? (Score 2) 154

The EU could declare it discriminitory to exclude those sites and impose fines or whatever else is necessary.

Which should get overturned as not wanting to pay for something you don't want can hardly be called discriminatory. In other words, it is not discrimination, in the evil sense, to decline services because you don't wanna pay their fee.

Comment Re:Please stop this farce (Score 1) 65

The US should seriously consider to act act like an asshole less often and clean up their own justice and prison system instead, rather than bullying other countries and their businesses.

Rest assured that there are plenty of Americans who agree with you...

Sadly, they have no voice in the government, since it is all run by special interests...

Which is why I continue to be amazed how many Americans will vote for Clinton, when it is so clear that she is bought and paid for by big money...

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