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Comment Re:minwage $11.40-$9.90 (Score 1) 342

Straight off the top, screw business, who gives a crap about private profits.

Granted this is a common attitude, but how is it helping by making some particular companies pay for our wealth redistribution process? Why shouldn't that be shared among society?

Major corporations have proven to be totally myopic tied to greed and greed, having become extremely destructive, where as small and medium business has proven to be very beneficial, providing for a social and economic need, much more effectively and socially responsible fashion, than major corporations.

Minimum wage regulations hit small businesses disproportionately hard. UBI wouldn't, because it's not a regulation on business. It should be an income or wealth tax which would much more directly target the type of greedy corporate bosses you seem to despise.

Comment Re: minwage $11.40-$9.90 (Score 1) 342

Except the minimum wage is $10 so they're not paying less than that. Or they won't find anyone who wants to work for $5/hr and they'll wind up paying $10 anyway.

If you are demanding the equivalent of $18/hour after UBI, you will be replaced by someone who is currently unemployed and only demands $10-15/hour after UBI. UBI is intended for survival and minimum needs, not comfort... if you value any level of comfort then you will need some form of a job, even if just part time, and thus you will have to make your wage demands reasonable.

Income taxes will still be progressive. UBI will certainly affect taxes, but placing a heavier burden on the poor and lower-middle classes will be counter-productive. The heaviest burden, as always, will have to fall on the very rich.

The impacts you mention are temporary anyway. And they can be reduced or eliminated with a graduated implementation.

Comment TCP port 445 screening, Metasploit, Alert Logic (Score 2) 95

A first-pass screening test is to see if TCP port 445 is open. Most hosts will have 445 blocked by the firewall, thereby providing a degree of protection for the vulnerable SMB.

If 445 is open, that does not mean the host is compromised, but it is likely to vulnerable. This Metasploit module is one check that can be run:


More information can be found on the Alert Logic blog and our various teams will continue to post there and elsewhere as more information is made available.

I know Alert Logic has other resources posted elsewhere, but unfortunately I don't know the exact URLs off hand. My team sends technical details to another team, who aggregates it with information developed by other teams, then they forward it to the PR people who post it for you to read, with other, more detailed information provided to customers. So personally I only know where I send the information internally, but not where you can read all of it.

Comment Re: Ontario, largest subnational debtor on the pla (Score -1) 342

Wealth is an abstract concept. In nature noone owns anything

- you own your body if you can protect it. You own your territory if you can protect it. There is no difference between nature and us, we are nature.

If you don't own anything then why would you mind if I decided to kill you for food (don't worry, I am a vegetarian, but I may sell your body to others for food). So you see, your property starts with possession of your own body and mind and from there it extends to the work that you do in your life because that work takes your personal time, the time of your life.

Your work is time taken out of your life that you are spending not on pleasure but on work (maybe your work is pleasure for you but that doesn't really change anything). To take what you have worked for and to distribute it to others, who did not do this work is the injustice of oppression imposed by the collectivism that we are observing here and the more of that is happening the more people will fight against it in every possible way.

I am all for people outsourcing, automating, avoiding and evading every tax they can because that is the fight against the oppression and violence of the collectivist mob and it needs to be done.

Comment Re:Vigorous debate? Surely you jest (Score -1) 342

I've been on this site since around 1998, registered the account within a couple of years I think. As an anarcho capitalist/objectivist I don't see what it is you are seeing (this site becoming more libertarian minded, which means less Statist, less collectivist). For whatever reason the population here is quite happy to be part of a 'larger than self' collective and it's quite happy to use collectivism for protectionism, for taxation and redistribution and such. Where have you seen this shift towards 'Randian garbage' as you call it? Individuals are mostly drowned out in the overall collectivist noise here.

Comment Re: Cultural ethics won't allow work-free life (Score 1) 239

As I pointed out, we're not starting from scratch so you could easily say: I favor Sweden's, or France's or Germany's mixed with England's whatever.

You can easily say it, but not easily implement it. The fact that you can't realize that means you have some kind of brain defect or something.

Comment Re:Oh, this is going to be great (Score 1) 242

Actually, it's mostly you who appears to have lost the ability to think critically (if you ever had it). Simply put, If you were able to think critically you wouldn't have resorted to personal attacks when I told you that your anecdotal story doesn't back up the position that you claimed it did

Show me where I did this? Sure didn't stop you from escalating.

Free speech means the government doesn't interfere with your right to say what you like, it doesn't mean people have to like you or the odious things that you post. People can like free speech and still think you're an overbearing, know-nothing ass who they'd rather not associate with.

You are correct and suffice it to say my opinion of your opinion is of the same low esteem. The line is drawn in regards to free speech when those domestic terrorists start using force to exert their will outside of the physical protections provided by law. This is our right. You don't have to like my opinion, I don't have to like yours. But neither of us is allowed to use force to coerce the other to our way of thinking or beat our opponent into submission.

We all have the right to say what we want without fear of physical violence. Freedom of speech died first on the Internet, and now there's fascist groups like antifa trying to quell opinions they don't like by using terrorist tactics of oppression. People who broke down because the words trump 2016 were chalked on the sidewalks are now attacking anyone that disagrees with them. This fits the tried and true profiles of mental disorder, but I could be wrong.

You can attempt to attack my character all you want, call me names etc, it won't change the truth of my observations.

Either way, we have strayed far from the topic and this is just another dead horse we're beating.

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