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Comment Re:Look a bit higher (Score 1) 235

"Plain sight," as in "you don't need tools to get to it." The sort of thing any FAA inspector could simply walk over and easily see/get to.

Otherwise, semantics. You can't fly your over 9-ounce toy, at all, unless it bears your registration information. The uniqueness of the registration between someone's multiple toys is neither here nor there. It's "you can't fly your toy without federal involvement and a way to track the toy back to you via a publicly searchable database." That's what matters.

Comment Partially sarcastic (Score 1) 195

> newsgroups are different than a P2P seeding system. There wasn't really a peer so much that your ISP and some other odies (bodies?)

You didn't have to use your ISP's servers, just like you don't have to use their DNS. People routinely used other news servers, and nerds often ran their own. Of course using your ISP's local servers tends to be faster and more efficient than some server on a far-away network.

Until shortly before NNTP mostly died, most ISPs didn't want liability from choosing to carry specific news groups, so they didn't choose - they carried all of the official ones, and most of alt.

> Gee, sarcasm.

Half sarcasm, and moderated +5 Informative. I work with engineers born in the 1990s. It's not uncommon for such people to invent something, not knowing it was commonly used in the 1980s.

If you haven't noticed it in tech, you've surely noticed it in policy discussions - people argue, predicting what the effect of trying policy X might be, apparently unaware that policy X has already been tried many times in many places. I'd guess that close to 50% of political posts are people predicting the past.

Comment What is There to Work With? (Score 1) 130

Well, we'll need a voice to text generator. Then we'll need some kind of AIML handler. Finally, a text to voice generator. IBM use to sell a Voice-To-Text interface card in the late 1990's. Text to Voice is a small software routine these days.

The Machine Learning part is the intriguing part. Books have been, and will continue to be written on this. What the hard part is, "Is how can a computer program find a valid fact, and be able to defend that the fact is valid?"

Comment Re:It's already known (Score 1) 235

The FAA has statutory authority over every bit of US (and territorial) air space from 1mm above the ground. They are exactly who defines who can fly where. That has nothing to do with things like privacy laws - that's about what you do with, for example, images taken while flying. Right now, that's a patchwork of local and state laws. But who (and what) can fly where and how high: that's FAA turf, entirely.

Comment Re:Look a bit higher (Score 1) 235

The over .55, under 55 pound RC aircraft must carry a registration number in plain site. If you own four of them, all four must carry that number. If you operate under part 107, all of your RC devices need their own unique registration codes. These aren't "guidelines," these are rules now formally in place with serious consequences should you blow them off.

Comment Akamai should go broke? For a non-customer? (Score 2) 107

"Business decision" meaning "we decided we don't want to go out of business". 600+ Gbps was enough to cause real stress on Akamai's network, so that their customers, who pay the bills, started to be affected. Increasing their costs while reducing their revenue due to losing customers is a recipe for Akamai to go bankrupt.

If Kreb's had been paying Akamai a retainer they would have some responsibility to provide services to him, if they were able to do so. They have no responsibility to put themselves out of business on a charity case.

Comment If I had a trunk, I'd be an elephant (Score 1) 107

> If everything was done via email, so would twitter.

If I had a trunk, I'd be an elephant*. I do not in fact have a trunk, and I'm not an elephant. Twitter is not an email listserv.

* I started to say "if Hill had a dick, she'd be Bill", but somehow that analogy just doesn't work the same when talking to you. :)

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