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Comment Hallelujah! (Score 0) 1532

I don't have any mod points right now to mod you SJWs down, so I'll just have to say, Hallelujah!

Every Democrat has a laminated "race card" that they play every chance they get. Now I have a "Kiss My Ass" card and I'm going to wear it over the next four (hopefully eight) years!

Mod me down if you wish, but I'm getting the last laugh. Change your diapers, dry your tears, get your thumbs out of your mouths, go to work, and shut up.

The Republic is safe again. Thank God Almighty!!!!

Comment Re:Synesthesia (Score 1) 134

The type I have is that scents have color and texture. So I can describe a smell as dark red and dusty, or smooth and bright blue. I also sense them as sharp or dull or somewhere in between.

I've never met anyone else who has this particular type of synesthesia and it's hard to explain.

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