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Comment Really? (Score 1) 382

Just from the summary (because I didn't read TFA):
. . . claims to be cheaper . . .
. . . only delivered a few hundred all-electric buses . . .
. . . make a bold prediction . . .
. . . seem to indicate there's a shift . . .

It's fairly safe to assume that this is just CEO Ryan Popple's dream and he's actually begging for money from investors.

Comment Re:Facebook use plummets during business hours (Score 2) 116

When I'm reading news, I tend to open sites in multiple tabs and it's really annoying when two or more of them start playing sounds when I haven't even got to them yet. By the time I've read the content of other sites and get to the racket-makers, they've already finished their annoying videos (or just replaying them over and over!).

At least Firefox has a sound icon on each tab so I can mute the ones I don't want to listen to.

Comment Re:Megapixel myth (Score 2) 105

Agreed. I rarely use my phone's camera for taking real photographs. I'd rather use my DSLR with decent glass, better performance at higher ISOs, and more control over aperture and shutter speed. The DSLR even does better video than a phone.

The phone's camera is handy for times when a real camera is not available and you have to have some kind of shot.

Comment Hallelujah! (Score 0) 1560

I don't have any mod points right now to mod you SJWs down, so I'll just have to say, Hallelujah!

Every Democrat has a laminated "race card" that they play every chance they get. Now I have a "Kiss My Ass" card and I'm going to wear it over the next four (hopefully eight) years!

Mod me down if you wish, but I'm getting the last laugh. Change your diapers, dry your tears, get your thumbs out of your mouths, go to work, and shut up.

The Republic is safe again. Thank God Almighty!!!!

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