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Comment Re:It's Sony - duh (Score 1) 461

A thief takes something away from the owner dishonestly without the owner's consent, regardless of whether or not they plan on returning it.

I have, and will again, beat the shit out of anyone I catch stealing as I described above. Most sane people will also. Involving the police will get the stolen item locked up as 'evidence' for years.

My 'fix' is 100% accurate. Especially if I catch your ass.

Comment Re:I don't feel safer (Score 0) 85

I was talking about sharia law.

The very real fact remains that I mentioned Sharia Law in reference to it being considered improper to photograph women. Granted in the states I was thankfully proven wrong for our country. I do not condone sharia or it's practices but was using that as an example.

You can pretend to assign a geographic reference by your own personal assumptions and abuse of logic to declare what another person has on their minds till the cows come home. It makes no difference to me, but you may want to see a psychiatrist for that.

I can't wait until Summer is over and you kids go back to school.

Comment This should read: (Score 1) 172

"News paper industry not failing fast enough, seeks to increase the pace of it's demise by further reducing it's readership."

Pretty soon the mega news media entertainment industry will collapse and we can get on with citizen reporting. Anyone can do better than the lipstick-smothered anchors found on weather.com anyways.

Comment Re:Skyrim video is fake (Score 0) 145

The is shit in crowd need to have their balls stomped on after being set on fire.

Most OS are designed to run on actual hardware. Virtualization is great for servers where the primary focus is the NIC(s) and not the GPU(s).

ie : Stop trying to expect great performance when you are trying to fit a square cube through a small round hole.

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