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Comment So long and thanks for all the broken plugins. (Score 1) 102

I was a die hard Mozilla fan until they began releasing faster than the plugin community could update their plugins.

I got sick of that song and dance on 3 computers I had been keeping passwords and bookmarks in sync and switched to Chrome years ago.

Been watching the HMS Mozilla flounder in the bay ever since. Time to grab a new bucket of popcorn.

Comment Re:On a sober note (Score 1) 238

I'm seeing some doctors claim that vaccines cause children to be more susceptible to diseases later in life. Does anyone have background information about this?

This has long been known. The Vaccines provide an artificial immunity that is temporary. As adults you still require booster shots.

I was vaccinated as a child, yet got Chicken Pox from my Girlfriend that was caring for kids with it. I wish fervently I had gotten the natural immunity when I was a child. "Childhood Diseases" are much, much worse on adults. I wanted to die. This is likely how it spread in Disneyland. Adults that failed to realize their vaccine was a false hope, and that if you don't get the immunity naturally in your younger more robust years you will be forever vulnerable as an adult.

The real threat in the 1800's and prior was lack of sanitation and hygiene that caused secondary infections. That problem has been solved.

Comment Re:Who said what? (Score 1) 392

rape allegviction costing you your career

Mod up. All it takes is allegations of rape or racism or the latest ism of the day.

In once cit-able case a woman was at a pool party that was crashed by black teens. They found her on Facebook, and even though she was only there, and had no part in any racist activity she was identifiable. They found her employer, made false allegations and she lost her job. That's SJWs these days. I did a little tracing of my own and found groups dedicated to destroying people's lives through FB.

Comment Re:Who said what? (Score 2, Insightful) 392

You act like people shouldn't be able to point out what they see as immoral behavior unless it's mandated by the your government,

That's fine. Everyone can point out what they think is wrong all day, then draft laws and vote on it, with measures for enforcement.

SJWs rarely work that way, opting to mete out their own version of justice by harassing and finding ways to ruin the victims lives by getting them fired, evicted, etc.

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