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Comment Re:Flaws.. (Score 3, Informative) 72

To extend what you started with.

Text messages almost always get sent to a cell phone,

Most cell phones are also logged into the same mail service that the ebay account will be using for the lost password recovery tool.

Now without the dongle, one lost or stolen phone will offer the keys to the kingdom.

Comment Re:First and second reactions (Score 1) 101

So in other words they used information that any intelligent facebook user / developer has access to via clever social engineering or the app itself, OR intercepted windows 10 keylogging ( "telemetry" ) possibly over a wireless connection?

If you play those 'guess your pirate name' games and their variants on Facebook or other social media that asks for seemingly innocuous information like the day of your birth or your mothers maiden name you're a sucker.

Comment Re:Example from Higher Education (Score 2, Informative) 391

I have an Ex-Wife that would cheat, and then claim it was rape if she was caught. I have had a few friends put in jail that way.

She'd call me up bragging about it. Then call me how scared she was the guy's wife found out, claim it was rape in front of her. Ruin the relationship, get him put in jail and they'd become 'best buds'.

No joke.

Comment Re:Quantum supremacy tests will come first (Score 1) 90

Because if I understand quantum theory correctly, it both works, and doesn't. There is no measurement for a half binary state in a binary world of absolute on and off. I think pursuing analogue supercomputers might be a better place to start.

A more reasonable argument would be "We need more money to continue milking this quantum cow that never produces anything."

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