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Comment A single domain was silenced. (Score 0, Troll) 183

Big deal. One domain was silenced.

He can still work and do what he needs, now he has to participate in the rest of the media network.

That's the whole point of the Internet being invented in the 60's to begin with. One site / segment get's bombed, you can still get on in other segments of the network. All he needs to do is submit Press Releases just like everyone else.

Problem that's not a problem has been solved.

Comment That doesn't jive with today's popular culture. (Score 1) 210

It's not currently popular to hold ourselves accountable for our actions and accomplishments, or lack thereof.

We need a device for this or an app for that as a constant reminder of our outwardly conscientious self-righteousness.

" Ohhh look at me participating in the Portland free bike program with my thousand dollar iphone riding as slow as I can, Oh the irony... "

Before the apple phanboi's attack here's the proof:

Comment Tell me... (Score 1, Interesting) 166

Where they found a battery with enough juice to power a GPS (Radio) device for the months required to cross the ocean, through the hull of a ship, and then have the GPS unit pass undetected through customs etc?

I think it's more likely someone found the GPS unit, and sold it on Ebay, raising a false positive when it was powered up. Or, the entire article could be a sham to begin with.

Comment Re:Not a nice way to die (Score 1) 429

I see you assume anyone not living in a city as being ignorant or stupid. Not true.

There's skills learned in the woods and fields that lend themselves very well to combat. Like knowing how to shoot and *hit* your target. It's not just point and pull like in the movies. We won WWII because of these farm-boys.

Comment Re:Not a nice way to die (Score 0) 429

just lob a few largish asteroids at our major cities and wait for a year or two

That's the one sure thing to guarantee our survival. Get rid of all the armchair generals that insist that we combat the enemy according to the Geneva convention and take prisoners etc.

Fuck all that. War is total. Without most city dwellers the people that are doing the heavy lifting in the fields and the mines will get the job done. As usual.

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