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Comment Re:Take Note (Score 2) 152

Last time I saw an analysis of support for surveillance etc in congress, it was interestingly not divided along party lines. Roughly equal parts D and R opposed and supported it.
Rather, congress was divided by how much time they've spent in office. The newer ones tended to oppose it, and the older ones tended to support it. Note that the American public as a whole seems to favor it, so any campaign to change this should be aimed primarily at the American public, not the senators. Also, i think the country is kind of tired of being outraged, so I don't think you can get them outraged again. But who knows.

Comment Re:Pay attention. (Score 1) 152

I don't really have a problem with this particular thing, as far as I can tell. It requires a warrant still.
It's the warrantless stuff, and the secret trials that I oppose. I don't oppose everything the FBI/NSA does (although there is a frighteningly large amount of what they do that I oppose, which is concerning).

Comment Re:TV BS (Score 1) 219

Yeah, the headline should be, "The End of TV," because there isn't a lot of discourse going on the TV. News programs are carefully choreographed reality shows. On Facebook, the articles may be fake sometimes, but at least people are talking to each other.

I am glad that TV and the media lose their power to control the narrative. After what they did to Bernie, it should be obvious to everyone that the media abuses their power.

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