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Comment Re:The problem with strong AI. (Score 1) 146

There's probably a level where it's hard to know if it's conscious or not, but so far we haven't even gotten close to that level.

Incidentally, if you could define consciousness, you'd probably be really close to creating it. I think it's more important to figure out how the human brain stores information, though.

Comment Re:such a wonder to mankind (Score 1) 146

but the DeepMind/AlphaGo achievements are pretty astonishing IMHO.

I thought so too, but AlphaGo is mainly just a tree searching algorithm (which is why it takes so long to move, even with such huge CPU power). As you can see from this graph, Go AI was already on a trajectory to beat humans, as better and better hardware came along. The real breakthrough was employing a Monte-Carlo algorithm, which in that graph I linked to is at the inflection point.

Google managed to leapfrog the competition in Go computing by throwing a huge cluster at it. On a single CPU, alphago doesn't do nearly as well, and other computers are close in performance.

Comment Re:Is it me? (Score 1) 146

AI means what it's always meant to researchers since the 60s (outside of SciFi): software that solves problems that can't be solved in a straightforward procedural way. E.g., voice recognition and image recognition are "AI problems" that have largely been solved (still some ground to cover in machine vision, but the core work is there).

Note that what you are referring to is called weak AI, which is a term created because people realized they weren't making any progress on actually creating real (strong) AI.

And now it's a marketing term.

Comment Re:Labor costs vs automation (Score 1) 126

What are you talking about? Workforce participation by working age adults is dropping fast. We are at levels not seen since the 1970's, when women participation was half what it is now.

Nah, even U6 is below 10% now, which means the people who are not working really, really do not want to work. They are old and retired or whatever.

Comment Re: Running Linux on Windows is awesome? How so? (Score 1) 185

Visual Studio beats anything on Linux.

This is the sort of thing you hear from Windows devs in a bubble. Visual Studio is the best.......only for C# and .NET. The fact is it doesn't even have basic refactoring tools, something that even Eclipse has had for a decade. Visual Studio without Resharper is really a pain. With Resharper, Visual Studio becomes tolerable, and you have to pay for it. And this only relevant if you prefer the kind of corporate development environment of Java/C# (which in many cases is the right choice). If you prefer the freedom of dynamic languages like Python, or low level languages like C, or for some reason think Node is King, then Visual Studio is a joke that will leave you crying. It's not even a competitor.

Incidentally, the reason VS was better than Eclipse a decade ago was because it was easier to set up projects. Not anymore, Eclipse has advanced past VS in that category.

Also NuGet is a dog. Even Jon Skeet says so.

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