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Comment Re:Soviet Union tried it (Score 1) 322

the article does recognize that equal distribution to everyone is a problem, and seems to advocate unequal distribution near the end of the article. That, to me, isn't communism,

You aren't familiar with communism then. Even in its extreme form, communism recognizes that some people need more than others. "Divide everything equally" is the brute's understanding of communism.

Comment Re:Soviet Union tried it (Score 1) 322

You're right that the Soviets already tried it, but modern day communists will reject your observation, and claim that the communists of yesteryear simply weren't smart enough.

I'm willing to accept that, but tell me how; and this blog post that merely repeats the mistakes of the past is not succeeding to do that.

Comment Re:BREAKING NEWS (Score 1) 88

So in other words, they did their job and got paid.

Problem is the company probably is no more practically secure after the consultants came than before.

The first morning, he tailgated through a locked door by carrying some boxes, found an unlocked network closet, and connected to the client's network and started sniffing unencrypted traffic, including plaintext passwords for the admins.....He delivered a brief report in the afternoon, essentially saying that the general approach to security was so bad that further testing wouldn't be productive.

Yeah, that's a pretty common sort of scenario.

Comment Re:Welp, I know what I'm going to do. (Score 2) 322

plateauing at a level where they can afford everything they want to consume,"

There is no such plateau. Right now, I want a private jet. Really. And if I get that, I want my own planet, too. And a star. I can't get those, but I want them. And if I get all that, then I want love. There is no limit to what people want.

Comment Soviet Union tried it (Score 1) 322

The Soviet Union had rooms full of people trying to calculate these things and build the correct amounts, etc, but it's not just a linear equation, it's a linear equation where the variables (constants, actually) change, new variables appear, and old ones disappear; and even the target goals can change.

This is one of those things that sounds good on long as you simplify and ignore enough things. It's like taking physics 101 and saying, "motion is easy to model, you just need to know the coefficient of friction."

Comment Re:BREAKING NEWS (Score 2) 88

Incidentally, a lot of "security" consultants use this trick.....they set up a fake wireless access point in an office, and when a lot of people accidentally connect to it, thy sniff some passwords. After that, they show it to the boss and say, "look how insecure you are!" The boss is shocked and they send a bill, even though they've done nearly nothing.

If they're a level up, they might have an automated Metasploit script to throw at servers.

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