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Comment Re:This always worked for me... (Score 1) 219

Weird thing is, everyone's estimate is off by a factor of roughly X, but the value of X changes from person to person. The key is to figure out what your own personal X is and start using it.

If you're the kind of person who is consistently late, then your manager already does this without telling you.

Comment Re:Er...so it was about greed? (Score 3, Insightful) 158

Exclusivity agreements of this kind should be considered illegal by default. They are bad for society, and we've seen this in so many ways.

It's what Microsoft was doing to keep Linux down. It's what Intel did to keep their competitors down. I heard something (on NPR I think the other day) about how syringe manufacturers used it to keep an innovative syringe design off the market, because it was a third party syringe. The hospitals wouldn't buy it, despite the fact that it was better, because of exclusivity agreements.

I'm sure there are plenty of other examples.

Comment Re: Cultural ethics won't allow work-free life (Score 1) 287

I would definitely support a solution that works, whatever it is. However, it would have to work for everyone and work reasonably well.

Good, you're not completely dogmatic.

It would have to be a progressive, not regressive solution.

wtf is a progressive solution.

Comment Re:Correcting myself (Score 1) 729

A similar case went before the supreme court recently. A man was wearing an army uniform, claiming to have won medals and be a decorated war hero. That is against the law, so the government took him to court.

The supreme court found that the first amendment protected his right to lie about being a war hero, even though it was highly deceptive and disgusting. They will likely find the same in this case about engineers (unless he actually caused damage, which he didn't, and for that matter he didn't even lie, he actually is an electronics engineer).

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