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Comment Re:Apple is being weird and annoying (Score 1) 771

... has only one single usb-c port and no other ports. You can call this strategy brilliant but in practice this means that people have to buy an extra adapter to connect all their peripherals to the one single usb-c port.

what about daisy-chaining like we used to do with SCSI? of course, all peripherals will have to be built with a pair of usb-c ports, increasing the cost

Comment Re:Needs municipal class action (Score 1) 767

No, a road atlas or street map are designed to direct drivers along any road marked on the map. DUH! Every city I have moved into, one of my first tasks is to go to the local auto club and obtain the free maps or buy the Rand-McNally Thomas guide and learn the lay of the land, identifying all the routes accessible for me to get around to work, play, shop, eat, etc. This was decades before online map software, and nobody gave me approval to drive through the streets in any town that are open public roadways.

Comment Re: That's just too damn bad. (Score 1) 767

but those costs were likely also paid back to the developer's company via the infamous 20-50 year tax deferral so that the company effectively transfers the cost back to the city taxpayers in general, thus public does pay for your streets. so sorry that the realtor selling you the home didn't tell you about that little detail

Comment Re: Slow them with real traffic (Score 1) 767

True, very true. when I move to a new city I always bought maps or went to the AAA to obtain free ones to map out routes from my new home to work and other places I wanted to go, and searched out numerous alternate routes - HORROR of HORRORS - through residential side streets to give me options in the event of traffic congestion. Waze, Google, Garmin, etc. didn't exist in the primitive past, just my understanding of NESW and lines on colored paper. Public throughways are not private driveways for the entitled few.

Comment Re:Green can include jets and internal combustion (Score 1) 286

You may be presumptive in asserting electric cars will overtake ICE in the next decade. Without a breakthrough in battery tech to increase storage capacity and reduce recharge time by 2 to 3 orders of magnitude, they will remain a richie rich boytoy. I'd love to have an electromotive passenger car, but should I choose to travel long distances, I'd rather not do it as the pioneers did in their Conestoga wagons on the prairie.

Comment Re:Still (Score 1) 286

You may be onto something with the lighter than air craft, as there are several firms working on zeppelin-like craft. Each of those craft employ several propeller motors which could be electric powered. Assuming the weight of PV panels doesn't negate too much of the cargo lifting capacity, to generate the appropriate amount of power for the motors, this is a potential application. Perhaps the advent of thin film PV could be used instead of the current panels.

Comment Re:Still (Score 1) 286

The problem is people are always thinking progress need to equate to a practical consumer level solution.

Without a practical consumer side, what are we solving then? Sure, it seems altruistically wonderful to engage in basic research, however, if it doesn't lead to widespread, large scale adoption as a technology, it seems a waste of time. You speak of lessons that are learned, well the basic lesson learned so far is that it is hardly feasible to use solar photovoltaic as an alternative aviation fuel.

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