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Comment Re: The anti-science sure is odd. (Score 1) 160

We're not really overdue for the next ice age, just headed that way based on Milankovitch cycles. But we've pumped enough excess greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere lately to overcome that and any solar minimum that may occur. There will be no prolonged cooling period in your lifetime.

Comment Re: The anti-science sure is odd. (Score 1) 160

isn't it astounding that after literally decades of being utterly wrong about long term climate forecasts, people still listen to them?

But they haven't been that wrong. Go back and compare what they've said in the IPCC reports to what has actually happened and you'll find they underpredict more than overpredict. Plenty of people on both sides of the issue get hyperbolic in their statements but if you follow what actual scientists say in actual scientific papers you'll find they get more right than wrong.

Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 1, Insightful) 160

Why the hell should anyone care about abstract "people"? Humanity isn't wired that way, we care about those we know, not about the distant future and people we don't know. No one really does, anyway. It's always some self-interest, really, when you dig down into people's true motives. Perhaps to appear better than others by some arbitrary standard.

Anyway, your comment comes off as naive, immature raving. Yes, it's true we don't care, collectively. But expecting us to is idiotic.

Comment Re:Just what America needs (Score 2) 112

Let Asians build the world's fastest trains and the continent-wide energy systems we can only dream about. We have lawsuit AI technology we can use to rob each other blind as we cash those unemployment checks.

But at least this new automated-lawsuit system will keep a lot of lawyers employed.

Oh wait...

Comment Re: More BS (Score 1) 92

Why? As soon as a machine can do a task for me (presumably with superior ability) what is the point in me also knowing how to do that task?

What's the point in learning how to orient yourself to your environment without using your short-battery life phone? You're joking, right?

When the zombie apocalypse comes and EMP weapons have wiped out your GPS, it will be fun watching sweet summer children like you stumble around blindly.

Comment Re:More BS (Score 1, Interesting) 92

If a human driver, using the same map and their set of eyes, can't get the guy to his front door, what makes him think a car programmed by humans will be any better, especially by humans who have never seen the place you're going to?

When I was in college, and for the first couple of years of grad school, I drove a taxicab. Not a fruity Uber car, but an honest-to-god hack. For part of that time, I drove an actual Checker Marathon, which may have been the finest automobile ever built.

Decades later, I can still find my way around that city (Chicago), to any address and give you the best route. If you dropped me blindfolded anywhere within the Chicago city limits, I could find my way (as long as I was allowed to take the blindfold off after you dropped me). If there are Uber drivers who can't find their ass with both hands, it has nothing to do with maps. Maps? Pshaw. Learn your town and don't rely on the goddamn Google maps for everything. Learn how to navigate by the stars like we did back in my day (only partly kidding).

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