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Denver Airport Overrun by Car-Eating Rabbits 278

It turns out the soy-based wire covering on cars built after 2002 is irresistible to rodents. Nobody knows this better than those unlucky enough to park at DIA's Pikes Peak lot. The rabbits surrounding the area have been using the lot as an all-you-can-eat wiring buffet. Looks like it's time to break out The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

Comment Re:Different everywhere? (Score 1) 451

Agreed. I live in Australia (as I guess you do from your nick) and I love this time of year. I was surprised by the general preference for summer-to-autumn transition until I remembered that most readers are in the north.

I live in Australia too, and I really like the Summer -> Autumn transition, because it means I can stop worrying about whether my house will have been destroyed by a bushfire when I get home. Seems like every summer is a high-risk summer these days. :( S'pose I should just give up on trees and move back into the big smoke.

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