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Comment Re:Professional attention whore strikes again (Score 1) 901

It's going to blow up in his face so bad at some point that he'll have to start fresh on a new platform where he'll have to watch what he says.

He's very much like Jeremy Clarkson. He likes to make edgy borderline racist jokes, and you can do that on your own blog, but you can only get away with doing that on a commercial mainstream show for so long before your ass gets the boot.

Welcome to capitalism, tip your waitress (so she can eat) and try the gruel!

Comment Re:Mention Russia Today and Fox News, but not CNN? (Score 1) 405

No, the problem is that the American right has gone absolutely stark raving mad in the last couple of years and lives in a fictional alternate reality now. It's crazy uncle, tinfoil hat, Dale Gribble thinking with a mean streak, gone mainstream. They use false equivalence arguments whenever their animosity with truth and reality is mentioned. They've reached levels of hypocrisy that border on doublethink. Anyone on the right who doesn't see it is a part of it.

The outright rejection of facts and the categorical hatred and dismissal of any news sources other than select far-right rags are hallmarks of the new loony right. The alt-right is just an influential radical splinter of this new ideology which seems to have consumed a vast majority of US conservatives. The minority of non-loons on the right are the ones now called "cuckservatives" rightly shitting their pants at the scariest post-WW2 political movement.

Comment Re:What about the actual code? (Score 1) 77

Denuvo makes it hard to crack, but without the hardware's participation, it will never be impossible.

I used to think the same thing, but then some Denuvo games have gone uncracked for frighteningly long periods of time. Serious Sam 3 took about 8 months to crack. AFAIK the Doom reboot and Rise of the Tomb Raider are still not cracked. I'm worried that they could invent a form of DRM that's theoretically crackable but practically uncrackable by anyone without NSA-level expertise and equipment.

Comment Re:What about the actual code? (Score 4, Informative) 77

Was thinking the same thing. Denuvo has to be broken, they're coming dangerously close to inventing what will be, and forever remain, the worst invention in the history of computing: Working DRM. It's the weapon that could banish general-purpose computing to the dark corners of hacker basements forever. Curated computing has already been popularized.

All attempts to summon this demon must be thwarted.

Comment Re: Reddit = a bunch of cowardly idiots. (Score 1) 899

Oh now you've resorted to conflating today's progressives with those of the interwar era. I tire of these silly games.

No "whataboutism" at all. You accused Breitbart of being "white nationalist" and pointed to a specific article. That article, in fact, warned about segregationist tendencies being increasingly mainstream in the US, which is correct. Since you are evidently ignorant of the history, I also pointed out that it wasn't conservatives or libertarians that have been responsible for segregationist tendencies, but progressives; given the close historical connections between progressivism and fascism, that also is hardly surprising.

I have pointed out multiple examples of Breitbart's white nationalism including a specific article which clearly supports white nationalism and segregationist tendencies. Read this again real slow.

Again, I tire of your childish games, selective ignorance, and fact aversion. I have no further interest in speaking with you.

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