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Comment Re:Obviously.. (Score 1) 321

Yes, conservatives who were desperate for the "gig economy" to save this stupid economic system from falling flat on its big dumb face (at least in terms of providing jobs). Oh well, they still pin their hopes on VR or social media stardom or whatever overhyped concept might employ the masses against increasing automation and decreasing spending power among most of the population.

Comment Usually not helpful (Score 0) 292

Most laptops have an LED next to the camera to tell you when it's on. So far as I've seen, they're connected at the hardware level (yes I've investigated this deeply in trying to work around a Linux power management bug). So if a piece of malware activates your camera, they'll just get a quick glance of you taking action appropriately.

Comment Re:Not quite. (Score 1) 236

Came here to say this. Intake snorkels are common, I've never seen an "exhaust scoop" (or any kind of raised exhaust on an actual offroad truck, vs. a coal-rolling bro-dozer) and they aren't necessary - a turndown at the exhaust tip will keep the exhaust from flooding under light submersion, and if you go deep, just stay on the gas and the exhaust flow will keep the water out.

Comment Re:Before Profiles (Score 2) 103

Same here, now I can only have the private window before I have to open another browser.

However I've found that plugins aren't properly isolated across profiles. For example if you have a normal and private window open and temp. allow a site in NoScript in one, the change takes effect in the other. Not good. A fix for this might be more useful than the container tabs.

Comment Video is often the worst way to convey information (Score 1) 244

Video isn't searchable. You have very limited control over how quickly you can take it in (I'm glad Youtube has adjustable speed settings now, at least). Video takes up massive amounts of storage space or bandwidth, especially on a per-word basis vs. plain text. Video can be computationally expensive to play back (how many of your computers can play a 1080p HEVC/H.265 video?).

Video is not a good medium for everyday communication. I will usually look for information in text form and avoid video.

Video calls are rarely made even though it's trivially easy with today's technology. Why does Facebook think they can turn that trend around on a dime?

I hope this trend will remain limited to a walled garden that I hardly ever look at.

Comment Re:This isn't New (Score 1, Interesting) 368

I'd be surprised if the spooks don't have an exploit for it for targeted use, but as you point out, nothing has been found in the wild for all these years, so the cost/benefit is obviously not good enough for your average blackhat. Software-only APTs are good enough and don't rely on proprietary hardware features.

There was a conspiracy theory going around when it was new that the IME included a GSM modem (and presumably a hidden SIM card tied to a subscription paid for by the Illuminati) and could be used for out-of-band remote control of your computer.

Comment Re:Math Doesn't Add Up (Score 1) 144

Now you've outed yourself as an idiot on tractor-trailer braking systems and a gratuitous ad-hominem user.

So apparently your friends haven't properly explained what exhaust brakes are to you. The exhaust brake only acts through the drivetrain on the driven wheels, just the same as regen braking on an EV. The trailer brakes are pneumatically driven friction brakes. An electric truck will need to have an air compressor, just like a diesel truck has, to drive these. That's another system that can take advantage of regen power. No retrofitting will be necessary on the trailers, they'll work just the same as they would on a diesel truck.

Trains use mostly electric motor braking (regen and rheostatic) and supplement it with physical brakes only as necessary, to prevent brake overheating.

I've taken more than a single look at wikipedia, that's why I know more about this stuff than you ;-)

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