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Comment Re:Great news! Piracy always works. (Score 2) 212

Piracy is very reliable indeed! I never switched from Piracy and as such, have never suffered any kind of geoblock or service outage. Also, Piracy lets you save shows (in fact it usually saves them by default), and viewing is completely device-agnostic, so it even works on my weird old GNU/Linux phone! I've never needed any other service than Piracy and have no plans to switch.

Comment Re:Well, shit. (Score 0) 369

If there's nothing fallacious about calling someone a traditional (black) Uncle Tom, then Milo can be a gay Uncle Tom by the same logic - supporting a movement that oppresses you on the basis of your biological traits. It doesn't say that ideology must descend from biology. It just points out the absurdity of supporting bigotry against yourself.

Comment Re:Well, shit. (Score 4, Interesting) 369

This guy is less harmful than Martin Shkreli overall, and certainly far less potentially dangerous. He's an icon and popular writer in alt-right circles as well as their leading "gay Uncle Tom" figure, and a leading social media harassment campaign coordinator. He hacked the accounts and organized the mass-trolling of Leslie Jones for, as far as I can tell, having the audacity to be black and female in a comedy movie.

That said, he's never sent the price of any life-saving medication through the stratosphere. He's hardly more powerful or dangerous than any Average Joe with seriously fucked-up ideology and a computer, and there are like a dozen of those who post regularly on Slashdot :-P

Comment Re:Must be nice .. (Score 4, Interesting) 1042

On the quiet it is not unlikely that the wealthy are also investing in genetic research, head transplants and other medical life extension investigations that are not at all crackpot, just mainly unsavory. But we will not be told about them of course.

Information still leaks the rumors that Peter Thiel is getting blood transfusions from young people. There may be some merit to such a procedure. Other than that, there's cryogenic corpse-freezing (which the rich are quite interested in) and then just the various crackpot stuff.

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