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Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1, Insightful) 1028

Why is Russia willing to pick a fight with the US again, and keep building new nuclear weapons and threatining people with them?

The US is maintaining only a 1960's ICBM and a 1970's SLBM, but Russia keeps building and designing new ones. Why? Why do they get a free pass to act like they are lead by a KGB thug?

Comment Re:No, they didn't. (Score 4, Informative) 1028

Actually most of the fallout comes from the fission products themselves. Modern nukes like a 300kT warhead from a MIRV are 2/3rds fission, mostly in the secondary. So the amount of radionuclides is almost proportional to yield and about the same between airburst and groundburst and it is a large.

It would be more widely dispersed in the air however, and perhaps that's the difference.

Comment Re:A tritiumn lab? (Score 4, Informative) 55

Because substantial amounts of tritium are essential for "boosted" fission nuclear weapons. Tritium (and deuterium, which is cheap and easy to procure) adds fusion to the core of a fission warhead. It's not significant in energy production directly (unlike a true H-bomb) but it substantially increases the efficiency and potency of the fission reaction by adding a boost of neutrons at the moment of maximum compression.

It is considered essential to producing warheads which are small enough for militarily capable missiles.

Hackers were hence probably DPRK.

Comment Re:It can join python 3m=,, and perl 6 (Score 2) 121

| A fundamental difference between regular business people, and computery people. They don't want to rework everything, and we'll rework everything because of because.

They don't want to rework everything (in the technology), because their career success depends on advancing the business. In the areas that they work on and are part of their career evaluation, there is plenty of churn in initiatives, reorganizations, and management styles and 'paradigms'.

The technologists have the same problem doing excessive reworking and rewriting their frameworks and 'paradigms' and deployment platforms etc for their own career desires, and have the same opinion of useless management fad changes as the business has with technology fad changes.

Comment Re:Does anybody really doubt it (Score 3, Interesting) 706

It doesn't sound like a robbery. And it doesn't sound like something the Clintons would do.

It does sound like something Putin's men would do. Putin is clearly running the old KGB playbooks and interfering in US elections they way they used to interfere in Europe, but in the modern way.

Pressure Rich for dirt, and then ice him when he starts getting nervous and talks to FBI.

Comment Re:History repeats itself (Score 3, Informative) 387

| Higgs was ridiculed for good 50 years.This is no different.

It's completely different. The scalar "Higgs/6 other authors" field was never ridiculed.

Higgs field was an essential part of an extraordinarily empirically successful theory and was generally accepted as 'probably real' by the 1970's, but was difficult to find experimentally.

Comment Re:My thoughts... (Score 1) 387

> And the mathematics behind these things is very primitive and simple, there is no elegance.

> But string theory is different. Although it has not been a success phenomenologically, it has led to many beautiful results in mathematics and field theory,

That is judging physics approaches by how fun are the mathematics they induce. Which is exactly the attitude which is being criticized.

As far as 'primitive and simple'----a primitive and simple phenomenological theory which gets the core behavior right and predicts O(0) and O(1) and maybe even O(2) effects is a fantastic and insightful triumph in most areas of physics!

If string theory is clever mathematics, let mathemeticians do it, and judge it their own way. In practice, as there is a roughly zero-sum competition for theoretical physics funding, I submit that string theory approaches have taken up far too much attention compared to so many other areas of potential study, most of which have not yet demonstrated themselves to be, over 40 years of intense study, fiercely repellent to experimental implication.

> These other "quantum gravity" approaches that Smolin champions are completely disconnected from any kind of real physics

Other than quantum mechanics and gravitation?

Comment Re:The Ultimate Computer (Score 1) 441

> Because I'd use that massive wealth to provide people with bread and circuses and invest the rest to developing promising new technologies,

And you'd be outcompeted & defeated by the other trillionaires from SPECTRE who don't bother wasting their resources at disposal on that sort of wussy stuff but on dominating people like you.

Comment Re:This Summary Is FUD (Score 1) 116

| Someone left a bug in the contract, and because this is a programmed contract, not a written one, no one could enforce the "spirit" of the contract over the exact (erroneous) content of the contract.

A perfect instantiation of a naive (is there any other kind?) libertarian's dream and everybody else's nightmare.

Comment Re:Federal Reserve (Score 1) 116

| The "Federal" Reserve is a *private* bank whose purpose is entirely self-serving.

It's not a private bank. Its creation and operations are detailed in U.S. Federal Code, its top management is chosen and confirmed by elected government officials, it regulates private banks with force of law, and its profits are turned over to the U.S. Treasury. It does not have the same motives and behavior as a private bank. Intentionally, the Fed is not a direct part of the political cabinet departments and is more of an independent agency, similar to NASA, CIA and EPA, and not similar to Treasury, whose chief serves at the discretion of the President and is a member of the cabinet.

The Fed does, as part of its very nature, interact heavily with private banks.

The US or Fed do not pay interest on Federal Reserve notes. The U.S. does pay interest on Treasury bills, notes and bonds.

The FDIC is an agency which is created by Congress, the same way as the Federal Reserve. The FDIC's protection of depositors is guaranteed by law, but the Federal Reserve's bailout of institutions is discretionary.

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