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Comment Re:So much for "the science is settled". (Score 0) 167

Snark aside, this is exactly right. When it comes to climate science, we have lost all humility for what we do not yet know, which is a critical element of science.

Guys like you seem to assume if we don't know everything about climate science that's equivalent to knowing nothing.

Comment Re:But There's Record High Ice in the South (Score 5, Informative) 206

For every arctic, there's an antarctic.
It was just two years ago that there was record ice in the antarctic area.
That certainly justifies spending hundreds of billions of dollars on bird-frying solar reflectors, or bird chopping windmills for a guestimated 0.2 degree reduction in the planet's temperature

There was record sea ice in the Antarctic a couple of years ago but the Antarctic Ice Sheet (that's the land based ice) continues to lose ice. Part of the reason for the record sea ice is that the melting of the ice sheet puts more fresh water in the ocean around Antarctica making it easier for the sea to freeze.

Comment Re:It Sounds Like... (Score 1) 163

What replaces fossil fuels must have comparable energy densities and portability/replenishment/refueling cycle times and ranges.

You're thinking in terms of transportation which accounts for about 28% of our energy use (in the USA). Most stationary applications can use electrical power and it doesn't matter how that's generated. Even in transportation electric cars currently have the range for about 90% of most people's driving and with battery technology improving year by year the range continues to improve.

Solar and wind power are competitive on price with other forms of power generation and they continue to get cheaper. It's just a matter of building out the infrastructure.

Comment Re:It Sounds Like... (Score 0, Troll) 163

It sounds like these people would welcome a global economic collapse, or at least a Western economic collapse, as a shortcut towards reducing major sources of GHGs like industrial/power generation activities and population numbers through attrition from the resulting wars, mass starvation, and domestic rebellion/violence/riots within the various affected developed nations that a major global economic disaster would precipitate.


As opposed to global economic collapse due to effects of global warming? Billions to trillions of dollars spent on adapting as coastal cities slowly go underwater, millions of climate refugees seeking new places to live, wars over resources as water supply and agricultural areas change.

Energy is mostly a fungible resource. Whether you produce it with fossil fuels or renewable energy it's still the same thing. It's time to let go of the past and look to the future.

Comment Re: IP law has nothing to do with logic. (Score 3, Insightful) 396

Without personal gain, shit just doesn't get done. You don't work for free. Why do you expect anyone else to.

As a real patient, I would rather the entire the entire industry not be destroyed either by crass idiots or morons with "good intentions".

The issue isn't that simple and there's a lot at stake that you're blissfully unaware of.

Sheesh! The Epi-pens cost less than $50 in materials to make and yet the maker wants to charge over $300 apiece for them. The only way they can get away with it is by having an exclusive license to sell them in the USA. The only reason they can get away with it is they have no competition.

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