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Comment Re:percentages (Score 1) 279

Finally a study that shows percentages.The politicals have have claimed that climate change is either 100% man-made or 100% natural, depending upon which side of the argument they were on. Reasonable people knew that it had to be a bit of both, but there never seemed to be any studies that showed what the percentages of each it was.

What makes me a bit skeptical of this study is that they're essentially saying that the natural variations for nearly 40 years (since 1979 when the satellites went up) are all in one direction to reduce Arctic sea ice. That would be unusual without some pretty obvious natural factor we could point to that made it happen. I understand there can be large variations from year to year in Arctic sea ice depending on weather. The record low sea ice in 2007 was set up by a weather pattern that transported large amounts of sea ice through the Fram Strait (between Greenland and Svalbard). Other years where that doesn't happen don't see such dramatic changes. But for natural variation to always come down on one side of the ledger there needs to be something pushing it that way.

Comment Re:Scary stuff (Score 1) 279

I have some future oceanfront property in Kansas if anyone is looking.

Unfortunately for you the lowest elevation in Kansas is 679 feet. Even if all of the ice in the world were to melt it would only raise sea levels by around 230 feet. Even if you add in a couple of hundred feet for expansion of the oceans from the water heating up you're still not going to get oceanfront property in Kansas.

Comment Re:I smell a rat...or alternative facts (Score 1) 279

Considering that Antarctic ice has been at record levels the last few years, this seems to correlate pretty well with that...

Except since October of 2016 Antarctic sea ice has be mostly at record low levels.

Interactive sea ice graph

You'll have to click on the "Antarctic" button and use the legend on the right to highlight different years. I suggest you highlight 2016 then start clicking other years on and off to make the comparison.

Comment Re:"10s of millions" for a company as large as UPS (Score 1) 359

The savings don't just get distributed to a handful of executives in UPS. The execs are well paid but not that highly paid compared to the bankers and high profile execs you hear about all the time. The CEO's pay is probably less than $5 million/year but it's been 15 years since I worked for UPS. What the execs and other tech employees do get are stock distributions every year. I got about 1,400 shares in 10 years while I worked for them as a sys admin. I get over $3000/year in dividends from those shares. Those high level executives generally have hundreds of thousands or millions of shares so they're raking in the dividends but the profits get distributed equally on a share by share basis.

Comment Re:Do drivers get dinged for unauthorized lefts? (Score 1) 359

DIAD is short for Delivery Information Acquisition Device. The company I worked for (until I retired last November after 31.5 years) was a subsidiary of UPS bought specifically to bring high tech into the company (they were still tracking packages on paper when they bought us) and we developed the first DIAD back in the late 1980s/early 1990s. They subsequently moved that work in house and eventually sold us to another company that was more in line with our original work.

The other big thing we helped develop for UPS (along with a number of other partners) was the original ADS-B system to help them route the planes landing and taking off at the Louisville Worldport where they land about 250 planes a night (about 1 a minute), unload them, sort the several hundred thousand packages coming in, load them up again and send them back out all in an 8 or 9 hour period. (UPS Air Operations Facts)

One other thing is most people call the delivery vehicles "trucks" but within UPS they're called "package cars". You learn that real quick when you work for them.

Comment Re: Isn't this just virtue signaling at this point (Score 1) 237

Well, I got modded as flamebait too.

But your argument about Buzz Aldrin is silly. They carried along food that had been produced on Earth. That's where the CO2 they exhaled came from. In fact human rated spacecraft have to have special equipment to extract the CO2 they exhale from the atmosphere in the spacecraft to keep it down to a reasonable level. Read the story about Apollo 13 to see how they had to jury rig a system to extract CO2 just to make it back to Earth.

Comment Re: Isn't this just virtue signaling at this point (Score 1) 237

People who say we'd better stop breathing because of the CO2 we exhale are just demonstrating what dumb shits they are.

Fortunately saloomy didn't say that and was merely highlighting the stupidity of claiming they were going to cut all emissions, and by definition that includes CO2 emitted by breathing.

Maybe by your definition but that's taking it to a silly extreme. What they're talking about is emissions of carbon that have long been sequestered from the short term carbon cycle. If you want to be a lawyer and take it to that extreme that's your prerogative but that's obviously not what they meant.

no long term net effect on the level of CO2

If all humans started wearing masks that captured all the CO2 they breath out then yes, there would be a net effect on the level of CO2.

You don't appear to understand that net CO2 emissions include all sources of CO2, including people breathing.

The plants don't follow people around going, "here, let me have that CO2 you're breathing out", they just draw from whatever is in the atmosphere. If that came from a coal power station the plants don't go, "Sorry, wrong C02"

Sounds like you don't understand the concept of "net" very well. In order to human and other animals to exhale CO2 plants have to extract that CO2 from the atmosphere in the first place. The net effect is zero. Once it's in the atmosphere it doesn't matter where the CO2 came from. It's in the atmosphere. Breathing doesn't change the level in the atmosphere because the CO2 was already in the atmosphere a short time before. Burning fossil fuels takes carbon that has been out of circulation for hundreds of millions of years and puts it back in circulation increasing the level of CO2 in the atmosphere.

So if people started capturing the CO2 they exhale how much difference would that make? I did a little research and found that a person exhales about 2.3 pounds or 1.04 kilograms of CO2 per day. Multiplying that by 365.25 gives about 380 kilograms per year. Multiplying that by 7 billion people gives about 2.67 gigatonnes of CO2 per year exhaled by humans. Sounds like a lot but total human emissions from fossil fuel burning and other industrial processes were 35.9 gigatonnes in 2014. So capturing human human exhales would make a slight difference but it wouldn't stop the rise of CO2 in the atmosphere, just slow it down a bit. It would be much easier just to cut back on fossil fuel combustion emissions by that much.

just demonstrating what dumb shits they are



Comment Re:All? (Score 1) 237

They're going to prevent water evaporating and animals exhaling?

Why would they do something like that? Both of the things you mention have been going on for billions of years without causing problems. It's sad that we have so many people who are so scientifically illiterate they don't understand why.

Comment Re: Isn't this just virtue signaling at this point (Score 0) 237

But they didn't say they were going to "normal levels". They said they were going to cut ALL emissions. They better stop breathing if they want to meet that goal, since CO2 is a green house gas they are emitting.

People who say we'd better stop breathing because of the CO2 we exhale are just demonstrating what dumb shits they are. They don't have enough scientific knowledge to understand that the CO2 they exhale came from CO2 that plants extracted from the atmosphere within the past few years and has no long term net effect on the level of CO2 in the atmosphere. But at least making the claim is a good marker for someone that is stupid enough they can be ignored.

Comment Re:Hey, I have a tangential question . . . (Score 1) 333

Has anybody noticed that North-Central Oklahoma is averaging a couple (minor) earthquakes per day since large scale hydraulic fracture extraction (a.k.a., "fracking") started? That region of the US used to be seismically stable - rock solid, one might say.

I wonder if fracking will bring enough money into the region to pay for the damages which will be caused by the major earthquake which is now foreseeably coming their way?

To be fair it appears that the earthquakes in Oklahoma for the most part aren't being caused directly by the fracking operations but by the injection of the fracking waste back into deep wells which lubricates the what until then were mostly dormant fault lines.

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