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Comment Re:Does anyone really use these numbers? (Score 1) 37

You wont have to replace your hybrid battery. That's myth brought on by cheap laptop & cell phones horrible power managements. Further propagated by the Cock Brothers (typo intended).

Sparkie raked up more than 118,000 EV miles, on a car with more than 330,000 miles with no loss of charge on his 2012 Chevy Volt.

Chevy has recently mentioned is has replaced exactly NONE of it's > 100,000 Volt batteries out there du to degradation.

Comment Re:They want 600k (Score 1) 147

No, they're just afraid you're going to dox them and attack them online with your horde of PC lynch mobs, harass their boss at work until they're fired, then make the headlines in various news outlets about how you defended the world against oppression and bigotry of the cyginscist white males.

Wow, that's messed up. Do you really believe that? Has this ever happened to anyone on Slashdot or are you just doing drama queen theater?

Oh wait, I already know the answer to that.

Comment Re:hybrid vigor (Score 1) 47

Using Docker images instead of VM images, this is easy.

Unless of course you don't want to or can't use Docker images.

I get that using cloud vendor integrated infrastructure elements like database service or specialized storage ties you in ways to the provider that are hard to break, but it sure seems like a lot of people have workloads that aren't easily redefinable as Linux Docker solutions.

Comment Re: Weirdly specific statement (Score 1) 55

What is the limiting factor? Buildup of CO2?

People need a certain amount of oxygen for their metabolism, you need to carry that much. CO2 effects the blood pH: too little and the body is too alkaline, too much and it's too acidic. So, you need to maintain a precise amount of CO2 and remove the rest. The scrubbers in the space shuttle were able to regenerate the CO2-absorbent material after use, so there was use of power but material wasn't consumed.

Beyond this, you need to control temperature and humidity. The other requirements than atmosphere for crew survival are that you water, feed and shelter the crew, maintain orientation, and maintain a G-force envelope that doesn't injure the crew.

Comment Re:With a reason? (Score 1) 169

But everyone on the Internet refers to BMWs by some "Exx" nomenclature, instead of their nameplate model designations.

I'm not sure why this is done, either, unless it's to show you're some kind of BMW sophisticate. I would assume the common labels with model year would provide the same information.

Comment Re:EC will punish US Teachers (Score 1) 191

It will move the stock market. By a lot. In the long term, of course, because the ruling will have an impact to the accounting provisions which are not necessarily instantly are disclosed, or, for proprietary reasons, recognized in the financial statements.

So, you believe that Apple and other companies don't realize that they're attempting to evade taxation when they engage in these Dutch-Irish sandwiches?

And no, it won't move the market by a noticeable amount, any more than a tax increase or decrease moves the stock market by a noticeable amount, except maybe on the day it's announced.

Comment Re:This reminds me of my visit to the "Fish Man" (Score 1) 119

My client was an ex-special forces commando. He was working a modest-paying state job in the Department of Agriculture (he was an old time farm boy) for "vacation money" but after 9/11 he disappeared for a couple of years. Nobody knew where he was, but when he came back he had full-bird colonel's pension. Even though he now had plenty of "vacation money", he went back to his old Ag job, I think just to feel like he had something productive to do. His real passion, however, was painting wildlife. I wouldn't say his stuff was terribly original, but it was technically impressive. If I handed you one of his bird paintings and told you it was an original Audubon you'd probably believe me unless you were an art expert. This was a down-to-earth guy with a surprisingly sensitive side, and if he wanted to kill you with his bare hands you wouldn't have a prayer.

I know this sounds like BS, but there's really nothing like the Deep South for bizarre and colorful characters. And oddballs have a way of flocking together, which probably means I should worry about knowing so many of them.

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