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Comment Re: Cool, and no 4K content (Score 1) 207

We don't get those. I seem to remember getting a lot of pillar-boxed American content long after everything went wide screen here in be UK, so not really surprising to hear there are still some companies in the US so far behind the times. BTW, rather than switching to 4K I wish the industry would hurry up and stop using interlacing, and for American content, NTSC framerates.

Comment Re: Nobody knows yet (Score 1) 165

Omigod it's not like we have to convince Germany to keep selling their cars to us, but that Germany has to convince 26 other states that the deal that's good for Germany is good for them too. Meanwhile Germany has managed amazing trade with China despite no EU-China trade agreement and we're wondering why the UK can't do the same, except perhaps that it produces shit that nobody wants to buy, no matter how much Sterling depreciates.

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 167

It's not just gloves, but situations where you have the phone behind a clear cover perhaps when you're exercising. I know the new phone is supposed to be waterproof, but that doesn't necessary negate having the phone in some sort of container and wanting to use it without removing it.

Comment Every day (Score 1) 495

Working with people in different offices, we use head phones every day. I've watched Windows users over the years constantly struggling with headphones and Skype and been very happy to be MBP based and just have it work. When you spend a lot of time on Skype and the like you really come to appreciate the value of good and working A/V equipment. The builtin mic is all part of the package with Apple headsets.

I don't really care if they get rid of the headphone socket, so long as they have a solution. Given that I get my headphones from my iPhone, I wouldn't be happy spending a tonne just getting a second headset for laptop. They also better not make me give up one of my other ports - I often have both USB-3 and both Thunderbolt ports in use, and I'm still left looking for a way to plug more things in sometimes. Ultimately it's a tradeoff but I think Apple has done reasonably well in balancing this up, at least in the MBP line. MacBooks with the single USB-C port that does both power and connectivity has no appeal.

Comment Re: Mostly... (Score 1) 178

How many people have a 10-bit display? For most people, their renderer will convert it back to 8-bit and lose more quality in the process. By all means use 10-bit and the BT.2020 colourspace if your source material uses this, but otherwise don't waste your time.

Comment Re: OpenStreetMaps is globally editable too (Score 2) 109

A recent example, commuting to a new office from SW London to NE: I know I don't want to cycle on the unpaved Thames towpath with my skinny 115 psi tyres, especially when there is a road with a bike lane nearby. And I know that I don't want to get to The Embankment from The Mall via Horse Guards but should just go around the roundabout at the bottom of Trafalgar Sq and shoot down Northumberland Ave. These are utterly moronic suggestions from Google, but this doesn't mean I have enough local knowledge to plan the journey without Google. Black cab drivers are on another planet, which I can only dream about.

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