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Comment Re: Why not? (Score 3, Insightful) 130

Sounds like overkill. Currently I have it to set to 'While Using', but if this changes to 'Always' -- which is really annoying -- then I will disable location services for the app and enable it only when needed. Given that I use Uber infrequently, this is fine. Incidentally I already do this with Waze, which makes perfect sense to me because I don't have a car so my location info doesn't help other users.

Comment Re:Well what did you expect? (Score 2) 138

How often do people walk away from their computers whilst it's updating and they're in an environment where somebody will come and physically compromise their machine? It's sounds like a failrly remote possibility. Somebody might just as likely take a look inside your wallet if you leave that on your desk at work whilst you grab a coffee and use the information they find for identity theft. Yes there's a possibility of a serious exploit, but honestly, what's the liklihood of it being exploited? There are many other situations everyday unrelated to computing that paranoid people could get worked up about but life goes on.

Comment Re:So what, why is this even a story? (Score 1) 142

It's 2011, not 2009. Photography is a serious hobby of mine and as somebody who does all their Lightroom work on an early 2011 17" MBP, I'm not impressed. It's still a really decent machine, and LR doesn't perform noticeably better on my 1 year old work 15" Retina MBP, and in fact quite the opposite due to the screen size. These older Macs are certainly not obsolete from this user's perspective.

BTW, I'm typing this on a late 2007 15" MBP, which is also a good machine, although I wouldn't run LR on it anymore unless I had to.

Comment Re:MPH again ? And the winner is .... (Score 1) 56

Despite the efforts of the EU, the UK hasn't moved to the metric system either. Distances and speeds are still using Imperial units if you're driving.

That said, you're right to be irritated by this article. Given that the car is Chinese, the speeds would have been measured in KPH. The quoted MPH numbers in this summary are not just jarring, they include a rounding error. Why not just say the actual correct values, which are 200 and 300 kph for instance?

Comment Re:Edge is designed from the ground up for perform (Score 1) 126

It's possible that you might be wrong on this. Edge is the only browser at the moment that can natively play HEVC. Chrome for instance requires you to install a plugin. HEVC decoding by Windows 10 is only available if the hardware supported. On my Macbook Pro running Win 10 in a Boot Camp (not a VM under OS X), I can play 10-bit DASH-265 (HEVC) using the DASH-IF reference player v2.30 ( in MS Edge.

Comment Re: US navy vs UK navy (Score 1) 432

No doubt about that. But it is faintly ridiculous to claim that the RN will be so fangless as to be dependent upon the USN.

Everybody seems to be worried about the Russians and getting their panties in a twist about their fleet that sailed through to the Med recently.... but their carrier is so decrepit that it's accompanied by a tug because it breaks down so much.

Comment Re:OK but why bother? (Score 1) 432

Meanwhile two Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers ( will be launched. It's hard to image the UK engaging a serious navy in a conflict where one of these carriers and their aircraft won't be involved. Perhaps we could drop some of this overly superior American attitude?

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 598

Indeed. And ask the people in western China what they think of this idea. Beijing time is everywhere, officially, leading to a three hour time difference at the border. Reality says people ignore it somewhat.

As for DST, this has been debated in the UK a few times, with the Scottish and Northern Irish in favour of keeping the time shift as otherwise they'd only see the sun rise at 10am in winter.

Comment Re: mountains of diamonds (Score 1) 365

Why bother? If synthetics are indistinguishable from mined diamonds then consumers will benefit from a price drop. Not a problem, except for those in the industry, and somewhat annoying for people who got sucked in to De Beers' country specific marketing for how many month's salary to spend on an engagement ring.

Comment Re:Former Director of Software Development Here (Score 1) 587

I've been working with and managing off shore teams since 2006. You're right about communication, and this where the management toll strikes.

What a lot of domestic works don't see is that the same applies to telecommuting versus being in the office everyday. Face time counts for so much as even the most introverted developer is still human, and people actually contact with other people.

Being together just works out way more efficient in terms of time and effort. Off shoring only really works if you can get a lot of people for a lot less, but I find it's still hard to do things really quickly and you need domestic people who can work well with this setup.

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