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Comment Re:battery life a braindead argument (Score 1) 271

So many macbook owners have been waiting 5-6 years screaming for new tech and apple is failing to deliver.

Should have bought a MacBook Pro ;) I've got a 17in MBP that's over five years old, and it's still an awesome machine. I do all my Lightroom work in it for instance. I've also got an old MBP that turns nine next month - it's still good for email, browsing and playing music, but I'm beginning to think an SSD would have been a good upgrade a couple of years ago!. These Macs can last for a long time, which is why 16GB seems way too little for a new machine.

Comment Re: Envy is one of the seven deadly sins (Score 1) 406

There's already high speed operated by Thalys from Brussels to Paris, so maybe already enough capacity? Or perhaps it's the same problem faced by DB when it comes to running trains from Cologne to London: too many different national rail standards and requirements. It seems to me that the EU hasn't done too good a job of extending the single market to rail (yet), although this becomes prohibitively expensive where there are differences in things like loading gauge.

Comment Re: Mind blowing (Score 2) 343

COM came with cross language ABI compatibility; separation of interface and implementation. From this perspective it was a very practical and useful technology. It got pretty damn complicated with ATL and I worked somewhere that created lots of custom objects defined in C++ rather than IDL derived from Microsoft ActiveX controls, but that's a different story. It remains a useful technology on Windows that sometimes makes integration of components from different places easy, especially if you've only got a legacy 32-bit library and want to use it in a 64-bit app.

Comment Re:Less Corporate Advertising on Slashdot please (Score 1) 37

Sounds great for games, especially if you don't mind wearing headphones, or a headset that knows which way you're looking. For things like movie content, that's a hell of a lot of manual work in production and post-production to take full advantage of it - they'll probably just use templates, so really it'll be an incremental update to existing multichannel, perhaps with more control over what's mixed in or not. I've gone from having a full home theatre setup to a minimalistic TV approach (no surround speakers, no A/V receiver, no BD or DVD player, etc), and I can't say I miss the previous setup, so this really does just look like a gimic that will simply add to all transaction costs.

Comment Re:How strange (Score 4, Interesting) 219

I've lived in Shanghai and the most eye opening part about it is was how spectacularly wrong my American colleagues were about China. Before I left to live there, I was told how Communist it was, how dangerous it was, how there was no freedom. What I found was a country that is way more capitalist than the US and people pretty much leading the life they wanted. There are so many things that squash your freedom in the West but you don't notice it because you've known no better,

Comment Re: Why not? (Score 3, Insightful) 131

Sounds like overkill. Currently I have it to set to 'While Using', but if this changes to 'Always' -- which is really annoying -- then I will disable location services for the app and enable it only when needed. Given that I use Uber infrequently, this is fine. Incidentally I already do this with Waze, which makes perfect sense to me because I don't have a car so my location info doesn't help other users.

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