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Comment This problem has been solved by Cooperatives (Score 2) 166

This problem has already been solved by Cooperatives

But even Cooperatives have trouble. The cost to provision a dwelling for fiber ranges from $3,000 to $12,000 and large fiber build-outs or build-overs are not likely to happen without a government subsidy.

Verizon FiOS is not building fiber anymore because it just doesn't make economic sense to. Verizon will not see dime one of profit for another 10 years on their FiOS plants. Remember, they cut bait and sold an entire region to Frontier years ago.

Fiber to the neighborhood and copper coaxial to the dwellings is perfectly sensible and astonishingly cheap with comparable speeds and latency, though not 800 MB/s speeds, which, arguably, a dwelling would have a hard time seeing that speed once the connection leaves the FiOS plant.

Comment Nice, but what we need is an updated client (Score 5, Interesting) 46

Nice, but what we need is an updated client so we can use KML and turn off the "photorealistic" fake 3D buildings and trees (turning on "2D" still uses the fake renderings in the web client).

We also need the glassy-smooth animation and smooth scrolly-wheel zooming which this web clien't can't seem to handle.

Comment Re:Is Google slowly Dieing? (Score 1) 283

That package includes its mobile application development platform Fabric, the Crashlytics crash-reporting platform, mobile app analytics tool Answers, SMS login system Digits, and development automation system Fastlane.

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