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Comment Definitely using Orange Pi (Score 1) 55

They're faster than comparable Raspberry Pi units since they don't put all their peripherals through a slow, shared USB 2.0 bus. There's also more variety in the different boards, some of which have working WiFi/BlueTooth and on-board flash memory. There are several tiny versions of the board, too, including a SODIMM one with peripheral board and very tiny versions with ethernet and I/O ports on it.

There are already two 64-bit boards that actually run in 64-bit, unlike the Raspberry Pi 3.

Unfortunately, unless you're using Android, the accelerated graphics chipset isn't available in some distributions. The web site has more information.

The Armbian project at is actively developing on these units.

Comment Re:We've always known this. This is why we have EC (Score 3, Informative) 264

It's also why systems on spacecraft such as the Space Shuttle had what's called the Data Processing System. It consisted of four systems with identical software and an extra one with the same hardware but a different implementation with the same goals. They checked each others' decisions, and a majority "vote" would lock out the differing system.

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