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Comment Re: The technology is not ready yet (Score 1) 154

Umm, what? Turn your head. And position your mirrors so you have to lean your head to see the side of your car.

Traffic is never so dense you can't force yourself in if you just turn your head to look.

I drive a truck with limited visibility in heavy Washington DC and New York City traffic. I don't understand how people have so much trouble turning their heads.

Comment Yeah, it sucks, but, then, C not an easy language (Score 1) 232

Yeah, it sucks, but, then, C not an easy programming environment.

Pointer arithmetic aside, I remember the days when you had to run a preprocessor to be able have a C program to query a database. As bad as the code we wrote had looked for consumption by the preprocessor, the code coming out the other end of it was barely readable and nearly impossible to debug and profile.

So we had to write stubs that return baked database data structures during development to keep our sanity and be able to even debug the thing. We'd defer the embedded SQL part until later in the implementation phase, and that mess introduces problems of its own, like stack overflows, buffer overruns, and mutual exclusion deadlocks (along with other multi-threaded problems which are another can of worms).

It was a cold, wet, hairy ball of pain and panic that I'm glad to see has gone away.

C++ is kind of better, Java and C# are simply amazing, and the newest scripting languages (am I still allowed to call them that?) are just phenomenal.

Comment Re:LOOKS good, but what can it do? (Score 1) 145

What? VirtualBox is a very good type 2 hypervisor with hardware graphics acceleration and all the features anyone would need. I routinely run 6 large VMs on my workstation using VirtualBox under Windows.

There's no need to spread false ideas about VirtualBox.

Comment Re:Here's the problem with stereo Bluetooth: (Score 1) 385

Woz is jumping the gun on BlueTooth. It's fine, but the adapters are wildly inconsistent and even if they support the better codecs, certain brands don't handshake with other brands and have to fall back to the lower-quality SBC or low-bitrate MP2.

Back when I decided to install BlueTooth adapters to play music from phones and iPods through nice stereos at home and in the car, I went through three BlueTooth receiving units that claimed to support the aptX codec until I found one that successfully worked with my most often used devices.

Even then, that unit (a well-known brand name) would not support aptX with certain Android tablets but did support at least one high-definition codec (the sound quality change is demonstrable).

Unfortunately both consumers and the industry at large do not have good understanding of how BlueTooth works for A2DP in regards to codec selection and handshake. Try to look on the label, and if it has aptX, and it's a well-known brand name that starts with the letter "L," it should support high-quality audio with anything. I haven't seen ones that specifically mention anything except aptX codec, probably because the license to use aptX likely requires the label.

And if you're connecting to a car, all bets are off.

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