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Comment Re:Not sure (Score 5, Interesting) 107

What's more concerning... That the director of the CIA had his account hacked, or that he has an AOL account.

What really is concerning is that tech support knew ''Brennan’s account number, password and other details''. Who stores passwords in clear these days ? The only safe storage is a one way hash or something. This is vague as to exactly which tech support was tricked and which account details were revealed, but who in tech support would tell anyone someone's password ?

Comment Battery life ? (Score 1) 324

The metric that I really want to know was not there: how long will it last when idle (waiting for incoming calls) and how long the speech time ? For me, I want a minimum of 48 hours idle, more is better. It is occasionally nice to do something else with the thing, but not all the time. This is like all computer reviews: focus on speed, for client stuff it is not what interests me.

I did see that the $159 AirPod headphones only last 5 hours before needing recharging. Although not being a mac fanboi I can't see myself buying one.

Comment How to hide inconventient ideas (Score 4, Insightful) 251

If I wanted to stop people taking alternative explanations to an event seriously I would find convenient nutters to add their wacky ideas to the list of explanations and get them onto talk shows, lecture circuit, etc. The more outlandlish the better; aliens - even better; new physics - great; the proposer have a checkered past and outlandish hairstyle - just who we want. The result is a couple of dozen of competing ideas for people to read; they will, rightly, dismiss many of them as cranky, and, by association, this reduces the credibility of the more considered explanations.

The ideas become hidden because mainstream media can ignore them by labelling them 'conspiracy theories'.

I'm not saying who/what caused the 3 buildings to fall on 9/11, but the official story has questions in it that it's authors don't answer; some alternative stories seem to have good evidence behind them.

Comment The scientific evidence (Score 2) 448

suggests that what we are doing is changing the atmosphere and sea in ways that, amongst other things, increase the energy that drives weather systems. This increases the likelihood: that storms will be violent; that winds pick up more moisture from the sea - that has to fall later as rain; etc ... The predictions are silent about individual weather events, these will be more affected by local geography and placing, etc, of weather patterns on the day. In some cases: the energy changes will lead to local cooling or drying (or droughts).

So: we cannot point to an individual climatic event (ie storm or something) and say that it was caused, or made more extreme, by global warming. We can observe that overall things are getting worse - in ways that match the models that we have used to predict these effects.

The trouble is that many do not want to know: the effects are over many years "I'll be dead by then"; or are seen as costing more (eg moving from petrol [gas] to electric powered cars); global in nature "why should I do something when XX is not"; and are often far away:

  • First the flooding happened in Louisiana, but I did nothing because I do not live in Louisiana.

    First the flooding happened in Eastern Australia, but I did nothing because I do not live in Eastern Australia.

    Then the flooding happened in Cumbria, England, but I did nothing because I do not live in Cumbria.

    Now the flooding is inundating my house, but there is no one to keep me dry.

With apologies to Pastor Martin Niemöller.

Comment Re:Would love to see something done (Score 2) 236

This is a key part of the problem, the ability to spoof the caller ID. There are only a very few legitimate reasons for doing this (eg call back from Samaritans, sexual disease clinic, ...) most others should be banned. I will accept caller ID of a home worker being set to his company head office - but it will have to be registered as who he works for. Maybe also a legit call center that operates of behalf of customers - but again needing registration.

Yes: many of these spam calls originate from overseas; this is the sort of thing that should be in a TTIP/TPP treaty; but since it only benefits individuals and not corporations it will never find its way there.

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