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Comment Re:Not a unique situation (Score 2) 118

I was round with my sister this afternoon, her scanner no longer works - it stopped with the forced/unwanted upgrade. Do you think that she could get MS to buy her a new scanner ? (BTW: we live in England).

Will people also be able to sue when their machine, already running MS Win 10, suddenly starts running an update and they cannot work for 2 hours ? I meet many people who complain about this - who then look enviously at me when I start an update on my Linux Mint laptop, done in a few minutes while I continue to do something else with it.

Comment The only communications affected (Score 3, Insightful) 135

will be for law abiding citizens and low grade criminals/terrorists/... The real bad boys will know how to and will use good encryption. But then I can't see that the food standards agency would be interested in real, hard, nasty people. This is why people are calling Theresa May the Pry Minister.

Comment Re:The electoral college is not needed (Score 1) 521

Let's see. Without the electoral college, the candidates would only need to campaign in the most populous states...and would only need to appease the wants of the people in those states.

Not necessarily, it depends on how you add up the votes: state by state with entire states going one way; or every individual's vote added up together (ignoring which state the voter lives in) so that every vote counts. It was the second method that I had in mind.

Comment This bill became a sure thing ... (Score 1) 251

when the previous home minister became prime minister. Theresa May is behind this rabid bill, she made speech after speech claiming that it was to stop: terrorists (you don't want to be blown up on the streets do you); drug dealers (scourge of humanity); arch criminals (but we don't include bankers in this list) and paedophiles (think of the children); the same sort of emotional froth that passes for politics these days - think: Brexit, Trump/Clinton, etc.

The main problems with this killing of privacy are that: information will leak and that it will be used for more than they will use it for purposes other than what is it enacted - but since it is all done secretly and we can't talk about it - we will never know.

George Orwell was wrong: 1984 was some 30 years too early.

Comment The electoral college is not needed (Score 1, Insightful) 521

In today's world of good communications it is easy to add up the votes across the whole of the USA and determine the winner. This was not the case in the 18th century, it took days to get across the country; so some kind of message bearer was needed: the members of the Electoral College. These members 'physically carried' the state's vote to Washington and which is why they meet 5 weeks after the vote. This could now be done faster and more accurately reflect popular feeling.

Comment The £2.5 million should not be paid by Volks (Score 4, Insightful) 214

it should be paid by the executives who ordered the deceit. If it is paid by the company then future generations of execs will play similar tricks, they will know that it will not hurt them although it might hurt their company — and they can always get another job if the company folds. If their own house is at risk they will be scrupulously honest.

This is the only route to corporate good behaviour, be that: car manufacturers; banks; energy companies; ... NB: I am not talking about mistakes but deceit.

Comment Re:Pay to fix a defect? (Score 1) 176

Paying to fix a defect?? and $150 USD to boot? That's more than many android phones...

It will be interesting to see what happens if Apple try to charge to fix in the EU. Here there is a 2 year guarantee on faulty goods under EU law. Thus Apple have to repair at their own cost. I suspect that they will wiggle hard to try to avoid their responsibility; maybe time to lay in some popcorn.

Comment Re:Also too early to spend trillions of dollars (Score 3, Insightful) 201

So why did the UK & USA go to war in Iraq on the basis of chasing weapons of mass destruction that probably did not exist at a cost of some $1.1 trillion? Answer: because it suited other goals that politicians wanted. So: today politicians are chasing short term goals and keeping their eyes shut tight to the probable huge long term consequences of not dealing with climate change.

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