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Comment Re:More accurately: dark matter/energy is gone. (Score 2) 106

I was at a Carnegie Institute open house a year ago and was chatting with the lead scientist, and I asked him to describe Dark Energy in terms that my 10 year old son could grasp. He said "it's a correction to our equations so that our math agrees with our observations."

That's when I stopped believing in dark energy. They just haven't made enough observations.

Comment Re:$100+ for a family (Score 1) 360

There's actually a theatre in my town that charges only $2 per head for matinee's, but it's a second run venue, so you have to wait a few weeks to see a title.

Great for taking the kids, though... no metaphor. And $1 hot dogs. But you gotta put up with the other kids.

You get what you pay for. Including the hot dogs.

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