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Comment Re:200 Million Yahoo "Users" (Score 1) 169

Lately, Yahoo has been nagging me to not use anything but their official apps and web interface to access my email. I guess this news is why.

Screw that. I pay $20/yr for SMS/IMAP access to my email there. That means I get to use Thunderbird and iOS Mail, and they get to keep their servers secure.

I use Yahoo mail regularly, mostly for job search and other official biz. I joined years ago and was able to get [firstname].[lastname]@yahoo.com for each member of my family when they started allowing the dot to be used left of the 'at.'

(For personal email and website registrations I use my earthlink address.)

Comment Re:Radicalized through Islam (Score 2) 404

Call it what it is: religiously fundamentalist motivated mass murder.

It wasn't terrorism. It was most certainly NOT intended to bring about any political or policy change, or even make a political statement.

It was lethal grade bigotry, inspired by a fundamentalist upbringing - fundamentalist Islam vs Christian is moot.

Comment Re:WTF Apple (Score 1) 249

Whoever thought this was a good idea is a fucking idiot.

This has been a feature of Yahoo Web Mail for years, and I would wager it was conceived at GMail, though I don't use it so I'm only guessing.

When you paste a URL into Yahoo Mail you get a little mini menu that allows you to make it just a plain hyperlink, or even plaintext. I'm hoping Apple steals that too.

Comment Absolutely not (Score 5, Interesting) 301

No Facebook, no Twitter, no Gmail, no LinkedIn. I refuse to let my personal information, social connections, and browsing habits be used as fodder for profit. I'm an old school NNTP nerd who still believes that spam means repetition, autoplay video is a crime against humanity, and anonymity is a fundamental right.

My lawn? Have a field day. It's vast and vigorous. I might even come out and play hackey sack with you... Just don't ask me for ID.

Comment Microsoft Owns Mojang (Score 1) 112

Waiting for news on how MS will monetize Minecrack.

My 12 yo son is a Minecraft addict. On weeknights and weekends he pouts if he can't play. He's even got me into playing weekends on private servers and paying for his Realms account. Waiting on news on how they're turning the game into profitable accumulated player data.

I just know they'll turn my minecraft model of the Geisel Library into profit, somehow.

Still trying to figure out how to make it dance.

It will have to involve Redstone, I'm sure...

Comment Re:Not defending NASA on this one (Score 1) 207

One or two mistakes are to be expected among tens of thousands of people - hundreds of thousands counting subcontractors - working in unrelated projects. That's not a burn.

But everything MS embraces they turn to shit by emphasizing market share and profit over function and security. Those strategies were adopted at the highest levels of management, which Myhrvold was a member of. Therefore, it's not ad hominem, either.

The only MS product I can think of that I have respect for is Excel, and still they ruined the UI.

Comment Re:Greed (Score 2) 207

I worked in a company that was run by PhDs. They pretty much evenly fell into two camps: 1) people who were willing to teach you as much as you wanted to know about their area of expertise, and stuck to that area; and 2) people who thought that because they were experts in one field meant that they were experts about everything, and would be dicks about it.

The second group generally rose in the ranks to upper management.

You don't have to be a Billionaire to be a dick. But I'm sure it helps.

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