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Comment An actual security question (Score 1) 580

If we can get past the racists, and the 16-yr-olds who want to be "bad", and most of whom would like to get laid by an attractive black woman, but can't get laid at all because they're all losers...

Early reports of the hack said that they though the hackers had been there since perhaps December. Ok... when they sent in security during the breach that opened both sides databases up to Hillary and Bernie... what the *hell* were the security people *doing*? WHY DIDN'T THEY FIND ANY TRACES OF THE HACKERS? Were they actually *that* incompetent as "cybersecurity"?


Comment Re:In other words, Moore's law will continue (Score 1) 119

And Moore's law has never been about performance.

I don't get the selective pedantry, here. There never was a Moore's "law" about the scaling of transistors over time. Pedantically, it probably should be called Moore's prescient, off-hand, transistor-scaling extrapolation. What ultimately came to be termed "Moore's law" never had a particularly strong basis in what Moore actually said.

Even then, The Moore Attribution (thank you, Mr Ludlum) behaved in practice more like Moore's Moneylust Mandate (this was all about performance). Hey, everyone, let's all draw a straight line, then conga dance our way into the penthouse suite!

For the last ten years or so, we've all been hearing a lot of: oh, no, we actually made it under the pole again—as we always do—any perception to the contrary is probably due to the diffraction limit of human vision.

Comment Re:Ninety-nine percent of the land is not used ??? (Score 1) 175

He loses a lot of credibility with this statement.

People get old, you know.

In all, the researchers calculated, those who completed at least some of these booster sessions were forty-eight-per-cent less likely to be diagnosed with dementia after ten years than their peers in the control group. Fake it to maintain it, meanwhile, appeared to have no effect.

The man is rapidly becoming a parody of whatever it was he once accomplished.

Comment Re:A new feed for the NSA (Score 1) 27

As ashamed as I am to admit it, the author sounds Australian.

Probably a bogan (En_UK: Chav, En_US: Trailer trash) who proclaims to hate foreigners and "Effnicks" but jets off to Bali twice a year in his singlet (wife beater) for a Bintang fuelled display of douchebaggery. Apparently this makes him "well travelled".

Disclosure: I'm a skip living in pommyland, both nations have pluses and minuses to living and working there..

Comment Re:Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 1) 493

Micro USB jacks wear out even more quickly. I wonder what the new connectors will be like. Everything is getting shittier.

This is a feature, not a bug.

Apple, et al. are starting to require new ways to make people "need" a new phone every year. Sales are flattening because the smartphone craze is over, everyone who wants one has one. Beyond this software and hardware releases are becoming more steady and aren't the huge leaps they were in previous years. So making the hardware crappier and adding in features that can force obsolescence is now the preferred way of generating sales.

Comment Re:I believe you've already found tge problem. (Score 1) 493

You are apparently unaware that, to date, the only phones which have shipped without headphone jacks are Android phones...

Actually, they're motorola and ZTE.

Android isn't sold by a company, it's a platform. If you want an Android phone with a headphone jack, you've got plenty to chose from including options from Motorola and ZTE.

Comment Re:Poor Arguements (Score 1) 493

While I'm not thrilled at seeing the headphone jack disapear the author's reasons for keeping it apply to maybe .001 of the population. How many people really have a reason to carry both an iphone and a droid on them? Using my headphones on some one else's phone? How often does THAT come up for a normal person?

Speaking of poor arguments, yours is a shining example.

A standardised 3.5 mm headphone port means that the 1 pair of headphones I own works in every single audio device I own from my laptop, to my phone and tablet to my guitar amplifier. I don't have to carry adaptors nor have a specially authorised (read: overpriced) DCMA compliant pair of headphones for each device.

That is the perspective of a normal person.

Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 290

Back room? Where I went, they just take a swipe of your hand when you stand at the scanner. They do the same with lugage if they so desire. No need to separate me from my phone or from my wallet or whatever they want to swipe.

Because that could lead to the fact that I would say they planted it. A lot easier to use proof if that is off the table.

And as far as I can tell in Brussels they do it pretty random. I have been swiped and not been swiped. Similar clothing and also I have see old people seen swiped as well as not seen swiped. Same for people of other ethnicities. I have not seen any trigger or light or counter, so perhaps they just check every Xth person.

Comment Re:Encryption (Score 1) 290

I do the opposite. I leave it unencrypted and I have no passwrords enabled when I cross the border. All data is removed from any device.

That way when they want to take a look, they see a blank system. Then when I am in country, I will restore my system over network and add the passwords again.
They can seize my phone, but there is no data to decrypt, so no resaon to try to preasure it out of me.

I do this both with my phone and my PC. First try this at home to see how this works. See that the restore is done over a secure connection. I use my own server at home, not anything in the cloud.

Comment and what ? (Score 1) 580

Even if it's the russians, or the chinese, or the devil himself - they don't deny that the mails are real, and that is what matters. Who leaked them is an interesting academic question, and it might have influenced the timing, but that's about it.

They are crooked and corrupt and criminals, and no amount of fingerpointing changes that - but given the state of the media and the attention span of the public, it might work anyway.

Someone posted something the other day that was interesting. In essence, the "lesser of two evils" argument doesn't work for Hillary or the Democrats this time.

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