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Comment ROTFLMAO! (Score 1) 307

And if you're "struggling" with "moderately complex" programs, perhaps what you learned about programming wasn't adequate. Maybe you're trying to make it be java.

Of course, I'm old school, and when I work on a moderately complex program, I flow chart it... and I can code directly from that.


Comment An actual security question (Score 1) 769

If we can get past the racists, and the 16-yr-olds who want to be "bad", and most of whom would like to get laid by an attractive black woman, but can't get laid at all because they're all losers...

Early reports of the hack said that they though the hackers had been there since perhaps December. Ok... when they sent in security during the breach that opened both sides databases up to Hillary and Bernie... what the *hell* were the security people *doing*? WHY DIDN'T THEY FIND ANY TRACES OF THE HACKERS? Were they actually *that* incompetent as "cybersecurity"?


Comment What alternative do any of you offer? (Score 1) 1141

For decades, I've been trying to start a serious conversation on what I call Post-Adamic Society (where you no longer have to earn your bread by the sweat of your brow).

We've all read how some manufacturing has come back to the US... and employs an order of magnitude fewer people, due to automation. Mining - the "war on coal", for example, was really run by the coal companies, and won by going from tunnel mining to mountaintop removal, where they can use giant shovels into giant trucks, and have cut the number of miners in the last 40 years by an order of magnitude.

So, when so much of it all is done by automation and robots, including some of what we call "intellectual" work, how *do* the other 80% live? Will you give them makework jobs, where they push papers (or .pdfs) to each other, and don't actually add any value?

Where's all the jobs the billionaire "job creators" created? If they're not *here*, why *not* tax the shit out of them, and give everyone a basic income, and healthcare. *Then*, if you want better, find or make a job, and you'll *always* earn more, since it would be on top of your basic income.

And if you disagree, give at least one *workable* and *achievable* alternative plan. And just handwaving doesn't count.


Comment Who the *hell* thought we all worked there? (Score 1) 180

Oh, duh, you all live in Silicon Valley, and *everything* comes from there... Jezuz H. Christ on a crutch! Every big and most medium sized companies have teams ranging from small to huge, ON SITE. Mid-nineties, when I worked for Ameritech (former Baby Bell swallowed by SBC), we had hundreds of us, just on one big startup subdivision. And when I had a short contract with Lowe's (not Home Despot) in Nowhere, NC, they'd taken over, literally, and entire *mall*, and there might have been a thousand cubes, and dozens at least, more, in the main office. And then there's government.

Talk about a complete media illusion, mostly by "journalists" who don't know a phone from a server....


Comment BoJo (Score 1) 238

I read that appointing BoJo as Foreign Minister is like appointing Dan Quayle as US Sec'y of State... or maybe worse.

I remember an Atlantic? NatRev? cover in the late eighties, that was a map of the world, divided into "ok to send VP Dan Quayle, not ok, and deep do-do if he goes there...."


Comment Nope. (Score 2) 119

Ceres is almost twice that size, *almost* the size of our Moon.

Meanwhile, for many decades, the books for kids and teens always said that the Earth and Moon could be considered a double-planet system.

Pluto is almost half again the size of our Moon.

"Equal rights for Pluto! Pluto is a planet!" - young Plutonian alien in Worldcon masquerade, 2008

Comment Talk about cheap! (Score 1) 263

Uber, if not its drivers, are making a mint, and they can't afford human guards?

And then there's the bit about alarms if something happens: how will the cops respond, after the 12th time that week that someone hits it with a paintball gun, covering all its fancy sensors? (The 13th time, of course, they'll do it, then go in and steal cars.)


Comment How many things can I find wrong with this? (Score 1) 298

1. How *big* will they be? And then, how much smaller will the 2nd gen be? And the 3rd? A coffin, or would I have to fold up my legs to get in?
2. People with claustraphobia won't be able to fly in them, and so the airlines will, of course, with great humanity, charge them multiples of the base price.
3. Get in at a bus station? Oh, *great*, so you're trapped in that all the way for *hours* through the traffic jam to the airport, and when does TSA have their way with you?

              mark "in a word, no"

Comment "Paper forms are a security risk" (Score 1) 262

Anybody who said that, esp. when they're offering a cloud solution, should be instantly classified in the same category as that Nigerian prince who wants to make you rich helping him.

So, provider, tell me: how much more likely is it that the paper forms or their copies could be stolen - that's how many hundreds or thousands of pounds of paper - or that somebody or some group cracks the cloud security and d/l *all* of them? 100k times more likely the latter? A million times more likely?

Bull. Nothing wrong with computerized records... and local records d/l with security from the central repository, and that should *NOT* be a cloud. And SPEND THE DAMN MONEY AND HIRE A REAL SECURITY PROFESSIONAL TO LOCK IT ALL UP.

Alternatively, how big is your budget when it gets cracked, and all the parents file a class-action lawsuit for $100M US...?


Comment A simple question: does it work? (Score 1) 230

I mean, does it, or does it not, still do the job they need it to do? Is there something that's a show-stopper that they absolutely *have* to have, and so need to upgrade.

And they *can* always run it under wine on a real operating system....


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