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Comment And the obvious (Score 1) 149

Upper management changing specs on you, with no change in schedules. And, of course, they created the schedules, while having no idea that programming doesn't mean moving a mouse around for a few minutes and voila, there it is.

Then there's the environment... like the infamy of "open plan offices", so that managers can walk around and see if you're working (which they can tell by seeing you typing).

Comment Re:Gee, ya think? (Score 1) 262

You're a fool. No, he's not the boss because he knows more than me. Second, when I started, they told us not to worry, no pagers. Two months later, pagers. Then it was ONE BIG PUSH... and the pushes kept coming, and coming, for the same reason that we went from 4 teams to 27, because upper management *are* ignorant, but are sure they know Everything.

And they don't. And suckers like you are one reason they keep doing it.

And I suppose you have no life.

Comment Gee, ya think? (Score 1) 262

It's 99.999% the fault of management. Most of them know *nothing* about what and how things are being done - in IT, I think some of them believe that you just have to point and click and it's done.

I worked for Ameritech, the former Baby Bell, in the mid-nineties, in what was a startup division. For more than a year and a half, I was working 9, 10, 12 and some 16 hour days. I was getting paged frequently. About a year and three quarters in - I was in just over 2 years, and left as they announced the beginning of the shutdown - a friend who is a degreed clinical psychologist in private practice told me that it was her professional opinion that I was that close to clinical burnout.

And it was ALL upper management. They gave us insane schedules as to when things were supposed to be ready, the entire division from from 4 project teams to 27 in a year, and people were there from seven or eight (I'd get there around 9 am), and whenever I left - 19:00? 20:00? 22:00? I usually wasn't the only one still there.

Management didn't know what they were doing, hadn't called in people who knew the subject and made a real project plan - they just kept adding with "oh, we hadn't thought of that".

And, gratuitously, FUCK YOU, DICK NOTEBART!

Comment Maybe email isn't even dying because... (Score 1) 140 awful lot of us can't tell you everything we know in 140 characters, the way Benito Trumpolini can. Some of us can even write in complete, grammatical sentences, with more complex thoughts than "how's that sportsball team", and "here, hold my beer".

Next up: typing is dying, it's being replaced by gestures, and the biggest app to interpret that is called charades....

Comment No duh... (Score 2) 231

So, first you let big business destroy unions in the US, when folks grandparents fought, in many cases literally, to form, and how you feel helpless.

And a petition's going to get upper management to change their minds. I'm sure the idea of forming a union again never entered your pretty little libertarian-brainwashed heads....

Comment Let's consider this.... (Score 1) 166

1. From a late friend who was a rocket scientist, she was an engineer at the Cape, and used
            to complain mightily that the last years she was there, upper management were time servers,
            and didn't want to sign anything.
2. How much of that "overhead" is administering contracts? Here's a working example: I work,
            right now, for a federal contractor (civilian sector). I have my fed direct manager... and
            another manager who administers our contract. And I *know*, for a fact, that I am paid
            right in the GS range I'd be paid if I were a fed. And our taxes are paying me, and they're
            paying my corporate manager, and his, and, oh, yes, for my company to make a good profit.

            I've been here almost eight years. I work with someone who's been here well over 20... as
            a contractor. But the Republicans don't want to *hire*, they want to outsource... so their
            corporate buddies can make a profit (that's not pork, no, no....) And before any of you
            say more, there are Title 42 reds, who have to reapply for their own jobs every five years.

Maybe NASA's paying so much overhead because they can't *hire* people to do the actual work?

Comment Re:also in the news ... (Score 5, Insightful) 476

You're a fool. The neighborhood kid isn't working in the gig economy - they're just trying to make a few bucks living at home, with parent(s). So, nice straw man argument there.

The point of the study is that the "gig" economy is "you can work as little or as much as you want" is a way around labor laws, things like 40 hr weeks, paid time off, overtime. The "gig economy" is nothing more than a return to the 19th Century, where you're disposable labor, and if you make any noise other than "yessireeboss", you're out.

This is *exactly* why people created unions. But you don't care... what, you have no life outside work? The rest of us *do* have a life....

Comment The industry is stupid (Score 1) 226

It's an old saying that a producer's IQ was equal to his belt size. It's also an old, old aphorism that to get the IQ of a committee, you add up their belts, and divide by the number of them.

Year before last, we went to see Interstellar, in IMAX. TWENTY FREAKING DOLLARS each for the three of us. And popcorn and drinks? Another $15 or more. To go to a bloody movie.

Hell, half the population can't afford that. And it's the refreshments that pay the staff. Back in the day, the studios owned theaters, and paid the staff. Now, they don't. It's all how much more can the CEO and friends get as a "salary" and "bonus".

You want to massively increase attendance? Cut the prices in half.

When I was growing up, before most of you were born, I got that under capitalism, if sales went down, you lowered prices until they came up. Since the eighties, the game is played that if sales go down, raise prices to "keep a steady cash flow".

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