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Comment Was there supposed to be a question? (Score 1) 237

Trump dissolved into a snivelling, incoherent mannerless, classless ass, breaking all the rules (as he has done his whole life), interrupting Clinton when it was her time to talk (which she did not do), running way over his time, and defending every point at great length... clearly taking no responsibility for anything he's ever done (not renting to Blacks? Settled without admitting wrongdoing. Names he calls women? They deserved it.)

Meanwhile, Clinton apologized for the email server, and took full responsibility. Trump takes no responsibility for everything, which seems right, since he *is* irresponsible. He'd start a war over being taunted? Whet is, this, 2nd grade recess?

Trump won? In what bad dystopian movie are you living?


Comment Hillary "crooked? Trump is a crook, demostrably (Score 1) 134

You're read/heard how he underpays or fails to pay people and small contractors he's hired.

Here's another one: my PT and I were talking this morning, and he told me his father's an industrial contractor - paints bridges, drywall buildings, etc, and more than once, he's done a job for Trump, and then, when it was done, Trump comes in, says yeah, he's satisfied... but that he thinks he's already paid him enough, never mind the signed contract.

Tell me that's not criminal fraud?

He is a crook. And his wife doesn't wear a cloth coat....


Comment Re: Frist Psot (Score 1) 134

You're an ignorant idiot. I heard, on the radio, the morning in '93, hours *before* Bill was inaugurated for his first term, a Reptilian Congresscritter saying in so many words we're going to impeach him. Before he'd ever done anything.

The Gross Oligarchic Party seems to not have the ability to understand that not everyone agrees with them 110%, and are shocked, shocked I tell you, when they lose. They think they *own* it, and it MUST BE SOME KIND OF FRAUD when they lose.


Comment Re:Taxes = theft (Score 1) 579

You are, in fact, a liar.

Did you go to public school? And/or a state university?
Do you drive on *public* roads?
Do you have safe tap water? Sewer?

No, not paying taxes means *YOU* are a thief, stealing from the rest of us who pay for what we get.

You don't like it, find leave the country, whatever country you're in, and go claim an island and be Free! (tm) You aren't a human being, since humans evolved as *social* animals, not lone hunters.

You're an idiot, too.


Comment Crap? (Score 5, Interesting) 410

Sounds like both Cook and Apple. They're on overpriced commodity hardware, and playing international games to avoid paying local taxes.

From the US IRS website:
      1972: 16.67% of the federal revenue stream from individual income taxes, 25% from corporate taxes
      Now: 44+% from income taxes, and 10+% from corporate taxes.

We pay more, so he doesn't have to. Let's go back to the 1972 tax structure, and see how you like *that*, Cook - you'd be in the 72% tax bracket....


Comment I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked! (Score 2) 137

Who could have imagined that idiots who ABSOLUTELY MUST RESPOND TO EVERYTHING, OR LET THE WHOLE WORLD KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING THE INSTANT THEY DO IT, could have lower productivity....

I wore a pager at one job, and was paged, heavily. (Except for the two months there when I wore two pagers.) I would NEVER TAKE ANOTHER JOB that wouldn't pay me time and a half, at least, to be on call.

a) What do your friends pay you to be on call 24x7x365.25? Nothing? Then WHY do you have to respond *instantly*? (And if you're driving and doing this, I hope you run into a bridge abutment, and soon, before you kill someone else.)
b) This is the same as bosses telling you to multitask. That kind of multitasking, along with you idiots on your mobile devices, is also known as "thrashing", and no, you *ain't* up to snuff.

                mark "why, yes, I have a flip phone. Why? So people can *talk* to me...."

Comment But outsourcing is wonderful! (Score 2) 252

Yeah, everyone who works for the government is incompetent, and business is *always* competent, and libertidiots are *sure* of this.

Btw, I work for a federal contractor, and I know as a matter of fact, not opinion, that my salary and benefits are comparable to the GS level I'd be at (well... except for, say, if the government shuts down, for Republicans, or snow, or whatever, I either have to make it up, burn vacation time, or take it without pay)... AND our tax dollars are not only being spent to pay me, but also my direct manager, and his manager, and so on up, and, oh, yes, however could I have forgotten, for my company to make a good profit.

See? So much saved money..... At least, I, and the folks I work with, actually know what we're doing.


Comment And rightfully so (Score 2) 104

This is the GOVERNMENT's data. For that reason, for you who's attention span is 15 minutes, a year or two ago, the UK government decided against the cloud, because they could not be assured that UK government data would remain on UK government soil.

You disagree? Really? So it's ok if all of the personal and economic data, including your tax returns, winds up in a data center in China, or Russia, or, for those outside the US, in the US? And you're going to tell me that EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has login or physical access to *all* the servers and their storage has at least some minimal security clearance from your country?

Give me a break.


Comment ROTFLMAO! (Score 1) 315

And if you're "struggling" with "moderately complex" programs, perhaps what you learned about programming wasn't adequate. Maybe you're trying to make it be java.

Of course, I'm old school, and when I work on a moderately complex program, I flow chart it... and I can code directly from that.


Comment An actual security question (Score 1) 769

If we can get past the racists, and the 16-yr-olds who want to be "bad", and most of whom would like to get laid by an attractive black woman, but can't get laid at all because they're all losers...

Early reports of the hack said that they though the hackers had been there since perhaps December. Ok... when they sent in security during the breach that opened both sides databases up to Hillary and Bernie... what the *hell* were the security people *doing*? WHY DIDN'T THEY FIND ANY TRACES OF THE HACKERS? Were they actually *that* incompetent as "cybersecurity"?


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