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Comment What an idiot (Score 4, Insightful) 80

There is no doubt that this is both unethical and illegal in most jurisdictions.

It also won't work. Regular computer users are not knowledgeable. Even experienced users, even people with college degrees in computer security will err. People will mistake the dialogue box for an ad, people will think that it will go away with a reboot, etc. That users err is a natural law, the first thing they teach you in User Interfaces 101.

It won't be fool-proof. Even perfect software has bugs. The Internet has outages. People don't always unfiltered Internet access: people travel with their computers, people use their company's computers behind high corporate firewalls etc.

It will be dangerous. People will get their files deleted, and then they will get angry.
Even if the author's actions may be legal within the jurisdiction in which he lives (which is doubtful)... he will have made himself a target.
Delete the files of the wrong person, and he might end up with a busted skull with his blood on the pavement.

Comment The title is wrong. 4K != UHD (Score 4, Informative) 304

Theatrical 4K is not the same as Ultra-HD, often marketed as "4K UHD". Seriously, don't muddle these up! The linked article did not, it even had "Theatrical 4K" explicitly, being a link to an explanation of the differences.

The cinema standard 4K is 4096*2160, not quite 16:9 aspect ratio. However, movies can be of any aspect ratio that would fill either the width or the height. With Star Wars being in 2.35:1 aspect ratio, that becomes 4096*1743. Pixels are square and there is no overscan.

Ultra-HD, the TV and BluRay standard is 3840*2160 pixels. Some HDTV's do have overscan, not showing the entire picture, by the way.

Cinema 4K also uses the DCI-P3 colour space and theatrical projectors are capable of the entire range of this colour space.
Regular Ultra-HD is not that good. Ultra-HD with HDR uses a larger colour space than DCI-P3 but mainstream LCD panels at the moment are not capable of displaying that properly even if they can handle the input signal.

Comment Re: Twitter isn't helping (Score 2) 207

There has been great diversity among typewriters layouts. They have not been standardized as much as computer keyboard layouts and characters sets have. Different typewriter brands did not need to be interoperable.

Some brands of typewriters got different keys between I/1 and O/0 back in the early 1900's. Other brands did not separate the keys even in the 1980's.

Among computers and teletypes, the single biggest influence might have been the ASCII character set - which had only one type of quote character.
The order of characters in ASCII was designed to mimic one convention for typewriter and teletype keyboards for US-English, so that you would have to change only a single bit to get a shifted variation of a character. Then IBM changed their keyboard layout a little bit on their teletypes and typewriters, and that layout led to the US-ANSI standard which was picked up by other brands.
ASCII's order of shifted keys on the numeric still remains in most European computer keyboard layouts.

Comment Re:Surface Pro? (Score 1) 230

IMHO, Windows 10 does not do touchscreen and stylus very well, except for very basic tasks.
Many of the built-in apps have only very rudimentary support (through the widgets they use), but the fundamental issue remains: older apps were not designed for touch and stylus in the first place.

Comment Re:New title for this (Score 1) 309

There is actually a touch-screen gesture that should be equivalent to a single press on the Page Down key: a short flick of the finger. Android actually does this wrong as it scrolls different distances depending on subtle variations of your finger speed.
There are also tablets whose primary function is an e-reader where there also physical buttons specifically for moving to the next/previous page.

Comment Re:I hate space bar scroll instead of pause/play (Score 1) 309

I find it worse when I have been browsing through comments below a video, I press Home to get to the top of the page and the video goes back to its friggin start position.
I then have to click around on the timeline to find the position where I was playing the video.
There was no visual indication on the web page whether it was the browser window or the video player that had focus - and the video is often outside the viewport, so why should it be able to have focus anyway?

Comment Re:Also, arrow keys that don't move the page (Score 1) 309

I usually have a 1920 wide screen divided equally into two browser windows. That allows me to organize my tabs into multiple windows by task or web site instead of having them all run into each other.

With that layout, most web sites do fit inside each window. However, there has unfortunately been a convention to design web sites for 1024 pixels width... which is slightly above 1920/2. That means that on some sites, I would have to scroll just a little bit left or right to make certain elements visible.

Comment Windows 10's user-interface is still half-assed (Score 1) 66

What Windows needs in way of user interfaces are not more pieces of flair but actual improvements in interaction that would make it possible to use touch, pen or mouse and keyboard everywhere in the operating system. When Windows 8 came out, the support was half-assed for either.

They did restore the mouse and keyboard part a few bits in Windows 8.1 and then more in 10 because mouse and keyboard is what users were used to using and were yelling the loudest at Microsoft for.

But even now after the latest Windows 10 update, trying to perform anything but the most basic of basic tasks on a Window tablet using only touch or touch and pen is a very frustrating exercise. For instance, most standard apps and dialogue boxes, such as in the File Manager and the Control Panel are still made for mouse and keyboard only.
A pen or a mouse (and sometimes a physical keyboard) is therefore still a necessity .. and then most tablets have only one USB port that also doubles as charging port, so you can't borrow a mouse or keyboard from the desktop PC. And don't get me started about not being able to transfer files from another computer to a tablet over otherwise OTG-capable USB ports...
It's sad, really. I can still not recommend a Windows tablet to anyone, no matter how fast the CPU is or how much RAM, storage or pixels it has.

Windows 8 became available to developers in 2011 and available to the public in October 2012. That's four years - that's ridiculous!
Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot... Windows for Pen Computing came out in 1992! Knowing Microsoft's that's probably older than the (inexperienced) programmers who will be tasked with whizzing up Metro.

Comment Is it time to start isolating USA? (Score 1) 1066

The world can fight climate change only if it can keep uninfluenced by the anti-science movement in the US.
That can happen only if we deny them influence over global politics and the global economy. The rest of the world has relocate its interests elsewhere, and learn to stand up and say no to USA.
It may seem radical and impossible and not particularly constructive.. but I don't see any other way forward.
The point is to allow the civilized world to stay constructive and progressive about the climate issue.

Trump and his supporters does not want global trade? Fine!
They want a wall against Mexico. Then let's build one along the Canadian border to USA as well.
Welcome Californa and New York as free states in the new world if they chose to leave the union. By all means, let the Red(neck) states keep to themselves as much as they want. They chose disaster for themselves. We should not let them chose disaster for us.

Comment Re:Not broken, so don't fix it. (Score 1) 1081

I think the best solution would be to have a ranked voting system where each voter gets a first, second (and maybe third) choice.
That way people could vote for other parties as their first choices without the votes being "wasted".

One setup would be to divide a state into a constituency per elector seat and have a ranked voting system for choosing that seat.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 1081

There are two issues of inequality here.

The first is that small states' votes are weighted higher, and you tote that as something being good. I see the point in your argument for that: It makes the president take the entire country into account and not just the populous states.

The other inequality is that all elector seats in one state goes to the winner in that state.
The biggest issue is here not with the small states but with the large states having majority votes.

Otherwise, the electorial college is just granularity, quantization into 540 steps.

Comment Re:No. The electoral college serves as a firewall. (Score 4, Insightful) 1081

The right for convicted criminals to vote should be a fundamental right in a proper democracy.
Otherwise, evil people in power could just make sure to outlaw, arrest and convict their opponents for whatever felony they could invent.
It is not as if political opponents have not been classified as outlaws throughout history, and it is happening right now in for instance Turkey and Egypt. Those places may be far away, but remember the McCarty era in the US? Remember how important it was to be "patriotic" in the years following 9/11?

The demographics in the group of ex-cons that can't vote is already skewed, with people of African-Americans descent being overrepresented.

Comment Re:Hmmm well (Score 3, Insightful) 2837

Bush Jr held back the fight against climate change for eight years.

First this year, Obama finally ratified a global treaty, sorry: "agreement", on the climate -- one that does not really commit to anything, and if countries even followed it would be too little and too late.

And now the US elected a president that "does not believe in global warming" that wants to tear that up.

And you still say that we can survive?
If Gore had been elected back in 2000, there might have been a chance.

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