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Comment What *should* be your first programming language? (Score 1) 628

The underlying question behind the question is really about what CS students should be exposed to...
When I was a beginning CS student I was exposed to a number of different languages, each being an example of a different mindset: machine language, object-oriented, functional, logical.
I think that's important to learn not just about a programming language but about concepts. Especially in object-oriented programming there are quite a few concepts that you should have a grasp of to be a good programmer in any object-oriented language. And there are times that you could use lessons learned from functional or logical programming that you could apply also in OO programming.

Once you are proficient enough in one language, and having seen a few different languages, picking up another language is easy enough. (the exception being C++) Then the challenge becomes getting acquainted with the standard library.

Myself, I was somewhat self-taught before college. Started with Basic on the Commodore 64 and then 6510 assembly. Some basic on the Atari ST. 68000 assembly on the Amiga. Then C and C++ on PCs.
I would otherwise recommend learning Ruby or Python. Ruby is underappreciated.

Comment "User Experience" (Score 1) 104

Yet another Slashdot headline that was unintelligible until I inserted "with" and read "Tabs Experience" as a noun.

The term "User Experience" term really irks me, because the wording implies an unhealthy mindset towards designing user interfaces.
Seriously ... if your user interface is an experience then you are doing something wrong. The UI should be functional and get out of the way so that I can get shit done.

Comment Old tech ... (Score 2) 61

Long before touch-screens with capacitative sensing became commonplace there were some touch-screens systems that used a gyroscope as its sensor to sense how much the screen rocked when a user touched it.
It was very crude and inaccurate compared to other approaches but it could be mounted to most regular CRT computer monitors.

Unfortunately I have sold off my computer magazines from the early '90s so I can't look up the name of the manufacturer.

Comment This is the second Titan XP (Score 2) 69

This is getting weirder and more confusing now ...

As the top of the "Maxwell"-architecture 900-series, NVidia released the "GeForce GTX Titan X" in March 2015.
Then in August last year, as the top of the "Pascal"-architecture 10-series, NVidia released a new Titan ... this time calling it "Titan X".
This new name did not contain the "GeForce GTX" prefix, but who the Elle says the entire long product name every time, right?
So several high-profile reviewers started calling it "Titan XP" - with the "P" for "Pascal", to distinguish it from the previous "Titan X" in the Maxwell generation.

And now, NVidia has released a new card with the official name "Titan Xp". I think there is no way that they would not be aware of the older card being called that.
Even worse. both cards called "Titan XP" (and the "GeForce GTX 1080 Ti") are the same GPU (NVidia GP102) with different binning - I.e. some units switched off on the cheaper cards.

The GP102 chip is also used in the top of their Quadro line of workstation graphics cards ... My guess is that the better-binned chips they had intended for Quadro cards did not sell as well as they had thought and therefore saw an opportunity to sell them at a high price as their new top consumer card.

Comment Bonding to itself, and .... (Score 3, Interesting) 55

The big issue for adoption is... what other things will it bond to in the user's pocket?

According to TFA, this is a very flexible material. I have seen cell phone cases made of flexible silicone - they attract lint and dust as if the phone had been covered with double-sided tape.

Comment Re:USB fishing (Score 1) 40

How about making ports like the infamous "USB Kill Stick" but in reverse? Any unauthorized device connected to the port would get fried.
The attacker would probably not find out what happened until afterwards when they try to get the data from the attacking device.

But yeah, if we knew what kind of attack they used to gain access one could provide another set of files: a honey pot, or just innocuous data.

Comment Nolan's movies. sure. (Score 1) 360

Christopher Nolan is IMHO one of the few filmmakers who still makes movies the proper way - with film, in regular old 2D cinemascope and uses the whole image, with good cinematrography. Each movie I have seen of Nolan's has been both a visual treat, an immersion into a very special world and sometimes thought-provoking. They have made me think about the movie experience for days afterwards.

But most of the movies these days are cookie-cutter action/comedy "popcorn" movies, and always with 3D glasses that provide worse image quality than even a regular DVD on a 27" TV.

You already had me, Nolan. But you can't persuade me to go to the theatre to see something else than your own.

Comment Harder to counter Microsoft spying on you (Score 5, Interesting) 239

According to "Barnacules Nerdgasm" on Youtube, who previously worked on Windows at Microsoft, people he know who are still inside have told him that "telemetry" (I.e. spying) will get harder to disable in future updates. Whether all of these will be in this next update or in a future one is hard to say.

He commented to his own video with this:

I've been talking to a few 'insiders' at Microsoft that are also saying that many of the things like App Store and Telemetry are now being hard coded into key services like explorer.exe and critical system services that if stopped will crash the box immediately. The reason for this is obviously to prevent programs like anti-beacon from disabling these services. It's pretty obvious at this point that Microsoft wants the data at any cost and their cover story is bullshit. I'll update you guys when I know more or when the Windows releases are public that contain these changes and we'll do a video on how to create a network bridge between your system and the internet to prevent telemetry from working even with all the services on the box trying to make contact.ï

Comment Sweden is not "on track" to becoming cashless! (Score 1) 366

Sweden is being derailed into becoming a cashless society.

It is a change pushed by banks and related tech companies, so that they can make a little bit more money. Nobody else wants it.

Leading politicians on a national level are not very interested in the issue - spending more time and energy on squabbling between themselves, pointing finger at each other's small mistakes than willing to take on real responsibility themselves.

Comment Re:sunset mode (Score 3, Informative) 118

No, that is a serious thing. Colour temperature of the ambient light around you affects with your day-night cycle. We are made to respond to the sun's light which is colder in the morning (to wake you up) and warmer in the evening (which helps you sleep).
When the primary light source is your computer/device screen then that is what affects you the most.

This has been covered several times before here on Slashdot. Some that are easy to find.
Can Blocking Blue Light Help Bipolar Disorder As Well as Sleep Issues?
Microsoft To Add Flux Like Night Mode In Windows 10, Rendering 3rd-Party App's Existence Useless

However, I think that the change should not be abrupt but be gradual to better cohere with the sun's natural cycle. But I suspect that they chose to make it a special mode so as not to interfere with colour accuracy during work time.

Myself, I wish that I could also get LED bulbs that changed colour temperature gradually depending on the time of day, and that they wouldn't be expensive and hackable (Like Phillips ... ). I live in the North where some winter days are darker than summer nights, and thus artificial light is important all day.

Comment Paris-London is a stupid choice (Score 1) 90

There is already an electric train between Paris and London that takes between 2:16 and 3 hours + 30 min checkin time: The Eurostar through the channel tunnel.

As a rule of thumb, any train journey faster than five hours is faster from city-centre to city-centre than getting on a plane.
That is because there is so much time overhead before and after the actual plane ride - most of all, the journey to and from the airports.
The only benefit for taking this plane would be if you would change to another plane at the airport or if your actual destination is not in the city proper but closer to the airport.

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