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Comment Re:Multi-pronged attack or just multiple attacks? (Score 1) 31

But how? I don't know how complex networks are managed but I'd assume it would run more or less the way it did previously, only slower.

You're exactly right. DDoS results in maybe staff not being able to email briefly, just annoying crap... Even that can be avoided with planning.

It doesn't imply any further breaching. Maybe a trigger for systems audit - possibly a good thing in an ironic way.

What triggers further inspection in my (PCI-DSS) infra is not DDoS... No, it's traffic from TOR endpoints that registers any blip on the routers.

I've no issue with TOR. It has my best wishes. I will say though, our systems see not 1 byte of TOR traffic that's in any way a "legitimate visitor".

Comment Re:Well that's nice... (Score 1) 165

So, yes, internet BS, not a financial market or internation treaty negoatiation or anything else *important* that happens on the 'net.

And yet millions of people get their news from sites like reddit every day. And when mods of "default subs" remove information that makes their ideology look bad, or because it hurts their feelings. Or a site like reddit has a larger impact on society as a whole, then it moves from "internet BS" to "that street corner where everyone talks."

Millions of people get their news from Fox News every day too... Doesn't mean these sites / channels are as important or far-reaching as might appear to some.

This is a mistake I believe us geeks make often. Thinking some site like Reddit (or Slashdot, etc) is really that important and influential _to others_. It's not, sorry.

Walk down the street talking to the average person and no they haven't got their news from Reddit or even know what that site is.... Internet BS indeed :-)

Comment Re:Title II Any Other Weapon? (Score 1) 678

I don't know where you live, but if I lived somewhere where I would need a weapon on me at all times to feel safe, I would move out of there as soon as I could.

For all the discussion pro and anti gun, the arguments, opinions, facts, heated debates, etc; I'm bewildered this seemingly obvious concept is overlooked.

As an Australian in a nation very different to US gun regulations, I've no stake in US gun laws either way, just shocked at the attitude of acceptance that a weapon would be required to keep one safe in a supposedly 1st world, prosperous, democratic nation. Bewildering.

Comment Re:Cue the haters (Score 1) 159

Bad day? Your rage, anger & elitism stinks. Haven't posted in a decade but to say that.

Agree with OP. 20 years now I've made a great life from PHP, Linux, MySQL, blah blah, and what you may consider other "manure".

Right tool for the job. A lot of IT is shoveling manure, so why not use PHP? ;-)


Submission + - Has the local browser cache become useless? 1

lesincompetent writes: Think about it. In this age of high end hardware and relatively high bandwidth, storing things on a device many orders of magnitude slower than any other is something we should get rid of. Even for static content: is it really worth the disk I\O effort? How much page loading time am i saving? Not to mention the fact that browser caches are among the first causes of system littering. It's been many years now since the last time i had a browser with disk caching enabled on any of my systems (besides chrome, unfortunately, because you can't deactivate it.)

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