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Comment Won't be disclosing anything that's new or unknown (Score 1) 505

My understanding of the logic behind attempting to force him to provide the passwords is that he won't be giving the government anything that they don't already know or have.

That being the case, why do the need the passwords at all? If they already "know everything", then they can proceed with their prosecution. If they don't have everything that they need to proceed without the passwords, then they obviously don't know everything.

Self-contradictory, isn't it?

Comment Re:Kids these days... (Score 2) 408

I live in a town of 5000 people and while the local weekly newspaper has shrunk somewhat over the past 20-odd years that I've been here, it's still loaded with advertising, mostly for local businesses. I'd say there's about a 50/50 mix of editorial content vs advertising in that paper. I have no idea how they manage that; they do have a full-time advertising sales guy who runs around town flogging it.

Comment Re:vote with your wallet (Score 2) 161

It's getting harder and harder to purchase a computer that doesn't come with Windows (unless you get a custom build from the corner computer store) and it's almost impossible to get a laptop.

And if you bite the bullet and pay the Windows tax to get a computer, it's almost impossible to get to a real bios so you can install something else on it. Windows Boot Manager, anyone? (Shudder)

I would love to be able to zip into Staples and buy this week's on-sale laptop off the shelf and know that will work with Linux. But it can't be done.

Comment So what's the best thing to use in the future? (Score 1) 163

I like Firefox since it isn't a mystery box like Chrome. I use a bunch of plugins like adblock, too. I've never really looked into alternative browsers since Firefox just kind of showed up along with an operating system installation some years back and hey, this works well so good enough for me.

Since I run Centos I don't imagine there's any rush to change to anything else in the near future, but what's the best non-intrusive web browser to use that isn't going to try to take over my life or computer?

elinks works for some things but it's not very pretty and doesn't work with numerous modern websites.

Comment Investigators might phone you if you don't respond (Score 3, Insightful) 121

"The force will keep the numbers on file until the murder is solved, officers said at a news conference on Wednesday.

Investigators will also consider calling the numbers of people who don't respond voluntarily, but they would be required to obtain another court order to do so."

Comment Re:Sounds like a job for regex (Score 1) 612

(which is the exact same number of characters, and thus won't break a binary if it is sensible)
That would break any database that uses checksums to verify the data integrity.
Do PST files do that? I have no idea. I guess one could set up a sacrificial account/file and try it and see if it explodes or not.

Comment Re:False! (Score 1) 116

Thumbnails are stored in your home directory, in a subdirectory named, appropriately enough, .thumbnails.

If you get a popup in bash (whatever that is; bash is text-only terminal so are you talking about some kind of a window made out of text characters) that asks you for root access to deal with some kind of thumbnails, there's something that either nefarious or really unusual happening and I would be giving a lot of thought to how to proceed before entering the root password at that point.

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