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Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 320

Not really. The Left is all about Big State solutions, which comes under the rubrik of "Statist Collectiivism" at the state level and "globalism" at the international level. The Right (at least in the US, but increasingly internationally) is all about Individual Liberty. Since there can be no Individual Liberty without decreasing State power it means the Right is about limiting the power of government and letting citizens and the Free Market of voluntary exchange work out solutions. This is because power (the ability to enforce your will on the unwilling) is a zero sum game - the State only gets power by taking it from individuals, and vice versa

And other such fantasies.

The "right" have been more responsible increasing government size and welfare than the alleged "left" in the last 20 years. Mass surveillance programs draw their origins to the Bush govt in the US, Howard govt in Australia and all the way back to the Thatcher govt in the UK.

Comment Re:Maybe I'm more anal-retentive than most (Score 0) 166

Wow, many excuses of much lameness here.

(1) You're getting on a 6am flight, so you're going through security at 5am and haven't had a cup of coffee yet because the TSA won't allow you to carry one. So you're just in a "haze."

6am flights don't appear out of nowhere, plan to go to bed earlier or at least get up earlier so you can feed yourself some caffeine. FFS, coffee shops are everywhere and if you can't operate without caffeine I'm sure you've done worse things than go to Starbucks for a fix.

(2) You have small children or are accompanying a person who can't take care of their own stuff for some reason, so you're juggling a huge number of bins and bags and trying not to forget anything, while also trying not to hold up the line.

I have a novel solution here, pack less. Much less.

You don't need to bring your kitchen sink with you, with kids, make a game of it like my sister does, get one of those little suitcases they can drag and sit on (my sister has one for her kid).

I can carry everything I need for a 4 day trip in a 30L backpack... what's your excuse for carrying on an 80L expandable suitcase.

(3) The TSA personnel distract you with some bogus extra search procedure that makes you feel uncomfortable... or they are overly brusque with you, which makes you a little paranoid (because they have the power to detain you). So you're distracted by this other stuff -- in ADDITION to having to deal with the indignities of putting back on your belt, shoes, packing up you little "baggie of liquids," etc. while people are crowding around trying to do the same.

Well first off, fix your country. I've travelled over 4 continents in the last 6 months, I was only asked to de-belt once (in Heathrow... and I went through Heathow 4 times in that period).

The only "extra" search procedure I've been called out for is a random explosives trace detection test* and most of the time they just run the swab over me and thank me for my time.

Belt: Stop wearing one, get some trousers with an elasticated waist (if you're like me, if the belt comes off, so do the trousers). There are other options like shorts and sweatpants, the only limitation is your sense of self worth.

Shoes: Two words, slip ons... or just learn to do your laces like ordinary adults.

Baggies of liquids: Well they're already in a baggie... so put that baggie on the top of your carry on or put them in your checked luggage. Simples.

There is only one excuse for leaving your laptop. You're an idiot. I wont coddle them for it.

*I once failed an explosive trace detection test. I'd been handling nitrate based fertilisers the previous day. Australian customs seemed happy with this explanation.

Comment Re:Dangerous (Score 4, Informative) 338

Suppose it depends on the water depth. I know I'd rather not wait for the cabin to flood if I were sinking in a lake. You might be pretty deep before you could get the door open and try to swim to the surface.

You more or less have to. The pressure difference means that you wont be able to open the doors. Its the same phenomena that prevents you from opening aeroplane doors mid flight.

I believe that both Top Gear and Mythbusters did a segment on it.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 516

Everyone with two brain cells to rub together expects Trump to be a complete fuck up.

So all Trump has to do to exceed expectations is be a lame duck that didn't break anything.

I expect this comment to be modded down due to it disagreeing with the Trump Groupthink. Ironic that they'll protest trumps right to speak his mind without consequence but would seek to censor their critics.

Comment Re: Another step toward tyeanny (Score 1) 258

USD is common in Iran... Converted on every street corner, you could post for things such as your hotel bill with USD direct.

I'm sure not state supported, but that goes to demonstrate that if the state got rid of hard currency, it would just be replaced by someone elses hard currency.

However the USD is not unique or even preferable as a getaway currency. Due to the high number of counterfeit notes out there, US notes are subject to more scrutiny. Americans I know who travel a lot tend to go to banks specifically to get late series of notes that aren't popular for counterfeiting.

If you were fleeing the law or whatever, you'd be just as safe, if not safer by taking Euro, GB Pound, Japanese Yen or even Australian Dollars or Yuan Renminbi. In fact if you were being smart about it you'd take several currencies.

Comment Re:Just what we need. (Score 1) 104

Is this because people are being forced to sit and watch Facebook videos?

They're incapable of averting their own eyes?

So you've never been fooled into seeing a Goatse claiming it was Natalie Portman naked with hot gritz?

Same thing happens with video.

Besides, who is forcing you to go to Facebook. Instead of whinging about it, why don't you just ignore what Facebook is doing.

Comment Re:Another step toward tyeanny (Score 1) 258

eh, where is the USD not accepted? It's preferred over local currency in many of the third world places I've been.

I have never been to a nation that prefers USD over a local currency. The only one I can even think of is Argentina. Anywhere else you always pay more when paying in foreign currency .

Given the high occurrences of counterfeit US notes, merchants tend to reject them in most countries and you have to change them at a bank or cambio/FX office. You might be able to pay with USD in somewhere like the Philippines where a lot of Americans travel, but you'll be paying a lot more than if you changed it and paid in PH Pesos.

Most countries you'll find almost all merchants will refuse to accept USD notes. Same with trying to use Euro in Australia or even British Pounds in France.

But to answer your question, Iran, North Korea.. Just about anyone the US has put on their shit list.

Comment Re:Sigh. (Score 1) 76

Actually, the new BSG was pretty good

I take it you haven't actually seen the final episode of BSG. I couldn't decide if it was cheesy, lazy writing or just plain crap. The writers had definitely given up after the first half of the season and were just continually pulling Deus Ex Machina out of the backsides (the series tended to skirt that a lot, but it just became too obvious after they found (fake) earth).

Comment Re:Thoughtcrime (Score 1) 411

1984 was made about a Collectivist (Leftist) dystopia.

Here you demonstrate you dont know what Leftist is... or have actually read Nineteen Eighty-Four (the title is in words, not numbers).

Nineteen Eighty-Four was Orwell's diatribe against Nazism and Fascism, which is far right. Animal Farm was his diatribe against Stalinist Communism.

The society in Nineteen Eighty-Four was definitely not collectivist. The society was clearly separated into 3 groups, Inner party members, Outer party members and the proles. Each group had a different level of rights. The idea of mass surveillance was to demonstrate how quickly people turned against each other and became isolationist under an oppressive state. It was akin to Nazism which tried to control everything in their citizens lives in order to mould them into what the Nazi's considered to be the ideal German. IngSoc which was doublespeak because it was neither English or Socialist was a play on National Socialist which was also not socialist by modern or 1930-50's definitions. It was a clever use of words to demonstrate the hypocrisy of such a state.

And Islamic

Ironically, the other central theme of was the perpetual war and the type of propaganda that followed it. The propaganda was deliberately designed to dehumanise and make people irrationally afraid of their enemy du jour. A bit like you're trying to do with Islam, but the book was much better at it.

Also, you should know that theocratic depositions, such as the one in Iran are far from collectivist. In fact they're pretty much the epitome of extreme right-wing governments. The few (religious leaders) hold the power whilst the masses are expected to follow and are punished for questioning. Collectivist societies like the Soviets or Khmer Rouge always tried to eliminate or reduce the role of religion. Pol Pot raided ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples to fund his state.

Comment Re:Disturbing, but practical (Score 1) 411

In my 20s I downloaded a copy of the big book of mischief. I never tried to make anything from the book, probably good I didn't or I might not be here now, however by the logic that convicted this guy I could have faced years in prison... for curiosity. No matter which way you cut it this is wrong.


I also downloaded that book you spoke of in my teens. As well as possessing a lot of other literature that certain groups (mostly religious) would happily have seen me locked up for if they had their way.

BTW, I did make bombs when I was young, but I had plenty of empty bush to set them off in. Just a bit of common sense really, if you're going to do something a bit silly, go somewhere where no-one is going to be bothered by you.

Comment Re:Sigh. (Score 1) 76

To be fair, I blame the hype.

The blame should be equally split between the company that creates the hype and the consumers who eat the hype.

This is why I never buy a game that I produces too much hype, it doesn't matter if it's a good game or not, it can never live up to the hype.

Its the same with TV series, I refuse to watch a lot of popular ones in case they end like Lost or Battlestar Galactica (TWD is pretty much a given it ends with everyone you like dead).

Comment Re:Not suprising (Score 1) 113

Moore's Law is dead. Lone gone and buried. There is no compelling reason to replace your PC at this point.

This and bad economies are to blame.

You no longer need to upgrade your PC or laptop every 2-3 years to run basic software... Hell, you barely need to upgrade your gaming rig every 3 years to play the latest game. I just built a new rig in 2016, the last one was made in 2009 between then I only upgraded the graphics card and to an SSD.

But the larger cause are businesses, they are deferring upgrades because of shrinking budgets. Businesses that would upgrade every 2 years in the 00's are now upgrading every 3-5 years.

Comment Re:{game of the year} (Score 1) 113

Well, I just decided to get a console. I use it more than my dual-boot computer. You put a game disc in and it works.

Housemates tried playing FIFA16 on the Xbox.

1. It had to connect to Xbox live.
2. It had to download an update.
3. It had to verify the disk.
4. It had to download another update.
5. Then it started the game.
6. Unstoppable into videos.
7. Logging into Xbox Live.
8. Now they have a start menu.
In the same time I downloaded an entire game from Steam.

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